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Correction: Witch Wars totally not Dungeon Raid… bummer.

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 by

A couple days back, I tossed out a preview for Com2uS’ Witch Wars with, really, next to no information and a shitload of speculation. The game definitely looked like Dungeon Raid, perhaps the best (and most unique) match-3 in the App Store, but with multiplayer elements. I should have known better, though.

Com2uS just posted the above trailer for Witch Wars over on YouTube. Within seconds, you can tell the only things the game have in common are what led me to believe it was like Dungeon Raid in the first place: swords leaning to the right and a 6×6 grid. The adjacent line-drawing mechanism is nowhere to be found. It’s your typical slide-to-match-3 that’s been around since Tetris Attack with some game-changing spells for flavor.

No word on if the game has a single-player campaign, though I’ve received word the previous build had none.    
Update: I’ve been informed by Com2uS that there is an offline mode as well as the online mode. So, that puts it in line with their HOMERUN BATTLE series.

Disappointment aside, who’s up for some competitive Puzzle Quest?

Witch Wars is coming to the App Store on May 17th.


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2 Responses to “Correction: Witch Wars totally not Dungeon Raid… bummer.”

  1. Mark A. Brooks says:

    Might be worth a shot; looks cute.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      It all depends on how they leverage the pay-to-win aspect. If it’s minor, then this could be a lot of fun. I really do like HOMERUN BATTLE 2, but it’s hard to turn a blind eye to the aspects I will NEVER see because I don’t want to buy points to succeed.

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