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“Humble Bundle for Android” is Indy Mobile Gaming Fun

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 by

It is no secret that we are big fans of the Humble Bundle series of games, and now you can have Indy-Gaming goodness on your Android-powered mobile device for those times when you are, ahem, unavailable and need something to pass the stool time. (Bringing ones laptop near sources of water is never recommended).

There are several great reasons to consider purchasing this package of games:

  • Pay What You Want
  • Playable on Android, Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • DRM-Free
  • Support Indy Game Makers (who care about quality games and not just making money)
  • If you want, a portion of your purchase can be given to charity


The line up this time consists of the following games:

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“a casual puzzle-platformer that challenges you to roll your cube through over 100 levels. The innovative level design and “edge hangtime” mechanic will test your planning and reflexes. Nothing can quite describe the satisfying noise of rolling your cube to victory and securing a speedy finish.”



“In Osmos, you play an amoeba-esque creature (called a “mote”) in a world with a few basic rules: you absorb smaller things, and bigger things absorb you. The catch? The amoeba propels forward by shooting out bits of itself, so move with care! Different game modes introduce opposing AI amoebas, gravity, and other twists, and a chilled out soundtrack provides the perfect mood for floating your way to cellular domination.”



“Anomaly is an intense reversal of the tower defense formula, with players managing a convoy’s path through various war torn environs. Careful planning of powerups, unit composition, and more will make or break your journey. Anomaly: Warzone Earth has rocked gamers on Windows, OS X, and iOS, and is now available to challenge the tactics of Linux and Android gamers.”


And as is the case when you are better customer, if you pay above the average amount amount, you will get a bonus game. In this case it is World of Goo:

“This critically acclaimed puzzler challenges you to build dramatic and innovative structures using goo balls. The somewhat sentient globs create rigid planks upon being placed in proximity to other goo balls, and with your help, they can escape! World of Goo is an indie classic, and the Android iteration gives the game a perfect new form factor for experiencing the magic of goo.”


I highly recommend donating above the average so you can get World of Goo, which is an amazingly fun, cute, and seductive physics-based puzzle game which will suck you in for hours at a time (usually you have to pay hundreds of dollars for something as seductive that sucks).

Get The Humble Bundle for Android Now

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2 Responses to ““Humble Bundle for Android” is Indy Mobile Gaming Fun”

  1. Mark A. Brooks says:

    Hundreds of bucks? Maybe where you live. A visit to the barn costs nothing.

  2. Fade to Slack says:

    That’s quite the solid line-up right there. The only way it could be better is if it were EDGE Extended rather than just EDGE.

    …I think Osmos is overrated, though.

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