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Velocity: All Cheat Codes and Hidden Goodies Revealed

Saturday, June 9th, 2012 by

velocity psp all cheat codes

Ah, faithful Delta Attack readers, I’m so glad to see your eager faces again. I was taking my Quarp Jet out for a spin when I saw that my trajectory was taking me right into the path of an asteroid belt. I frantically warped many times, trying to avoid them, but eventually was pinned. My only option was to do a long-warp back to the telepod I had dropped a dozen clicks back.

I released a quick breath as I jumped back to the safety of open space. Just then, my Quarp Jet picked up on a mammoth object that was heading for me with incredible speed. My ship calculated a warp through the immense obstacle, which I engaged with little time to spare.

On the other side, I could see that it was a large chunk of the space station I had left not long ago. Looking in my array of monitors, it became apparent that the entire station had become a debris field. I shot forward like a fabled valkyrie of ancient lore, not wishing to get caught up in yet another cluster of potentially life-ending junk.

I had written the former station off when I saw an escape pod on my 6. I quickly tethered and taxied it to the nearest clear zone, several hundred clicks starboard of my prior coordinates and bearing.

On board was one lone survivor. A recognized him as an engineer, though I did not know his name. I could tell by his outfit’s decorations that he was high-ranking, probably part of the Research and Prototype arm of the Quarp Jet Engineer Corp. He was injured badly.

I grabbed the first-aid nanobot deployer off the wall of the pod, but when I turned to use it, he had passed. I closed his eyes and murmured a wish for good travels as his energy set off to explore the universe.

Clutched in his hands was a folder marked “TOP SECRET: QUARP JET AUGMENTATIONS”. I opened it and found a relic from the past: an address to an old-style internet destination. It included access credentials, and directed me where to go on the site to find information that would allow me to unlock myriad upgrades and bonuses for my Quarp Jet. I took the folder, returned to my vessel, and set the pod free to wander in space.

My curiosity jumping like solar flares, I used my Quarp Jet’s computer to access the archaic “website”. Here for you, dear friends, is the extensive collection of Cheat Codes, Extras, Easter Eggs, and Experimental augmentations I found therein:


In the Flight Computer, go to the calculator and enter the following:

19741974 + N = Turn on trophy N (0 to 140)
20112011 + N = Turn off trophy N (0 to 140)
14251425 + 15 = Maximum XP (all levels unlocked)
753159 + 79 = All trophies collected.
71435 + 75 = Start game with 20 lives
666 / 1981 = Clear status, clear levels, clear XP: reset player data.
99999999 = Reset menu colours to blue
99999998 = Set menu colours and in-game HUD to orange
99999997 = Set menu colours to red
99999996 = Set menu colours to yellow
99999995 = Set menu colours to purple
99999994 = Set menu colours to green
12345678 = Points rise from each killed target
87654321 = Bullet highlights


Minesweeper: Available from the start of the game in Flight Computer. Unlocks a trophy if completed.

Calculator: Functioning integer calculator, available from the start of the game in Flight Computer. Used to enter cheats.

Concept Art: Available on completion of game in Flight Computer.

Missions: Set of 14 VR missions, available in Flight Computer. Unlocked with pickups found during main game zones.

Trophies: 140 trophies, available to collect throughout the game. Viewable from the Flight Computer.

Enemies: Stats on enemies encountered throughout the game. Available from the start of the game in Flight Computer.


Smith’s Challenge: Game similar to Thrust. Dedicated to Jeremy Smith who created Thrust and Exile – the first games to feature full Newtonian physics – killed in a motorbike accident in the early 90s at a young age. The game is unlocked with a Trophy collectable. The game is one of the Flight Computer – Missions. The game has 10 levels, and unlocks two trophies, based on difficulty. The player may jump to any level reached or set difficulty level at start of game.

Crab Nebula: 7 levels of mazes from Coconut Dodge, unlocked with a Trophy collectable, located in a level to be chosen by the level designers. The game is one of the Flight Computer – Missions. A trophy is awarded for completion.

Reaction Training: As above, a trophy collectable, which unlocks a mission in the Flight Computer. A clone of Snake, which unlocks a trophy on completion.

Invaders: Unlocked by going to the Flight Computer -> Enemies -> Predator and holding down left trigger. Finding this secret gives the player Unknown 2 Trophy. Completing all four levels gives the player a further trophy. The game itself is added to the Flight Computer.

Memory game: 2 Player pelmanism game. (tile matching). Unlocked by going to Zone 40 on the level select screen and holding down both triggers. Available from the Flight Computer. Finding this Easter egg adds a trophy. (Unknown Trophy 4)

Credits shoot-em-up: Available from the credits screen. Clearing all letters will gain a trophy (when the credits have been set in stone). Getting 105000 points gives the player 15 xp and another trophy.

Trail type: Holding down both triggers on the Options screen creates a new option allowing the player to select the way the ship’s trail is drawn. Other graphical effects tied to the choice, such as old style teleport graphic and sideways explosions may be turned on for trail values > 0. This secret unlocks a trophy.

Map Preview: Tapping triangle on level select screen drops down a mini map of the start of the level.

Blur mode: Activated by using the old coconut dodge cheat, in case anybody is cunning enough to try entering it.

Menu Polygons: Spinning polygons in various menu screens, where appropriate. Activated by clicking top left corner, top right corner, bottom right corner, bottom left corner of Minesweeper game, without hitting a bomb, while holding left trigger.

Bomb game: 2 player bomb game. Player 1 uses dpad and left trigger. Player 2 uses circle/square/x/triangle like a dpad, and right trigger. Try to destroy the other player. The game contains bomb length and number of bombs powerups. Activated by going to the title screen (John’s space scene) and tapping Left shoulder *3, right shoulder *3, left *3, up * 3, right * 3, down * 3, left shoulder *3, right shoulder * 3.

Alternative menu music: Load the old menu music by going to the options screen and tapping out the above sequence (LS, LS, LS, RS, RS, RS, L, L, L, U, U, U, R, R, R, D, D, D, LS, LS, LS, RS, RS, RS). Can be switched back by repeating the sequence. Stores your preference in the save file.

Drones: Spinning drone code still sitting in game doing nothing. To switch them at the start of every round enter 12345678, then the minus sign, then 1, then the equals sign in the calculator. Enter 12345678-0= to switch them off.

Robin SFX: Made by Robin, using the power of his mouth. To switch them on enter 99909110, then the minus sign, then 1, then the equals sign in the calculator. Enter 99909110-0= to switch back to the original sfx.


TV Lines: Hold square, tap select when viewing trophy 5.

Electricity Laser Grids: Hold square, tap select when viewing trophy 10.

Collision Markers: Hold r, tap bottom left corner of minesweeper, bottom right, top right, top left without triggering a mine, while holding right trigger.

OS background: Click on OS title to change background.

OS clock: Click on OS time.

Corner flashes: Hold square, tap select when viewing Hit And Run trophy. Flashes the corners in response to pickups, weapons, survivors, and when time is running out.

Retro World: Hold triangle, tap L 10 times on trophy 38 (ELITE) – redraws the entire landscape using an experimental poly plotter. The calculator cheats that change the interface colours work on this mode too, yellow especially well.

Animated OS folders: To use the old OS icons, hold down right on the analogue pad and triangle, for 10 seconds. To revert hold down analogue left and triangle for 10 seconds.

Health Bar: The player can bring up a health bar by holding down square and triangle for five seconds in the radar map. Dismissed the same way.


If you’d like to explore the website yourself, feel free:

Username: guest
Password: 59507

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