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Adventure Bar Story: Recipe Guide

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 by

I just started getting into Adventure Bar Story. It’s quirky, but solid in all the right places.

However, starting out, you may find yourself losing items as you try to guess at the “Hint Recipe” ingredients or equipment. The game offers to sell you hints, but why pay more? Consult our handy, dandy “Recipe Guide” for help.

Note: This guide is currently incomplete, but keep coming back for more recipes. The recipe number, name, and tool used are sortable fields.

If you have recipes that aren’t listed here, please leave a comment. All recipes will be tested before being added to the database.

March 21st update:

Added just 1 recipe (Qeema Curry), but I created the Adventure Bar Story: Combo Guide tonight. (I cannot figure out the recipe for “Tuna Steak,” but know it exists. I reckon there’s Tuna in it…)

March 22nd update:

Removed many of the change logs, fixed Maki (kingcrab), Sauteed Clams, Sauteed Scallop, and added “Misto Soup.”

March 23rd update:

Big thanks to Maerdis, who provided most of the missing recipe combinations and saved me tons of work. Dragon Meat, Dragon Egg, and Dragon Tung (now I see why it’s not “tongue”) recipes added. Just a handful left, folks. Enjoy!

March 25th update:

The recipe guide is complete minus the “Soup of Life,” which is given to you after you complete the story. I also made an Adventure Bar Story Beginner’s Guide (FAQ) for people who might have some questions about the game.

No.Recipe NameIngredientsTool
001MisoBean, Salt, Barrel, ---Fermenter
002MayonnaiseEgg, Olive Oil, Vinegar, ---Blender
003KetchupTomato, Salt, Sugar, VinegarPot
004Sea BrothSeaweed, Water, ---, ---Pot
005GelatinPork, ---, ---, ---Pot
006Coffee BeansBeans, ---, ---, ---Frying Pan
007FlourWheat, ---, ---, ---Blender
008BreadFlour, Salt, ---, ---Oven
009Bread CrumbsBread, ---, ---, ---Blender
010PastaFlour, Salt, Egg, ---Bowl
011UdonFlour, Salt, ---, ---Bowl
012Pie DoughFlour, Butter, ---, ---Bowl
013Pizza DoughFlour, Olive Oil, ---, ---Bowl
014ButterMilk, Salt, ---, ---Blender
015CheeseMilk, Lemon, ---, ---Pot
016Fresh CremeMilk, Sugar, ---, ---Blender
017YogurtMilk, Jar, ---, ---Fermenter
018G. ChickenChickenBlender
019G. PorkPork, ---, ---, ---Blender
020G. BeefBeef, ---, ---, ---Blender
021G. DragonDragon, ---, ---, ---Blender
022HamPork, Salt, ---, ---Bare Hands
023BaconPork, Salt, Smoke Wood, ---Bare Hands
024SausagePork, Herb, Smoke Wood, ---Bare Hands
025Pork LardPork, Jar, ---, ---Pot
026StockChicken, Water, ---, ---Pot
027Seafood MixShrimp, Clam, Squid, ---Bowl
028Creme SauceFlour, Milk, Butter, ---Pot
029FragranceHerb, Water, Jar, ---Pot
030Meat BaitChicken, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
031Meat BaitPork, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
032Meat BaitBeef, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
033Spike BombChestnut, Jar, ---, ---Bare Hands
034Spike Bomb+Chestnut, Barrel, ---, ---Bare Hands
035Poison BombMushroom, Jar, ---, ---Bare Hands
036Blind BombSquid, Jar, ---, ---Bare Hands
037Blind BombOctopus, Jar, ---, ---Bare Hands
038Silence BombBlack Pepper, Jar, ---, ---Bare Hands
039Paralyze BombBeard Fish, Jar, ---, ---Bare Hands
040Salted EggplantEggplant, Salt, ---, ---Bare Hands
041Salted CabbageCabbage, Salt, ---, ---Bare Hands
042Salted CucumberCucumber, Salt, ---, ---Bare Hands
043Salted BeetsBeets, Salt, ---, ---Bare Hands
044Salted NapaNapa, Salt, ---, ---Bare Hands
045Salted DaikonDaikon, Salt, ---, ---Bare Hands
046Salted PlumPlum, Salt, ---, ---Bare Hands
047Honeyed LemonHoney, Lemon, ---, ---Bare Hands
048Pickled BeetsBeets, Vinegar, ---, ---Bare Hands
049PicklesCucumber, Vinegar, ---, ---Bare Hands
050KimchiNapa, Red Spice, Garlic, ---Bare Hands
051Fire KimchiNapa, Fire Spice, Garlic, ---Bare Hands
052Cucumber KimchiCucumber, Red Spice, Garlic, ---Bare Hands
053Cucumber FireCucumber, Fire Spice, Garlic, ---Bare Hands
054Daikon KimchiDaikon, Red Spice, Garlic, ---Bare Hands
055Daikon FireDaikon, Fire Spice, Garlic, ---Bare Hands
056Pickled SquidSquid, Vinegar, ---, ---Bare Hands
057Pickled OctopusOctopus, Vinegar, ---, ---Bare Hands
058Pickled SeaweedSeaweed, Vinegar, ---, ---Bare Hands
059CaviarShark, Salt, Jar, ---Bare Hands
060Miso RiceballRice, Miso, ---, ---Bare Hands
061RiceballRice, Salt, ---, ---Bare Hands
062Plum RiceballRice, Plum, ---, ---Bare Hands
063SeaweedRiceballRice, Seaweed, ---, ---Bare Hands
064Shrimp RiceballRice, Shrimp, ---, ---Bare Hands
065Salmon RiceballRice, Salmon, ---, ---Bare Hands
066Tunamayo RicbllRice, Tuna, Mayonnaise, NoriBare Hands
067Sushi (herring)Herring, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
068Sushi (herring)Herring, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
069Sushi (mackerelMackerel, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
070Sushi (mackerelMackerel, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
071Sushi (flatfishFlatfish, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
072Sushi (flatfishFlatfish, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
073Sushi (seabreamSea Bream, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
074Sushi (seabreamSea Bream, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
075Sushi (tuna)Tuna, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
076Sushi (tuna)Tuna, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
077Sushi (p. tuna)Platinum Tuna, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
078Sushi (p. tuna)Platinum Tuna, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
079Maki (tuna)Tuna, Rice, Vinegar, NoriBare Hands
080Maki (p. tuna)Platinum Tuna, Rice, Vinegar, NoriBare Hands
081Maki (cucumber)Cucumber, Rice, Vinegar, NoriBare Hands
082Sushi (shrimp)Shrimp, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
083Sushi (shrimp)Shrimp, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
084Maki (crab)Crab, Rice, Vinegar, NoriBare Hands
085Maki (kingcrab)King Crab, Rice, Vinegar, NoriBare Hands
086Sushi (scallop)Scallop, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
087Sushi (scallop)Scalllop, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
088Sushi (squid)Squid, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
089Sushi (squid)Squid, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
090Sushi (octopus)Octopus, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
091Sushi (octopus)Octopus, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
092Sushi (salmon)Salmon, Rice, Vinegar, Green SpiceBare Hands
093Sushi (salmon)Salmon, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
094Maki (salmonroeSalmon, Rice, Vinegar, NoriBare Hands
095Maki (urchin)Sea Urchin, Rice, Vinegar, NoriBare Hands
096Sea Urchin RiceSea Urchin, Rice, ---, ---Bare Hands
097Sushi EggEgg, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
098G. Sushi EggGaruda Egg, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
099D. Sushi EggDragon Egg, Rice, Vinegar, ---Bare Hands
100Cucumber StickCucumber, MayonnaiseKnife
101Vegie SticksCucumber, Carrot, MayonnaiseKnife
102CapreseTomato, Olive Oil, Cheese, HerbKnife
103Iced TomatoesTomato, Ice, ---, ---Knife
104Soy BrothersTofu, Soy Sauce, ---, ---Knife
105Tofu & PlumTofu, Plum, ---, ---Knife
106Vegie SandwichBread, Lettuce, Cucumber, ButterKnife
107Eggsalad SandBread, Egg, Mayonnaise, ButterKnife
108Ham SandwichBread, Ham, Lettuce, ButterKnife
109Ham & Cheese SWBread, Cheese, Ham, ButterKnife
110Tuna SandwichBread, Mayonnaise, Tuna, ButterKnife
111BLT SandwichBread, Bacon, Lettuce, TomatoKnife
112Hot DogBread, Sausage, Ketchup, ---Knife
113Sliced AppleApple, ---, ---, ---Knife
114Sliced SausageSausage, ---, ---, ---Knife
115Pickle HerringHerring, Vinegar, ---, ---Knife
116Sashimi (mack.Mackerel, Soy Sauce, ---, ---Knife
117Sashimi (f.fishFlatfish, Soy Sauce, ---, ---Knife
118Sashimi (tuna)Tuna, Soy Sauce, ---, ---Knife
119Pickled TunaTuna, Vinegar, ---, ---Knife
120Sashimi (squid)Squid, Soy Sauce, ---, ---Knife
121Raw Sea UrchinSea Urchin, ---, ---, ---Knife
122Sashimi (octopsOctopus, Soy Sauce, ---, ---Knife
123Sashimi (salmonSalmon, Soy Sauce, ---, ---Knife
124Dried HerringHerring, Salt, ---, ---Knife
125Octopus WasabiOctopus, Green Spice, ---, ---Knife
126Potato SaladPotato, Cucumber, Egg, MayonnaiseBowl
127Lettuce SaladLettuce, Salt, Vinegar, Olive OilBowl
128Daikon SaladDaikon, Salt, Vinegar, Olive OilBowl
129Tomato SaladTomato, Salt, Vinegar, Olive OilBowl
130Caesar SaladLettuce, Cheese, Bread, Olive OilBowl
131Chicken SaladChicken, Lettuce, Vinegar, Olive OilBowl
132Sealeaf SaladSealeaf, Salt, Vinegar, Olive OilBowl
133Mushroom SaladMushroom, Salt, Vinegar, Olive OilBowl
134Truffle SaladBlackshroom, Salt, Vinegar, Olive OilBowl
135Beef CarpaccioBeef, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Olive OilBowl
136Bream CarpaccioSea Bream, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Olive OilBowl
137Tuna CarpaccioTuna, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Olive OilBowl
138Marinate ShrimpShrimp, Onion, Vinegar, Olive OilBowl
139Marinate SalmonSalmon, Onion, Vinegar, Olive OilBowl
140Marinated OttsOtts Trout, Onion, Vinegar, Olive OilBowl
141Mocha ParfaitCoffee Beans, Fresh Creme, Honey, ---Bowl
142Strabry ParfaitStrawberry, Fresh Creme, Honey, ---Bowl
143Melon ParfaitMelon, Fresh Creme, Honey, ---Bowl
144Banana ParfaitBanana, Fresh Creme, Honey, ---Bowl
145Chestnt ParfaitChestnut, Fresh Creme, Honey, ---Bowl
146Choco ParfaitCacao, Fresh Creme, Honey, ---Bowl
147Yogurt ParfaitYogurt, Fresh Creme, Honey, ---Bowl
148Green ParfaitTea Leaves, Fresh Creme, Honey, ---Bowl
149Aloe ParfaitDesert Star, Fresh Creme, Honey, ---Bowl
150Fruit PunchCherry, Apple, Peach, HoneyBowl
151Tofu Salad RedTofu, Carrot, ---, ---Bowl
152Tofu Sea SaladTofu, Sealeaf, ---, ---Bowl
153Mushroom Rice 1Rice, Mushroom, Sea Broth, ---Pot
154Mushroom Rice 2Rice, Pineshroom, Sea Broth, ---Pot
155Bean RisottoRice, Bean, Milk, ---, ---Pot
156Chestnut RisottoRice, Chestnut, MilkPot
157Squid RisottoRice, Squid, Sea Broth, ---Pot
158Sea Bream RiceRice, Sea Bream, Sea Broth, ---Pot
159Sealeaf RiceRice, Sealeaf, Sea Broth, ---Pot
160Chicken RisottoRice, Chicken, Garuda Egg, OnionPot
161Dragon RisottoRice, Dragon Meat, Dragon Egg, OnionPot
162Pork RisottoRice, Pork, Egg, OnionPot
163Pork BowlRice, Pork, Soy Sauce, OnionPot
164Beef BowlRice, Beef, Soy Sauce, OnionPot
165Tempura BowlRice, Shrimp, Squid, EggplantPot
166Eel BowlRice, Eel, Sugar, Soy SaucePot
167Plain UdonUdon, Soy Sauce, Sea Broth, ---Pot
168Egg Drop UdonUdon, Sea Broth, Soy Sauce, EggPot
169Curry UdonUdon, Sea Broth, Yellow Spice, PorkPot
170Beef UdonUdon, Sea Broth, Soy Sauce, BeefPot
171Chicken UdonUdon, Sea Broth, Soy Sauce, ChickenPot
172Miso Soup 1Miso, Tofu, Sealeaf, Sea BrothPot
173Miso Soup 2Miso, Clam, Sealeaf, Sea BrothPot
174Miso Soup 3Miso, Onion, Sealeaf, Sea BrothPot
175Pork Miso SoupPork, Miso, Onion, Sea BrothPot
176Potato MisosoupPork, Miso, Potato, Sea BrothPot
177PorchettaPork, Black Pepper, Garlic, HerbOven
178Sauteed F.fishFlatfish, Black Pepper, Flour, HerbFrying Pan
179Stuffed CabbageCabbage, G. Pork, Stock, ---Pot
180Mushroom PorkPineshroom, Otts Water, Chicken, ---Pot
181Pork PotatoPork, Potato, Black Pepper, SaltPot
182Beef PotatoBeef, Potato, Black Pepper, SaltPot
183Steamed ChickenEgg, Sea Broth, Chicken, PineshroomPot
184Pot-au-feuSausage, Onion, Carrot, WaterPot
185Otts Pot-au-feuSausage, Carrot, Onion, Otts WaterPot
186Clam ChowderClam, Fresh Creme, Potato, WaterPot
187Otts ChowderClam, Fresh Creme, Potato, Otts WaterPot
188Carrot SoupCarrot, Butter, Milk, SaltPot
189Onion SoupOnion, Stock, Salt, Black PepperPot
190Bean SoupBean, Stock, Salt, Black PepperPot
191Corn SoupCorn, Milk, Butter, SaltPot
192Sealeaf SoupSealeaf, Stock, Salt, Black PepperPot
193MinestroneTomato, Carrot, Onion, HerbPot
194Tom YumShrimp, Red Spice, Herb, WaterPot
195Shark Fin SoupShark, Stock, Egg, CrabPot
196Misto SoupMisto Plant, Stock, Salt, Black PepperPot
197EdamameBean, Salt, ---, ---Pot
198Chicken CurryChicken, Yellow Spice, Potato, OnionPot
199Pork CurryPork, Yellow Spice, Potato, OnionPot
200Beef CurryBeef, Yellow Spice, Potato, OnionPot
201Qeema CurryG. Chicken, Yellow Spice, OnionPot
202Vegie CurryEggplant, Yellow Spice, Onion, PotatoPot
203Seafood CurrySeafood, Yellow Spice, OnionPot
204Beets CremeBeet, Creme Sauce, Carrot, ---Pot
205Mushroom CremeMushroom, Creme Sauce, Carrot, ---Pot
206Chicken CremeChicken, Creme Sauce, Carrot, ---Pot
207Pork CremePork, Creme Sauce, Carrot, ---Pot
208Beef CremeBeef, Creme Sauce, Carrot, ---Pot
209Dragon CremeDragon Meat, Creme Sauce, Carrot, ---Pot
210Tung CremeTung, Creme Sauce, Carrot, ---Pot
211D. Tung StewDragon Tung, Creme Sauce, Carrot, ---Pot
212Sumo-PotG. Chicken, Tofu, Napa, StockPot
213Tofu JjigaeTofu, Red Spice, Daikon, Sea BrothPot
214Fire JjigaeTofu, Fire Spice, Daikon, Sea BrothPot
215SukiyakiBeef, Tofu, Soy Sauce, SugarPot
216Salmon Crab PotCrab, Tofu, Salmon, Sea BrothPot
217OdenEgg, Daikon, Seaweed, Sea BrothPot
218Smoked EggEgg, Smoke Wood, ---, ---Pot
219Smoked G. EggGaruda Egg, Smoke Wood, ---, ---Pot
220Smoked D. EggDragon Egg, Smoke Wood, ---, ---Pot
221Smoked CheeseCheese, Smoke Wood, ---, ---Pot
222Smoked TenderChicken, Smoke Wood, ---, ---Pot
223JerkyBeef, Smoke Wood, ---, ---Pot
224Smoked TroutOtts Trout, Smoke Wood, ---, ---Pot
225Smoked SalmonSalmon, Smoke Wood, ---, ---Pot
226Strawberry JamStrawberry, Sugar, Jar, ---Pot
227Apple JamApple, Sugar, Jar, ---Pot
228MarmaladeOrange, Sugar, Jar, ---Pot
229Cherry JamCherry, Sugar, Jar, ---Pot
230Plum JamPlum, Sugar, Jar, ---Pot
231Strawbery JellyStrawberry, Gelatin, Sugar, ---Pot
232Grape JellyGrape, Gelatin, Sugar, ---Pot
233Orange JellyOrange, Gelatin, Sugar, ---Pot
234Peach JellyPeach, Gelatin, Sugar, ---Pot
235Hot MilkMilk, Sugar, ---, ---Pot
236TeaTea Leaves, Water, ---, ---Pot
237Royal TeaTea Leaves, Otts Water, ---, ---Pot
238Milk TeaTea Leaves, Milk, Water, ---Pot
239Royal Milk TeaTea Leaves, Milk, Otts Water, ---Pot
240Ice TeaTea Leaves, Ice, Water, ---Pot
241Royal Ice TeaTea Leaves, Ice, Otts Water, ---Pot
242Apple TeaTea Leaves, Apple, Water, ---Pot
243Royal Apple TeaTea Leaves, Apple, Otts Water, ---Pot
244Lemon TeaTea Leaves, Lemon, Water, ---Pot
245Royal Lemon TeaTea Leaves, Lemon, Otts Water, ---Pot
246Scrambled Egg 1Egg, Salt, ---, ---Frying Pan
247Scrambled Egg 2Egg, Butter, ---, ---Frying Pan
248Scrmbl G. Egg 1Garuda Egg, Salt, ---, ---Frying Pan
249Scrmbl G. Egg 2Garuda Egg, Butter, ---, ---Frying Pan
250Scrmbl D. Egg 1Dragon Egg, Salt, ---, ---Frying Pan
251Scrmbl D. Egg 2Dragon Egg, Butter, ---, ---Frying Pan
252Ham & EggEgg, Ham, ---, ---Frying Pan
253Bacon & EggEgg, Bacon, ---, ---Frying Pan
254Ham & G. EggGaruda Egg, Ham, ---, ---Frying Pan
255Bacon & G. EggGaruda Egg, Bacon, ---, ---Frying Pan
256Ham & D. EggDragon Egg, Ham, ---, ---Frying Pan
257Bacon & D. EggDragon Egg, Bacon, ---, ---Frying Pan
258OmeletEgg, Ketchup, Ham, ---Frying Pan
259Garuda OmeletGaruda Egg, Ketchup, Ham, ---Frying Pan
260Dragon OmeletDragon Egg, Ketchup, Ham, ---Frying Pan
261Cheese OmeletEgg, Ketchup, Cheese, ---Frying Pan
262Spanish OmeletEgg, Ketchup, Potato, OnionFrying Pan
263Grilled HamHam, ---, ---, ---Frying Pan
264Crispy BaconBacon, ---, ---, ---Frying Pan
265Grilled SausageSausage, ---, ---, ---Frying Pan
266Cheesy EggplantEggplant, Cheese, HerbFrying Pan
267Stuffed GreensGreen Pepper, G. Beef, Olive OilFrying Pan
268Mushroom & SoyPineshroom, Soy Sauce, ---, ---Frying Pan
269SweetSour PorkPork, Pineapple, Vinegar, OnionFrying Pan
270Vegie Stir FryCabbage, Onion, Green Pepper, CarrotFrying Pan
271Mushroom StirMushroom, Soy Sauce, Butter, ---Frying Pan
272Mapo EggplantEggplant, Red Spice, G. Pork, StockFrying Pan
273Mapo Egplnt HotEggplant, Fire Spice, G. Dragon, StockFrying Pan
274Mapo TofuTofu, Red Spice, G. Pork, StockFrying Pan
275Mapo Tofu FireTofu, Fire Spice, G. Dragon, StockFrying Pan
276Pepper SteakGreen Pepper, Pork, Salt, ---Frying Pan
277Shrimp & MayoShrimp, Mayonnaise, Flour, Olive OilFrying Pan
278German PotatoPotato, Bacon, Black Pepper, OnionFrying Pan
279Chicken SteakChicken, Salt, Black Pepper, GarlicFrying Pan
280Sauteed PorkPork, Flour, Salt, Black PepperFrying Pan
281Beef SteakBeef, Salt, Black Pepper, GarlicFrying Pan
282Dragon SteakDragon Meat, Salt, Black Pepper, GarlicFrying Pan
283Tuna SteakTuna, Salt, Black Pepper, Soy SauceFrying Pan
284P. Tuna SteakPlatinum Tuna, Salt, Black Pepper, Soy SauceFrying Pan
285Cactus SteakCactus, Soy Sauce, Butter, ---Frying Pan
286Pork PattyG. Pork, Onion, Bread Crumbs, ---Frying Pan
287Beef PattyG. Beef, Onion, Bread Crumbs, ---Frying Pan
288Dragon PattyG. Dragon, Onion, Bread Crumbs, ---Frying Pan
289Cheese PattyG. Beef, Onion, Bread Crumbs, CheeseFrying Pan
290Grilled HerringHerring, Salt, ---, ---Frying Pan
291Grilled Mack.Mackerel, Salt, ---, ---Frying Pan
292Grilled BreamSea Bream, Salt, ---, ---Frying Pan
293Grilled SquidSquid, Soy Sauce, ---, ---Frying Pan
294Tako YakiOctopus, Sea Broth, Flour, ---Frying Pan
295Flatfish Meuni.Flatfish, Flour, Butter, ---Frying Pan
296Trout MeuniereOtts Trout, Flour, Butter, ---Frying Pan
297Salmon MeuniereSalmon, Flour, Butter, ---Frying Pan
298Golden MeuniereGolden Fish, Flour, Butter, ---Frying Pan
299Squid OkonomiSquid, Egg, Flour, CabbageFrying Pan
300Pork OkonomiPork, Egg, Flour, CabbageFrying Pan
301Udon Stir FryUdon, Cabbage, Green Pepper, Soy SauceFrying Pan
302Grilled RiceRice, Soy Sauce, ---, ---Frying Pan
303Grilled TungTung, Salt, ---, ---Frying Pan
304Grilled D. TungDragon Tung, Salt, ---, ---Frying Pan
305Fried RiceRice, Salt, Black Pepper, EggFrying Pan
306Dragond RiceRice, Salt, Black Pepper, Dragon EggFrying Pan
307Seafood D. RiceRice, Salt, Black Pepper, SeafoodFrying Pan
308Shrimp Fr. RiceRice, Salt, Black Pepper, ShrimpFrying Pan
309Crab Fried RiceRice, Salt, Black Pepper, CrabFrying Pan
310King Fried RiceRice, Salt, Black Pepper, King CrabFrying Pan
311Butter RiceRice, Butter, ---, ---Frying Pan
312Sauteed ClamsClam, Butter, ---, ---Frying Pan
313Sauteed ScallopScallop, Butter, ---, ---Frying Pan
314CarbonaraPasta, Egg, Bacon, CheeseFrying Pan
315GarbonaraPasta, Garuda Egg, Bacon, CheeseFrying Pan
316DrabonaraPasta, Dragon Egg, Bacon, CheeseFrying Pan
317NapolitanPasta, Ketchup, Sausage, Green PepperFrying Pan
318BolognesePasta, Onion, Tomato, G. BeefFrying Pan
319DrangesePasta, Onion, Tomato, G. DragonFrying Pan
320PescatorePasta, Tomato, Seafood, ---Frying Pan
321PepperoncinoPasta, Red Spice, Garlic, ---Frying Pan
322Creme PastaPasta, Creme Sauce, Bacon, ---Frying Pan
323Crab CremepastaPasta, Creme Sauce, Crab, ---Frying Pan
324Tuna CremepastaPasta, Creme Sauce, Tuna, ---Frying Pan
325Black PastaPasta, Squid, Olive Oil, ---Frying Pan
326Japanese PastaPasta, Soy Sauce, Butter, NoriFrying Pan
327Truffles PastaPasta, Butter, Blackshroom, ---Frying Pan
328Hot CakeEgg, Flour, Milk, HoneyFrying Pan
329Tomato JuiceTomato, Salt, ---, ---Blender
330Vegie JuiceCarrot, Tomato, Green Pepper, AppleBlender
331Lettuce JuiceLettuce, ---, ---, ---Blender
332Cabbage JuiceCabbage, ---, ---, ---Blender
333Strawberry JuiceStrawberry, ---, ---, ---Blender
334Apple JuiceApple, ---, ---, ---Blender
335Grape JuiceGrape, ---, ---, ---Blender
336Orange JuiceOrange, ---, ---, ---Blender
337Cherry JuiceCherry, ---, ---, ---Blender
338Melon JuiceMelon, ---, ---, ---Blender
339Peach JuicePeach, ---, ---, ---Blender
340Banana JuiceBanana, ---, ---, ---Blender
341Pineapple JuicePineapple, ---, ---, ---Blender
342LemonadeLemon, Sugar, Water, ---Blender
343Ice CreamMilk, Ice, Sugar, Fresh CremeBlender
344Yogurt CreamYogurt, Ice, Sugar, Fresh CremeBlender
345Honey GelatoIce, Honey, ---, ---Blender
346CoffeeCoffee Beans, Water, ---, ---Blender
347Royal CoffeeCoffee Beans, Otts Water, ---, ---Blender
348Cafe Au LeCoffee Beans, Milk, Water, ---Blender
349R. Cafe Au LeCoffee Beans, Milk, Otts Water, ---Blender
350CappuccinoCoffee Beans, Fresh Creme, Water, ---Blender
351R. CappuccinoCoffee Beans, Fresh Creme, Otts Water, ---Blender
352Ice CoffeeCoffee Beans, Ice, Water, ---Blender
353R. Ice CoffeeCoffee Beans, Ice, Otts Water, ---Blender
354Ice au LeCoffee Beans, Ice, Milk, WaterBlender
355Royal Ice au LeCoffee Beans, Ice, Milk, Otts WaterBlender
356Hot CocoaCacao, Sugar, Water, ---Blender
357Royal CocoaCacao, Sugar, Otts Water, ---Blender
358Butter PotatoPotato, Butter, ---, ---Oven
359Cheese & TomatoTomato, Olive Oil, Cheese, ---Oven
360Oven AppleApple, Butter, Sugar, ---Oven
361CookiesFlour, Butter, Egg, SugarOven
362Apple PiePie Dough, Apple, Egg, ---Oven
363Cherry PiePie Dough, Cherry, Egg, ---Oven
364Peach PiePie Dough, Peach, Egg, ---Oven
365Banana PiePie Dough, Banana, Egg, ---Oven
366Lemon PiePie Dough, Lemon, Egg, ---Oven
367Mille-feuillePie Dough, Strawberry, Fresh Creme, ---Oven
368Meat PiePie Dough, G. Beef, Egg, ---Oven
369Fish PiePie Dough, Herring, Egg, ---Oven
370Eel PiePie Dough, Eel, Egg, ---Oven
371Otts PiePie Dough, Otts Trout, Egg, ---Oven
372Golden PiePie Dough, Golden Fish, Egg, ---Oven
373PizzaPizza Dough, Cheese, Tomato, Green PepperOven
374Mushroom PizzaPizza Dough, Cheese, Tomato, MushroomOven
375Deluxe PizzaPizza Dough, Cheese, King Crab, BlackshroomOven
376Meat PizzaPizza Dough, Cheese, Bacon, SausageOven
377Seafood PizzaPizza Dough, Cheese, Tomato, SeafoodOven
378Crab-Mayo PizzaPizza Dough, Cheese, Crab, MayonnaiseOven
379Chili PizzaPizza Dough, Cheese, Tomato, Red SpiceOven
380GratinCreme Sauce, Pasta, Cheese, OnionOven
381Shrimp DoriaShrimp, Rice, Creme Sauce, CheeseOven
382Chicken DoriaChicken, Rice, Creme Sauce, CheeseOven
383Roast ChickenChicken, Salt, Black Pepper, HerbOven
384Roast BeefBeef, Salt, Black Pepper, HerbOven
385Roast Sea BreamSea Bream, Salt, Seaweed, ---Oven
386Roast Herb TunaTuna, Herb, Olive Oil, ---Oven
387Carrot CakeCarrot, Flour, Sugar, Fresh CremeOven
388ShortcakeStrawberry, Flour, Sugar, Fresh CremeOven
389Raison BreadGrape, Flour, Salt, ---Oven
390Mont BlancChestnut, Flour, Sugar, Fresh CremeOven
391Chocolate CakeCacao, Flour, Sugar, Fresh CremeOven
392Cheese CakeCheese, Flour, Sugar, Fresh CremeOven
393Rose CakeDesert Rose, Flour, Sugar, Fresh CremeOven
394Carrot BreadCarrot, Flour, Salt, ---Oven
395Melon BreadMelon, Flour, Salt, ---Oven
396Creme CaramelEgg, Milk, Sugar, ---Oven
397French FriesPotato, Lard, ---, ---Fryer
398Onion RingsOnion, Bread Crumbs, Egg, LardFryer
399Fried BananaBanana, Olive Oil, ---, ---Fryer
400Fried HerringHerring, Bread Crumbs, Egg, LardFryer
401Fried ShrimpShrimp, Bread Crumbs, Egg, LardFryer
402Squid RingsSquid, Bread Crumbs, Egg, LardFryer
403Fried OctopusOctopus, Flour, Salt, LardFryer
404Fried ScalllopScallop, Bread Crumbs, Egg, LardFryer
405Fried TunaTuna, Bread Crumbs, Egg, LardFryer
406Fried BeardBeard Fish, Flour, Salt, LardFryer
407Fried TenderChicken, Bread Crumbs, Egg, LardFryer
408Fried PorkG. Pork, Onion, Bread Crumbs, EggFryer
409Fried BeefG. Beef, Onion, Bread Crumbs, EggFryer
410Fried DragonG. Dragon, Onion, Bread Crumbs, Dragon EggFryer
411Pork CroquettePotato, Bread Crumbs, G. Pork, LardFryer
412Beef CroquettePotato, Bread Crumbs, G. Beef, LardFryer
413DragocroquettePotato, Bread Crumbs, G. Dragon, LardFryer
414Corn CroquetteCorn, Bread Crumbs, Creme Sauce, LardFryer
415Curry CroquettePotato, Bread Crumbs, Yellow Spice, LardFryer
416Crab CroquetteCrab, Bread Crumbs, Creme Sauce, LardFryer
417Fried ChickenChicken, Flour, Salt, LardFryer
418Red ChickenChicken, Flour, Red Spice, LardFryer
419PhoenixChicken, Flour, Fire Spice, LardFryer
420Egplant TempuraEggplant, Egg, Flour, ---Fryer
421Potato TempuraPotato, Egg, Flour, ---Fryer
422Onion TempuraOnion, Corn, Egg, FlourFryer
423Shrimp TempuraShrimp, Egg, Flour, ---Fryer
424Squid TempuraSquid, Egg, Flour, ---Fryer
425Doughnut BreadBread, Sugar, Olive Oil, ---Fryer
426DoughnutFlour, Sugar, Butter, Olive OilFryer
427WineGrape, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
428BeerWheat, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
429CiderApple, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
430Bourbon WhiskeyCorn, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
431TequilaCactus, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
432SakeRice, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
433VodkaPotato, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
434Plum WinePlum, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
435KumisMilk, Barrel, ---, ---Fermenter
436Soup of Lifeunknownn/a

Take special note of “Bacon” and “Crispy Bacon”, as those will help you gain gold and/or level up through cheap and easily-obtainable items early in the game.

Pork is easy to loot in Nus Forest. Fred sells salt for 20G. Smoke Wood sells for just 10G in Ostenlein.

About the Author

Fade to Slack is a founding member of Delta Attack, an American expatriate in South Korea, and a true believer in the legitimacy of mobile gaming. Keep up with him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Fade2Slack so he can justify having a Twitter account.

Fade to Slack has written 352 posts on Delta Attack

178 Responses to “Adventure Bar Story: Recipe Guide”

  1. Ian says:

    I’m trying to figure out how the cooking contests are scored. Any insight?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Use the price of the item to gauge its quality. The more expensive your food is, the more likely you are to win. I placed in third using Crispy Bacon (price: ~500G), but won using a German Potato (price: 980G). If the item is near or more than 1000G, then you should win. Later cooking events may have higher requirements.

      • Kaye says:

        Please help me I’m so confused. All of the sudden the HP of my enemies got disappeared that’s why I’m always losing and can’t defeat them. Please help.

  2. matt says:

    no 134 is truffle salad it is made of blackshroom, salt, vinegar, olive oil, in a bowl

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wish you would add a column with the selling prices of the Recipes. That would help a lot.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      There are four more fields (XP, Gold, Effect, and Satiety) that could be added to the database. I have actually planned on adding the XP and Gold, but would like to complete all recipes before tinkering with the table too much.

      I am updating every night until the guide is complete. After that, I will try to add additional information, though we may not have space horizontally to accommodate all information fields. I may leave this as an abbreviated table and then add a clickthrough to a full table that is outside the regular Delta Attack template. We really haven’t had content like this before, so it’s very much a work-in-progress.

      Thanks for commenting. I hope this page has been helpful regardless of the missing information.

  4. Anonymous says:

    # 039 is Paralyze bomb, which uses Beard Fish, Jar and Bare Hands.

    # 048 is Pickled Beets, which uses Beet, Vinegar and Bare Hands.

    #066 is Tunamayo Ricbll (probably and abbreviation for Tuna and Mayonnaise rice ball),
    which uses Rice, Tuna, Mayonnaise, Nori, and Bare Hands.

    #068 is Sushi (herring) (Note: a number of sushis have two versions), which uses Herring, Rice, Vinegar, and Bare Hands.

    #069 is Sushi (mackerel), which uses Mackerel, rice, vinegar, green spice, and bare hands.
    #070 is essentially the same recipe as above except without the green spice.

  5. Leandro says:

    Mushroom salad = mushroom, salt, vinegar, olive oil + Bowl

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hot Milk is Milk and Sugar and pot

  7. Lynn says:

    Just want to say thank you this has been most helpful. I’m wondering have you considered to add the menu combos to this list?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You’re very welcome. I couldn’t find any good guides when I was looking for help, so I thought I’d make one for everyone else out there.

      As for making a combination guide, I think I have just 5 combos (Hot and Hot, Greeny Purple, Udon, Korean Kimchi, and the Beer-Edamame one… off the top of my head). I hadn’t really considered it, but I may consider it now.

  8. Nick says:

    Awesome job man, this is a great help. Thank you!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Thank you very much. I’ve put a lot of time into playing the game and creating this database, so I really do appreciate the comment.

  9. Tim says:

    #134 is Truffle Salad, #322 is Creme Pasta. Both very pricey.

  10. Lazaneo says:

    Your list is incredible. Thx for this!

    I’ll contribuite:

    N 154 mushroom rice 2: rice, pineshroom, sea broth, pot.

    See ya

  11. Jamie says:

    I have gotten as far as forest of fus and farm village but i was wondering how to get more land and people for support. I know I had to make apple pie to get a person. Is there other recipes to make to get more people or land.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You need to level up your bar to unlock other stuff. I mentioned that in the Adventure Bar Story review. You can do this by winning cooking contests (held on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of every month) and by having high sales. Having a diverse cookbook and using combos can help increase your sales. I highly suggest, at least early on, investing in the Summer (Beer and Edamame) combo. You may also be able to use the Hot and Hot (Hot Milk and Hot Cake) combo, though you may need to buy Honey or spend a lot of time in Forest of Nus.

      Good luck and let me know if you need any other tips.

  12. Alistair says:

    Here are some of the combos u might be interested in that i have found it.
    1. Beer / Edomame
    2. Wine / Smoked Cheese
    3. Riceball / Salted Daikon
    4. Tea / Cookies
    5. Salted Eggplant / Salted Cucumber
    6. Bourbon Whiskey / Jerky
    7. Tako Yaki / Pork Balls
    8. Caprese / Beef Carpaccio
    9. Tofu Sea Salad / Octopus Wasabi
    10. Fried Rice / Mapo Tofu
    11. Sliced Apple / Sliced Sausage
    12. Sushi (tuna) / Sushi (cucumber)
    13. Onion Soup / Fried Onion
    14. Spanish Omelet / German Potato
    15. Truffles Pasta / Truffles Salad
    16. Fried Pork / Pork Croquette
    17. Fried Beef / Beef Croquette
    18. Pickled Beets / Pickles
    19. Roast Chicken / Roast Beef
    20. Hot Milk / Hot Cake
    21. Grilled Herring / Grilled Mack.
    22. Yokkun (Squid+Vin) / Sudako-chan (Octopus+V) / Sukonbu (Seaweed+V)
    23. Gratin / Shrimp Doria / Chicken Doria
    24. Cucumber Stick / Iced Tomatoes / Iced Tofu
    25. Crab Gunkan (sushi) / Salmon Gunkan / Sea Urchin Gunkan
    26. Mushroom & Soy / Mushroom Rice 2 / Mushroom Pork
    27. Fried Chicken / Red Chicken / Phoenix
    28. Sushi (herring) / Sushi (squid) / Sushi Egg
    29. Chicken Chanko / Tofu Jigae / Seafood Nabe
    30. Kimchi / Cucumber Kimchi / Daikon Kimchi
    31. Chicken Curry / Pork Curry / Beef Curry
    32. Mushroom Rice 1 / Mushroom Rice 2 / Chestnut Risotto
    33. Squid Rice / Bream Rice / Seaweed Rice
    34. Creme Pasta / Crab Pasta / Tuna Pasta
    35. Lettuce Sandwich / Egg Sand / Ham Sand
    36. Sea Urchin Gunkan / Sea Urchin Rice / Sashimi (Sea Urchin)
    37. Ice Cream / Yogurt Creme / Honey Gelato
    38. Seafood Fried Rice / Shrimp Fried Rice / Crab Fried Rice
    39. Marinate Shrimp / Marinate Salmon / Marinate Otts
    40. Grilled Ham / Crispy Bacon / Grilled Sausage
    41. Sushi (flatfish) / Sushi (bream) / Sushi (tuna) / Sushi (scallop)
    42. Raison Bread / Carrot Bread / Melon Bread / Doughnut Bread
    43. Beef Patty / Napolitan / Fried Shrimp / Creme Caramel
    44. Tomato Juice / Vegie Juice / Lettuce Juice / Cabbage Juice
    45. Pizza / Meat Pizza / Seafood Pizza / Chili Pizza
    46. Strawberry Jelly / Grape Jelly / Orange Jelly / Peach Jelly
    47. Salted Plum / Plum Riceball / Tofu & Plum / Plum Jam
    48. Pork Patty / Beef Patty / Dragon Patty / Cheese Patty
    49. Plum Riceball / Seaweed Riceball / Salmon Riceball / Tunamayo Ricbll
    50. Sushi (p. tuna) / Mak (p. tuna) / Sushi (king crab) / Sea Urchin Gunkan / D. Sushi Egg
    51. Eggplant Tempura / Potato Tempura / Onion Tempura / Shrimp Tempura / Squid Tempura
    52. Chicken Risotto / Pork Risotto / Beef Rice / Tempura Rice / Eel Rice
    53. Carrot Cake / Shortcake / Mont Blanc / Chocolate Cake / Cheesecake
    54. Sashimi (horse mackerel) / Sashimi (flounder) / Sashimi (tuna) / Sashimi (squid) / Sashimi (octopus)
    55. Sweet & Sour Pork / Vegie Stir Fry / D. Mapo Tofu / Pepper Steak / King Fried Rice
    56. Plain Udon / Egg Udon / Curry Udon / Meat Udon / Chicken Udon
    57. Tea / Milk Tea / Ice Tea / Apple Tea / Lemon Tea
    58. Chicken Steak / Beef Steak / Dragon Steak / Tuna Steak / Cactus Steak

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I am currently working on a database for these combos, but a lot of people are asking about combinations. I will also be adding the combination names, such as “UDON” and “Super Tempura” and “Hot and Hot” with the official combination number according to the Secret Catalog. That should hit either tonight or tomorrow.

      Thank you for your comment, Alistair.

      • Alistair says:

        Your welcome. :) and thanks for the receipe. Yours is the best so far. U might want to consider other guides as well. Like serect paths that is in the city and dungeons that i have found.

        • Fade to Slack says:

          I have two more planned: a Beginner’s Guide with general tips and a secret path guide with pictures to show.

          One of the dishes has a “show secret paths” effect, but I don’t yet have access to it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi. I think this site is awesome!!! It has helped me a lot but I have some questions. 1.where can you buy/find olive oil? 2. I haven’t got too far in the game, only up to otts falls/lake, so can u give me some tips. And 3. Do you know how to get past the stones that are always in the way with the crosses on them? Thanks, Anonymous [•_•]

        • RandomizedDude says:

          1. olive oil = freds shop [left of your restaurant (for the beginners)] 2.well ihavent reached far myself but one tip is never forget potions when you’re travelling. 3. After you complete the game aka become the royal chef, you should see a cutscene of a wandering adventurer entering a cave in Gilbert’s Path. The cave is located at the top right of the first area, there is nothing else inside except him. He asks for riceballs in exchange he gives you the pickaxe which gets rid of the stones.

  13. Vivvi says:

    I don’t have anything to contribute, but would just like to give you a big thank you for creating this list! This is the most detailed one I have found so far :) Wonderful work.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Honestly, I’m happy to help. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad that all the work I’ve been putting into playing the game and updating the database is helping others.

  14. Heya says:

    1) I love this guide. It’s so helpful ^^
    2) You can save, use a jewel to unlock a recipe, and load from the save point. Hope this helps with unlocking the others ^^

    Hope you get to recording EXP, Gold, and Satiety soon! :D

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I was already using the jewel unlock trick you listed, but you eventually hit a wall when you don’t have new ingredients. I know of another two or three ingredients, but I don’t have access to them, yet. So, my time has been spent updating this list and playing the game to level my bar and unlock other areas.

      The database is almost complete. I truly feel the only important information is the recipe list and ingredients, as other stuff is sortable in game, but may add xp/gold. Satiety isn’t terribly important aside from Cabbage Juice’s “negative” satiety.

  15. Adi says:

    smoked cheese – cheese, smoke wood, —, —, pot

  16. Andrew says:

    How do you get past the wall in the cave and the stone in the Forrest?
    Awesome guide by the way.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You’ll find many more areas like that in later dungeons. You can’t get past them until after you beat the game from what I’ve heard. Then, an NPC will give you a pickaxe.

      So, for now, ignore them.

  17. Maerdis says:

    196: Misto Soup. Ingredients; Misto Plant, Stock, Salt, Black Pepper and Pot

  18. Maerdis says:

    Here comes the next batch, finally unlocked the drake’s nest.

    21: G. Dragon; Dragon meat, Blender
    96: Sea Urchin Rice; Sea Urchin, Rice, Bare hands
    99: D. Sushi Egg; Dragon Egg, Rice, Vinegar, Bare hands
    121: Raw Sea Urchin; Sea Urchin, Knife (This is a very good next-level substitute for money making and leveling, I think.)
    149: Aloe Parfait; Desert Star, Fresh Creme, Honey, Bowl
    161: Dragon Risotto; Rice, Dragon Meat, Dragon Egg, Onion, Pot
    209: Dragon Creme; Dragon Meat, Creme Sauce, Carrot, Pot
    212: Sumo-Pot; G. Chicken, Tofu, Napa, Stock, Pot
    216: Salmon Crab Pot; Crab, Tofu, Salmon, Sea Broth, Pot
    217: Oden; Egg, Daikon,Seaweed, Sea Broth, Pot
    220: Smoked D. Egg; Dragon Egg, Smoke Wood, Pot
    250: Scrmbl D. Egg 1; Dragon Egg, Salt, Frying Pan
    251: Scrmbl D. Egg 2; Dragon Egg, Butter, Frying Pan
    256: Ham & D. Egg; Dragon Egg, Ham, Frying Pan
    257: Bacon & D. Egg: Dragon Egg, Bacon, Frying Pan
    260: Dragon Omelet; Dragon Egg, Ketchup, Ham, Frying Pan
    273: Mapo Egplnt Hot: Eggplant, Fire Spice, G. Dragon, Stock, Frying Pan
    275: Mapo Tofu Fire: Tofu, Fire Spice, G. Dragon, Stock, Frying Pan
    288: Dragon Patty; G. Dragon, Onion, Bread Crumbs, Frying Pan
    298: Golden Meuniere; Golden Fish, Flour, Butter, Frying Pan
    316: Drabonara; Pasta, Dragon Egg, Bacon, Cheese, Frying Pan
    319: Drangese; Pasta, Onion, Tomato, G. Dragon, Frying Pan
    393: Rose Cake; Desert Rose, Flour, Sugar, Fresh Creme, Oven
    410: Fried Dragon; G. Dragon, Onion, Bread Crumbs, Dragon Egg, Fryer
    413: Dragocroquette; Potato, Bread Crumbs, G. Dragon, Lard, Fryer

    haha, that’s more than I initially thought. This list helped me so much in the start, figured I’d help finish it a bit. :P

    • Maerdis says:

      Forgot 306: Dragond Rice; Rice, Salt, Black pepper, Dragon Egg, Frying Pan

      • Fade to Slack says:

        It may take me a day or two to add these to the database as I need to get that far, but it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll be adding 212, 216, and 217 tonight, though.

        Thank you very much. I haven’t gotten to Drake’s Nest just yet, but that explains why 21 was the only “base” recipe that I couldn’t figure out. How many hours have you put in so far, Maerdis, and do you remember what your bar level was when you unlocked it?

        • Maerdis says:

          As of this point, I’ve put 27 hours into the game, I think I unlocked it near the 25 hour mark, but I think it has to do with having bar rank 10, and winning the first rank 10 contest.
          A guy will come into your bar, telling you about a walkway that broke down in Gilberts path.
          I can recommend being level 50-ish when you run into there, though, it makes the dragon meat/egg grinding extremely easy. :P

  19. redz says:

    sorry about this its off the topic. but cant help to ask.. how can i increase my party number.. there is this male guys using axe in my party but he dont join me in battle..
    i need help plss.. again sorry

    • Maerdis says:

      When you are in your bar, go to Menu, and then select the “Party” button. Remove one of your team members and put the other one in, you can only have a max of 3 party members at a time.

  20. Maerdis says:

    Just figured out Fried Octopus and Tuna Steak, which also unlocked P. Tuna Steak and Dragon Steak. You get it by talking to two of the guys in Lar after you finish the story.

    282: Dragon Steak; Dragon Meat, Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Frying Pan
    283: Tuna Steak; Tuna, Salt, Black Pepper, Soy Sauce, Frying Pan
    284: P. Tuna Steak; Platinum Tuna, Salt, Black Pepper, Soy Sauce, Frying Pan
    403: Fried Octopus; Octopus, Flour, Salt, Lard, Fryer

    All I need now is 215 (Which I’m led to believe is Sukiyaki, I just don’t know the ingredients yet) 369, 370, 371 and 372. After that, I’ve got a complete recipe list. =D

    • Maerdis says:

      Just figured out the fish pie by guessing, which unlocked Otts pie and Golden pie as well.

      369: Fish Pie; Pie Dough, Herring, Egg, Oven
      371: Otts Pie: Pie Dough, Otts Trout, Egg, Oven
      372: Golden Pie; Pie Dough, Golden Fish, Egg, Oven

      Now I just need 215 (Sukiyaki) and 370 (Pretty certain this is some sort of pie)

      • Maerdis says:

        Sukiyaki recovered by pressing another guy in Lar for info multiple times. =D

        215: Sukiyaki; Beef, Tofu, Soy Sauce, Sugar, Pot

        .. I really think I need to give this game a break, haha.

        • Fade to Slack says:

          You are certainly going at it, but this is one of those games that has the “catch ‘em all” hook. I have to work on my bar levels, but a lot of things hit me all at once (changes at work, renewing my visa, Angry Birds Space…), so I’ve not put proper time into Adventure Bar Story this week.

          Take that break… so I can catch up to you.

        • Vivvi says:

          370 is eel pie :)

          • Maerdis says:

            Thanks. =D

            370: Eel Pie; Pie Dough, Eel, Egg, Oven

            My recipe list is hereby complete. :3 I’d start working on the combo list next, but this is my last day off work, so I won’t be putting much time in it after today, haha.

  21. Maerdis says:

    310: King Fried Rice; Rice, Salt, Black Pepper, King Crab, Frying Pan
    436: Soup of Life (The final recipe, you’ll find out it’s ingredients once you play through the end of the story, so you won’t be able to confirm it until then, thus it’s pointless for me to spoil the ingredients. :P)

  22. Orawan says:

    I don’t know how to make pork balls in Osaka combo.

  23. Elaine says:

    Does anybody use cabbage juice to cheat the levels of characters? Or it’s just me…

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You’re not alone. That’s one of the tips I included in the “Adventure Bar Story Beginner’s Guide (FAQ)” post.

  24. Anonymous says:

    where do I get P. tuna? can I fish for it? If so…where? Thanks!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Platinum Tuna can be purchased from the Port of Lars after you unlock Fire Island and defeat the boss blocking the path.

      I believe it can be fished up as well, but I’ll have to get back to you on that. I’ve been pushing through other avenues and haven’t went fishing much.

      • Maerdis says:

        Platinum Tuna can be fished on Fire Island on the hidden island (Go to the right until you see a little rock in the water, there’s an invisible path in the water near the rock. Go to the right, and you’ll find a little island with a chest and a fishing spot.

        • Loopy says:

          Just be careful on that island; I fished up three Water Elements (they look like diamonds) and they obliterated my level 37 team :'(
          PS: Thanks Fade to Slack for this guide!!!

  25. Sun says:

    For those who don’t know…misto plants can be found at top of gilberts pass every 6 days.

    and using save/load technique u can find all the secret paths using one misto soup!

  26. wetwicky says:

    436-Soup of Life= Tear of Life+Catfish exi+Fire Tung+Holy Fruit Pot

  27. sherallen says:

    can i know how to get my produce from farm?? i dont how

    • Fade to Slack says:

      This is covered in my “Beginner’s Guide” linked at the top, but I’ll spare you the click. Check the red bag behind the counter of your bar.

  28. Red Comet says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has had the same problem as me, but I’m having trouble with farming. I gave the farmer my seeds, but he hasn’t delivered my produce in over a month. And whenever I talk to him, he says something like, “Hold on, your seeds are still growing.” Anyone know what the problem is?

  29. Fade to Slack says:

    It should only take five days. Perhaps, you should contact the developer. It may need a bugfix.

  30. tamagochi says:

    how can I unlock the drake’s nest?

  31. tamagochi says:

    how to make combos?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You form a combo when you sell the combo items in the bar menu.

      For instance, have “Beer” and “Edamame” up for sale when you open your bar for Combo 001.

  32. tamagochi says:

    how can i level-up faster?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Find the best recipes you can based off of what you find while grinding in dungeons. For instance, since you find lots of Pork in Nus Forest, you’ll be trying to use that pork to level up.

      After that, make as much food as you can to eat. When you reach 99 Satiety, make “Cabbage Juice” and give it to your characters. They then have more room to eat. This is when you use high satiety items, like Napolitan, to hit that 99 Satiety again.

      Use Cabbage Juice as much as you like to overfeed your characters and level up.

  33. tamagochi says:

    how to make a cactus alcohol?

  34. tamagochi says:

    how can i get pass the sandstorm in the western dessert?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You will need to make Tequila to get past it. However, there’s more to it, and I’ll have to get back to you later unless someone else has more details.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Where do i get green pepper for pizza…that guy wants pizza.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Green Pepper can be found in Forest of Nus as well as purchased in Ostenlein, if I’m not mistaken. I’ll check in a bit to make sure I’m not passing bad info.

  36. tamagochi says:

    where can i find the venom spider?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I believe you are ahead of me, now. I haven’t found the venom spider. Sorry.

      Anyone out there that can help him?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Where is the blackshroom? I cant find it…

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Blackshroom is a monster drop. Otts Lake/falls is the earliest you can find them, I believe.

      • Zero says:

        They drop from Boar leaders in Otts Lake/falls as a rather rare drop. They also drop from the Fire Boars in the Western Desert and the Dark Boars in the Purple Forest. They drop a little more often from Rotten Fungus on Fire Island and the King Fungus in Purple Forest. They can eventually be bought from Amila Villa.

  38. Anonymous says:

    anyone fought the BOSS from ??? map?

    there’s one secret passage on the right bottom of that 6 chests map before entering BOSS map. i found the passage but not the chest, anyone know where exactly the chest located at?

  39. Anonymous says:

    If you equipped

    + Bearok
    + Bear Suit
    + Bear Cap

    Siela will turn into a little cute bear during the battles.

  40. Sf says:

    Can anyone tell me Where is the holy fruit pot?that is the last material I can’t find for healing the queen thx a lot

  41. Hailand says:

    I found 54 it
    Picked herring
    Sashimi f.fish
    Sashimi tuna
    Sashimi squid
    Sashimi octopus

  42. Randy says:

    Can someone tell me where, when, and how I get a fishing rod? I’m bar rank 7.
    Great Guide by the way

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Thanks. The fishing rod appears to be a bit of a random event that can occur after achieving bar rank 6. It may or may not be tied to a date or recipe, but a cut scene will trigger when you open up your bar to finish the day.

      I know that’s very vague, but the game itself is full of seemingly random events that require trial and error.

  43. Britt says:

    Can someone tell me which paths I should take to get through the western dessert? I keep getting lost! also my characters (Siela, Alter, Lidia) are all above lvl 33 but I can’t seem to win many battles, should they be at a higher level before I can beat the dessert?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Equipping ice weapons (King’s Sword?) and using Celia’s “Sword Dance” like crazy helped me through at a lower level.

      I don’t quite follow what you mean by getting lost in the Western Desert. Do you mean you can’t make it past the sandstorm? Otherwise, all you have to do is go left and then up. There’s a small oasis that you can fish up Golden Fish in, though the monster spawn might be a bit much at level 33.

      Either way, if you think you might be too low of a level, there’s no reason not to level your characters up if you have the funds.

  44. AW says:

    Where is desert town of Guid? I cannot pass the western desert?

  45. Mira says:

    Hey, Thanks for making this guide. I’m stuck in this game though. I’m bar rank 8, and I’ve already went to the desert and completed it, and given Alfine the special aloe parfait, and heard from Fred that the queen is sick. Now I have no idea what to do. I completed enough cooking contests and got enough points from them to up my bar rank, but my sales just won’t go High enough and it’s really frustrating me. I’ve been selling lots of Mushroom and Soy, mushroom rice 2, Chicken Rosotto, wine, tequila, and mushroom creme, all of which a gold star sales rank. But it still won’t have high sales even if I make combos with the mushroom dishes! So my question is, what do I do next? Does something else happen before I rank up, or do I have to raise my bar rank to continue?
    If I have to raise my rank, can you also Pleaseeee tell me what to sell and what combos to use to get high enough sales (the season is autumn)? Thank you so much <3

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Those all appear to be very inexpensive items. The sales are based on gold earned, not quantity sold.

      If you aren’t currently fishing (you should have the fishing rod at this point), you are missing out on the high-priced items. The very last fishing spot at Fire Island has King Crab, a component of many high-priced recipes. Other areas have Platinum Tuna or Golden Fish, which also sell for a high price.

      Fire Island also has monsters that drop “Sea Urchin.” These are great for selling or leveling up your characters.

      I’d suggest buying your fishing bait from Fred, spending some time to stock up on expensive seafood, and then selling. This should hasten things.

      If you have Blackshrooms, I’d highly suggest making “Deluxe Pizza.” If not, the Maki (King Crab) sells well. I know mushrooms sell better in Autumn, but Pineshrooms are a pain to camp.

      If you have the thief girl, you’ll eventually be able to go through the sandstorm in the Western Desert.

      Good luck. Thanks for visiting. Let me know how things go.

      • Freecs says:

        i think its not for the gold earned, i think its the total sales you have earned in opening the bar, my highest sales is 39k+ and trying to beat it, currently on rank 9,

        then i have the thief Lidia but i can’t still pass that sandstorm,
        and currently have the story of the queen, that she got sick.

        @Fade to Slack,
        are you trying to steal from monster, you can gain extra loot from them and equips, can you have a database of that please,
        BTW, thanks for those recipe database,

  46. Gablab says:

    where can I find cat fish?

  47. Bunny Cap says:

    Any one know where I can find bunny cap. I need item 127 to clear end game also.

    • bunbun says:

      you can get it from the man outside the wall of desert city of guid
      go outside the wall on your left side (there’s rubble there as sign) and go up
      then you can find the pervert

  48. SHIRO says:

    I havr no idea what to do. Last, i was at the drake’s nest but what can i do now? (rank 10)

  49. Anonymous says:

    awesome guide for a decent game. i would prefer the cooking aspect not be there though. any rpg apps you can think of that are like abs?

  50. tutut says:

    what is the thunder look alike at the info of the food above exp and gold?

  51. tutut says:

    does the game only allow you to use max 3 characters?

  52. tutut says:

    how can i use alter?

  53. Dmitchell94 says:

    Soup Of Life | Tear of life, Catfish exi, Fire Tung, Holy Fruit | Pot

  54. Sonar Knight says:

    Where do I get some king crabs?

  55. Paula says:

    How can i get beef tung? I got twice but now when i kill those bulls all i get is beef? Can someone help me please

  56. Itt says:

    Just wanna say Thank for this very helpful guide.
    Do you have the list of characters we can access?
    Other than Alfine Alter and Lidia I just got Elias, but I want more:)

  57. Itt says:

    By the way, how to get pass the sand strom?

  58. 어려벙 says:

    자꾸 진도가 안나가요 ㅜㅠ 어떻게 하면 다음 퀘스트로 진도가 나가죵?

  59. oOsimplegirlOo says:

    anyone still playing this game? i just started & would like to know some recommendations from you guys/girls :)

    • Recommendations for what? Leveling? Earning money?

      Bacon for both if you’ve just started. Bacon is cheap to make and Crispy Bacon is great for early levels and profits.

      • oOsimplegirlOo says:

        for earning money actually. i kept running short of cash. im in day 14/30 (5th month) and my characters are around level 10, is it alright ? im kind of new to this game, so am kinda confused about it.

  60. Itt says:

    Now I got the golden box and already defeated the rats and the blue dragon(twice)
    How can I find the pizza guy?
    Do I have to look for him somewhere or just wait at the bar?

    • - says:

      behind your bar, you can access it from going into the lawn of the church and going left there should be an opening and you will see a well just talk to the well and enter. the pizza guy will be there and you have to give him pizzas first before the golden box event can occur

  61. Annabelle says:

    Hey I was just wondering what recipe is good for winning contests? I only just started playing this game and I have bar rank 4. I was just wondering what is a really good recipe to use so I can 100% win the cooking contests. I used Porchetta but that put me into 5th place even though I thought it was a really good recipe. Please answer my question. If you can’t then that is okay. I really like this guide you made though because its helping me fill in all my recipes so thank you very much. :)

  62. Kathleen says:

    Your database is really good. It helped me a lot so thank you. I think it would be good if there was a list of the places where you would find the ingredients because that would be really convenient and would help lots of people looking for special ingredients and you wont have to keep telling everyone individually where an ingredient or item is located. This is just a suggestion but do put it into consideration if you have the spare time. Once again thank you for this database.

  63. bryce says:

    hi! can someone please tell me how to get to the other maps.. the last map i have is the desert city of guid.. i got the tears of earth and still looking for cat fish.. this is the last quest i got in search of the medicine for the queen.. the giant cat fish is said to be in otts lake but i cannot find it and i cannot unlock other maps.. can someone please help me..

    • bryce says:

      i finally got the catfish.. it’s from the boss located on the right island near the exit.. :)

    • Anonymous says:

      how to get the tears of earth ad catfish

      • Bany says:

        Bring [Lidia] along in the team and go to [Western Desert], enter the right entrance after the oasis in the desert and you will see a building. Lidia will unlock the door for you.

        [Cat Fish] drop by the boss in [Oat Lake], right entrance before exist oat lake. There seems nothing in the map, move slightly right side and you will trigger the boss.


  64. oOsimplegirlOo says:

    anyone knows how to move the ‘rock’ or ‘box’ at forest of nus ?

  65. huice says:

    anyone knows where to find carrot sword? and where is shinny mushroom?

  66. Pattani says:

    I just unlocked Whale bay. It’s an amazing spot for P.tuna, king crab and dragons

  67. Ignspot says:

    When will i be able to buy sea urchin and p.tuna?

  68. boioi says:

    how to get fryer, blender and frying pan all those?

  69. Huice says:

    Can someone pls tell me where is monster 20?

  70. Oscar says:

    Hey dude your site is great! Love what you are doing! Super helpful and I especially love the beginners guide… just wondering if you are going to post more guides up? It fine even if you dont, cause I enjoy reading your other posts as well!

  71. alice says:

    can anyone tell me where to get monster 70 item 109, 126 and 127? need all these to complete game

  72. Natsume sama says:

    where how to get misto plant again???after i defeated the monter,i can’t find the misto plant

  73. Is there a means to spice the turkey hamburgers I locate them incredibly hard to consume?

  74. Anonymous says:

    I can’t beat Gilbert’s path, any tips?

  75. Bethany Morris says:

    Hey guys, Im bark rank 7 and I was wondering how to unlock new places. I have unlocked everything till Gilbert’s Path. Just some suggestions thanks ;)

  76. Gelay says:

    How can Milija Be in Our Party??

  77. Gelay says:

    Where can i get golden fish

  78. yhong jua says:

    how to kill the big giant bird behind the misto plant?¿?¿ <3

  79. Sky22rain says:

    Bro. where can i see my bar rank? i am level 7 and i can’t see my rank at menu screen.
    Please help me i’m new at his game.

    • Sky22rain says:

      Oh sorry! I’m not Bar level 7, I can’t se my rank.

      • If you’re level 7, there’s a good chance you have a bar rank of 0 right now. There will be icons in the upper left hand corner of the menu. It’s been a while since I played, but I think it was stars. If you don’t have anything there, you’ll need to keep going.

        • Sky22rain says:

          Fade to Slack,

          Are you always there? coz i need someone to help me, im now level 7,, i see nothing at the top of my menu screen,,, what will i eat to level up fast,,?

          • Yes, but I haven’t played in almost a year. If you can’t see anything, that’s because you haven’t done enough. Level 7 is still very low.

            Keep replaying the same areas and use the guide to make new recipes. Sell enough stuff and you’ll get your bar levels. As for leveling, there’s nothing that’s set in stone. Early on, Crispy Bacon is one of the best bets for cheap leveling. Other than that, eat what you can afford to eat and be patient. You’ll replay the same areas often as you make your way through the game.

    • Also, you might want to check out the Beginner’s Guide at http://www.deltaattack.com/2012/03/24/adventure-bar-story-faqs-guide/ for more guidance.

  80. Sky22rain says:


    im now level 27 and i cant see any bar rank at the top of my screen,, please help me i want to know what rank am I right now,, i win 4 cooking contest though.

  81. Colonel says:

    I have cheated on the game very simply, infinite money, you’ll be level 30-40 in one hour, unlocking all the skills at level 1…etc!
    Outercome@yahoo.com Mail me for asking any question :)

  82. glasswings1 says:

    It’d be super cool if you could be a bro and put selling price next to each recipe!

    • Sorry, but the format of our site actually won’t allow it. Once you make a recipe once, you can sort by value within the game, anyhow, so it seemed a bit redundant.

  83. Christine says:

    i can’t find the competition place, where is it, somebody helppp :(

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