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PETA Bashes Mario’s Tanooki Suit

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011 by

mario tanooki suit peta

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have slammed Nintendo for resurrecting Super Mario Bros. 3’s Tanooki Suit in the recently released Super Mario Land 3D. PETA alleges, “Tanukis are real-life raccoon dogs who are beaten and, as PETA’s undercover exposés show, often skinned alive for their fur,” and goes on to say, “Tanooki may be just a “suit” in Mario games, but by wearing the skin of an animal, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur.” [1]

If it’s true that these animals are skinned alive, it’s a horrible practice that should be stopped if possible. But, seriously, no Mario-adoring child is going to grow up to wear fur simply because they saw it in a Mario game, just like that same child/adult isn’t going to go around punching bricks, eating flowers, or jumping on turtles.

Yet, PETA, known for their extreme protesting tactics, has gone to a new height with this issue by making a shittastic Flash game that is both gross and completely devoid of fun. Click the image to play it:

mario tanooki suit peta

This begs the question: Since the Tanooki Suit has been around since SMB3, why didn’t PETA make this game earlier? Perhaps they were waiting for Nintendo to be a repeat offender. More likely, they’ve been working on this stellar parody game for the past 13 years.

Thanks to Delta Attack reader Steve for pointing out this story.

[1] Yahoo

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4 Responses to “PETA Bashes Mario’s Tanooki Suit”

  1. Fade to Slack says:

    I thought about posting this myself, but the last thing I want to do is give PETA the satisfaction. They are like children that are behaving poorly because they crave attention.

    Gamers are not a sensitive bunch. I will go on record and state the following: “Fuck the animals.” You know, if it comes down to animals or me, I’m choosing myself. And if I want to support the pain of suffering by buying it, dammit that’s the choice I make. Fuck the pretentious assholes who push their views on others. Whether it’s religion or vegan or any other holier-than-thou establishment, they could all do well to just mind their own business.

    The only one that I even support a bit is GLAAD because, well, that’s trying to stop hate of others for something that most people don’t understand. It tries to educate. It doesn’t make these boorish attempts at shocking people into looking at themselves.

    PETA is every bit as bad as the Westboro Baptist Church.

    • Markham Asylum says:

      Yeah, I try to avoid cavorting with extremism in any fashion whenever possible. I’m all in for making fun of it, though.

  2. anonymous says:

    Look PETA get over your self i am a true Mario gamer and stuff like this is what pisses me off they are not hurting anyone its the best damn game of all time quit fucking up my childhood! go bitch about something else!

    • ikecube says:

      Sorry, Mario is on par with Mickey Mouse and God in terms of world popularity of fictional characters, and for PETA to pick a fight with him is tantamount to asking for a fireball up the keister.

      Desperate play for attention on PETA’s part.

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