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Adventure Bar Story Beginner’s Guide

Saturday, March 24th, 2012 by

When I started making the Adventure Bar Story posts, I never had the intention of becoming a Wiki. Still don’t, but I know a lot of people have a lot of questions and the game doesn’t do a particularly good job of explaining things.

So, here are some of the most common answers for frequently asked questions and a few hints for you.

How do I get past the stone in Nus Forest?

For now, you don’t. It comes into play much, much later when you acquire a Pickaxe. Just ignore it, and every subsequent rock that stands in your way, the best you can for now.

Why can’t I go anywhere else?

Your bar level, which is found in the upper left corner of the Menu screen, needs to be raised. You can raise your bar level through high sales and cooking contest wins. Cooking Contests occur on the 10th, 20th, and 30th of every month.

Also, take note of the face icons on the menu. If it’s not a red smile, then take it off the menu for a day or two so your customers don’t get bored of the same old items. Some items, like mushroom dishes, sell better according to the season you’re in.

How do I win Cooking Contests?

The general rule of thumb seems to be that value equals quality.

Use a 1,000G value per dish guideline and you should win every time.

What do Combos do?

Combos increase the sales of your menu items. You can have up to seven items on the bar menu any day. Combos range from two to five dishes, so you can have up to three combos on one menu. Don’t know the combos? Check out our Adventure Bar Story Combo Guide.

Where’s the Secret Catalog?

After Alfine joins your party (you did make an Apple Pie, right?), go to Casselburg’s School of Witchcraft. You’ll get the secret password to enter the mage tower. Go to the third floor and you’ll find the room in the picture. I’ve used a Misto Plant here to highlight the secret passage. Go in, hit the OK button, and you’ll open a hidden treasure chest.

How do I switch party members?

You can only switch party members through the bar. Go to your bar, enter the menu, and take the awful rolodex UI down to “Party” and switch your members out there.

What should I use to level up my characters?

For the first 5 levels, Riceballs work wonders.

From levels 6-25, you can rely almost solely on Crispy Bacon. Pork and Salt are easy to obtain early on, while Smoke Wood can be purchased in Ostenlein or traveling Peddlers for a mere 10G.

Once Ostenlein runs low on Smoke Wood or you outgrow Crispy Bacon, you may need to rely on other sources. Fish dishes are a good, abundant source to consider.

The game told me my “Farm Produce Has Arrived” but it’s not in my inventory. Where is it?

Check the bag behind the counter in your bar. Yeah, the game only tells you this once.

Where do you get Otts Water for the Royal drinks?

Not from a well, nor from Otts Cave, so you can stop looking. Once you get to Otts Lake/Falls, you’ll find Otts Water in abundance.

What about Garuda Eggs?

Yep. Those come later, too. You’ll have to get to Gilbert’s Path, first. Get your Bar Level up to Level Six (Three Gold Stars) and you should unlock it.

What is the “Cactus Drink”?

Cactus + Barrel = Tequila.

Cabbage Juice is your best friend.

Did you know that Cabbage Juice has a “Satiety” of -2? It’s, in effect, a mini Metabolizer that can help you get around the 99 satiety per day cap. If you’ve a lot of foods to go through or are under-leveled and don’t want to burn days leveling up, consider purchasing all the Cabbage you can from Fred and tossing it in your Blender.

I can’t figure out how to cook (insert recipe name here).

Good news. We have that covered. Check out our Adventure Bar Story Recipe Guide for all your cooking needs.


Have any other questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below.

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142 Responses to “Adventure Bar Story Beginner’s Guide”

  1. Lynn says:

    Hi, I’m wondering at the map in Otts Lake/Fall where player is about to exit and return to the world map, there is a small narrow place where you seem to not meet monsters. looking like a fishing spot to me. how does that work??

    Thanks :)

    • Fade to Slack says:

      That’s a fishing spot alright. There are a few spots throughout the game that you can fish at once you get the fishing rod. You should get that around bar level 7 or 8 after a small event.

      Once you have the rod, you’ll need to get bait. You’ll then be able to interact with it, though you may end up reeling in monsters (like almost every other RPG).

  2. Jin says:

    How can i change character’s battle position, from front to back??

    • Fade to Slack says:

      On the menu screen, swipe the character’s portrait from left to right. To move them back up, swipe from right to left on the character.

  3. Elie says:

    How i unlock the other characters of the game? like Alfine?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Alfine is unlocked simply by making an apple pie (I believe cherry pie might work as well). She’ll burst into the bar and ask about desserts.

      Alter is unlocked when you unlock the third dungeon. There are a few more characters, but I honestly don’t know what triggers their recruitment.

    • Zero says:

      If you talk to Alfine while she’s inside the school (not the tower) occasionaly some small talking events occur, this eventually triggers an event in the bar where Alfine celebrates becoming the top student in the school. Elias should come to the bar and join a few days after that. You might have to be at a certain bar rank or have beaten a certain dungeon for these events to start, if so I’m sure its one of the earlier ones since Elias joins at level 10.

  4. Zero says:

    Since I haven’t seen anyone else mention it I figured I’d mention the hidden room in Brusso Meadows. When you reach the last room you’ll see a patch of lighter grass towards the bottom, go south from there and you’ll find it.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I was planning on making a “hidden room” post separately from the rest of them, but I think it’d be better to put stuff here. I’ll post it along with a “Misto Soup” highlight picture at a later time.

      There are a LOT of hidden areas considering how little the game is.

  5. Zero says:

    I figured I also ask about the peddelers. I’ve seen them mentioned in your guides and in the game but have yet to see one. Judging by the games dialouge I thought they’d start showing up after beating Ott’s cave.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Every fifth day, the peddler can be found hidden away in the corner market stall beside the wizardry school. I’ll add a picture when I get the chance later.

      • Zero says:

        I found out my problem with it, they don’t actually start showing up until you reach the Port Town of Lar. Also as far as characters are concerned, I’m pretty sure that what triggers Lidia is either reaching Lar (perhaps one of the small events inside it) or achieving bar rank 5.

  6. Zero says:

    Sorry but I have yet another piece of information, in the cooking contests combos can actually make a big difference.

  7. Orawan says:

    how can i get Misto Plant?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great guide! Thanks for such a helpful and comprehensive source.

    Question: Kamerina told me about a dream she had with vegetarian steak. What is she talking about here? -_-

  9. Barfriki says:

    Hi one question, how can I get three golden stars I’ve noticed that every season is different, but I just can get green faces or golden stars. Since I start the game the costumer faces are red -everytime I open the store. Hope you can help me, tnks! By the way thank you so much for this helpful guide ^_^

  10. Troubled says:

    I cant seem to find the guy in Gilberts path to get pickaxe. How to get the pickaxe?

  11. Troubled says:

    Oh I see. I just got my fishing pole though. The game progresses too slowly, I played it for 17 hrs and just got rank 7. :/ Wonder other people are like me.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You’re actually quite ahead of the curve, then. The developer claims 50-70 hours of game time. You’re nearly to bar level 10.

      Yes, the story progresses slowly. You’re going to see something kinda funny when you hit bar level 8, but there’s still not much to the story. This is a game built on mechanics, not narrative.

  12. Ann says:

    hi, does anyone knows where is the monster no.70

  13. Zero says:

    You can find them on fire island, go up from the first area and you can encounter them there.

  14. Laur says:

    Kamerina dreamed of a vegetarian, but beefy, meal that you can eat cold. Does anyone know what that is?
    Thanks and THANK YOU for this guide. It’s been invaluable.

  15. Cg says:

    This is a very very comprehensive walkthrough, glad i found this site as this game started to make me frustrated

  16. Lil says:

    Hey guys, I known this may be stupid but I enjoy this game and just want to… Well advance because I stopped getting dungeons (the last one I got was the “Cave running under Otts River”). Currently, I’ve played for a total of 13 hours, my bar is rank 8 (like platinum I think?) and all my people are level 25 and above. I’ve searched everywhere for help, but I really like your site, so could you help me advance? Or do I just continue playing? I’m on my 7th month! And not really going anywhere… :'( Thanks!! :D

    • Lil says:

      Woah, found the guy who wants pizza! :D AND MORE TO THE OTTS CAVE! Haha, I think I’m good from here, sorry for the fuss! Thanks :)

      • Cg says:

        Wow you just reached otts cave and have already level 25 ish thats a lot patience dude. Go through otts cave, mind for a wall which no solid wall on it, ive struggle in that cave for days till i realize actually there is a way that i missed.

  17. Cg says:

    Anyone can help me? Ive done the main story and get the pickaxe. Been through for catastrophe sword quest in otts cave (require pickaxe) beat the rat king and queen in brussel meadow. And…. Yeah what should i do next? Oh and give the golden box to the pizza guy..

  18. Cg says:

    Whoops updated, apparently the box that ive given to the pizza guy solved and it gave me a piece of map that allow me to enter a new dungeon called ??? Cool!!!

  19. Cg says:

    Updated, the golden box that i gave to pizza guy reveal a new map called ??? Its a dungeon filled with great monsters and awesome loots!

  20. Hotblood says:

    How and where do I find Holy fruit?

  21. Gablab says:

    What was the offering the shopkeeper said during the first time you visit the desert city of guid? I forgot what it was and I can’t find anyone in the game who does. I believe it only tells you once

  22. yern says:

    hey just wondering anyone knows a good menu combo for summer. I’m currently stuck at lvl5 and i need more sales. thx

  23. D0RKSTARRR says:

    I just got this game, and made a couple of simple dishes after going to the woods and everything but when I go up to Kamerina and click on “Menu” to stock up my restaurant, it won’t stock even though I have “Salted Cucumber”, “Bread”, etc. What am I doing wrong?

    • D0RKSTARRR says:

      I feel like a complete idiot. I didn’t realize you had to click on the dashes and add it manually. >_<"

      • Fade to Slack says:

        No worries. Honestly, the game doesn’t explain many, many things.

        You can only select the set number of dishes and, sometimes, you may want to keep an item on hand for its status effects. Plus, it’d be too easy to make money if you could sell everything at once.

        Take a look at the combo guide for some combinations that will sell better together.

  24. JJ says:

    Need help pls..
    How to unlock the map below Otts Fall (Southwest corner)???
    How to get to outside the Dessert City? There are some item box there…

    • Jin says:

      The area below the otts fall is ??? Which you can only unlock it till later of the game where get the pickaxe and given the puzzle to the pizza man and after a few days he will unlock the puzzle and you can go to that area… As for the how to get outside the city its at the west side of the city the wall beside the camel man area where the outside of the wall have some pebble on the ground… Hope it helps

  25. Marzyciel says:

    how can I know what season in the game?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I believe the seasons coincide with the real world dates. Perhaps someone out there still playing Adventure Bar Story knows specifics.

      However, that would translate to Spring starting in March, Summer in June, Fall in September, and Winter in December.

      I’m not certain, though, so you may just have to test it out.

      • Marzyciel says:

        mine is month 5 (may) in game
        different date than real world

        in brusso meadow,
        found strawberry,daikon,etc

        it’s spring?

  26. Lily says:

    Help! I’ve gotten as far as the Western Desert and I don’t know how to progress any further. I keep making dishes, levelling up and eating but nothing happens. I already beat the monster on Fire Island, I don’t know what to do next?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I’m kind of hazy on this part as it’s been a long time, but the pink-haired thief girl has something to do with this. You’ll also need Tequila, but I don’t even have Adventure Bar Story installed on my iPhone anymore.

      • Lily says:

        I just made Tequila and went to talk to Lidia but all she does is give random comments/recipes etc. Nothing that makes the game progress further :( I also went to the church as suggested from somewhere I read and talked to the priest because apparently he tells you what to do next, but all he says is “I won’t always guide you” :(

  27. Nightmares says:

    How i can get pickaxe?

  28. boedy says:

    friends, where I go in the stone in Nus Forest??

    so, who have clue?

  29. kuro says:

    are you all talking about the full version of adventure bar story?

  30. La la la says:

    How do I get past otis cave?! I found the wall but she’s like “of only I could break this wall” and I don’t know what to do! Please help!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Wher can I get misto Plant??

    • Jin says:

      You can find it in Gilbert path where you have to fight wind slayer the boss of that area after that you can find the misto plant which look like normal grass in the game but it only appear in the same room as the boss and it will be only appear again after seven days… The wind slayer is weak towards wind element so you might want to have a wind weapon or characters with wind skill :)

  32. TLY says:

    Where’s the Gilbert’s Path?

  33. try says:

    how to use the golden box

  34. try says:

    where is the wants pizza

  35. WJ says:

    Hi, I don’t understand why some items are marked with a lock icon..

    I cannot craft any new original recipes with those items.. =/

  36. Macy says:

    im an otts river now i dont know what to do after so whats next? :((

    • Any time you get stuck, you’re going to have to level up your bar. Area unlocks are often tied to your bar level. You’ll need to gather ingredients and sell as many things as you can.

  37. JiBi says:

    How can i get Kamerina?
    I saved the queen and killed the blue dragon in ott lake.
    Do i have to kill the rats and the thing with sword too?

  38. jon says:

    my characters are level 28, currently rank 8 and I’m stuck at fire stone! what should i do now to unlock the next location?

  39. Akanoi says:

    I got the golden box . How can i find the pizza guy, you guys are talking about?
    I also defeated the rats and The blue Dragon in the lake and cave.

    • Newbie says:

      the lawn of the temple walk towards the wall then continue till u find a well
      it will tell u to go down also make sure u have a pizza :D

  40. Mei says:

    Can the fairies/eagles in Glibert’s Path only be beaten using magic? All my attacks only make 3~5 damage. Fred’s Ice Lance gives 80~90 damage though!

    • Julia says:

      no, maybe your level is not high. mine is lvl 50, just using attack n not even once using magic. it’s easier to fight when your lvl is high.

  41. kaye says:

    I’m just new on playing this game. Please help me where I can buy tools and etc?

    • Tools can be bought at Fred’s shop in town. Don’t buy them all at once, or you will be struggling early.

      For instance, you do not need a “Fermenter” until much later in the game. Hold off until money is no object and then pick it up.

      Good luck. I’m not a lot of help, as I quit playing Adventure Bar Story months ago. However, the community out there has been helping a lot of others.

  42. Ignspot says:

    When can i get p.tuna and sea urchin?

    • Jin says:

      You can get them after you killed the boss in the fire island of the event you can buy them in the port city or farm them in fire island

  43. Kiribot says:

    There is stone block in ott lake, there is hidden room behind the water fall :) and new boss

  44. kitty says:

    where can i get water?? I can’t find water!!

  45. Shelly says:

    How do you fish? I have the rod and meat bait on hand. Clicking the fish icon at the river does not help. HELP!!

  46. Blackmage5242 says:

    Where to get the puzzle box?

  47. YukiKessho says:

    i want ask something, u say, “we will win everytime with price”, but now i have to serve 4 food and i already serve with price all 1,2k ++ and i fail get rank 5, and i load the game to try it once again, i serve 1 food with price 7,15k, 1 food 2k, 1 food 1,94k, 1 food 1,65k, i serve with all the highest price from all recipe, but i just can win 3rd place, can u give solution ? or maybe i cant number 1st again ?

  48. Xmas says:

    Where to get the golden box?

    • Xmas says:

      Ok found it. For those looking for it, it’s after you defeat the boss on the left of at otts cave. Pick axe required. So after you’re done with the game just break the wall with it. There’ll be a boss inside.

  49. alice says:

    hi does anybody know which dungeon has the “hidden path” and where are they?

  50. Gee says:

    Help please. Im so frustrated already. I finished the game already but haven’t received any pickaxe yet so i cant get past those stones. :(

  51. Ittittitt says:

    I Unlocked the??? And Whale bay,
    Completed reciepts and combos,
    All my characters are lv.99.
    What can I do more with this game?
    Is it done?

  52. Rochelle says:

    hi , how can i unlock Alter when he is in the restaurant? tnx

  53. ojai says:

    hi, can you told me about receip?
    can you told me the ingredient of mapo tofu fire and mapo tofu eggplant

  54. Bethany Morris says:

    Hey guys, this is an awesome site just letting you know.
    I also have a question, I have lvl 5 bar rank and have unlocked Otts Lake/Fall but can’t seem to progress any further. My characters are lvl 20. Do they need to be stronger. My month is the June on the 16th. I have played for 17 hours. I am not sure what to do I am just about to get Elias but after that I am not sure. Should I just try to increase my bar rank to a higher rank so that I can unlock something?
    Sorry that was a lot but if you could help me I would appreciate it. If you don’t know, could you please suggest some combos or food that I should cook for my bar rank and what food to feed my characters to get them to a higher lvl.
    Sorry once again that this is a super long comment but I really suck at games and need some help. My deepest thanks if you can help me.

    • Nikko says:

      Next is Gilbert’s Path. I believe you need to be bar level 6 to trigger the storyline that opens it. So get your sales up. Use the combo guide, sell seasonal stuff, and follow the many tips in this guide and thread for increasing sales.

    • Anonymous says:

      Try selling more food and winning cooking contests

  55. viclade says:

    Hi guys… Help me please…
    I stucked in level 10 for like a month in this game…
    Last event I saw was a man who told me about the drake nest…
    What should I do next? I’ve already observed all the dungeon but nothing happens…
    I really appreciate your help, thank you…

    • sushiking says:

      Drake nest? You are suppose to go to Gilbert Path, and go to a point where you climb down the stairs and walk eastward until you see a cutscene that the ground is shaken or some sort. You will then notice there is a new path downwards and that is where you’ll be able to find many drakes.

      • viclade says:

        Thanks for your reply…
        Yeah, I’ve already done that…
        I found dragon eggs and dragon meat…
        And then, what should I do next?

        • sushiking says:

          Have you done the quest where the queen is sick?

        • plum says:

          Maybe you didn’t give the diet parfait to Alfine, isn’t it? I’d been stuck there.. “Now I can access to the Drake’s nest, get a lot of dragon meats and eggs, reached to rank 10, win the first place with dragon foods, made Siela’s level to 94.. and nothing happened!”, that was my case. So that means maybe I missed critical events to progress the story.. and I remembered that I made the Aloe parfait before, but I haven’t delivered it to her, to school! .. I gave her the parfait and now, the story goes very well. If your Alfine still stays on the school, not moving to the library, though many days passed, you are same with me!

          • viclade says:

            Thank you very much dear Sushiking and Plum…

            Not yet,
            I didn’t get that quest…
            where can I get the quest with the queen?

            Oh, I think I’ve done the parfait before…
            I made it and Alfine came to the bar says it didn’t working…

            I guess… I miss the queen part…

            • viclade says:

              I’ve found it…
              Hahahaha… Now, I can continue…
              Thank you guys…

            • sushiking says:

              I Just finished the entire game yesterday so I will try me best to help you all.

              Viclade, the sick queen quest is supposed to be triggered when you reach bar rank 10. I’m surprised you mentioned you were stucked in rank 10 for a month but yet the quest has not been triggered. Did you take part in the cooking contest when you reach rank 10?

              I remember I made a lot of high sales and I was told I have reached rank 10 for my bar and later on a few days later I took part in the cooking contest for the last league. A few days after I won the league, I was summoned to the castle and there it is the queen sick quest.

              Plum, if I’m not mistaken, the aloe parfait thing has nothing to do with the progression of the storyline. Has the queen quest also not yet triggered for your case?

              • Chris says:

                Sushi king how do you unlock the area near fire island its still lock, the one below otts cave, i think its with the golden box, bout what bout the one near fire island thank you

                • sushiking says:

                  Sorry I don’t quite understand what you were saying. The area on the right of fire island is called “whale bay” and it will be unlocked after you complete the main storyline, aka heal the sick queen quest. You will need to go to Port City of Liar and talk to the man on top of the lighthouse to unlock whale bay.

                  The one below otts cave, do you mean silkreef? I believe you would have unlocked it, or else how do you get to fire island?

                  As for how to get the golden box in otts cave, you will have to complete the storyline and get the pickaxe to break open the wall in otts cave.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    I have done the tears of the sun for the queen’s quest, and elias told me about the catfish at otts lake but i dont seem to find any. Please help

  56. Meeee says:

    I got the golden box , beat the rats n the blue dragon , unlock the whale island but the pizza guy only accept my pizza but he never mention anything abt the box): helppp

  57. Lol says:

    What about the sandstorm? Please help me how to pass it

  58. Alterboss says:

    Hi all, I have done a lot of research but I cannot continue the queen story line. I have reached level 10, and still have master to complete. I have been brought in for the queen, she fell sick and now I’m waiting for the wizard to give me the recipe, I have waited 1 month and about 20 days, but the guard just says no news! Also is the desert castle trigger after this or simultaneously? Ps I trigger part of the story with Aldine when I found the desert star. All characters lvl 50. Thanks for reading and any help!

  59. Newbiee says:

    what is the difference between lite and full version?
    I downloaded the lite version, I still can play after first contest (day 10th)
    what is the exact time the lite version will be stopped?

  60. Elrosque says:

    Why no matter what i do my bar rank never goes up.
    My sales profit has been up to 5000+ everytime i open my shop. is it still not enough? please help =(

    • Elrosque says:

      Anyone? :(((((

      • Lildanial1 says:

        Um do you win the cooking contest every 10 days? You need to do those and gain the required amount of points along with sales profit. Sometimes it will require you to do the cooking contest more then once to get out of that league. Like I think to get to gold league you needed 8 points or something and getting first place only gets you 5. So you’d have to do it again.

  61. Magdalena says:

    Hi, Just wondering if where else can you get the misto plant? other than defeating the boss .. Thanks :)

  62. Katie Lawson says:

    I can’t get past the stone wall in Ottis Cave… Help!

  63. Junjeak Lee says:

    Hi , pls help . What should I do after the queen sick

  64. BLA says:

    It is saying that ” Menu is empty ” .. How can I get that ?

  65. Yeul says:

    How can I unlock the map after desert city of guid?
    I can’t win the master league because I can’t get some rare material to make high price food.

  66. Nicole says:

    Hi there, I’m currently stuck, i was just told that the queen was ill, I got the aloe parfait but what am I supposed to do with it..? My characters are level 34&35 though I only use 3 characted and don’t even bother to level up the other characters..

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