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Punch Hero: Free-to-Play Player’s Guide

Sunday, May 27th, 2012 by

Punch Hero is a whole lot of game for people who are willing to pony up a few bucks to get ahead. Those of you who want a free game to be free, though, might need a little help.

I’m here for you. We’re going to focus today on a path to success through character development and fighting strategies.

The Basics:

Punch Hero’s tutorial does a pretty good job of explaining things, but it doesn’t cover everything. You have three basic punches: jab, hook, and uppercut. For people versed in Street Fighter games, you already kind of understand how things work.

Jabs are the weakest punch, but they’re also the quickest. There is little to no telegraphing on these punches making them difficult to avoid, however they do not interrupt hooks or uppercuts. Keep in mind, it’s easy to get caught by quicker hook variants (like Straight punches or Body Blows) for critical damage when spamming jabs.

Hooks are stronger than jabs, but weaker than uppercuts. They aren’t particularly quick or slow. Moreover, you can buy skills that will randomly release stronger, faster versions such as a “Straight” punch. Hooks have a short hand-to-face pose that telegraphs the punch. Hooks will interrupt your opponent’s hooks or uppercuts, making them very valuable. Hooks are capable of stunning your opponents for a short amount of time.

Uppercuts are the strongest and slowest punches. Moreover, they can only be evaded, not blocked. These punches are very easy to avoid and have a long counterattack window if you whiff on it. They are, however, very powerful when you land a critical hit and have a higher chance of stunning your opponent. Obviously, connecting an uppercut will supersede any incoming punch your opponent will throw.

Evasion is the key to success. Early on, you can go punch-for-punch with opponents. However, as you progress, your opponents get decidedly stronger, faster, and better equipped. When you evade a punch, the game slows down to allow an opportunity to counterattack. Counter punches deal significantly more damage than regular punches.

You can interrupt your own punches to evade, so you’re not stuck taking a hook to the chin as you wind up an uppercut. Feel free to duck out of the way and try to counterattack for critical damage.

Additionally, you can interrupt your weaving to throw punches. This will help you catch your opponent off guard, as the only way to interrupt your weave is to throw a punch. They’ll take one to the chin rather than risk critical damage most of the time.

Blocking is not truly necessary for success, but we’ll cover it anyhow. To block, put two fingers on screen. So long as one of those fingers remain on screen, you’ll remain in the blocking position. You may block jabs and hooks, but uppercuts will plow through your blocks.

Blocking may be useful for those looking to garner the “Lucky” achievements and “Perfect Win” missions, but those appear to be more effort than they’re worth.

Update: Mega Punch abilities

Gamevil updated Punch Hero to version 1.0.1 on May 31st, 2012. It included a performance update and Zombie Mode. Additionally, you can finally equip any “Rage” specials you may have purchased prior to the update by entering Zombie Mode. You must have GameCenter to participate.

Weave-Cancel and Uppercut Spam

You may have noticed that you can cancel out of a punch by tapping on the weave button. This is used mostly to evade quicker punches when you’re winding up. However, you can also use this to cancel your character’s punch animation after landing a punch.

For instance, a fighter with Jab Speed Level 5 and Uppercut Speed Level 5 would typically be able to uppercut a dazed opponent just two times during an Uppercut Daze compared to the six or seven jabs that fit into the same window. However, weaving directly after connecting and immediately throwing another uppercut afterwards allows up to five uppercuts in that same amount of time.

Moreover, canceling after a “bone crushing” hook or uppercut counterpunch and immediately throwing an uppercut will often beat your opponent’s next punch as they’re stuck in their “hit” animation. Uppercuts thrown this way will even beat the lightning-fast body blows that later opponents all seem to have.

Learning how to weave-cancel is critical to success against opponents like Ghost Pirate and Robo.

Fighting Miguel:

The tenth fighter in the game is Miguel.

Miguel is quicker, stronger, and faster than you. His jabs are at least jab speed level 6 AND powerful. His hooks are a little slower, but they’re still too quick to counterattack with hooks meaning you’ll have to whittle him down with jabs or get lucky with random hooks and uppercuts. Miguel almost never throws an uppercut, meaning you’re going to have to stay on your toes the entire time. He even has the random “Body Blow” ability that barely telegraphs, comes out as quick as a jab, and would cost you 500 stars to purchase on top of what appears to be Regen level 5 and massive health.

In short, Miguel is a rat bastard who is likely going to hand you your ass.

In fact, subsequent opponents are easier to beat than Miguel, a fact that Gamevil seems well aware as they reward you with 8 Stars (cash) when you beat Miguel in Arcade Mode, while other opponents net you gold rewards.

Luckily, when you reach Miguel, you also unlock the Amateur League.

The Amateur League

The Amateur League is a great source of gold. You get more than more than double the payout for Amateur League fights than what you get by playing through Arcade Mode. Placing 1st in the Amateur League awards 2,000 gold for Silver Tier, 3,000 gold for Gold Tier, and 4,000 gold for Diamond Tier. You’ll need to grind out these wins, but it’ll be worth it.

The downside is that you’ll have to go through 14 fights to get to the end and damage carries over from fight-t0-fight. You can heal 20% of your health between rounds for 50 gold. Unless you really suck at the game, you should be able to gain lots of money through the Amateur League.

You can forfeit up to four fights in League and still be able to take home prize money. I’d suggest forfeiting any fight against Miguel other than the Finals. (Update: Miguel no longer appears in Amateur League fights.)

The first time you win in Amateur League, you also unlock the Amateur League Belt. This accessory adds three points to your mental and health stats. You obviously want to equip it as soon as possible. Go to the Costume Shop and find your belt under the “Sunglasses” icon. Hope you didn’t want facial hair on your boxer.

Skills to buy

Obviously, you’re going to want to increase your jab, hook, and uppercut speed. Your uppercut speed is most important early on, but your hook becomes invaluable later in the game as you try to anticipate and interrupt your opponent’s game.

Otherwise, as soon as you can afford the 6,000 gold required to buy “Straight,” I’d highly suggest it. For whatever reason, it’s difficult to counter a hook even if you throw them quicker than your opponents. So, rather than increase your hook speed (stop around level 5), we’ll look to increase the chances you’ll throw a straight punch rather than a hook. It’s a difference maker that is well worth the significant price to purchase and upgrade it.

Save up any Stars you get from achievements and participation events to purchase more powerful punching skills, such as “Beat Down” and “Body Blow”. The speed and power offered by these skills make a real difference. Anything extra can be spent on getting low-level regen and rage boosts.

Finally, there’s a good chance you’ll want to get “Super Headbutt” when you have some cash spare. It’s not great, and it leaves you open to critical hits, but the automatic daze-on-hit can turn the tide against more powerful opponents like Yorimoto. Also, it’s the first and best coin-paid option available. Equip it in the “Zombie Mode” menu.

 How to Get Free Stars

Since some of the best skills are Star-only purchases, you’re going to want to get your grubby mitts on any stars you can get.

The easiest way to get stars right now is through Participation Events. Every month, you can get rewards just for logging in. The timer expires after a full 24 hours. Participate 18 times in one month, and you’ll unlock the highest reward.

Gamevil also runs  Free Star events every once in a while. You’ll need your “cscode” and to follow the rules of the event. Keep tabs on Gamevil via their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/gamevil.


Equipment to buy

Save up for Red Gloves as early as possible. These gloves add three points to all your punch skills at the price of 10,000 gold. Mathematically, it’s a very sound investment as soon as all your punch skills cost 1,100 per point.

Next up, the ugly white tank top will net you three health points  for 5,000 gold. Save up for it when your health costs around 1,500 gold to advance. The same goes for red trunks whenever you decide to raise your mental stats.


Update: Punch Hero version 1.0.7 has Christmas-themed items available from December 1st, 2012 – December 31st, 2012. If you haven’t bought new gloves, yet, save up for the 19,000 gold “Santa Gloves” instead. The Santa Gloves are the best gloves in the game, adding 15 points to your jab, hook, and uppercut, and can be worn at level 1.

That’s VERY cheap compared to the weaker tier-two gloves that start at 200,000 gold and require a bare-minimum of level 25 to equip.

The same goes for the “Santa Shirts” (Health +6) and “Santa Pants” (Mental +6) for 9,000 gold each.

The rest of the gear is just for character customization.

The accessories seem like a great idea to individualize your character, but you may only wear one at a time. Since this is where the Amateur and Pro Championship Belts are located, you’re not going to use it. They can only be purchased with Stars, anyway.

Achievements to target

There are 71 102 achievements in total. Each achievement comes with a gold or star reward. Honestly, with the exception of the perfect win and “dominate” achievements, these simply unlock as you play the game. Don’t focus on them, but be aware of which ones you are close to unlocking if you’re also just a few hundred gold away from buying a skill point, skill, or equipment.

That said, don’t be afraid to lose while you’re on the road to unlocking the Amateur League. There are achievements that give you gold for losing, which may save you time instead of grinding against opponents you’ve already beaten in Arcade Mode.

Training Center:

If you can get your hook, uppercut, and health to around twenty points, then you’re powerful enough to get to Ghost Pirate. Defeating him, though, may take a little more.

Jabs are less important as you progress, but you may want to have it somewhere around fifteen points by the time you face Yo-Puan and Miguel.

The Mental skill doesn’t seem particularly useful. It keeps you from getting dazed and apparently has an attribute that increases your power when you’re low on health, but you don’t really want to take too many hits in the first place. Having increased power would be great if it wasn’t for the whole low on health part. It didn’t work well in Killer Instinct, and it doesn’t work well here, either. Put some cash into it, but don’t worry about it too much.

Your health and uppercut are the most important stats. Each level gained should go into one of those two attributes, as you can never have enough. Ignore the other three and pay for them with gold, instead.

Your opponents in Arcade Mode:

Jones: The first opponent, your Glass Joe, throws lots of easily avoided hooks. You’ll likely need to beat him a few times to buy some punch points, but you’ll forget all about him since he doesn’t show up in Amateur League.

Ttoo: More of the same, though his uppercut is more dangerous than his hook. Ttoo has no abilities. It’s easy enough to jab him until it’s lights out. Ttoo also does not appear in Amateur League and is quickly forgotten.

Pierre: Pierre is another below-average fighte. He’s not particularly strong and should go down easily. Pierre throws a mix of all punches, but still features no abilities.

Acosta: Acosta isn’t particularly strong, but he is the first fighter you face with an ability. Acosta has a strong hook and can throw “Straight” punches at random. This can catch you off guard.

Brooklyn: Mostly a joke, Brooklyn put all his points into Uppercut. He leaves himself open a lot, making him surprisingly easy so long as you don’t get caught sleeping. Brooklyn has regen, but it won’t do him a lot of good. Those of you looking to unlock the Perfect Win achievements, here’s your huckleberry.

Raen: Raen is a well-rounded fighter. He throws lots of hooks and uppercuts, plus he has the ability to throw “Straight” punches. Raen is still put down easily enough so long as you don’t leave yourself open by spamming jabs.

Luis: Getting past Luis can be a hassle. Luis has medium health regeneration, a high hook rating, and can throw straight punches. If you whiff on a hook, be prepared to bob and weave. Luis throws many uppercuts, though, and can be dazed with ease.

Po-Yuan: Po-Yuan is a jerk. The AI is set to evade and counter, something that you haven’t seen up to this point. Additionally, Po-Yuan is able to throw random straight punches. Also, when enraged, Po-Yuan can throw a dangerous headbutt. Luckily, the game telegraphs the crap out of this special attack. I’ve never been hit by it, so I have no idea what happens. Po-Yuan can be beaten if lulled into taking hooks or uppercuts.

Haye: Haye has  a high hook skill and the ability to throw speedy body blows. He is surprisingly strong and can be difficult to beat if the randomizer is on his side. Seriously, body blows are way overpowered.

Beating Haye unlocks the Amateur League tournament.

Miguel: Miguel has a very quick, very strong jab. His hooks and uppercuts aren’t as powerful, but he’s too quick to effectively counterattack. Additionally, Miguel has a high regen ability and can throw body blows.

The basis for winning against Miguel is to counterattack with a less powerful punch. If Miguel throws an uppercut, you throw a hook. If Miguel throws a hook, you counter with a jab. Don’t try to get into a jabbing contest with him. He’s simply too fast and powerful.

A second strategy for beating Miguel is to try to lull him into walking into punches by weaving and then immediately throwing a hook or uppercut. This strategy does involve more luck than skill, but you know how the saying goes.

Even if you just BARELY beat Miguel, go ahead and fight Nakamura. He’s a chump.

Nakamura: Nakamura’s stats are higher, but he is a walk in the park compared to Miguel. He is slow enough that you can counterattack relatively easily. Nakamura has your standard package of body blow and regen along with some pretty high health.

Pheonix: This appears to be modeled after Paul Pheonix from the Tekken games. Pheonix has a very high hook rating and can throw body blows. However, he does not have regen. If your Uppercut speed is 4 or higher, he should be pretty easy to beat.

Junggu: Junggu is your stick and move character. Junggu can be difficult to beat due to his high jab speed, power, and evasion. Junggu also has a high hook rating, but they’re pretty slow overall. Weave and cancel into an uppercut to try to catch him as he finishes. Update: Junggu now has the jab skills “Elbow” and “Flicker Jab” on top of everything else, making him far more difficult than before. You may need to grind to get past him.

Mike: Mike isn’t too difficult, but you’re going to need to deal a lot of damage to get him down. Mike has high Health and regenerates it quickly. Additionally, Mike is able to throw straight punches and body blows. His high punch power and regenerating health means you may as well not even jab. Mike is aggressive, though, so you may be able to get him to walk into uppercuts for critical damage.

Beating Mike unlocks the Pro League tournament.

Tiger: Tiger is obviously modeled after Sagat from Street Fighter. His outfit is called the Muay Thai costume in the store. Tiger has a high uppercut rating, throws uppercuts often, and even has the “Tiger Uppercut” ability that activates at random. Evade his uppercuts, send some back at him, and you’ll whittle him down in very little time. He’s kind of a pushover.

Alabama: Alabama has huge stats and can throw body blows and rolling body blows. However, Alabama isn’t particularly difficult. He’s a middle-of-the-road fighter. If you’re good at evading hits, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty taking him out.

Jack: Jack doesn’t have the Regen ability, but he DOES have a high-level Super Armor for about 15 seconds of invincibility. In addition to high stats, Jack has the Rolling Body Blow uppercut. If you can beat Jack before he pops his Super Armor, you’ll be fine. If not, be prepared to block and evade as he’ll plow right through your punches unscathed.

Ghost Pirate: Ghost Pirate is tough. Very tough. Not only does he have ridiculously high stats, but he can throw a myriad of overpowered special punches at a high rate that makes him seem downright unfair. He seldom throws a regular hook, instead using body blow and straight punches with regularity. Additionally, Ghost Pirate has the Drunk Punch special and a stupid high regeneration rate.

In other words, Ghost Pirate is just like Miguel. An overpowered jerk that will force you to grind before you can become powerful enough to beat him. Good luck.

The Pro League:

Oh, man… the Pro League is brutal.

I managed to win it my first time through with some dumb luck when Junggu ended up in the finals, but there are two fighters that are more powerful than Ghost Pirate in Brian and Yoritomo. (I’d suggest playing Pro League until you win it once to unlock the Pro League Championship Belt that adds five to your health and mental stats. After that, the Amateur League is the path of least resistance until you have, say, 30 health and uppercut points.

Remember, you can forfeit three matches and take home a prize purse. If you don’t feel like getting your ass handed to you, you may want to skip fighting Yoritomo and Brian. However, be aware of the standings. If easier opponents are heading to the finals halfway through the tournament, you may want to forfeit to that particular opponent in hopes of facing them in the final round.

Update: Uh, forget all that noise. Gamevil re-balanced the game when creating different tiers in League Mode. I’m just getting around to the game again, but I noticed that I have not faced Brian and Yoritomo in Pro League Silver and Gold tier. If you choose to forfeit to anyone, now, it’ll probably be Junggu.

However, the Pro League is now easier than ever. If you finish in 1st place in Pro League, you’ll receive 5,000 coins for Silver, 6,000 coins for Gold, and 7,000 for Diamond. Additionally, the post-fight purse is higher than those found in the Amateur League.

Winning the Pro League unlocks a Pro League championship belt. This belt increases your Health and Mental stats by 5 points each, so make sure you equip it for the minor boost.

About the Author

Fade to Slack is a founding member of Delta Attack, an American expatriate in South Korea, and a true believer in the legitimacy of mobile gaming. Keep up with him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Fade2Slack so he can justify having a Twitter account.

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118 Responses to “Punch Hero: Free-to-Play Player’s Guide”

  1. Lecundra says:

    Nice guide! Can I also check with you how to execute rage attacks like the headbutt?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You have to equip your rage attack after purchasing (and upgrading) it. If you’ve updated your App to the newest version, you can now enter “Zombie Mode.” For whatever reason, that’s the only way I know how to equip Megapunch abilities.

      After that, a graphic pops up when you enter Rage mode.

      I think the abilities were locked until this update, but I may just be missing something.

      • Lecundra says:

        Thanks for the reply! Managed to get it working and beating Miguel (finally!).

        • Fade to Slack says:

          If you think Miguel’s awful, just wait until you have to face Ghost Pirate. Plus, there are two particularly difficult fighters in Pro League that you’ll have to face often.

          Then there are the fighters they added in the newest update…

  2. wancho says:

    i hate Ghost Pirate. his body punch hits hard. i tried fighting him at lvl 15 and there is no way i can beat him, now im lvl 20 and still its hard, i still havent beaten him. some tips if you want to earn more money.. 1. Fight in in amateur league until your health is low (dont use the hospital) instead, leave amateur and join Pro League you can see your health bar is full again. fight in Pro league and when your health is low again, leave Prog League and join Amateur league and once again your HP bar is full. i do this just to earn more money. :)

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I would actually advise against canceling out of Amateur and Pro League fights. You’re honestly better off fighting all 14 (or 11 of the 14 if you want to forfeit a few) and paying for the Hospital. If you’re good enough to place in the top three, it more than covers the costs of your hospital bills.

      For instance, placing 2nd in Pro League pays 3500 gold. In those 14 fights, there’s no way you’re going to heal 70 times. Add in missions that you get (No Jab Win, Win in the 1st Round, and so on) and you’ll have enough to buy your skill points in little time.

      As for Ghost Pirate, I haven’t tried him for a while. I just beat Brian in Pro League who is slightly harder than Ghost Pirate, but I’ve been grinding in League modes to upgrade skills and raise my health before trying to take down Ghost Pirate.

      Your level doesn’t really matter in this game as much as your money. All it really means is you get one free skill point and can gain access to items that you, really, can’t afford to purchase.

      • Fade to Slack says:

        Scratch that. Decided to fight Ghost Pirate after posting this. Beat him.

        The guy after him two-hit KO’d me with Dragon Uppercuts that I’m very bad at avoiding.

        • Umar says:

          Ghost Pirate is significantly dangerous than the guy coming after him, the one named lee. Lee is just a more powerful version of Tiger as he does not throw any jab in spite of having full rating in that. I beat him the first time after beating Ghost Pirate as I am good at evading uppercuts. But I can see you having problem in handling lee because I tried to dominat.e him and after almost achieving my humble goal I lost concentration at the last moment I got hit by a dragon uppercut of his and believe it or not the bastard knocked me down after just one hit. Miguel isn’t that hard…he is but I find Junguu more annoying and he was the first person which took me a longer time in defeating except Ghost Pirate and Muscle Rotten. Man they were brutal. But still now I am at the last guy Robo,which is a more powerful version of Brian… Yeah tell me about it, as if Brain wasn’t enough.

          • Patrick says:

            Robo is an entirely different player than Brian. Even now I still can’t “dominate” Robo, since every time I feel pretty good about trying again, he just waltzes up and punches me in the face to ruin my chances of completing the mission three seconds into the game. On the other hand, when have you even seen Brian throw a jab?

            Brian is one of those players where you’re evading attacks and raining critical hits throughout the entire round, and just when you’re thinking, “boy, I am beating the CHOCOLATE out of him”, he gets up off the floor at the count of 9 and then pummels you with a hook-uppercut combo and takes you out, leaving you thinking that this is BULLSHIT. How is it that I was winning in all aspects throughout the entire round, hit him like 80 times and evaded most of his attacks, and he just hits me twice and wins?

  3. Ross says:

    How do you improve your bonus grades?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Honestly, I’m not certain. The highest I’ve ever gotten was a B rating by winning with a Super Headbutt.

      Knowing the free-to-play model, I wouldn’t doubt that a high rating is tied to the Stars megapunches or expensive Coin skills like “Feinting.”

    • EricMcw says:

      I get full S grade in offense,defense n bonus..It’s my 1st n last time lol

  4. Anonymous says:

    How do u even use rage??

  5. Killer says:

    How can I do a straight??

    • Fade to Slack says:

      After purchasing the “Straight” skill, it will activate at a set rate when you throw a hook based upon the skill’s level.

      Each level raises the chances 1%.

  6. korzo says:

    What does feinting do?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I believe it allows you to change directions while weaving, but I’m not certain. It’s too expensive for me to find out.

      • Umar says:

        I haven’t bought it but I am saving coins for that. It is very useful. You will see that in trying to weave and cancel into uppercuts, It happens that a faster opponent throws a rolling body blow for example. Those can be though to avoid as you will often evade to the wrong side because if it is right blow you will initially feel like it is a left uppercut and evade to left but then getting hit critically on the right side. Now it helps in a way that If you weave to the left you cannot weave to the right until you complete the weaving action thus getting hit by the rolling body blow. But with feinting even if you press to the wrong side to evade and then if you quickly weave to the other side you will succeed in evading the punch. I hope every one can make sense out of this rant and find this helpful.

  7. epicguy says:

    this is fun

  8. DrJosephBell says:

    Thanks for the guide, very informative. i do question one part however…

    “Finally, “Regen” won’t help much at level one, but you may as well get it with the stars you earn through achievements. Increasing your “Rage” time doesn’t make a lot of sense when you don’t have any Rage skills, yet. Everything else is simply too expensive if you want to be a free-to-play player.”

    maybe i just dont fully understand what the “Rage” skill does but to me it means that the your little RAGE timer last longer…which is the time you have to activate a Mega ability… but it also equals increased power while your RAGE bar is full… since you can only activate 1 Mega ability per match in the beginning of tougher fights i usually do not burn my Super Headbutt the first time i get the chance because once you use it, you no longer have a RAGE meter for that fight… meaning no more opportunities to have increased power.

    • Umar says:

      Yeah you are right but if you land a headbutt early on and then four uppercuts while the opponent is dazed from the headbutt. You get a big psychological advantage which allows you to play your natural game instead of cowering like pussy at the end tryng to preserve health

  9. VincenteLeone says:

    I been trying to buy more of the coins and i chose the one of the amount and it says Processing purchase request. Please wait. It loads like forever and nothing happens

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I haven’t tried to buy coins before. Do you get a password prompt or does it just hang? It has to connect to servers for in-app purchases, so it may be a network error.

      Sorry, but I’m not certain what would cause it. I’ve had that problem in other games, but normally it just requires waiting a bit. Worst case scenario, you may need to restart your device.

      Are you using iOS or Android?

  10. marvin says:

    i love this game in my cellphon

  11. Lucky Blog says:

    Miguel was my biggest problem, very hard to pass him… But now is Junggu, his jab really hurt.. uggh..

    Cool guide, worth read!

    • Umar says:

      When Junguu is throwing jabs just hit with an uppercut you are sure to land a critical hit and if your health and uppercut is fifteen, you are sure to outlast his jabs. Best is to evade a jab while he is at it and then throw the uppercut, the mighty luck will play out.

  12. Umar says:

    Man I totally busted my balls off. I was saving money for the body blow(Moocher player) but I clicked on training in the level upping. Most horrible thing happened. I thought to check how much it will cost so I clicked at training and instead of asking do you want to spent 40 cash or not they cut me right off of my 40 cash and now I can’t even upgrade my stupid regen… Wish there was an undo button in the game. :(

  13. Bushido says:

    For Junggu, i have a trick. I only use uppercuts to K.O. him. In this way, you must evade 1 time and then uppercut him 1 time because Junggu usually uses jabs. You need not try to evade all jabs but counterattack him by uppercut. Remember 1 evade 1 uppercut. You will find the chane to critical hit him.

    • Uppercut spam works for almost every character in the game, but Junggu can be a real pain sometimes. There are times when I have no trouble with him, and there are times when he NEARLY knocks me down.

      I’ve kind of out leveled him, now. Still never fun to have to spend 100 gold healing for a few jabs to the face.

  14. Tyrell says:

    Junggu is sooooo hard. Miguel is nothing compared to Junggu. Im lv13. Think I could get him? Idk my health isnt good enough. He’s quick and his jabs are deadly dawg

    • At the time of the writing, Junggu was MUCH easier. This guide is mostly out of date, as Junggu now has the powerful “Flicker Jab” ability that makes him really difficult to beat.

      On the plus side, the Amateur Tournament is much easier overall with Miguel removed from the proceedings at Silver and Gold.

  15. emad says:


    I am unable to find accessory tab in Costume shop yet to claim the belt. i have PH V1.0.3

  16. Rahul says:

    Is there a trick to earn freestars? Those skill upgrades and custom accessories are almost impossible to buy.

    • Aside from logging in daily and obtaining achievements, I know of no other way to get Stars except for paying.

      Admittedly, I haven’t spent a lot of time in Zombie Mode, so there may be some in there. Just like Com2uS’ HOMERUN BATTLE 2, this is a game where the most powerful characters are the ones who pay a lot of money for the privilege.

  17. eliran says:

    how can i do a “Perfect win” in the league mode?

    • Don’t get hit at all. Sounds simpler than it really is, but that’s why the reward is so big for that mission.

      I think you can block jabs and hooks, but I’m not certain. Most of the time, Perfect Wins are just good fortune.

  18. Mike says:

    Has anyone ever gotten a TKO? In amateur mode it shows up as a stat. I have been able to get a perfect game and I even ended with the headbutt and no TKO. What gives? BTW the computer players show that they have TKO’s in the start battle screen in the amateur league.

    • There are no TKO’s in the game, which was actually one of my complaints in the review of version 1.0.0 of the game. I’ve had to knock down a couple of fighters as many as five times, when a TKO should only require 3 knockdowns.

      It’s kind of disappointing, really, and a bit of a time waster to have every fight end with a ten-second count.

      At least they have voice acting now, though.

  19. Rocky says:

    The tips are very useful..!! Thanks.
    I managed to defeat Ghost Pirate.. but now I’m stuck with Muscle Rotten..
    I have Health – 30, Uppercut – 24, Hook – 22 ( Uppercut speed – lvl 7 and Hook speed – lvl 6)
    I’m still not able to beat Muscle Rotten.. I evade most of his punches and land mine but his health doesn’t decrease by much.. somehow he lands 2-3 punches and I’m down…

    Also, Brian and Yoritomo are really annoying me!!

  20. Azar says:

    Was anyone able to beat Robo?? The final guy in the list… I am stuck with him for two days :(

  21. Rafeal Pappa says:

    Junggu or what ever his name is sucks his jabs are so fast its ridiculous and miguel was tough and now i am on ghost pirate but like level thirty lol haha

    • Junggu was FAR easier, but they gave him the Flicker Jab and Elbow abilities. Combined with his insane jab power, he’s now far tougher than Miguel and most other characters you face until Ghost Pirate.

  22. LegionLEX says:

    Does anyone know what the requirement is to get S grade on defense against Ghost Pirate? I am kicking his butt on offense while he barely scratches me, but its never good enough. Strangely I’ve never seen where they decide what earns what grade on defense or offense.

    • Azar says:

      To get a S grade in defense… u sud get a perfect win which requires a lotttt of luck!

    • S grades are rewarded based upon how much health you have at the end of the fight. You can take damage, but not much.

      Raising your health may help, as Ghost Pirate’s punches will take slightly less of your bar. However, yeah, you’re going to need a lot of luck as Azar said.

  23. Azar says:

    Finally i bet Robot.. i am on level 25… with 50 on health and 35 on upper cut… 5-8 on jab/hook/mental which i never use…

    Used head butt to reduce his health considerably… and got lucky to knock him out!..
    Yay!! Arcade mode completed!

  24. Jolo says:

    How toactivate headbutt,?

  25. Jojo says:

    I cannot win pro league.. Brian and Yoritomo too difficult man.
    Also, stuck with Robo in arcade mode.

    Any tips to beat these three – Robo, Brian, Yoritomo??!

  26. Komaena says:

    I just defeat the Ghost Pirate! It was an enduring process. It might be partially due to my luck but you need some techniques to face him. So, here are my stats
    Jab – 3, Hook-6, Uppercut-30, Mental-8, Health-19 and currently at Level 18
    My uppercut speed is at Level 5 and Regen is at Level 1. For other skills, I didn’t buy anything.
    The technique is just to evade and throw him an uppercut or hook, if your hook level is high enough.
    Here, the evasion is the key process. So, I just keep evading even though he didn’t land a punch just that by chance, it is less likely to be hit by the Back Spin Blow or the Body Blow which really sucks out your health. Also, before beating him up, I spent some time with the Leagues and saved some coins. Then, upgrade my Health and the Uppercut. One thing I notice is that (I might be wrong), the higher my health stats are, the less deadly attacks that he use. I see less frequent Body Blow and Back Spin Blow. I’m not quite sure of this but then it might be that the programmers don’t want you to pass a stage without meeting some basic stats. That’s how I see. :) Hope it helps!

  27. blackhawk5 says:

    You must be ever read “STING LIKE A BEE, FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY” when playing the game.
    Its a “HINT” from the game-maker.

    make your terrible “STING” by upgrading the “STRONGEST” punch, “UPPERCUT” by:
    – use coin and level up point to upgrade “UPPERCUT”
    – buy “QUICK UPPERCUT” then upgrade to the max level, 25
    – buy “ROLLING BODY BLOW”, you don’t need to upgrade to the max.
    – save stars to buy “BEAT DOWN” and “DRAGON UPPERCUT”, (additionally)
    – when you land an “UPPERCUT”, press evade button immediately then you can do “UPPERCUT” again quickly
    – you’re a BEE.

    save some coins to buy “FEINTING”, then you’ll “FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY”.

  28. japhy says:

    does anyone know how to beat the character jangkang? i dont see any talk of him anywhere but hes one of the characters in my game. i can beat miguel but jangkang kills me every time.

  29. Jennywarts says:

    Why dont the faces show up for me?

  30. hugo says:

    Hey do you pay for the game? As in for in-game contents?

  31. Jangkang says:

    How do you beat JangKang? In the Amateur League, and I can’t beat him, and I have to face him for the finals -_-

  32. EricMcw says:

    I beat robot n completed the arcade this afternoon,health 25,uppercut 80,others 20+

  33. EricMcw says:

    I won diamond pro league too,I win all except yorimoto,he’s strongest in this game i think

    • Yorimoto and Brian are about the same, but they’re beatable. Uppercut Spam and being ready for those Body Blows are the key. You can’t let your guard down.

      Raise your health, though. Your Uppercut is far higher than mine, but I don’t have too hard a time with either of them at 35 health.

  34. Lance says:

    Is there any way to unlearn a skill or reset your stat points? I made a big mistake and bought elbow and it sucks when you already have flicker jab. I don’t want to have to start over all over again.

    • As far as I know, there is no way to unlearn or remove a skill or reset your stats aside from starting all over.

      I’ll contact my Gamevil PR rep and suggest that, though, as that’s a really good idea.

      In the meantime, why not just raise your flicker jab to higher levels to compensate? Gamevil’s giving away 210 stars via their Facebook page right now, which should at least get you a few percentage points, right?

      Also, are you a jab build character? I’m curious, as most players choose to center around Hook or Uppercut builds, how that works for you. It seems like it’d be much harder to evade punches if you’re tap spamming.

      • Lance says:

        Oh well, maybe I’ll just start over and go hook + uppercut.

        My character is based off a jab build. When I fought Junggu for the first time I thought his style was pretty cool so I tried to copy it. So far it’s been pretty effective and fun but I do wish I pumped jab a lot earlier instead of pumping hook and uppercut when I first started playing. A couple problems with my build though is lower damage output and like you said, evading punches can be harder. But sometimes you just gotta be patient instead of spamming jabs to not get hit with the straights and body blows so it takes a little longer to beat guys that using hooks and uppercuts.

        • There’s no reason to start over, though, is there? Just keep saving up and make your character more rounded as you level and such.

          My fighter is a hodgepodge that prioritizes Uppercuts (58 points), but still have a solid hook and jab (34, 29 respectively). There are some fights, still, that are great to have high jab skills. Characters that evade a lot are easier to tag with jabs when countering, so why not just keep pushing on with what you have?

        • BTW, I tweeted Gamevil about your suggestion. Here’s their reply:

          “Hi Terry. I will defintely voice your opinion and suggestions to our developers. Hopefully we can implement it for a next patch”

          So, don’t go resetting your character just yet.

  35. John says:

    Junggu is a nightmare.

  36. Joey da man says:

    God jongkang is so hard man and I wish I could reset all my stats but still have the skill point so I can build my guy a different way this sucks and I really don’t want to reset a character after all the days I’ve spent working on him.

  37. Dawn says:

    This game is pretty awesome! I really love the leagues = great way getting coins.
    The only problem in this game is that it’s kinda lying…
    I installed the game on another phone and checked the speed of the hits (hook,jab,uppercut). I noticed that while I have 6 on quick uppercut\hook, the hook\uppercut speed on my player (6 each) and on the other phone (0 each) IS THE SAME. What the hell?!?! I just waisted like 20k on these skills, and they are worthless…

    • I assure you, Dawn, it is there. While you may be right, the relative speed is the same. Thus, if you’re punching faster, so are your enemies. It’s by no means a waste.

      Additionally, the animations may not change much, but the “hit frames” do. The higher your speed, the quicker you hit and can cancel out of the punches.

      Your jab is high enough, as jabs are the least useful of the punches, but there’s no harm in raising your uppercut and hook speed further depending on the way you play.

      • Dawn says:

        Thanks for replying.
        I figured out I was wrong thanks to the monthly event.
        They put a level 25 hook speed, and I could see the difference.
        It wasn’t a waste, level 25 hook is way faster than level 6 hook.
        Thanks ;]

  38. Big Al says:

    For Janggu, the way I consistently beat him is to keep block up at all times and only dodge and counterpunch his hooks (he almost never uppercuts). This is slow, but allows me to pretty consistently beat him.

    For Yorimoto, you do the same thing, it’s just harder because his hooks are faster. I won my first pro diamond league by beating him in the finals by decision by just being patient and waiting to counterpunch his hooks.

    Brian is hard, but sometimes beatable by spamming uppercuts and then cancelling out when necessary. You can often get him to walk into uppercuts this way. If the randomizer decides that Brian is going to do four or five specials in a row, you’re just screwed.

    I’ve knocked Android down before, but still haven’t beaten him. Same with Muscle Rotten, who is a pretty similar fighter to Android.

  39. Em Em says:

    Can you help me on how to beat tiger? I can never evade his super uppercut :-(

    • Evading the Dragon Uppercut is the key to beating him. You’re evading the wrong way. The punch telegraphs backwards. The key is watching his hands. When his fist goes up to his ear, you have to weave the other direction.

      It takes practice. Always be ready to evade. Even if you weave the wrong way, it’s better than getting hit by a critical Dragon Uppercut that will likely knock you down regardless of how much health you have.

  40. Craig J says:

    Here’s a tip for you all. When in the final of a Championship fight and find yourself losing, just exit the game and then reload it, you’ll still be in the final but back to full health. :)

    • This actually works for every fight, but I didn’t want to encourage it too much.

      Also, it doesn’t put you back to full health if you weren’t already at full health going into the fight. It just resets to where it was before the fight.

  41. pro diamond league is really difficult with brian, yorimoto and android. Do you have any advice on how to beat these guys. current stats: jab, hook, upper and mental = 25 and health is 42. I have been the arcade mode, but these guys are really difficult

    • There is really no reason to have equal punch stats. Your best bet is to learn how to uppercut spam. 25 uppercut is enough to win, but there’s no reason not to go higher. Punch speed matters here, as well. Level six or seven uppercut speed should be enough to win. Always be ready to evade the hook and Brian’s rolling body blow.

  42. Azar says:

    i got a new nexus 4 and started punch hero fresh from the beginning…

    In two weeks of time, these are my stats

    Upper Cut 46
    Jab 16
    Hook 16
    (all credits to the Christmas gloves which gives +15! to each one above)
    Health 32
    Upper Cut speed – level 25 (maxed out)

    I am able to beat everyone in the game!
    Dominated every opponent in arcade mode.
    The upper cut speed really makes a great deal of difference…
    Super head butt is the only special move i have used so far…

    Next target it to generate 7Lac coins and upgrade Uppercut to about 100 :D (God mode!)

    • Azar says:

      FYI, with a level 25 upper cut speed, you can launch 5-6 attacks when the opponent is in a groggy state.
      With Beatdown and rolling body upper cut activated (need not upgrade…just activate), the combo is very deadly!

  43. jason sugiharto says:

    I beat robo at level 27 my uppercut level only 25 ,hooks 24and others below 20 it was lucky and after numerous tries

  44. phoenix poop says:

    I can’t do it guys… Just can’t beat Ghost pirate.. Been stuck with him for weeks now and i can’t beat him….. Help..?

  45. puneetsingh_13 says:

    Mental helps your attacks do more damage when your health is down I think

  46. Bryan says:

    I beat all modes and defeated android in the pro league. I recently got super armour but its only good for 5 seconds. I had to keep leveling up and it’s costly (starts at 10K and goes up by 5K every level). Up to 10 seconds now and I think 15 is max but its worth it!

  47. Well i have the fol. stats,
    Jab = 45 = Speed Lv 21
    Hook = 60 = Speed Lv 25
    Uppercut = 70 = Speed Lv 25
    Mental = 45
    Health = 60
    Regen Lv1
    Rage Lv1
    Elbow Lv10
    Straight Lv10
    Rolling Body Blow Lv10
    Back Spin Blow Lv10
    Super Headbutt Lv10
    –i know how to dodge cancel–

    –i don’t have body blow, beat down, etc–
    i cleared arcade mode, dominated/3 stars up to lee(didn’t tough arcade mode yet for the others)

    should these be enough for for yoritomo and brian(too scared to touch pro diamon but i have unlocked it)

  48. forgot to say, i can do aroun 5-7 uppercuts during enemy groggy time and my fave technique is:
    2x jab>dodge enemy’s uppercut>uppercut>Super Headbutt(then the enemy becomes groggy)>Jab spam :)

  49. Graeme Main says:

    What button operates super headbut

  50. To beat Ghost Pirate:

    block the first couple of punches he throws then left upper cut, immediately feint right then left upper cut then feint to the right again over and over … it was like he was in a trance and I beat him easily but he was always kicking my butt before I did that. Level 23 jab,hook,mental 15, health 19, uppercut 23

  51. Jopay says:

    My punch hero is quite boring already. I have a max uppercut, 47 Health, 97 Jab, 43 Hook, 88 Mental, 25 for Quick Uppercut, Elbow 25, Rolling Body Blow Lv25

  52. Jay BD says:

    I beat junggu by buying the back spin blo and now I am on
    Ghost pirate.
    My stats

    Jab 11

    Hook 14

    Uppercut 12

    Mental 12

    Health 13

  53. Daniel Solis says:

    i have a “no head glitch” how do i fix that?

  54. S123 says:

    How to defeat Muscle Rotten? My stats are low.

    • Kumaran Murugesan says:

      Muscle rotten is too fast and too strong. You can evade his hooks easily. But One punch can bring your helath down. You ll have to grind and get stronger before facing him. focus on the health and uppercut stats.

  55. JohnErikFraker says:

    Anyone played the Special Events like Back Alley King? The Super Heavy level is pretty ridiculous.

    I make it all the way through, but the Finals round is always some jerkwad (like Jockey) who can knock you out in 3 punches….seriously!

    I have 78 Uppercut, maxed Uppercut speed and 58 health and I get knocked out in 3 punches? Ridiculous.

    • Kumaran Murugesan says:

      Beating the boss in the special events almost always requires the Super Armor mega punch skill maxed out. With this skill you only have to get fully raged and then it is a walk in the park. You will just have to evade his Drunken punch.

  56. BIGWASIN says:


  57. Gay schwarzdnagger says:

    There’s easier way to beat ghost pirate.just uppercut when he’s half way weaving.i did this every time.and my uppercut almost land on his face all the time.them just use super headbutt when hp is low

  58. Ikina Flyer says:

    My uppercut is 150 now without gloves…i put gloves and its not rising…
    All stats stop at 150?no more?
    Plz reply…

    • Honestly, I haven’t a clue on the matter, but 150 seems like a pretty solid cap.

      I quit playing when GAMEVIL said there was no way to keep my character on my new phone, and I would lose my +15 gloves. Maybe someone else out there will know, though.

  59. Farhan Khairullah says:

    How to use rolling body blow (upper 20+) ,please teach me …

  60. enrique says:

    Im already arcade champion

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