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Heads up, Jetpack Joyride may be bugged.

Saturday, December 31st, 2011 by

This is just two of many posts as their Twitter representative does damage control.

Take a look over at Halfbrick’s Twitter page, and you’ll see an awful lot of apologies with directions to contact support@halfbrick.com with GameCenter and/or OpenFeint usernames and a description of the problem for help. They should really grow some balls and get Paul Christoforo on the case, bro.

Users have reported losing achievements, stash gear, and levels. Jetpack Joyride is far from the first game to have users lose data over a GameCenter save.

I have witnessed my Smurf village get smurfed by GameCenter firsthand when playing Capcom’s The Smurfs’ Village earlier in the year.

This may also be the law of averages at work. Seeing as the game was free for well over a week, tons of new users who received an iOS device over the holidays tried it out.

Mo’ players, mo’ problems, yo.

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2 Responses to “Heads up, Jetpack Joyride may be bugged.”

  1. Mark A. Brooks says:

    Oh snap, you all just got told. Oh, sorry. I meant ‘toldd’

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I actually feel sorry for the guy. I like Penny Arcade and all, but Mike Krahulik is a dick. He knew what he was doing.

      For a few years, I’ve though he just comes across pompous while apparently not knowing how lucky he is to be riding his talented friend’s coattails. Like, man, is this who nerds really want representing them?

      Tycho? Yeah, alright. Sure. But Gabe? Gabe can suck a dick.

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