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Streaming Web Radio Music to your PlayStation 3 via PS3 Media Server

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 by

Here is a quick instructional for those of you who want to stream music from certain web sites to your Sony Playstation 3 that might not have official support.

The Goal

I want to play Soma.FM’s different music streams through my PS3 since my home theatre setup has superior room-filling sound compared to my laptop or mini-system.

The Background

My PS3 is connected to my wireless network, which my dedicated old-school laptop is also connected to. This laptop is very modest in system resources, but suffices in running the PS3 Media Server software (“PMS” – yeah, I know).

For the uninitiated, PMS is a software that turns your Linux or Windows computer into a Media Server that can be detected by your PS3 as long as they are both connected to the same wireless network (well I guess “wired” network applies too, but lets not be pedantic). This allows you to access and playback all of the media that is on the computer that is running the software through your PS3. Because my old laptop is insufficient for any other useful task, I’ve dedicated it to running Freeware games (ie Cave Story), and as a media server for my music collection.

The Problem

While PMS is great (har har), it doesn’t seem to be intuitive beyond its initial set-up. I was met with failure after failure when attempting to playback audio stream playlists from my favorite web-radio provider,Soma.FM. The variety of attempted solutions and subsequent failures were many and broad, and I realized that what I should have done from the beginning (but Pride kept me from), was simply Googling for my intended results.

The Solution


After doing some basic searching and opening up a half-dozen tabs in my browser, I happened upon this: PS3MediaServer.org Forum Post , which is obviously some configuration file information to configure in PMS somewhere. Without any further pain, here are the steps I took to remedy my problem:

1) Quit out of Playstation Media Server on your media server computer

2) Find WEB.conf in your “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\PMS\” folder (assuming Windows platform).

3) Open it with Notepad or your text editor of choice

4) Add the configuration settings seen here.

5) Restart Playstation Media Server

6) Scan for Media Servers on your PS3 system.

Now when you navigate to Music>PMS Media Server>Web Player>, Soma.FM will appear in the list of folders and it will contain the set up radio stations that we configured in the WEB.conf file.

Enjoy your Soma.FM music on your Playstation 3!

(Listening to Space Station Soma while using the Earth view music Visualizer is a great experience!)

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I was introduced to video games on the Atari 2600, and quickly moved to a Nintendo, where The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Dragon Warrior dominated my early non-Mario years. Now days, I do mostly PC gaming, and some console gaming. I’ve been in and out of rehab, and there’s no saving a nerd like me.

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8 Responses to “Streaming Web Radio Music to your PlayStation 3 via PS3 Media Server”

  1. Alan says:

    I was very excited to find this guide. I tend to be a tinkerer, so this didn’t sound out of my comfort zone. And I thought I was following along just fine until after step 6. I do not have “web player” as an option under the PMS…just the two folders on my computer that I have set up to share files to the PS3 (one for video, one for music files). Has anything changed since this was written?

    • ikecube says:

      Hi Alan – sorry for the late reply, but the answer is yes: the file location now seems to be here on windows systems: “C:\Program Files (x86)\PS3 Media Server”.

      Good luck!

    • ikecube says:

      Also, once I found the “Web.conf”, I had to copy the file to “%PROGRAMDATA%\PMS” since it didn’t exist yet.

  2. Hi, am running Mac. I’ve been able to add the extra code in, but you’ve lost me at the “%PROGRAMDATA%PMS” section. Would you know where I can do this via mac directories? Cheers

  3. Victor Cernuda says:

    in #4 you don’t really explain where to paste the settings you link to, I mean, in my web.conf file there´s 8 rows that I don´t really understand what they’re for. So a Little more explanation would be awesome. Thanks

    • IkeCube says:

      Hi Victor! Sorry for the confusion. You should be able to paste them on their own lines anywhere in the file, but I would recommend at the end. Hope that helps.

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