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Put Your Life On Hiatus And Come Play Tiny Tower

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 by

Tiny Tower starts out innocently enough; it’s a simple affair that literally takes only a minute or two to learn. At first it may feel hard to grasp what makes this game so special, but once you’ve built a few floors you can kiss your life goodbye – there won’t be a minute when you aren’t thinking about your damnable tower.

Of course, that may not be the case for everyone, but I’m certain it is for many. Stocking stores, building floors, and matching each bitizen with their ideal job may not seem like much for a game to go on, and to be honest, it isn’t. But it’s amazing how Tiny Tower takes what amounts to nothing more than a handful of activities and successfully milks the living shit out of them, extending the experience and making itself feel fun for much longer than it should.

Eventually, you’ll come to your senses, look at your tower, and ask yourself “Why?”. “Why did I check in on this thing fifty times a day for the past month?” Because your brain was like metal and this shit was like a magnet, that’s why. Tiny Tower is a perfect example of how games with minimal design can have maximum impact. And the best part if it all? It’s free. Free. As a bird.

Played on an iPod Touch 4G. Read the full review here.

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