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Keep an eye on the App Store May 5th.

Friday, May 4th, 2012 by

Apple’s App Store is insanely competitive. Publishers find an excuse to temporarily drop their prices all the time.

President’s Day? Save a few Washingtons and pick up our game for just one dollar!
Valentine’s Day? You’re going to LOVE these prices.
National Pancake Day? I had pancakes last week! Make our game sell like hotcakes!

May 5th is, as our Spanish-speaking crowd is well aware, Cinco de Mayo. That’s the day, as you already know, when we celebrate the fight for freedom and democracy by Chad Ochocinco during his struggle with a stubborn mayonnaise lid when all he really wanted was a sandwich.

What you may not know is that it’s also “어린이날” (Eorini Nal) or “Children’s Day” in South Korea. This is the day parents commemorate the loss of their freedom and lavish gifts upon their little princes or princesses in hopes that they don’t, you know, go all evil King Joffrey on them later in life.

In other words, if you’re a gift card user like me, now might be a good time to refill your account. North American and South Korean developers are likely to vie for your gaming dollars with some great discounts.

You can track sales over on Appshopper.com or download the AppShopper app to your iOS device.

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