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PlayStation Move Bundles Revealed and Priced

Thursday, July 15th, 2010 by

Sony has released new info for their upcoming motion control add-on, the aptly titled PlayStation “Move”, that details what kind of bundles to expect when the Move hits retail this September.

The more relevant of the two bundles is the $99.99 “PlayStation Move Bundle”, which bags you pretty much what you’d expect: A single Move controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, a demo disc, and a copy of the game Sports Champions. Peachy.

The other bundle, the “PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle”, is the pricier version at $399.99 and includes everything in the PlayStation Move Bundle, plus the cost-justifying addition of a PS3 slim; useful if you’re dying to do some sweet PS3 motion controllins’ but don’t actually have a PS3.

Prices for a single Move controller and optional “Navigation” controller are $49.99 and $29.99, respectively.

The PlayStation Move is a brand of motion control that allows you to play games via movement recognition on the PS3, similar to the experience currently available on the Nintendo Wii. To call it the ‘Wii HD’ would be outrageous!

Source: Playstation.Blog

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  • Markham Asylum

    To call it ‘Wii Ripoff HD’ would be outrageous!

    No really, the Move will definitely be a step up from what the Wii can do. Too bad the Xbox 360′s Kinect will trump both the Wii’s and the PS3′s motion inputs. To quote the Star Fox ad that ran in the early 90′s and took a jab at the slogan for the Sega Genesis:

    “Why go the next level when you can go light years beyond?”

    • mulletsaurus

      I’m guessing most of the stuff we see come out of the gate for the PS Move will be… familiar. I mean… Sports Champions for chrissakes. Still, I can definitely see it being a success. It’s consumer friendly, already proven on another platform, and the price is right.

      The Kinect has a greater potential to impress due to its more innovative nature. It’s different enough that I can’t really imagine what kind of games will come for it. Likely most of the stuff we see for it leading up to launch will be nifty.

      I’m also curious to see if the Kinect’s $150 price tag will be acceptable to most gamers. It’s only fifty bucks more than the Move, but psychologically it seems much more.

  • Markham Asylum

    Yes, the Kinect’s price point is lame. I wouldn’t get one for more than $100 for sure.

    • mulletsaurus

      It’s a trojan horse for future versions of MS Windows that will not use peripherals!

  • http://www.lacychenault.com LacyChenault

    I wish it would come bundled with the eypet, because for now it’s really all I’m interested in. But, I am happy that the bundle came under $100.00

  • BigBalls

    Kewl i gotta Get 1 of these for the living room to keep the Guest/brats entertain. and maybe i’ll trade my old 360 in for the New one since it only Overheats rather then Just Freezes Randomly.