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The Top Ten Games Missing from iOS

Monday, July 18th, 2011 by

I love iOS gaming. There, I said it. Not that you didn’t have some evidence, already.

However, there are some games that would be perfect for iOS that just aren’t there yet. A majority are from the most similar system, the Nintendo DS.

Here are the top ten missing games and/or franchises that need to be brought to iOS.

10.) Trauma Center

Trauma Center's touchscreen surgery should've came to iOS before Phoenix Wright.

The original Trauma Center was one of the first cool, new franchises that made me understand why the hell someone would want to play on a touch screen. Fun medical situations, secret magical powers, and subtle references to Scrubs make surgery way more interesting than it should be. While there are imitators (Amateur Surgeon), I’m a fan of the original. If Pheonix Wright can find a home on iOS, so can Doctor Derek Stiles.


9.) Final Fantasy IV & Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

That's right. We do this for the ladies. Cindy's all mine.

Square-Enix haven’t done a whole lot of things right in recent years. They have two poorly made Facebook games, a bunch of mediocre big-budget titles, and they bought Eidos like it was worth buying. Their decision to bring PSP and DS ports to iOS has set incredibly well with me.

That said, let’s face facts: The first three Final Fantasy games are horrible and dated compared to Final Fantasy IV which, courtesy of one of the best stories in RPG history, manages to feel relevant all these years later.

Look, I feel this port is an inevitability, but I’m not too proud to beg. Please. Pretty please with dead Aeris on top?

I have money set aside for Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, as well, if you would stop delaying it already.


8.) Maniac Mansion

Totally awesome!

I like The Secret of Monkey Island. Myst? Okay, sure, I can deal with that as well. But when I think about point-and-click adventures, I kind of get a nerdrection going for Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle. I want to microwave a hamster, dammit!

Just a quick FYI. Did you know Maniac Mansion had a Canadian television show? It was kinda funny and was basically SCTV wedged into a weird family sitcom. There’s your “No One Gives a Rat’s Ass, Fade” fact of the day.


7.) Meteos

Why box art? Rocket blasting blocks!

There’s a copycat game on the way, but I’d like to see some sort of cease and desist unleashed and a legitimate port released. Meteos was another match-3 puzzle game, but managed to separate itself from the pack by being a touchscreen game with the gravity gimmick as you fought planetary wars. I would love to see this game popping with vibrant colors and sharp, retina display graphics. It’s the right thing to do.

Q Entertainment already has Lumines in the app store. While both Meteos and Lumines were developed and released around the same time frame, I’ve always preferred Meteos.


6.) Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Seriously... that's smooth.

Admittedly, I’m kinda cheating here. Capcom has already released this game on iOS… in Japan.

One of the better new DS games out there, Ghost Trick was Capcom’s answer to Professor Layton. And, while TellTale has already put out a solid Layton-wannabe in Puzzle Agent (and its recently released sequel), I really want my grubbies on Ghost Trick.

That silky smooth animation needs to be seen in higher definition. We know the game’s already available in English. I’m guessing you don’t want to cannibalize your sales, but it’s not posting great numbers anyhow. Just hurry up already!


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