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Ni No Kuni English Trailer Inspires Goosebumpiness, Pushed Back To 2013

Thursday, April 12th, 2012 by

Gaaaah! Originally slated for Q1 of 2012, then pushed back to Winter 2012, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch‘s stateside release has now been officially delayed until early 2013. For folks who’ve been chomping at the bit to experience Studio Ghibli and Level 5’s highly-anticipated RPG, this news comes as a real punch to the daddy parts. Or mommy parts. Whatever your gender, it hurts.

Here is the most recent trailer for Ni No Kuni, which offers a first glimpse of the game’s English localization, a bittersweet taste of a game now a full year out.


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7 Responses to “Ni No Kuni English Trailer Inspires Goosebumpiness, Pushed Back To 2013”

  1. Markham Asylum says:

    Man, I felt like a kid again when I watched this trailer, especially the earlier parts.

    2013?? Now I feel like Darth Vader at the end of Episode III.

    Uh, hold on… what did he say at the end when he cast that spell? It sounded an awful lot like “Porn Star!” to me.

    • Mark A. Brooks says:

      Totally a Porn Star spell. Porn Staraga?

      I can’t wait to ride on the back of a fucking dragon and explore a world that looks like that. It’s been too long.

      • Markham Asylum says:

        I hear that. I could even forgive an outdated save system and a dozen other unfortunate traditional JRPG mechanics, if any.

        I know we’ve said it many times already, but come the fuck on… THAT OVERWORLD IS AMAZING.

  2. Fade to Slack says:

    This came out on Nintendo DS in Japan, didn’t it? I wanted it something fierce, but the book would make this the least import-friendly title for people who can’t read Japanese.

    • Mark A. Brooks says:

      I believe it did, sir, on the DS and then the PS3.

      Y’know, to be honest, I doubt the game can now match the hype I’ve made for it in my own heart and soul. STILL WANTS.

      • Markham Asylum says:

        I can only imagine that this would lose some of its amazing visual appeal on the DS. Oh well, it’s not available here anyway.

        • Fade to Slack says:

          Surely, but the point was more that it caught my eye a while back. However, as the one person here who doesn’t own a PS3, I wasn’t even aware it was getting released in the states.

          Also, I never really talk about it, but I occasionally will trek through Japanese RPGs without any knowledge of Japanese.

          …before I die, I’m going to learn Japanese. I wish Korea had a better development community, because I’ve just enough knowledge in Hangeul where I could make it through a game or two in Korean. At this point, though… why would I?

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