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Mario Mushrooms: Red or Green?

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 by

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Which Mario mushroom would you rather have in real life?

With the red mushroom, you’d be taller.  You’d be able to reach higher objects and see over more obstacles and people.  You’d be much stronger, as is evidenced by Mario’s ability to break blocks after eating a red mushroom.  You could even take some serious damage with the only penalty being that you returned to the state you were in prior to ingesting that red fungus.

With the green mushroom, you’d get a do-over after seriously fucking up.  Cripple yourself or someone else in an accident?  No problem.  Buy a vehicle or residence you can’t afford?  Redo.  Fall off a cliff?  Try again.  End a relationship and later regret it more than anything else?  Turn back the clock.  With the green mushroom, you’d get one chance to take it back, whatever “it” may be.

So which would you choose?

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2 Responses to “Mario Mushrooms: Red or Green?”

  1. mulletsaurus says:

    I think the choice is clear. Although, if the red one tastes like chocolate then I may have to reconsider.

  2. slagThor says:

    Green FTW!

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