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Super Street Fighter IV is your Amazon.com Gold Box Deal of the Day

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 by

For today only, a fresh copy of SSF4 will cost you a mere twenty-five dollars and the shipping is free. Go buy it, hit me up on the PSN and let’s exchange hadoukens.

Super Street Fighter 4 on the cheap [amazon.com]

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  • Markham Asylum

    The same deal applies to the 360 version, as is usual for Amazon’s Gold Box deals on cross-platform games:

    SSF4 for Xbox 360 at Amazon.com

  • mulletsaurus

    Righto. I figured it was implied, but I suppose I should have been more clear. Thanks for updating the tags also.

    Also, it appears as though they corrected their dick move. Shortly after I put the link up, the lowered the price to like 24.68 or something, effectively nullifying the the super saver shipping. It looks like they’ve fixed that now.