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Correction: Yourong Ma’s Mai Shiranui Cosplay is perfect.

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 by

Do you remember the Mai Shiranui cosplay by Ma Yourong (YOKO, 馬友蓉) that I posted before? If not, I just linked it there. Take a look. I’ll wait.

Done? Okay, so Asian netizens said it was perfect, but I disagreed because no Mai Shiranui is complete without a fan. As you can see in her selca picture above, I was wrong. It WAS perfect.

After a little searching, I stumbled across an entire gallery not from the red carpet. Here’s a few samples and a link for those interested. There ARE fans inside.

Wait, no! It’s not perfect! Her fan’s not a Japanese fan…

If you want to see the full gallery in much higher definition, here’s photographer George Dai’s Yourong Ma page.


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  • Edward

    Why would you want a Taiwanese girl with a Japanese fan?? weird!