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Wrath: A Diablo III Animated Short

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 by

This is perhaps the final just-for-fun video that we’ll see from Blizzard before Diablo III launches next Tuesday, 5/15. It features cartoon-style animations, and centers around fights between the angels of the High Heavens and the twisted denizens of the Burning Hells. As you would expect from Blizzard, it’s pretty well done:

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5 Responses to “Wrath: A Diablo III Animated Short”

  1. Mark A. Brooks says:

    Just preordered it; haven’t played Diablo since the first so I really have no idea what to expect.

    • Markham Asylum says:

      Pimp tits. Be sure to check the list of unsupported video cards:


      Also, if you’d prefer to cancel your pre-order and download a digital copy that can never be lost, can be downloaded infinite times on unlimited machines (you always log in with your Battle.net account anyway), has no cost for tax or shipping, and can be downloaded now and then installed as early as 12:00 am PST on 5/15, go here:


      • Mark A. Brooks says:

        Thanks for the the video card list! We were worried about Lacy’s card but it looks like it’ll be okay. As for cancelling my preorder… well, you know how I am about boxes. Amazon gets it to us on day one for no extra cost, although we do have to wait until the afternoon for games to get here, typically.

        • Markham Asylum says:


          I played Diablo I through once, and played the unholy shit out of Diablo II, though mostly just with solo characters. I’ve heard quite a bit about Diablo III, and it sounds really fun. I’m looking forward to playing both solo chars and chars in a co-op setting.

          I also heard that Blizzard actually put a lot of effort into PvP for D3, with rewards that can only be earned therein. It was just kind of tacked-on for D2, and didn’t interest me at all, but it could be quite fun this time around.


        • Markham Asylum says:

          Oh yeah, and then there’s the auction house, where you can sell off unwanted items for in-game gold or even REAL LIFE MONEY. Booyah.

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