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Game Sprites In The Wild

Thursday, February 17th, 2011 by

Look at who we found traipsing around, casually crossing the digital barrier.

Click any of the images to view the source material. Click here for header image source.

This project was inspired by the work of Aled Lewis, who’s much better examples can be found here.

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Mark A. Brooks uses the A. initial in his name so as to seperate himself from the teeming legions of other Mark Brookses (there are at least 65,000 in the state of Michigan alone). Keep up with him on twitter, because why not. @unoriginalG

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6 Responses to “Game Sprites In The Wild”

  1. IkeCube says:

    LOL’d uncontrollably @ Metroid

  2. chairkicker says:

    I like the fella from Actraiser 1-1, he looks like he’s about to take a leak in the stream.

    • mulletsaurus says:

      Now that you mention it, it *does* kind of look like he’s unzipping his armor. But then I remembered where he would be peeing from, being half horse and all, and the illusion broke for me.

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