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So Who Else Wants To See Wreck-It-Ralph?

Friday, June 8th, 2012 by

If this don’t make your booty move, your booty must be dead! The official trailer for Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph spins an endearing tale of an arcade game villain who abandons his own game in search of more heroic pastures. Featuring cameo appearances from Zangief, M. Bison, Dr. Robotnik, and other recognizable game characters from yesteryear, Wreck-It-Ralph just looks too good to fail. Color me pumped!

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3 Responses to “So Who Else Wants To See Wreck-It-Ralph?”

  1. Markham Asylum says:

    Holy flirking shnit. 1up!

  2. Fade to Slack says:

    Saw this over on Cartoon Brew. Didn’t realize until seeing this trailer that it was like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” for videogame characters.

    Hearing Kenneth from 30 Rock try to speak to Q-bert made my day. Color me intrigued.

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