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Witch Wars by Com2uS looks like Dungeon Raid, prettier

Monday, April 30th, 2012 by

Com2uS just posted a few preview screens for their next iOS release, Witch Wars. With little information to be found, I’ve got to go with what I see here.

Witch Wars looks very similar to Dungeon Raid, though in landscape mode, with different items to be matched in a 6×6 grid. However, whereas Dungeon Raid went with a minimalist presentation, Witch Wars appears bright and vivid. There’s no telling, at this point, if the game actually PLAYS like Dungeon Raid. It may be a simplified take on Puzzle Quest as well. I’m hoping it’s the path less traveled.

6x6 grid with swords tilted to the right? Hmm...

A quick look at their promotional “poster” image reveals seven witches to choose from. Looks like there are multiplayer battles, as well.

FYI: In South Korea, they actually say "Vee Es" rather than "Versus."

If there’s one thing I can say about Com2uS, it’s that their multiplayer games are often quite compelling. As much as I love Draw Something and Words with Friends, iOS could always use more active multiplayer games. So long as in-app purchases don’t muck up the versus elements, I fully anticipate digging this game.

We’ll bring you more information as it is revealed. Witch Wars is set for release some time next month.

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