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Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011 by

final fantasy ii snes iv complete collection after years delta attack deltaattack

In mid-April, fans of the old-school Final Fantasy games will get the chance to play yet another version of Final Fantasy IV, this time with a sequel they probably haven’t experienced.

Bargain-priced at $30, this collection will include a 2D, graphics-enhanced treatment of Final Fantasy IV, similar to the overhauls that Final Fantasy I and II received on the PSP several years back.  As someone who played and loved those remakes of FFI and II, I can say that it’s amazing what some new graphics can do for an old game.

final fantasy ii snes iv complete collection after years magus sisters delta attack deltaattack

The other half of the collection is Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which has previously only been available via cellphones (Japan exclusive) or on WiiWare as separate modules that total $37 altogether.  While rumor has it that the story of The After Years isn’t as good as it’s predecessor’s, I’d still like to play through it, since I love the world of FFIV so much.  As a side-note, The After Years will be getting the same graphical overhaul in this collection.

Though this marks the second remake (and fourth re-release) of Final Fantasy IV, I’m still pretty excited about it.  It’s my second-favorite in the series, with Final Fantasy VI in the lead spot.

Which begs the question: Why has Final Fantasy IV been remade so many times, but Final Fantasy V and VI have only been re-released (PlayStation and Game Boy Advance)?  When will V and VI see great new graphics?  Are 2D updates of those games to follow on the PSP?  Or perhaps sweet 3D remakes on the Nintendo 3DS?  Where’s the love, Squeenix?

Laments for remakes of other games in the series aside, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of this old-school bundle.  Who knows, perhaps I’ll finally wrangle me some Pink Puffs.

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11 Responses to “Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection”

  1. mulletsaurus says:

    I’m gonna play this shit so hard.

  2. IkeCube says:

    *Sigh* We have umpteen remakes of Final Fantasy IV (US: FF2), and nowhere to be seen is a recent version of Final Fantasy VI (US:FF3)

  3. Fade to Slack says:

    I sure hope this gets released on the iPhone just like Final Fantasy I and II did… except maybe not the controls of those games.

    In the past, I’ve always said Final Fantasy V was my favorite. I still think it plays the best out of all the titles, but I do believe Final Fantasy IV may now be my favorite. I appreciate the story more now than I did before. Why haven’t more RPGs been tales of redemption? All they ever really copy is the love-triangles.

    • mulletsaurus says:

      FF4 has always stubbornly been my favorite, just because I can still remember what it was like to play it back in ’91, after that Christmas when I got the SNES I so desperately wanted. I walked to the other end of town looking for a game to rent. After glazing over stuff like UN Squadron and F-Zero, I was fascinated by the box for FF2 so I brought it home. Me and my father oohed and ahhed at the spells, which we thought were the coolest shit. Until then, magic (or battle for that matter) had never been so theatric in RPGs. We played it all day and all night until we rescued Rosa and Kain and found out THERE WAS A WHOLE ‘NOTHER WORLD BELOW THE SURFACE. Holy shit. And here we thought the game was almost over.

      FF4 one of the strongest reminders of my childhood, and easily one of the most mindblowing games I ever played. It was just surprise after surprise, and from the first minute I knew I was playing something special, delivered in a style that I’d never seen done before. I remember getting irritated with some of my friends who would say things like “It just plays itself!” or “Too much reading”.

      The music still stands out to me as perhaps the most pioneering soundtrack ever. Before FF4 I never took game music seriously and ever since, well… I suppose it’s telling that my iPod is 90% comprised of stuff I can never listen to in public.

      • Markham Asylum says:

        Yeah, IV was definitely console role-playing done right. It was the first game out of only a small handful that ever addicted me.

        Though adulthood removes most of the magic from life, I, too, can still recall the feeling I got when playing Final Fantasy IV.

    • Markham Asylum says:

      Good call. V is great fun to play, but the story isn’t nearly as engrossing as IV’s.

  4. J-Diz says:

    I seem to remember playing this game from start to finish, along with other FF titles, in 6th grade with a good friend, fueled by Mountain Dew and the thirst to see what was next. What awesome times! I’m gonna play the shit out of this.

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