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When Playing Draw Something, Please Ignore Hitler

Friday, May 11th, 2012 by

Placing creative restrictions on one’s self is oftentimes the key to brilliant artistic achievements, as evidenced by Scottish artist Michael‘s self-imposed rule of including Adolf Hitler in every round of Draw Something.

Want to see more? Go visit his tumblr page, aptly titled “Ignore Hitler“, for pages upon pages of Hitleresque Draw Something creations.

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Mark A. Brooks uses the A. initial in his name so as to seperate himself from the teeming legions of other Mark Brookses (there are at least 65,000 in the state of Michigan alone). Keep up with him on twitter, because why not. @unoriginalG

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5 Responses to “When Playing Draw Something, Please Ignore Hitler”

  1. Fade to Slack says:

    Yipes. Just yipes, man.

    I can’t tell if this is really dark humor or a tasteless choice, but what artist really wants to be known as the guy who draws cartoon Hitler?

    No. Bad. Publicity.

    • Markham Asylum says:

      This is a bit off-topic, but I think that if there were an RPG where you fight Hitler, his attacks would pretty much always have to do 9999 (nein! nein! nein! nein!) damage.

    • Markham Asylum says:

      Also, I’m glad whenever someone takes the chance to make fun of Hitler.

      • Fade to Slack says:

        I feel like this undercuts the atrocity of the Holocaust. Like, yeah, you killed millions. Now you’re in a thong, monster!

        That said, if ever they allowed a ninth letter and “AnneFrank” became a word, I’d love to see him try to ignore Hitler.

        • Markham Asylum says:

          The Holocaust is one of the worst things in the history of our species, no doubt. However, I feel that making fun of the figurehead behind it is warranted and therapeutic, yet doesn’t detract from the horror of the events. Not for me, at least.

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