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Fantasy Defense Is Like Digital Crack

Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by

I’m sure by now you know that your iPhone is a veritable gateway to a wide world of Tower Defense games; a smorgasbord the likes of which you could never hope to tackle in its entirety. Fantasy Defense stands out as a particularly good one, taking the formula you know and love and jazzing it up with an involved upgrading system. Throw in a ton of class-based units, a few of which can be equipped with gear, and you’ve got yourself a rock-solid game that’s fun to play and hard to put down.

What Fantasy Defense lacks in witty title, it makes up for in longevity and variety. You can spend your hard earned “hero points” on equipment for your champions or permanent augments for your towers. You can rack up hero points by successfully winning on maps or, you guessed it, by forking out a little bit of actual cash in exchange for a small fortune of them. I never stooped to that extreme; thankfully Fantasy Defense is designed so that it never feels necessary. The challenge is legit.

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention Fantasy Defense’s heavy use of mammoth, cartoon breasts. The anime style is a nice aesthetic, sure, but the game’s flagrant dismissal of reasonable proportions is comedic. We’re talking balloons, people. Shiny and ready to pop. Every single female. Monster tits. Whatever, the game is awesome. Also, gargantuan chesticles. Okay, I’m done being four now.

Played on an iPod Touch 4G.

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5 Responses to “Fantasy Defense Is Like Digital Crack”

  1. Markham Asylum says:

    It’s on my list. And not for the tits.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      It’s always popping up for free. Seriously, sir, if you have any interest in picking up an iOS device and you already have an iTunes account, you may want to keep an eye out for it.

      However, there are literally hundreds of tower defense games in the App Store. I keep hearing about Stick Wars 3 in particular, but I just can’t find the time for TD games right now. Also, I suck at them.

      • Markham Asylum says:

        Yeah, I’ll be getting an iOS device in 3 or 4 months, and I have an iTunes account. Can I download games to my computer now, then transfer them once I get my iPod Touch? If so, what’s the best place for keeping an eye on free games?

        • Fade to Slack says:

          Sir, you merely have to download them via your account. The apps are tied to your account, just like songs are, so you can download them to your device for free without so much as connecting it to your computer.

          Bookmark http://appshopper.com/games/free/ and keep an eye out for games you may have heard of before. As always, you can search for reviews as well. For instance, I downloaded “Smash Cops” today because it’s been reviewed well, though I’d never heard of it before.

          Later, once you do have an iOS device, you can then install the “AppShopper” app to keep track of it. Note that it’s not just free games, but games are also discounted all the time. It’s a very aggressive marketplace, and games are discounted for pretty much any reason.

          • Mark A. Brooks says:

            Games get discounted everyday and AppShopper makes it easy to see the highest rated ones. It’s nifty as hell. Not just games, but other useful apps as well.

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