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Zuma Blitz Guide: High Score Tips and Tricks

Saturday, March 19th, 2011 by

Featuring super intense and ultra-fun gameplay, Zuma Blitz is PopCap Games’s most addictive Facebook game yet. Learn how to best the competition and reel in consistently higher scores with our comprehensive Zuma Blitz strategy guide!

Don’t underestimate the value of a distraction-free environment! In a game like Zuma Blitz, where concentration is key, it can help to shut the sound off. This does wonders for squashing the anxiety that normally comes at the 15 second mark. You know… where the drums go nuts to signal that your time is nearly up.

The bulk of your scoring will occur during those last seconds, and not having to deal with that crazy music can help you keep a cool head and a steady hand.

Part of playing a faster game is getting in the habit of letting the ball go. After you fire, it’s tempting to watch and see if the ball hits its mark. Learning to trust your instincts and focus on the next shot instead of worrying whether or not you hit the target is fundamental to being a quick player.

You can right-click to swap out your current ball for your reserve ball. Get good at doing this on the fly and you’ll be racking up Hot Frogs and massive chain bonuses in no time! Never fire a ball into the stack futilely when you could swap out to make a match. With enough practice, you’ll develop a perpetual sense for what colors you have available to fire, and you’ll know exactly when to swap and when to shoot. Keep at it!

There are tons of ways to score big in Zuma Blitz, but your multiplier is the furthest reaching and most important. The first multiplier ball you clear from the board will boost your multiplier to x2, and each subsequent one you clear will push that multiplier up by 1. This multiplier affects everything. With a x8 or higher multiplier, you will be scoring obscene amounts of points from fruits, gap shots, combos, and everything else.

When you see the multiplier ball, try to make it your priority to clear it out. It’s okay if you can’t, sometimes it’s better to let it go than screw up a chain bonus or huge play, but more often than not you’ll want to get it. If you go into Hot Frog mode, make sure you hit any multiplier balls before all others.

Right behind multiplier balls in importance are time balls, which give you five extra seconds of time when matched. That may not seem like much, but they add up! You can double or even triple your playing time by hitting these things regularly. Keep an open eye for them and when your color comes up, get that time bonus!

As you continue to play, you’ll inevitably get faster. Playing a fast game is advantageous, obviously, but were you aware that you get a large chunk of points strictly for playing fast?. It’s called the Speed Bonus and it can account for over 100,000 of your points. Keep those matches rolling!

Rack up a bunch of matches without losing much time in between them and you’ll trigger the Hot Frog, which lets you fire 3 consecutive balls of explosive high-scoring FURY. Use them to instantly clear any special balls within their blast radius, as well as fruit. As you become faster as a player, you’ll be able to activate the Hot Frog more regularly and frequently.

Fruit will pop up now and then in special areas behind the rails. Fruit can be worth quite a bit, especially late game when your multiplier is up. Sometimes it’s just impossible to bust through to it but you should endeavor to do so whenever you can, especially since hitting fruit won’t interrupt your chain bonus. The higher your level, the more points your fruit is worth.

By eliminating all the balls on a single rail, you get an awesome point bonus for “clearing the curve”. It’s easiest done with your explosive Hot Frog shots, and it will force the board to kick out a fresh line of balls. Be careful; the new rail will come out extremely fast, so plan accordingly.

Gap Shots are the secret to ultra high scores, as the bonuses they give out can be insane. This is especially true of gap shots that are fired through ultra narrow openings. With a really high multiplier, it’s not that uncommon to score over 100,000 points from a single shot. Whenever you make a match, try to be mindful of the balls behind those and be prepared to fire again if an opportunity presents itself. Some maps are better than others when it comes to setting up gap shots.

When you’re pushing hard to break someone else’s high score, nothing helps more than the perfect combination of powers. While area-clearing effects like Bombs and Cannon shots can be gratifying, you should steer clear of using them since they give you less points, long-term, than other powers. Also, they can sometimes screw up the board, giving you less opportunity to make reliable and speedy matches.

We recommend these powers:

Speed Shot is the unsung hero of Zuma Blitz! The 10% speed boost is subtle, but it really helps to clear those small gaps and boost your accuracy all around. It’s always in effect, meaning the edge you get from this power lasts the whole round; how many other powers offer such a reliable bonus? Not only that, it’s the most inexpensive of all the powers at a mere 500 mojo. Speed Shot is your friend, and as far as friends go he’s one of the best.

This power boosts the time bonus you get from matching time balls by 1 second. I know, that seems tiny but, realistically, by choosing this power you are essentially giving yourself an extra 5 to 10 seconds of game time per round, possibly more. Believe us when we say it adds up. Time is your most precious commodity in Zuma Blitz and Chrono Balls help tip the balance in your favor.

It takes awhile to unlock but this is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. Starting the game with a 2x multiplier is huge, and gives you a tremendous advantage over anyone who isn’t using this power. Getting giant multipliers like x8 or greater becomes not only easier, but a regular thing.

We know that Chrono Balls and Multiplier x2 can take some time to unlock. In the interim, you may consider Inferno Frog and Fruit Master. The extra Hot Frog shot that comes from Inferno Frog can be just the thing you need to get more consistent curve clears, and Fruit Master will give you a couple more opportunities than you normally would to shoot some high scoring fruit.

Your level doesn’t only represent how far you’ve come, it also determines what tools you have at your disposal. Some of the best powers don’t unlock until after the 30th level, so keep playing whenever you have the lives to do so! Here’s a handy chart that shows high-level stuff that can greatly improve your score:

LVL 14: Critical Hit (1 in 100 chance of getting double points on a match)
LVL 17: Mango Fruits appear, worth 3300 pts.
LVL 30: Chrono Balls powerup is unlocked.
LVL 34: Multiplier powerup is unlocked. Game-changingly powerful.
LVL 36: Double chance of Criticals.
LVL 37: Pineapple Fruits appear, worth 3600 points.
LVL 44: Speed Ball powerup is upgraded, giving you a 20% speed increase per shot.
LVL 45: Coconut Fruits appear, worth 3900 points.
LVL 48: Critical Hit Chance is tripled from base value.
LVL 54: Cacao Fruit appears, worth 4200 points.
LVL 55: Critical Hit chance becomes 1 in 25!
LVL 57: Critical Hit chance becomes 1 in 20!
LVL 60: Kiwi Fruits appear, worth 4500 points.
LVL 61: Critical Hit chance becomes 1 in 16.
LVL 63: Critical Hit chance becomes 1 in 14.
LVL 65: Peach Fruits appear, worth 4800 points.
LVL 66: Chrono Balls power upgraded, giving you 7 seconds for every time ball matched.
LVL 67: Critical Hit chance becomes 1 in 13.
LVL 70: Critical Hit chance becomes 1 in 11.
LVL 72: Avacado Fruits become available, worth 5100 points.
LVL 73: Speed Ball power up is upgraded, giving you a 30% speed increase per shot.
LVL 74: Critical Hit chance becomes 1 in 10.
LVL 77: Chrono Balls power upgraded, giving you 8 seconds per time ball matched.
LVL 79: Multipler powerup upgraded so that you begin the game with a 3x multiplier!
LVL 80: Permanently increases your shot speed by 10%

Brendan Chan has whipped up a comprehensive chart that details every powerup at every level. View it here. Thanks, Brendan!

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7 Responses to “Zuma Blitz Guide: High Score Tips and Tricks”

  1. Markham Asylum says:

    Nice work here. I can tell you’ve spent a lot of time with the game.

    lol, “Chrono Balls.” Perhaps the mute hero of Chrono Trigger had these and couldn’t talk over the pain of his nards constantly bouncing through time.

  2. lily says:

    In Level 46 you get an upgrade on the Canon when it becomes Canon King which increases the frequency of cannon balls coming out on the rollout.

  3. L says:

    Fairly new to the game. I can’t figure out what to do with the balls I have nowhere to shoot. I’m learning to switch balls, but I still find that there a lot of times when there is no good place to shoot them, and just firing them off interupts a great chain. Is there a good choice?

  4. MAL says:

    A lot of times when I have No Powers I score a lot better as opposed 2 having Powers! That doesn’t make any sense 2 me. I Can’t understand when I do have 3 Powers I still can’t beat some of my Scores without the Powers!! Go Figure!

    • Sumone says:

      So very true, same happens to me…every time i play without powers i`m getting higher score…soon as i add 3 powers, my score is halved…very odd

  5. Princess Laddie says:

    How do I clear any “treats” I have accidentally purchased? Cannot figure that one out…

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