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Artistic Reaction to Oversexualized Women in Gaming

Monday, August 8th, 2011 by
oversexualized women in gaming[click image for full size]

There’s a fine line that game developers have to walk when it comes to balancing the objectification of women with the old adage that sex sells. At least, that’s what I’d like to say, but let’s face it: The largest demographic for video games is straight men ages 18-35, most of whom range somewhere from indifferent to “give me more!” on the scale of how ok it is to make female video game characters look as oversexed as possible. Given that, it’s hard to fault them for giving Ivy boobs that are each literally as big as her head (they’re even larger in the game than what’s shown here) or for putting Sophitia in an outfit that would quickly render her immodest in real life once she started jumping and dodging. Granted, most games don’t take it that far, but the ones that do really stand out, no breast-size pun intended.

I have to wonder how much of a hit the Soul Caliber series would have taken in sales had the women been more conservatively proportioned. Probably not too much. Then again, I also have to wonder if a series like Dead or Alive, with its ridiculous moon-physics engine dedicated solely to keeping the game’s mammaries bouncing for several seconds after the rest of the characters’ bodies stopped moving, would have even been a series without that oversexualization.

If you feel like weighing in on this, please do so.

Image coutesy of Deviant Artist Celtzombie.

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3 Responses to “Artistic Reaction to Oversexualized Women in Gaming”

  1. Pigtank says:

    B-b-but I like my gals in revealing attire, all the more lovely! I especially love Sophitia’s design in SC3 (Ivy in SC4). Cleavage, jiggle physics and oversexualization; my anti-drug. <3

    • Markham Asylum says:

      That’s totally fine, Pigtank. Each to their own. Just beware of how it may subconsciously affect your relationships with women.

      • Terry Yanto says:

        You’re making the same argument for those that say that violent video games make people more “aggressive”. There have been studies (see the new Dragon Age video on character creation gender choices) that suggest it to some extent but even then it is said to be in temporary in most cases.

        Sure, there may be subconscious effect on us, but its a genetic trait to be attracted to such things, whether it is large cleavage, buttocks, or lack of. It is solely on an individual. Sure some are people are much more easily affected/influenced, but most of the time, their genetics play a largely important role in how they are affected by their environment.

        Most people are “smart” to some extent when trying to differentiate between reality and fiction, otherwise we would have 13 and under killers all around us. The troubles in relationship are usually due to a person’s actual experience and genetic makeup. Sure sexual fantasies can make an impact, but it is not different from those that watch porn or read erotic magazines, etc. All of these with deep fetishes, but people seem to be functioning “normally”.

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