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HOMERUN BATTLE 2 Tips and Tricks (other than credit cards)

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 by

Despite the negative review that I gave to Com2uS’ HOMERUN BATTLE 2, I had a lot of fun with HOMERUN BATTLE 3D. Since the sequel is really more of the same, I know there’s a good game in here. It’s just hidden behind some appalling, greedy design choices that taint an otherwise enjoyable game. Rather than remain bitter and delete the app, I decided I’d ride out the early pains and try to find a route to be competitive against people who are willing to spend the cash.

The path is not simple. It will take work. It will take time. It will even take a little luck. However, it is possible. Let me walk you through the early game to get you powered up  in as little time as possible.


If you own HOMERUN BATTLE 3D and have it linked to your Com2uS account, congratulations. Your road to success is much easier. You even get a free permanent ability that increases your “goldball” pitch ratio by 15%.

For those of you who don’t have that luxury, let’s go to work.

(This guide was created during the Christmas 2011 Event. The information related to the event is no longer applicable, but information related towards the Achievement gear is. Please ignore the “Santa Suit” information until I can find a good path to powering up a character.)

Roulette, the Wheel of Pittance

Roulette is fixed. No way is it not fixed to pay out one of the smallest numbers on the board. That said, it’s also very welcome. At worst, you save yourself a minute or two when you win the minimum of 10 Goldballs. At best, you get a few Stars, a large amount of Goldballs, or a piece of equipment that you don’t already own. Every little bit counts, especially when you get to the point where only things like the “Tough Guy” and “White Tiger” equipment actually raise your stats.

For those of you who’ve been clamoring to get free stars in HOMERUN BATTLE 2, the only thing you can do is cross your fingers and play daily. You’ll get two free spins for playing three or four days in a row. Play a fifth consecutive day, and you’ll get three spins. You’ll also be given an objective to get an additional free spin each day. Some are incredibly easy, such as “Play Arcade Mode,” but you may have to work for that spin if you get “Win [multiplayer] Mode” objective. If you’ve got the time, you may as well play daily.

You should always earn that extra spin. “Win Survival Mode” sucks, though.

If you have trouble remembering to play HOMERUN BATTLE 2 daily, I suggest setting an alarm. I don’t know about Android, but I know for certain that iPhones let you name the alarm. For instance, I set my “HRB2″ alarm to go off at 8 PM every night as I’m usually home from work and finished with dinner by that time.

Newbie Stats: 0 power, 0 contact

HB3D Owner Stats: 12 power, 8 contact

The very first thing we should do is look at obtaining some free equipment through achievements. For those of you who received the HB Stars uniform from playing HOMERUN BATTLE 3D, you can skip the Ace’s equipment steps. They would reduce your statistics.

Familiarize yourself with the controls in a non-competitive mode if you’d like. If you really want to learn the ropes, I highly suggest starting with Burning Mode. It’s a faster-paced mode that helps gives you an on-screen grade after each hit. Using this information, you’ll get a good feel for where “Great” or “Perfect” hits are. This will help you later, especially once you choose to play competitively. You may even unlock an achievement or two doing this.

Once you’re ready, go to multiplayer mode. Select “Mission” mode from the top and then “Quick Match” and enter a room. Exit after completing each mission and then use “Quick Mode” again. Do this a total of five times, and you are awarded the “Ace’s bat.”

Exit out until you return to the main menu. Select “ITEM” from the top, then select “EQUIP”.  Change your bat from Rookie’s bat to “Ace’s bat”.

Surprise! You are awarded another achievement and “Aces” cleats. Equip them as well.

Equipment obtained: Ace’s bat, Aces cleats

Updated Stats: 2 power, 2 contact

Head back into multiplayer “Mission” mode, again. While it loads, touch the batting helmet “+” icon. This adds a rival. An achievement unlocks and you are awarded the “Aces” gloves. They only add 1 contact point, so you can probably ignore them for now. While playing you will likely unlock the “Aces” helmet if you haven’t managed to hit twenty home runs already. That’d be a good time to equip those items.

Equipment obtained: Aces gloves, Aces helmet

Updated Stats: 3 power, 3 contact

The current version of the app has a Christmas theme where Santa pitches to you, but he only shows up when playing multiplayer. At random, Santa will throw out “gift balls” with rewards. Hit one out of the park and you’re randomly rewarded goldballs or pieces of Santa’s suit. Because these items are much more powerful, we are going to ignore the Aces uniform top and pants for now.

Santa’s suit is comparable to the HB Stars suit owners of HOMERUN BATTLE 3D are given, but comes with no special abilities. We are now going to look to complete the Santa suit. Unlock all 5 pieces of the suit in Mission mode (the best place to pick up goldballs and gift balls), and you are rewarded the “Happy Christmas” achievement prize, the “Candy Cane” bat. It is slightly more powerful than the HB Stars bat, so it may be worth your time if you’re saving up goldballs.

It may take some time to acquire all 5, but it will save you some goldballs.

Equipment Change: Aces or HB Stars equipment -> Santa Suit and Candy Cane

Updated Stats: 16 power, 14 contact

Now that you are powerful enough to consistently hit balls out of the park, let’s look about making improvements where possible. My next suggestion would be to go back into Burning Mode or Arcade Mode. Playing these single-player modes gives you a chance to unlock one of two different bats. I found the Burning Mode achievement to be the easier of the two to obtain.

This is easier than it seems and well worth the effort.

If you are able to meet the following three requirements in Burning Mode, you will be awarded the “Burning Hitter” achievement and “Biker’s Gang bat” reward: 25,000 points, a 20 hit combo meter, and 7 perfect hits in a row. These three requirements don’t need to come from the same play through. Depending on your skill level, this may be quick. It took me eleven tries before I was able to get the “7 perfect hits in a row” requirement.

Equipment Change: Candy Cane -> Biker’s Gang bat

Updated Stats: 20 power, 22 contact

I get that it’s a baseball uniform, but shouldn’t Santa have sleeves?

For the remainder of this guide, I will assume that you chose the Biker’s Gang bat route when calculating stats. However, the Arcade Mode route may appeal to many of you who prefer its slower pace.

If you are able to meet the following three requirements in Arcade Mode, you will be awarded the “Homerun machine” achievement and “Cheer Stick” reward: 25,000 points, a 10 hit combo meter, and 5 called shots in one game. Again, these three requirements don’t need to come from the same playthrough. Some people may have a very difficult time obtaining the called shots requirement.

Alternate Equipment Change: Candy Cane -> Cheer Stick

Alternate Stats: 24 power, 15 contact

Again, this is the last time I am addressing those statistics. Power isn’t as important as contact, for the most part, for what we are doing next.

Now, along the way, you likely have picked up a few random goldball achievements as well as the goldballs you’ve obtained through simply “goldball” and “gift ball” home runs. Com2uS also has a few standard “bribe actions.”

The first one will ask you to review the game. When you get that pop-up, click it. Then, push your home button twice to open up multitasking and return to HOMERUN BATTLE 2. For this game and every other game that bribes you with currency, you should know that they track nothing more than if you left the app using their exit. When you return, you are rewarded 300 goldballs.

Remember, you don’t actually have to review the game to receive this reward.

The second one will ask you to connect to your Facebook and like either HOMERUN BATTLE 2 or Com2uS. This one is actually tracked. Do it and collect your 200 goldballs. You can always unlike it later.

Then, switch to multiplayer “Survival” mode.  This mode comes with items that either buff your batter or de-buff your opponent. We are going to focus on one of the items, the flaming bat. It may take a few tries, but it’s very easy to unlock two goldball achievements in this mode.

Focus on playing this until you unlock “The beast” and “Moonshooter” achievements. These are obtained by hitting a ball 550 feet and 700 feet, respectively. I unlocked both simultaneously. Doing this will reward you with 500 goldballs. These are a couple of the easiest goldball achievements to get.

Now, your most efficient purchase will be unlocking the “Football Player” gear for 1,680 goldballs. You will receive a significant power boost. More importantly, you unlock the permanent ability “3% chance for double goldballs when you win.” That’s a translation from shoddy English to actual English.

Equipment Change: Santa Suit -> Football Player

Updated Stats: 27 Power, 22 Contact

Finally, we’re going to target the “Darkhorse” and “Survival expert” achievements. Our next step is Survival Mode. I hate Survival mode.

“Darkhorse” is pretty easy to get. All you have to do is pick up 50 wins in Duel and 50 wins in Survival. Doing so rewards 1,000 goldballs.

Unfortunately, “Survival expert” is going to take some time compared to “Burning Hitter” or “Homerun Machine” achievements. To get it, you’ll have to play Survival Mode a bare minimum of 300 times. The reward, though, is one of the most powerful helmets in the game.

Unless you’re really good, this will be an absolute pain to get.

If you have any friends who play HOMERUN BATTLE 2, I’d suggest recruiting them for the “7 wins in a row” requirement. You can offer to drop 7 in a row to them in exchange. It’s a fair trade-off, because winning consistently in Survival mode can be very difficult.

The other parts, yeah, you’re just going to have to grind these matches out. It’s time consuming and, compared to regular duels, not particularly fun. However, the Bandana is one of the most powerful helmets in the game and worth the effort.

Equipment Change: Football Helmet -> Bandana

Updated Stats: 32 Power, 22 Contact

HOMERUN BATTLE 2 now allows you to buy equipment à la carte. I would target the “Hyun Mu” top. It’s ugly, but it will boost your stats to 35/25. Plus, purchasing it gets you one step closer to unlocking a permanent “1 contact” stat increase. We’re not here to win beauty contests. We’re here to win multiplayer matches.

If you simply must match, save up for something other than the “Catcher” uniform. It’s worth skipping as it’s a marginal upgrade and the ability only activates upon losing. You’d have to lose nearly 3,000 matches before it would pay for itself.

From this point forward, you should be powerful enough to survive in multiplayer mode against most players. Moreover, now most achievements should be obtainable, though it will take some work. Many of them, however, are awarded through regular gameplay. Most players are not able to control the ball so well that they can consistently get “crashes” or “pole hits,” so they just come with time and luck. So, focus on the bigger achievements and the small ones will fall in place.

The easiest of the big ticket achievements to obtain is “Mission Acer.” If you followed this guide, you may be close to meeting the three requirements already. If you can play 200 missions, win ten missions in a row (this may require either an empty room or playing with friends to obtain), and completing 30 “team” missions, then you are given 3,000 goldballs.

Remember, packaged items come with abilities that will help you in the long run. These abilities stack, so don’t worry about already having an ability.


Final tip: Know your achievements. While not as rewarding as the ones found in HOMERUN BATTLE 3D, achievements are still the quickest route to goldballs early on. This should be enough to make your experience more tolerable when playing online. From here on out, it’s a long grind to upgrade your equipment. Be prepared to put in a lot of time here.


About the Author

Fade to Slack is a founding member of Delta Attack, an American expatriate in South Korea, and a true believer in the legitimacy of mobile gaming. Keep up with him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Fade2Slack so he can justify having a Twitter account.

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21 Responses to “HOMERUN BATTLE 2 Tips and Tricks (other than credit cards)”

  1. Mark says:

    Pointless guide outside of Christmas period.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Take out the Christmas gear and it still works with the achievement gear. That said, yeah, it’s on a list of things to update.

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks for the help

  3. Jetguat says:

    For Android, these achievements are not available until you get the “full version” of the game and you need 520 stars for that. The roulette wheel cheats (I think) so unless you pay, it could take a very long time to earn 520 stars.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can actually control the speed on the roulette wheel. You just need tons of patience, practice, and dexterity. You gotta very, very lightly spin the wheel, the slowest I have gotten 1/3 to 1/2 of a wheel in one small spin. You can also move the starting location of the spin by just tapping it lightly.

  4. musikfreak says:

    Do each of the packages open up some kind of permanent ability? That would incentivize the purchase of a full package… with the Biker Gang’s Bat the purchase of a HyunMu level package is basically throwing goldballs away on a bat which doesn’t improve, but if there’s a permanent ability increase…

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. If you go to the item tab and click on each of the packages, you will see the permanent abilities gained from buying each type of equipment.

  5. Anonymous says:

    For the android version: Is it possible to exchange 10k gold balls for 1k stars?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Like any other game uve ever played on any other platform, to fully enjoy this game AND be competitive online, u have to invest TIME…no HR’s on the roulette wheel! IME, OP is exactly right in the “unlock achievements early”, quickest path to GB’s. Android you have to earn 520 stars to unlock “full game”, and for $1.99 or $2.99 (cant remember) you unlock WAY many more achievements, more chances at GB’s. If you like the game, it’s cheap, i rarely ever pay for mobile games, but like this one a lot. lots of replay value. only bought one “package”, crunched $$$ and found cheaper to upgrade item to item. just gotta find the sweet spot on every pitch…

  7. ranked says:

    If i can be ranked 425 on survival without full version, only the roulette wheel, so can you.

  8. Sprit3 says:

    just wanted to say there is a way to get about 170 gold balls after doing more than 20 HR in arcade mode
    can be repeated (tested in andriod version…latest version till now)

    • Jetguat says:

      not sure I believe this, though I am on version 1.0.9. I know since I have two accomplishments I cant crack. 60 HR in arcade mode (so I’m always between 30 and 40), and 50k total points. I got 43k once, dont know how, since I can almost never crack even 30k. Not sure I’ll ever reach those achievements, and I’m using the ROCK star custom.

  9. Jetguat says:

    Do the “Field” goggles provide any benefit to the batter? You need 5 consecutive called shots to get them. Are they merely for appearance? I’ve gotten 4 called shots once, by luck. I’ve tried hundreds of times to learn better to control the ball. swing early/swing late. change bat position. Any clues as to better controlling the ball?

  10. cwizzy22 says:

    so can you only get stars if you buy the full version or how does that work cuz its kinda annoying that i cant find out how to get them… can anyone help me out

  11. ameasta says:

    you can save your stars from the wheel till you get 520.it will let you get the full version

  12. rankman says:

    you do not need full version or anything that costs money!I do not have full version or any good costumes that you could buy with stars.Only things that i have to save up my goldballs for.BTW im ranked 432 in duel,324 in suvival and im ranked 115 in burning;0.

  13. Skoops says:

    For Homerun Battle 2. What are the matchs for survival mode?

  14. Joe says:

    Is there any way you can cheat in burning mode

  15. Dan says:

    Hi. Hope you still check this every now and then. I noticed in one of the above paragraphs, you mentioned “de-buff your opponent”. I had a suspicion that some opponents strength or ability was affecting mine. Is that correct and is there a way to counteract that or do anything else about it? Thanks.

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