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Markham Asylum’s Pushmo Volume 3

Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by

[ Volume 1 | Volume 2 ]

Here are some more puzzles I created for Pushmo, the Nintendo 3DS’s hit eShop game, based on video game sprites: the Medusa Boss from Castlevania 1, Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales, and Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. Instructions on reading QR codes can be found after the images.

Requests are being accepted for future volumes. 32×32 max per puzzle!

pushmo castlevania 1 nes medusa boss

pushmo ducktales nes scrooge mcduck

pushmo ninja gaiden ryu hayabusa

[ Volume 1 | Volume 2 ]

To read a Pushmo QR code:

  1. Start Pushmo and go to Pushmo Studio.
  2. Select an empty slot. Tip: Use L and R to switch pages.
  3. Tap “Read QR Code” at the bottom-right of the screen.
  4. Align the square on the top screen with the desired image on this page. The Pushmo puzzle will be auto-recognized when you get it roughly framed by the square.
  5. Select “Yes” that you want to save the image.
  6. After clearing the confirmation message, hit A or tap the downloaded Pushmo to play it!

Tip on Pushmo editing: To place a manhole/ladder upside-down, put the manhole on a block that has another block of the same color above it.

About the Author

Markham Asylum is a founding member of Delta Attack. His tier-1 favorite genres are role-playing, puzzle, and strategy. His tier-2 are adventure, shooter, and platformer. He strives to provide spoiler-free postings whenever possible.

Markham Asylum has written 422 posts on Delta Attack

3 Responses to “Markham Asylum’s Pushmo Volume 3”

  1. Fade to Slack says:

    Scrooge McDuck was an excellent choice.

    Did you ever play Darkwing Duck? It was basically a Mega Man game.

    If Darkwing Duck’s jump-and-shoot pose would fit, I’d love to see that.


    You know, so long as it doesn’t take too long. This really makes me want to pick Pushmo up just to try these levels. If only I had money spare for a 3DS…

    • Markham Asylum says:


      Dude, I used to watch Darkwing Duck all the time, but missed the game. Had I known that it, like DuckTales, was essentially a Mega Man game, I would have picked it up for sure.

      I’ll include Darkwing in the next volume. Please choose one of these:


      They don’t have the jump/shoot one, but the second from the top and second from the right is pretty sweet. Let me know; most of them are within the 32×32 limit. Or if you really want that jump/shoot sprite, find a version of it that’s by itself.

      If you ever do get a 3DS, Pushmo is a great time.

      • Fade to Slack says:

        Sir, Capcom was freaking golden with the Disney license. Both DuckTales games, both Rescue Rangers games, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin, and even The Little Mermaid were great games. I feel like I’m leaving one out, but it doesn’t matter. If it was made by Capcom on NES and it was part of the Disney licensing agreement, it was likely worth playing.

        I’d say Darkwing Duck was the best Mega Man game not named Mega Man 2.

        Pick whichever you choose, sir. I’m rather fond of his cloaked sprite, because he was able to deflect shots with it. However, I’ll be happy knowing people are playing around in Darkwing Duck’s little world.

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