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Dungeon Village Strategy Guide: Tips & Tricks

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 by

Let me get this out of the way. This guide is very much a work-in-progress.

Dungeon Village is surprisingly deep little gem. The game is split into resource and character management like all of their “Story” games before it, but it adds another layer with RPG-elements. This complicates things for both the player and the idiot who decides to make a guide.

Basic Strategies

Gimme the loot!

Don’t forget to equip your characters with any treasure you might find. If you have the gold to give your characters top-of-the-line gear, do so. If not, fully equip one or two of your strongest characters (early on, these will be the stronger melee classes, such as Warrior or Mercenary) and raise their work values as high as you can afford through presents.

Characters with high work values are more likely to volunteer. If they don’t volunteer, pay to add them to your quest. These characters will work as tanks to help you through quests as you gather equipment.

Property Value is all about location

The eight tiles adjacent to a building effect the building’s value, quality, and appeal. For instance, a bakery surrounded by regular houses is less appealing and generates less revenue than a bakery next to an ice cream shop with flowers decorating the sides. Knowing this, we’ll use it to our advantage.

Prioritize your Inn

Early on, your primary source of income will be through adventurers who stay in your inn. While you can improve most of your businesses, there’s no guarantee that your adventurer will visit them. They are bound to heal up at your inn, though.

The sooner you get your inn to 900G per visit, the better off you’ll be as you’ll generate enough revenue to properly equip and upgrade your adventurers. After that, you can focus on adding to its appeal or quality, but I don’t think it’s particularly important.

There are numerous ways to increase a properties value. As stated before, you can surround your building with businesses and decorations that will affect a business’ value, quality, and/or appeal. As soon as you have enough Town Points to purchase Narcissus flowers from the Shop, do so. Each Narcissus flower adds 50G and 10 Quality to the businesses around them. At 600G (50G less for each “Farmer” class character in your town), they pay for themselves quickly. If you were to surround an inn with 5 Narcissus flowers (assuming the three tiles in front of it are paths), it would cost 3,000G and add 250G to each adventurer’s stay at the inn. That’s an investment that pays off in no time flat.

This is priority number one right here. Focus on it early on.

Alternatively, you could always use consumable items to improve the value of your businesses. If you add some Fresh Milk to your inn (as seen above), it will increase the inn’s value and quality. Each consumable has a different effect. Moreover, some items are better suited for upgrading than others. For instance, Fresh Milk is only “Good” at upgrading your inn. It is, however, “Great” when used to upgrade your Bakery or Ice Cream Shop.

Items that are “Great” at upgrading will have an increased value. Items that are “Good” have your standard value. Items that are “Not Bad” are actually quite bad and have a decreased value.

Your Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, and Accessory Shop prices are unaffected by location and decoration just like your town residents’ houses. Aside from adding appeal to surrounding houses, these shops can be placed pretty much anywhere and manage to be worthless.

You can relocate items for 300G in the “Build” menu after your town gains one-star.

Consumable Effects

Each consumable item can be used in three different ways: Adventurers, Facilities, Cauldron

On Adventurers and Facilities


Present = Given as a Present, Used on an Adventurer
FVa = Facility Value Bonus, Used on a Facility
FQu = Facility Quality Bonus, Used on a Facility
FAp = Facility Appeal Bonus, Used on a Facility

Item NamePresentFVaFQuFAp
Snow Potatomax HP up+
Fresh Milkmax HP up++
Giant Melonmax HP up++++++
Fancy HamSTR increase++
MeatballsSTR increase++++
Marbled SteakSTR increase+++++
Real CheeseDEX increase++
Choice HerringDEX increase++++
Fresh TunaDEX increase++++
Iron PipeTGH increase+++
Cheap BraTGH increase++++
MeteoriteTGH increase++++++
BeehiveSPRT increase++
Bat WingSPRT increase++
Magic LampSPRT increase+++++
ChampagneLuck increase++++++
Light DiamondLuck increase+++++++
Angel CrystalLuck increase++++++++
Fluffy Blanket+Satisfaction++
Sleepy Pillow+Satisfaction++
Chocolate Bar+Satisfaction/Work+++
Party Pinata+Satisfaction/Work++++
Fancy MelonHigh Value++++++
Master ViolinHigh Value+++++++
Gold BarHigh Value+++
Stuffed ToyNone (S/W bonus)+++++
Nata de CocoNone (S/W bonus)++++
Stuffed ToyNone (S/W bonus)+++++
Old SpellbookNone (S/W bonus)++++++
Ancient BookNone (S/W bonus)+++++++
SalveHeal 50 HP+
Powerful SalveHeal 200 HP++
Ultimate SalveHeal 1000 HP+++
Fire SpellbookLearn 'Fire'++
Ice SpellbookLearn 'Ice'++
Lightning SpellbookLearn 'Lightning'++
Healing SpellbookLearn 'Heal'++

In the Cauldron


Fire = Fire Points
Ice = Ice Points
Light = Lightning Points
Dragon = Dragon (or Dark) Points

Item NameFireIceLightDragon
Snow Potato+2
Fresh Milk4
Giant Melon+7
Fancy Ham+2
Marbled Steak+5
Real Cheese+3
Choice Herring+2+5+3
Fresh Tuna+8+1
Iron Pipe+1
Cheap Bra+1+2+1+1
Bat Wing+6+7+6+1
Magic Lamp+9+10+9+1
Light Diamond+4+5+3+1
Angel Crystal+8+8+9+1
Fluffy Blanket+2+1
Sleepy Pillow+3
Chocolate Bar+3+6+5+1
Party Pinata+5+5
Fancy Melon+7+7+7+1
Master Violin+5+6+5
Gold Bar+4+4+3+1
Nata de Coco+9+10+11+1
Stuffed Toy+14+13+13+1
Old Spellbook+14+15+14+2
Ancient Book+16+16+14+3
Powerful Salve+1+3+3
Ultimate Salve+4+2+3
Fire Spellbook+10
Ice Spellbook+10
Lightning Spellbook+10
Healing Spellbook+3+3+3+1

Satisfaction and Work

While I’m uncertain what the Satisfaction stat does in particular (though it may be tied to an adventurer wanting to move into your village), raising an adventurer’s Work rating yields a 10% stat boost. A 20 Work rating means your character will see a 20% boost to all attributes, 30 Work gets 30%, and so forth.

At the end of every in-game year, you are given the chance to distribute awards to your villagers. Each awarded medal rewards an adventurer with a +10 Satisfaction and +10 Work bonus. Keep in mind, these medals are later used to change your adventurer’s job, so try to distribute them as evenly as possible. Never give a character more than five. You can see how many medals your citizens have by scrolling to screen 3/3 from the award ceremony menu.

Your adventurers will gain Satisfaction and/or Work points whenever you give them a present. If you’re looking to raise a new character’s Satisfaction and Work level quickly, you can give them some low-stat equipment as fodder. You can do this for all four equipment slots. Even cheap equipment appears more likely to raise a character’s Work rate than the 1,000G you would spend for the one Work point that comes from a Chocolate Bar.

Additionally, adventurers will want to move to your town. Once they move in, they’ll get 5 Satisfaction and 15 Work points.  They’ll also give you an item or building in return, though I’m not certain if these are tied to the character or the number of town residents. For instance, I just received the “Magic Lab” when Seffy Roth joined my town. I don’t know if that’s because Seffy Roth joined or because he’s the fifteenth resident in Adventure Town.


Popularity triggers events in the game, such as when a character comes to your village or when a new town event is unlocked.

Popularity can be gained by performing town events, using consumable items in any way, and completing quests. While someone in the comments sections stated that you should always be doing quests, I beg to differ. You gain more town points, gold, and experience outside of quests. Do quests, but don’t feel the need to constantly do one after another, especially if you don’t have a lot of gold to go around.

Events trigger once your Popularity Gauge is full, which is every 100 points. If a multiple of 100 is not listed below, that means the event is a simple “Medal” and fairly unimportant.

Popularity Triggers (incomplete, currently working on it)

100 – Your Adventurer Comes to Town
200 – “Marathon” Town Event Unlocks
300 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Also Upgrade Town requirement)
500 – An Adventurer Comes to Town
600 – “BBQ Contest” Town Event Unlocks
700 – An Adventurer Comes to Town
800 – “Joint Training” Town Event Unlocks (Also Upgrade Town requirement)
900 – An Adventurer Comes to Town
1000 – “Expand Town 1″ Town Event Unlocks
1100 – “Melon Eating Contest” Town Event Unlocks
1300 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Harry Gorn for me)
1500 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Angie Jelly for me)
1700 – “Melee Training” Town Event Unlocks
1800 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Bamza Reoulv for me)
2000 – “Meteor Viewing” Town Event Unlocks
2100 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Jill Nabath for me)
2400 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Seffy Roth for me)
2500 – “Concert” Town Event Unlocks
2600 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Stumblemore for me)
2800 – “Stew Party” Town Event Unlocks
2900 – “Cake Contest” Town Event Unlocks
3000 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Frod Bigguns for me)
3200 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Masque Mann for me)
3300 – “Magic Theory 1″ Town Event Unlocks
3400 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Chung LaiLai for me)
3600 – “Athletic Meet” Town Event Unlocks
3700 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (May Akiba for me)
3900 – “Weapons Lecture” Town Event Unlocks
4000 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Flippin Book for me)
4200 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Book Shields for me)
4300 – “Sea Training” Town Event Unlocks
4500 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Voldy Moore for me)
4800 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Harly Potler for me)
4900 – “Casino Party” Town Event Unlocks
5000 – An Adventurer Comes to Town (Max Spellman for me)
5300 – The King Comes to Town
5700 – The Princess Comes to Town

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Miscellaneous Notes:


Up to four events can be held in a season (scratch that, I just had five… it may be tied to your village rating).

There are a variety of events that raise your adventurers’ stats or your town’s popularity. You’re going to want to hold many “Marathon” events and those of the same ilk that give your characters permanent stat boosts.

You can likely ignore the satisfaction and popularity events.

Change Jobs

Each character has a basic job class. If you raise your character to level 10, you will receive a permanent stat increase. Additionally, if the job class is not yet unlocked, it will be unlocked for all other adventurers. So, if May Le Tigre comes to your town and you master his Archer job, all other characters will be able to become archers and May Le Tigre will receive a permanent 20 DEX increase that carries over to other job classes.

You can, however, change your class at any time. To change character class, go to “Info > Adventurers” and select the character you want to change jobs. Then scroll down one tick and the “Change Jobs” option will show up.

Three Star Promotion

Getting the three star promotion awards you with the “School” facility. Also, you are able to purchase the “Stew Shop,” “BBQ Shop,” “General Store,” “Fireworks Shop,” and “Cosmos” flowers for Town Points. The three star rating takes a long time to get unless you are good at manipulating your numbers. I wasn’t and didn’t receive the three star promotion until the Winter of Year 7.

Additionally, the Cheap Bra and Party Pinata items show up for sale in the Shop.

Four Star Promotion

I actually got this the very next month after receiving the Three Star promotion. The “Sideshow,”  “Casino,” “Museum,” and “Cacao Tree” are all available to purchase for Town Points.

I also received the “Expand Town 2″ event for 200 Town Points.

Giant Melon, Fresh Tuna, Nata de Coco, Fancy Melon, and Stuffed Toy become available for purchase in the shop.

Also note, your Five-Star requirements don’t include a specific number of facilities. Feel free to remove any building that underperformed and/or provides a lesser statistical boost, such as your cafe or bakery. The number of facilities in your town does count towards your final score, though, and by this point money isn’t a big deal.

Five Star Promotion

Building a five-star town will reward you with the Kairobot and Princess Prin job classes (game-breaking stats for any character with five medals) right off the bat.

You’ll be able to purchase the Marbled Steak, Ultimate Salve, and Old Spellbook from the shop after its first restock.

Congratulations. Your town rules. Now power up your characters and give those monsters hell.

Job Mastery Bonuses

Mastering a job gives a character a permanent stat boost or magic spell that carries across other jobs. They aren’t necessary, but it can make starter classes slightly more useful.

Adventurer: 20 HP
Farmer: 20 DEX
Carpenter: 20 STR
Merchant: 20 DEX
Warrior: 20 STR
Mage: “Fire Spell” learned
Monk: “Healing Magic” learned
Archer: 20 DEX
Knight: 20 TGH
Cook: 20 SPRT
Ninja: “Ice Magic” learned
Bard: 20 SPRT
Kung Fu Master: 20 STR
Black Marketer: 30 DEX
Mercenary: 30 STR
Wrestler: 30 HP
Hero: 30 STR
Wizard: “Lightning Magic” learned
King: 30 Luck
Princess: 30 Luck
Kairobot: 30 Luck
Princess Prin: 30 Luck

Your best bet to stay ahead of the monsters is to use the Cauldron.

Cauldron Knowledge Unlock Requirement List:
Dewdrop Pendent, 0 Knowledge
Lightning Pendent, 0 Knowledge
Fire Axe, 0 Knowledge
Magic Hat, 0 Knowledge
Lucky Circlet, 0 Knowledge
Salve, 10 Knowledge
Ice Sword, 11-14 Knowledge
Fire Spellbook, 15 Knowledge
Cursed Hat, 21-23 Knowledge
Master Violin, 30 Knowledge
Powerful Salve, 30 Knowledge
Ice Spellbook, 30 Knowledge
Ice Arrow, 30 Knowledge
Witch’s House, 30 Knowledge
Healing Spellbook, 33-35 Knowledge
Magic Lance, 36 Knowledge
Ice Lance, 36 Knowledge
Fortuneteller, 41-43 Knowledge
Golden Counter, 44-47 Knowledge
Goddess Shield, 44-47 Knowledge
Sacred Tree, 44-47 Knowledge
Meteorite, 48 Knowledge
Lightning Spellbook, 50 Knowledge
Marbled Steak, 60 Knowledge
Lightning Spear, 60 Knowledge
Snow Pendant, 60 Knowledge
Fire Pendant, 60 Knowledge
Haunted House, 60 Knowledge
Gold Bar, 66 Knowledge
Angel Crystal, 72 Knowledge
Ultimate Salve: 90 Knowledge
Fiery Rod: 90 Knowledge
Hero Armor: 90 Knowledge
Hero Crown: 90 Knowledge
Hero Shield: 90 Knowledge
Fire Arrow: 120 Knowledge
Hero Armlet: 120 Knowledge
Demon Axe: 150 Knowledge

About the Author

Fade to Slack is a founding member of Delta Attack, an American expatriate in South Korea, and a true believer in the legitimacy of mobile gaming. Keep up with him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Fade2Slack so he can justify having a Twitter account.

Fade to Slack has written 352 posts on Delta Attack

52 Responses to “Dungeon Village Strategy Guide: Tips & Tricks”

  1. Burak says:

    I don’t recall what the trigger was but at some point in the game when ever I got a full bar of popularity I received a medal. You can double check this by using 5 popularity events one after another and also you could give presents to your “subjects” which also earns you population.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I’ve noticed the same, but have yet to figure out when exactly it occurs. My guess is that it triggers directly after any multiple of 100 that doesn’t trigger another character, but I’m not certain.

      I’m going to play through this three times to see what I can find out. A lot of the information I have here, such as the Cauldron Knowledge and Star promotions at the bottom, I only started paying attention to once I realized other people might be curious about them.

      But I’ll keep an eye on it and see if I can figure it out. I know popularity also goes up when you build buildings and use items on buildings, aside from the obvious ones like popularity events and quest completions.

      • Sol Opacus says:

        afaik: Popularity unlocks new characters and events, as well as rewarding medals and possibly progressing missions. (not 100% sure on the latter, may have more to do with missions completed and total adventurer level) I don’t believe there are any significant rewards after you get the princess, but I could be mistaken. You also gain pop by rewarding heroes, in addition to the ways you mentioned. Hope that helps/isn’t redundant with info you already know.

  2. owen says:

    clearing few things up…
    every time you get another 100 pop. you get either: a medal, a new event, a new person visiting or a new facility. Pop. is also used for leveling up.

    Satisfaction is directly related to wanting to move in. Each charatcer needs x satisfacton before he decides he wants to move in.

    Get income for 3-star rating by blocking up exits. I got to 4 star by yr 5 this way.

    giving presents increases pop, character stats, and helps them want to move in. a good investement- dont just have money sitting aroung doing nothing

    ALWAYS be doing some kind of quest if u can afford

    as said^, level up inn and use items on it first, b4 other buildings.

    Change jobs when they master them

    Hope those tips help.

  3. Will says:

    Jumping in, I have played through the game twice now.

    Quests, especially the ones that ask you to kill a group of monsters, were key to me on my second play through since I was trying to unlock as many classes as I could for round 3. I was able to master pretty much everything except Black Marketer, King, and Princess. I did not make it to 5 stars on either play through (could not get the 70k income, most I got was just over 60k one time). This time around I am going to focus more on the design of my town to work on income and go for that 5th star.

    Play through the 2nd time, I ended up getting a lot of town popularity (ended around 8500). After a certain point, you stop getting new adventurers and events and just get a medal every 100 pop. I was having years where I was handing out 10-12 medals, allowing me to advance my adventurers pretty quickly. I was specifically dumping town points into events that raised pop when I could (after I had bought all the buildings that I could from the Store). Higher thresholds of pop could unlock other things, but maybe it requires a 5 star rating which I never achieved.

    The cauldron does not seem terribly important. I unlocked everything the first play through, and I don’t think its worth dumping into after you have unlocked all the “hero” level gear (around 100 or 110 knowledge I think). The Axe at 150 is pretty good, but you get the Great Sword from having the king move in to your town and that is pretty powerful (don’t know the stat comparison, maybe I am way off).

  4. Da Tara says:

    I managed to get the king and the princess before having a 5 star town.

  5. Kaos says:

    After 5 play throughs I’ve always reached 5star fairly easy. For high income make sure the only quests you do are just monster mobs. Exploration takes too long and keeps too many ppl away not spending money. Also if you focus on your first 3 or 4 people’s stats (I go with attack, health and Dex) and make sure those ppl are always in the groups, then you will take out 3-5 monsters every gimme they swing a weapon. Of course I outfit everyone with the best equipment to give me an advantage as well. With this strategy I’ve maxed all classes and and finished with 12 maxed kairobots not to mention 5 star rating and an average of 150k+ monthly income

  6. Dennoo says:

    Am playing for the second time now and I see that many of the mid range classes are allready available for me, such as mercenary and cook, even though I haven’t cleared it yet with any hero.

    The higher ones however are not yet available such as hero, ninja and wizard. How come? Any ideas?

    • The jobs are tied to the characters. All the characters that come to town are actually random, aside from the character you named (100 Pop), the King (5300 Pop), and the Princess (5700 Pop).

      I’ve kind of been slacking on updating the guide, but there’s a lot of things going on in Dungeon Village. It, like every Kairosoft game, can be a bit overwhelming.

  7. Dabo says:

    I can’t get enough money for myself because each month my maintenance fee is eating my income. How can I lessen it or earn more? What does it mean by closing the town?

    • Exploration quests are great for earning gear, but awful for earning cash. If you can afford to buy items for your buildings, do so as it pays dividends in the long run.

      Blocking up the exits means that you have buildings in the way of the town gate so that villagers cannot leave, as they tend to go out at random points. With nowhere to go, they stay in town and heal in the inn. This will raise your earnings, though I haven’t done it, personally.

  8. RagnarokSGO says:

    I’m liking this game very much!!!
    But I haven’t been able to found one thing: How do you give the medals to the adventurers?

    I’ve been checking everywhere but I can’t find the option.
    Can you tell me how does this system works?


  9. Marco says:

    I have a tip, once you get like 6 people on your list and can by a 2 by 1 building, block off the north exit to town with the 2 by 1 building while majority or all are in town and they wont leave, causing them to use the inn and stores endlessly racking up cash to buy useful things.

  10. 3phemeralmix says:

    I was actually able to get the 5-star fairly easily by using the cauldron. I would only use items like Magic Lamp, Teddy Bear, Angel Crystal, Fancy Melon, Chocolate, and Bat Wing. Once I got enough points to pick up the Sacred Tree, I placed as many as I could realistically while still having space for all the residents.

    Champagne was really good at increasing house prices, but it’s not always consistent, as for some facilities it did very moderately. Other good items for facilities are Meatballs, Giant Melon, Marbled Steak, Cheap Bra, and Light Diamond.

    Non-dungeon quests are excellent (I didn’t try that, though), as defeating “big bads” will always result in tons of cash and lots of Town Points.

    Characters are tied to specific gifts, so try to build the Castle facility as quickly as possible because it’s the largest income-earner you’ll get 4500.

    I was only able to master one class, Mage. Might have been a mistake to make everyone a mage as soon as I could, but I equipped them all with Heal and figured it would help them in the long run.

    Never tried blocking the entrance, but I’ll try and see if that has any major effect (sounds like an excellent idea, though).

    Downside when they tallied my total is that after I unlocked everything before the 16th fiscal year deadline (march), I realized I slacked behind on level mastery, total work, and number of quests completed.

  11. 3phemeralmix says:

    Also, Armor, Weapon, and Accessory facilities absolutely worthless and no adventurer ever bother to visit other than to pick up a very cheap item (and even if, it was very rare). My first playthrough, I figured the reason why they never made money was because I gifted all of my adventurers the best items, so second playthrough I didn’t gift them anything. It didn’t make one bit of difference, so I’d destroy those as soon as I could for some valuable real estate.

    • I’d say keep those facilities until your town becomes Three Star, and then you can axe them. However, they also are factored into your end score, so if you have the room, there’s no sense in tearing them down.

      • Burningfly says:

        They only buy what they have equipped, so if you have everyone owning really high level stuff, they buy that.
        One tactic is to only have those stores (Armor, Weapon, and Accessorys) as they will continuously visit them, buying the expensive equipment each time.

  12. 3phemeralmix says:

    One last thing –

    the only other two event trggers are at 5000 and 10000 popularity. You don’t receive anything for it, though, just a newsletter story. Another even trigger is 20 year.

    Not sure if there’s anything else afterward, though. I’m currently at 13k pop.

  13. SapphireLucario says:

    Get this,I’m only 4 star, and the king came, my popularity was 5314! The guide said 5 stars though, that needs to be fixed,not to be rude.

    • I was working on that. Someone in the comments stated that the King comes at 5300 popularity and the princess at 5700 popularity. I wanted to verify first and then edit the tips, as I just started playing it again to update the information.

      Thanks for the comment, though. I didn’t update this guide for many months.

  14. LNO says:

    Am i doing extremely well?

    Its my third try and atm its year 12.
    I got all the best equipment, everyone has moved in, 7300 pop, almost every building twice, looking like a real town, a couple of 5 medal units.
    Im never out of gold, constantly having about 100.000 to 300.000. Some of my ppl got several masteries (those 5 medal units got 3 each and are maxing the 5 medal job atm)

    • If that is your first playthrough, then I’d say you’re doing very well, indeed.

      The Kairobot and Princess Prin jobs kind of break the game for players, though, as they’re pretty overpowered. Still, kudos, for kicking Dungeon Village’s butt.

      • LNO says:

        Overpowered? :D My kairobot lvl 6 got
        HP 3265
        Attack 1734
        Defende 1353
        magic 600

        but no, third try. First ended up in negative funds almost throughout the game, second went better but at year 7 the quests just killed all my guys. And this third one was amazing, reaching the 4 star in 5th year. However, i do owe alot of that to this guide, helped me quite alot

  15. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know when you get another expand kingdom? i only recived one and im on yr 30 with 13k pop.

  16. Player911 says:

    I’m having some difficulty reaching the required income level to advanced to the next star. I’m 4-Star now. My income now is about 52,000ish. The money makers are the Inns and the Combat/Archer schools. I have a ton of duplicates of those. Nothing else really seems to make any good cash. I tried closing the exits, but the people start freaking out saying, “I want to go home” or something. They just freeze in their tracks after a few minutes and stop participating in anything. So blocking the entrance is a bad idea. I have 15 houses out of 23 visitors.

    Seems like I’m missing something.

    If you start getting your butt kicked around Level 3, start equipping your adventures with better items. Also DO THE EVENTS that boost their strengths and health! The others are useless. Most of the stuff in this game is fluff that you don’t need/want. Stick with the basics and use the events wisely.

    • perry says:

      you got to wait till most of your people in the town before you close your exit. if you leave people out. they will freak out. but if that’s like only a few of them vs most of them sit in town and keep spending money. that’s a pretty good sacrafice. A good timing would be at the end of a hash battle (like those dragon boss)and everyone is heading to town

  17. Donna says:

    Can I clear slots? I want to start a new village.

  18. Chris says:

    Hey how do you unlock the castle? Who or what gives you the ability to build it? I completed 5 star in 15 years and never had the ability to build the castle. Much thanks.

    • Koni says:

      Once you have 25 residents you get the castle unlocked (25 is the max number of people who will move into your village)

  19. dali boo says:

    The castle becomes available once Princess asks you to build her a house. I’ve played a few times and it’s always been the same. Doesn’t seem to be influenced by anything else.

  20. Jaden says:

    I am at 4 Stars, have 1,000,000+ gold, on year 14 and have 18 adventurers. Why isn’t my armor shop, weapon shop and accessory shop getting any profit?

    • Those shops sell at a flat rate. They seldom, if ever, provide a profit. The only reason to keep them after you obtain 4 stars is because buildings are factored into your “Final Score” when you finish your 20 year run.

  21. Jon Rosen says:

    here’s my question:
    due to being a bit over-eager with stat-boosting events, I had 3 chars complete their max level in ‘job’. and I could not make them change-job. Is there any way to do that later on, or are they then permanently stuck?

    • You can change their jobs as many times as you want so long as you have enough town points. It’s actually highly recommended, as they get permanent stat boosts for the more jobs that they master.

      • Christoph Helms says:

        … to do so just click on a character running around in the field and scroll down (there is a scrolling bar on the right side that isn’t very visible)
        on the first page there is the “presents” button and if i recall correctly on the third page you’ll find the “change job” button
        It took me up to year 8 to figure this one out :)

  22. KACSales says:

    I’ve started my second town here, and at 45 years finally got that final star. :P I ADORE These games and have played and bought several of them [game dev, mall, and clothier, plus dungeon village] and want to try out Edo town next. Simple, but enjoyable.

  23. LicoriceAllsort says:

    Shop appeal increases the likelihood that a character will visit a shop. More visits = more money, so it’s important to increase appeal to make a shop profitable in the long run. Shop quality affects the likelihood that a character will receive a stat benefit from visiting a shop, so having high-quality shops will improve your characters over time. (Select a shop to view its potential character stat benefits, listed just under Price, Quality, and Appeal stats.) Using items on one shop improves the base price, quality, and appeal of all shops of the same type, so it can be economical to invest in a select number of shop types and build up their stats over time, rather than having 1 shop of each variety. Annual profit/loss of all shops can be found in Info > Town Info > Facility Stats, but it resets to zero at the start of each year. Or you can view profit/loss of individual shops by selecting them. There’s no need to block the entrance to get a lot of money from a shop–inns and, later, castles, can make as much as $60k per year if placed near the north or south entrances where there’s lots of traffic. Earlier in the game, schools and circuses can bring in around $20k/yr each when their price, appeal, and quality stats are near max.

  24. rickg73 says:

    Can anyone confirm or deny that a Fire Arrow in the hands of an archer is any more or less effective than a Demon Axe in the same archer’s hands? Not those items specifically, but generally, are the weapons more effective in the class they are most typically associated with? ie Axe for Warrior, staff for Mage…

    • I can state unequivocally that archers benefit from bows because of their low defense. They stay out of the scrum most of the time and ping the enemy with ranged attacks.

      Same goes for Mages, Clowns, and the like.

      I don’t recall there being an attack benefit, though.

  25. Joseph V. Pierone says:

    I’ve played the game a few times now and came to these conclusions.
    1. The weapon, armor, and accessory shops aren’t worth keeping for one week. The money you lose on maintenance outweighs the gains from other shops and the few purchases people make there.
    2. Some shops will never make you much money. I’ve had multiple shops maxed out on all stats that never earned.
    3. Except for going up rank: never have more than 1 shop per adventurer. There are only so many purchases your guys make at a time, and anymore than a 1 to 1 ratio will leave you with shops that just drain your money.
    4. Have 2 or 3 schools, circuses, and castles. They are popular shops worth lots of money. By year 10, they made up 80% of my income.
    5. At max, you should have like 15 shops. Most shops will actually cost you money, even with max stats.
    6. For end game, consider switching Adventurer jobs when they reach lvl 5-7 in the job. This will maximize the total adventurer level of all adventurers during the end game point calculation because it takes as much experience to go from level 7-8 as it does to go from 1-5
    7. Use all your events every 3 months for end game points. You can do this by doing the cheapest popularity events. Also purchase every item as the shop restocks. If you can’t, never let any stock item stay at x4 or you are losing out on potential purchases later.
    8. To increase income for rank reasons, do no dungeon quests and remove any profitless shops. This can make a HUGE difference.
    9. Kill monster quests are to level weak chars, dungeons are to find new equipment. Always use 9 chars for monster quests and use as few as is necessary for dungeons. In the end though, the caldron will be how you get the best gear.
    10. Skip using Skill points on most all flowers except the Narcissus and sacred tree. Similarly don’t buy shops unless you’re ready to use it. Make sure to get all shops and flowers available by the end game for point calculation.
    11. Finally, use all money to upgrade equipment and purchase all items. Money doesn’t add to end game point calculation.
    Good luck Adventurers

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