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Happy Street: Tips & Tricks for the Flooz Free

Sunday, August 5th, 2012 by

Godzilab’s latest game, Happy Street, is a solid little free-to-play that feels like a Tiny Tower wrapped in an Animal Crossing aesthetic. It’s a lot of fun, but like all free-to-play, requires either a lot of your time or a lot of your money to get ahead.

Here are some things to note for players who are just getting started. You, too, can have fun and be Flooz-Free like me. If you like the game, and you surely will, then use the Flooz as a tip jar. You can get some keen exclusive things while you’re there, like unique “Cowboy” villagers.

(Happy Street just got added to Korea’s for Kakao network. I don’t know if you’re reading, but welcome 해피스트릿 players. Hope this is helpful to you.)


Gold is not really important, but…

Version 1.4 may have finally made Gold important with a major change. Now, you’ll use Gold instead of Flooz when expanding your main street. The forest, mountain, and cave will still use Flooz to expand. In turn, Flooz prices have been increased 50% across the board for everything else.

That said, this is a change that I’m sure a lot of players will like. Others, though, are bound to see how bad it sucks when the value decreases but your rewards remain the same. It’s an obvious ploy to get more in-app purchases with minimal effort. I’m taking a wait-and-see approach, but I’m a bit bummed.

I’ve yet to have a point where I felt like I was short on gold. It’s just too easy to accrue, though some players may want the Level 10 Housing, 1001 Nights Palace for 500,000 coins (and the achievement it brings) or the Level 29 Spaceship House for 1,000,000 coins, that can be saved up in less than a week if you know what you’re doing.

If you’re one of those players, though, here are some quick gold tips.

Poopy the Bird

When you started Happy Street, you may have read that silly poop conversation between Billy and Pepin. It seemed strange to me, but go a little further in the game and you find out why.

An early quest tasks you to drop bird turds on unsuspecting villagers. You are rewarded with coins for successfully ruining your friend’s day. Every once in a while, you’ll see a bird flying over the village. If you are playing with sound, you’ll hear what sounds like a seagull call. If you touch the bird, it dookies on command.

Moreover, Poopy the Bird pays for accuracy. Land another load on an animal’s head and you’ll get bonus coins, going in 60 coin excrements increments. So, land four in a row and you’ll score 240 coins for your troubles.

Looks like Pupin’s been pooped on. Oh, his name is Pepin?  Well… crap.

Every time you get a direct hit, Poopy increases his air-speed velocity courtesy of his unladen bowels.

By the way, bird poop is also a crafting supply. So, if you miss, clean it up and save the guano for later.

Pop the Balloons

This isn’t entirely important, but that devious little kid in all of us poked at the balloon the second you saw it inflate. What is it about popping balloons that is so fun? Loud and fun are synonymous. Isn’t that right, Dane Cook?

Happy Street Pop the Balloon for Gold

If sixty coins are really important to you, wait for the animal to go home.

As you surely already know, you get 40 coins for popping a balloon. However, if you’re willing to wait, your villagers never take the balloon inside their home. If you pop a balloon before it floats away, you’ll get 100 coins, instead.

Additionally, if you love popping balloons, the “Toy Shop” often gives them away to their customers. It’ll make a great long-term investment if only for all the coins and devious fun you have when you startle a villager and see them shake their fist at you.


Happy Street (iOS) Fiesta Time!

Fiestas are a great way to sell out items and, in turn, gain experience points.

You’re given heart points for completing a few different tasks. When you see an animal passing on the street, tap them. They’ll get out of their vehicle and buy something at a nearby business and reward you one heart point.

Your villagers will occasionally ask for help finding one of their friends. It’s an easy task, as the villager starts jumping. Just tap and you’ll get a coin bonus (eight times your current level) and two heart points for your trouble.

Happy Street Find a Friend

Your villagers are much easier to find than the Bitizens of Tiny Tower.

Villagers will also look for properties, some of which may be hidden while under construction. Helping them rewards one heart and sends the character to the property for a spending spree. They’ll head there regardless of their wallet and energy levels.

A Tip from mafermora08 in the comments:

“I found out that if you poke the bus before it arrive to the bus stop, you’ll get a heart point…”

Thanks for the tip. As a follow-up, a lot of people don’t realize you can have more than one bus stop. It’s just something to consider, if not for heart points every 5 minutes.

When your heart meter is full (four times your current level), the meter changes to “FIESTA.” If you touch this, the little animal villagers go on a spending spree. While it’s very tempting to tap the second it lights up, fight the urge. To maximize your fiesta time, check your bus stop timer (and maybe let a passerby or two come on screen) before letting loose. It’s only going to be a few hundred coins difference.

If a taxi, high roller, or Agent Boon show up during Fiesta time, you’re in luck.

How to Get Free Flooz

One of the great things about Happy Street is that there are numerous ways to get Flooz. While not as generous as a NimbleBit game, Godzilab’s definitely playing fair here if all you want is to expand your town.

Lucky Spin Slots

Once a day, you can play the Lucky Spin Slots. I’m not certain if it’s a 100% win rate, but I’ve gotten at least 1 Flooz each time I’ve played. You can also purchase additional slot tokens in the shop or build them in your Workshop.

Fortune Wheel

Happy Street Fortune Wheel Winner

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! It’s difficult, but it IS possible to win Flooz here.

This is a long shot, but at least it’s a skill-based game. The wheel spins at different speeds. I don’t know if these slower spins are tied to the Fortune Wheel’s level, but I do know I didn’t see a slower spin until I upgraded to it to level two. For your best shot at winning, tap the wheel when the red arrow is touching the dark blue area of the Fortune Wheel.

As of version 1.2, I’d say you can choose whether you want to upgrade or not. A level one Fortune Wheel pays 1 Flooz, level two pays 1 Lucky Spin Token, and level three pays 2 Flooz.

Additionally, I’d highly suggest placing it near the center of your town if you have a lot of neighbors visiting your street. Most players try to get out of neighboring villages as soon as possible and will click on the first three that they see. With the change to how visitors work (before, only the first visit to a building would pay coins), you can get one spin per three visitors on a level three Fortune Wheel.

Here’s a tip from commenter, Fluffy McNutter:

“I think another tip could be not to upgrade the Wheel of Fortune or put it next to anything that generates a bonus. Since we get to spin every time we restock it, we should try to restock it as often as possible. At least it seems that way. Mine is at level 2 (I have no intention of taking it to level 3), and with no bonus, it restocks every 489 coins. Upgrading it to level 3 would mean a restock only when I had sold 1224. So, since I check the game fairly often, I don’t want to have to wait that long to get to spin for the chance at a free Flooz.

Also, note that putting anything you are trying to upgrade next to something that creates a bonus simply delays the process. If upgrading buildings or leveling up are goals, it’s unnecessary (and potentially prohibitive) to use anything that generates a bonus while you’re playing or if you’ll only be gone for a short time.”

Thanks for the tip.

The Dungeon

The Dungeon mini-game was changed in version 1.2. While it would previously pay out 1 Flooz for getting 8 moves in a row, it is now on a daily timer and increases one move after each payout. In other words, the first payout will take 8 moves, the second will need 9 moves, and so on.

In addition, the payout is now tied to the level of your Dungeon. A level one Dungeon will receive 1 Flooz. A level two Dungeon will receive a Lucky Spin Token, instead. A level three Dungeon doles out 2 Flooz.

For now, I’d say keep your Dungeon at level two. The difference in stock between level two and level three is just too great for too little of a reward. Moreover, even with the lower Lucky Spin payout rate, I’ve gotten 15 Flooz from a 3 Fish spin.

You may want to keep some scrap paper handy, now, as well. As the number of moves increases, so too does the difficulty. I tend to use a one-letter key to track my moves. RGYB would be Red, Green, Yellow, Blue. Then, just watch for the last move, jot down the letter, and continue until you get your reward.

Version 1.4 also made it more worthwhile to play, as each move gives you a hefty amount of coin (equal to 10x your current level per move) for your trouble. The Dungeon game is now more relevant than it’s been in a long, long time.

Pepin’s Fetch Quests

Pepin is always looking for something. Check the reward payout, as he often doles out Flooz in addition to the gold coin payout. If it’s not there, you can just wait for the timer to expire unless it’s something you have excessive amount of anyway, such as apples. He’ll give you a new quest afterwards.

Some of the items, such as a Book or a Gear, are worth far more than 1 Flooz and some Gold due to the number of items necessary to make it or the rarity of the item, such as Bat Teeth. Use your own judgement based upon your needs and your supplies.

Visit a Friend’s Village

Happy Street Visit a Friend for Free Flooz

You can find friends through GameCenter and Facebook. It pays to be social.

You can get up to three Flooz by visiting your friends’ villages everyday. After the first three, the visitation rewards change to a maximum of 3,500 coins per visit based upon your current level. It pays to be social. There is more information at the bottom of this guide about adding to your Happy Street friends. If you cannot see recent additions to your GameCenter friends on the “Friends” globe, then you may need to shut shut down the app and re-start it.

When you do visit a friend’s village, prioritize your actions. If you are able to click on a construction site, do so.  It’ll remove 2 hours from the build time when your friend accepts help. Also, hit up their Dungeon and Fortune Wheel, as these give your friends a chance at free Flooz once they’ve exhausted all other options for the day.

When accepting help, only the first person to help each property counts. So, if you have many friends who check your village, you may need to exit the app and re-enter.

As of version 1.2, all visitors will make a purchase if they tapped on your building. Plan accordingly and keep low coin properties, such as the Glasses Hut, or properties with Flooz rewards, such as the Fortune Wheel, near the center of the village. Most people will click the first three properties that they see.

Speed up Workshop Crafting/Building Upgrades with Friends

When a friend visits your village, they are mapped to a location on the map and NOT the building they clicked on. Using this knowledge, we can switch buildings of the same size to maximize your friends’ clicks.

For instance, my Christmas Tree is already at level four and does not benefit from further clicks. My Pachinko property, however, is currently level two and could use these clicks. So, by swapping these properties out, I can sell off inventory rather than having a “dead click.”

This can also be done with your Workshop and houses that are under construction. Each visitor will reduce a timer by two hours.


Just like Tiny Tower, characters with special abilities will occasionally show up to help you out. These characters only show up in the village portion, not the Forest or Mountains.

The Construction Worker

The Construction Worker always rides in on the yellow and black construction wrecker.

Happy Street VIP Construction Worker

The Construction Worker will reduce one hour from the nearest construction site.

The Big Spender

The Big Spender flaunts their money by having a taxi chauffeur them around. Oh, so fancy!

Update: The Big Spender has two additional variants as of version 1.0.3. One will fly in on an airplane. The other will drive a convertible sports car and sport big hair.

Happy Street VIP Taxi Big Spender

The Big Spender spends between 125-300 coins at random in one location.

The Craftsman

Leo, the Craftsman is a bird that wears an aviator helmet and flies in on Da Vinci’s Flying Machine.

Happy Street VIP Artisan Craftsman Flying Machine

The Craftsman, seen in the air here, reduces crafting time by one hour.

Crafting and Cooking

Crafting is a major part of the game. You’ll be using these items for quests and property upgrades. Some items, like Ropes, will be asked for very often. Others, like the Water Bucket, you will only need to make a couple of times.

If you’re just starting out and are spending a lot of time in the app, I highly suggest making Wood Planks. You’ll need a lot of these and, had I known this early on, I would have prepared. You can learn from my mistakes. Make as many as you can. Always have something under construction at your workshop.

Additionally, as soon as you have the ability to make Glue (Bird Poop + Water), make one every time you know you’ll be away for more than three hours. You’ll also need a lot of these as well.

At level six, you’ll need to plant a coconut tree. The coconuts are then used to make Ropes. These are a common crafting supply so, if unless you plan on buying lots of Flooz, you should probably make them every chance you get. They also take three hours to make.

When cooking, you’ll likely want to make dyes early and often. Otherwise, there’s nothing of particular useful that you need to cook.

Note that the Workshop, the Studio, and Nyok’s House can all be upgraded via Flooz. The first upgrade, which costs 75 Flooz, reduces the crafting time by 25%. The second upgrade, which costs 225 Flooz, reduces crafting time an additional 33%. That effectively cuts the crafting time in half.

For example, a Guitar takes 8 hours to craft in a level one Workshop. A guitar crafted in a level two workshop takes 6 hours. Finally, a level three workshop takes just 4 hours to make that same Guitar.

Prioritize upgrading all three crafting stations to level two, but wait until Flooz is no object for level three.

Also, most buildings you acquire after level 19 require loads of iron-based items. You’ll want to stock up on Green Dye for Circuit Boards, Iron Gears, Iron Girders, and anything else that has iron in it.

The Forest

The Forest Gate is in your town from the start. Trees grow every twenty minutes. Mushrooms, toadstools, and various tulips also grow there. Make sure you do not overplant your trees, as it leaves no room for the other items to grow. If you screw up or simply find you don’t need that much wood (there is a maximum of 999 pieces), you can sell trees by clicking on a tree stump. Then, click on the trash can icon on the bottom right.

Eventually, you’ll be able to build a Water Mill and Fishing Area there. The water mill is the only way to gather water for crafting and cooking. You’ll need to make a bucket or two beforehand.

As for fishing, tap anywhere on the water and you will see a fishing bobber pop into the water. You should see a fish silhouette. Tilt your device until it’s in front of the water. When a hand icon shows up, swipe up on the screen. You can catch up to three fish at one time before “fishing season” ends. You then have to wait three hours before you can fish again. There are currently four types of fish found in the river:

  • Trout (40 coins)
  • Carp (60 coins)
  • Salmon (200 coins)
  • Pearl of Light (300 coins)

If you’ve been wondering, “How do I make a Pearl of Light?” you’re not alone. The game doesn’t really explain it well and the picture does not show a fish, just a pearl. The Pearl of Light can only be caught at night.

Unlock the Mountain

Later, at level nine, you can get access to the “Mountain” area after completing a few quests. If you’ve been crafting regularly, you shouldn’t have any problems completing these quests.

The good folks over at Godzilab were kind enough to provide me with the quest materials. You’ll need to complete six quests before you can purchase the Mountain Gate (for 1 gold coin). Make sure you have space on your land. If you don’t, feel free to sell your Apple Tree. You probably have more than enough apples for now, and you can always buy another tree later.

The Skies Start on Paper

  • Paper x1
  • Pen x1

Skie the Color of Ink

  • Blue Dye x1

The Armature

  • Wood Plank x4
  • Yellow Dye x1

The Wings

  • Red Feather x4
  • Wood Plank x2
  • Glue x1

The Engine

  • Magic Gem x1
  • Wood Plank x2
  • Glue x1

The Magic Gem is a quest reward. You’ll need to craft one Black Lotus to trade to Pepin before you can complete “The Engine.” If you’re reading this and have yet to get this quest, I suggest you start crafting a Black Lotus before you go to bed.

Family Heirloom

  • Black Lotus

At the mountain, you’ll get access to rocks, wool, Edelweiss flowers, and new crafting recipes at the Studio. These crafting items are used for later property upgrades and Pepin may ask for some of the items later. Since they take so long to craft, you’re bound to get some Flooz out of the deal. If you’re looking to scrimp and save, get crafting.

Unlock the Cave

I don’t know if this is tied to level 20 or not (many players have stated the Cave is locked until level 19), but you’ll find a new NPC, Darthy, walking around the Mountain. Darthy has a number of quests for you to do before you can access the cave where Iron and Glowing Mushrooms are found. Iron and Glowing Mushrooms are needed for new crafting recipes.

Sorry, I didn’t write down the names of these quests. However, here are the items you’ll need to access the Cave.

Quest 1 – 1x Pearl of Light, 4x Bat Tooth

Quest 2 – 2x Rope

Quest 3 – 1x Hammer

Quest 4 – 1x Black Belt

Quest 5 – 1x Mushroom Grog

Quest 6 – Build Excavation Site (50,000 coins and 8 hours), Play at Excavation Site

Once you are the proper level, you’ll be able to access the cave. Bring down the menu, go to your Map, and you’ll see the cave on the bottom left of your screen. There is no entrance to build this time.

Though it’s expensive, you’ll want to expand your cave up to five times if you play regularly.

The “Spaceship House” requires a massive amount of iron and gold at level two.

Leveling up and expanding your village

How to gain levels

Your village gains experience only when you re-stock your shops. The more often you check in on your village, the more often you’ll level up and gain access to new shops, houses, decorations, and quests. You gain one experience point per shop level when you re-stock.

You gain the game’s secondary currency, Flooz, every time your village levels up. You can also get them in other ways which we’ll cover later. Use this Flooz only when you want to expand your areas. Don’t spend too much on your mountain, cave, or forest areas. Two or three expansions each will be more than enough, as rocks, iron, and wood logs each max out at 999 pieces.

Version 1.4.0 changed the way village expansions work. Now, you can purchase expansions on your Happy Street with regular coins. Subsequently, Flooz has diminished in value and caused inflation for Flooz-exclusive items, but it’s will no longer prevent you from expanding.

How to Add More Villagers

If you’re want to add more villagers, you only need to do a few things. First, add a new housing unit to your village by buying them in the shop. Each house can hold up to three villagers, after you meet certain “Upgrade” requirements.

Happy Street Tree House Upgrade

Each house and shop requires different items before you can upgrade it.

The one-story house will hold just one villager. Each villager has their own character levels. Once that villager reaches level 4 through purchases in nearby shops, you can expand the housing unit. Each will require different materials (almost all require at least 1 wood plank) to expand.

Once construction is finished (the completion time increases as your village grows), a new villager will move in. Once both those housemates reach level 7, you can expand the house a second time for a third roommate.

Each housing unit requires two spaces. Additionally, most villagers require certain types of shops or they become unhappy. An icon will appear next to an unhappy villager. You’ll need to place a shop of that type, such as recreation or accessory shops, next to their housing unit. Shop types are shown on the “Shop” page.

Is there a level cap?

Happy Street Level Cap at 19

This cap has been removed, but a new cap exists at level 33.

Version 1.1.0 was released on September 19th to both Android and iOS. The level cap was raised to level 33. Subsequent updates have raised the cap, though you’ll progress slower after level 35. The cap has since been raised above 40.

As promised, you can purchase a new house at level 21, the “Bot House.” Finally, these new buildings will require Iron to build. You’ll need to complete five quests to reach the Underground Cave. Check the “Unlock the Cave” section above for more help.

How to Add Friends

Since there seems to be a little confusion about how to add friends, I thought this post on Godzilab’s forums would help clarify. Credit goes to Godzilab’s Jerome Lanquetot.

“You can add friends 2 different ways:

Game Center

Go to your Game Center app, invite your friends. If they have already launched Happy Street while logged in to Game Center, you should be able to see them on the earth.


Click on the “Add your friends” button in the friends menu, accept to connect to Facebook (Happy Street won’t post anything without your authorization). Automatically you will be able to see all your friends playing Happy Street and who are also connected to Facebook.”

(Check the comments below for GameCenter IDs, or leave your GameCenter ID for other players. Please note, the Game Center method is exclusive to Apple users. Android users have to use Facebook.)

The Friend Hotel

Now that you know how to add friends, you may want to look into buying the “Friend Hotel” from the Shop. It works like a regular property for the most part with a few key differences. The hotel has five levels rather than three. Each level can hold more than one animal, however you’ll have to send an invitation to your friends.

Afterwards, an animal from your friend’s town will come to your town. They’ll be in tourist mode and have an increased wallet to show for it. These villagers will have a little, golden star over their heads and will stay in town for 24 hours.

The friend hotel can be upgraded after a certain number of visits.  These upgrades will ask for crystals rather than your regular crafting materials.

Happy Street Friend Hotel Upgrade

Friends who help get your color of crystal in return, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

The crystals come from the forest. Crystals come in three colors, but you can only grow one crystal. My forest, for instance, can only grow red crystals. When it comes time to upgrade, you can send requests to your friends. The color of crystal will show up next to their GameCenter picture.

Friend Hotel Crystal Requirements

Level Two – 3x every crystal
Level Three – 6x every crystal
Level Four – 12x every crystal
Level Five – 30x every crystal

(Thanks for the Level Five requirement, BucRob.)

The Museum

The Museum was added in the Version 1.5 update. It becomes available at Level 18.

You will need to complete a series of quests from Zoe before you can purchase it. You can find the Museum under the “Special” properties tab for 100,000 coins and 100 rocks.

The Museum is a clickable property that functions similarly to the Christmas Tree from the version 1.2 event. Your friend will use one action per visit when they click on your Museum.  Once 5 friends have visited your Museum, the “drop-off” button will appear.

The best ways to get friends to click on your Museum:

  • Place your Museum towards the middle of your street
  • Visit more than your regular three friends everyday
  • Leave a message when you visit a town and ask your friend to return the favor
  • Use the property swapping trick found above to ensure clicks on the Museum
  • Add more friends… check the comments below for GameCenter and Facebook IDs.

After five drop-offs, you’ll be able to upgrade your Museum to Level Two and a second bus will appear when you hit the “drop-off” button.

After 35 drop-offs, you’ll be able to upgrade your Museum to Level Three. A third bus will drop off visitors. This is also the point where you finally make more from friends clicking on the Museum than if they were to click on other properties.

To upgrade to a Level Four Museum, you’ll need to complete another 40 drop-offs. You’ll get a fourth busload of rich visitors for your troubles.

The final upgrade will require an additional 120 drop-offs.

It’s an awful lot of work for very little gain, isn’t it?

After the addition of “Helping Hands” and the changes to the way visits work, I’d suggest ignoring the Museum for the most part. It takes up too much space, has too little payoff, and is a lot of work for nothing but bragging rights.

Museum Upgrade Requirements (outdated, could use new numbers)

Level Two – 20x every crystal and 200,000 coins
Level Three – 40x every crystal and 800,000 coins
Level Four – 80x every crystal and 4,000,000 coins
Level Five – 150x every crystal, 3x Helping Hands and 15,000,000 coins
Level Six – ???x every crystal, ???x Helping Hands, and ?????????? coins

You’ll need to get Helping Hands from friends via Facebook. That, by the way, is horrible news for iOS players. However, you may as well do it to unlock the massive “Modern House” gift. Still… LAME!

Flooz Housing

There are three types of Flooz-exclusive houses available: the Chipmunk Hut, Cowboy House, and Haunted House. Each houses unique residents in Chipmunks, Cowboys, and Monsters. These residents are NOT customizable.

Upgrading these houses do not require Flooz. Hell, the Chipmunk Hut barely requires any time or materials, though the Cowboy House and Monster House are more in line with regular properties.

Chipmunk Hut Upgrade to Level 3

Believe it or not, this is the Level 3 Chipmunk Hut upgrade. Cheap, huh?

By the way, purchasing Flooz will remove advertisements. It may be worth considering, if only to get rid of those annoying pop-ups.

Additionally, each holiday update has brought a themed Flooz house with it. Christmas brought the Christmas House, Chinese New Year brought the Panda House, and St. Patrick’s Day brought the Shamrock House.

Sortable Recipe List

Table Key:

WS = Workshop
ST = Mountain Studio
Lab = Alchemy Lab

Item NameRecipe IngredientsPlace
Wood Plank15x Wood logWS
Wood Bucket2x Wood PlankWS
Fertilizer6x Bird's poop, 1x Water, 4x Wood logWS
Feather Necklace1x Rope, 8x Red FeatherWS
Flower Bouquet2x Red Tulip, 2x Blue Tulip, 2x Golden TulipWS
Rope10x Coconut, 1x WaterWS
Glue4x Bird's poop, 1x WaterWS
Paper20x Wood log, 2x WaterWS
Book1x Paper, 1x White Dye, 1x Black DyeWS
Pen2x Red Feather, 10x Wood logWS
Paper Lantern2x Paper, 1x Red Dye, 1x Wood PlankWS
Cut Moonstone3x Moonstone, 2x Wood PlankWS
Lucky Token1x Moonstone, 1x Blue Dye, 1x WaterWS
Black Lotus3x Golden Tulip, 3x Blue Tulip, 3x Red TulipWS
Guitar2x Wood Plank, 2x RopeWS
Black Belt1x Black Lotus, 10x WoolWS
Rainbow Fish1x Black Lotus, 8x Edelweiss, 1x CarpWS
Magnifying Glass5x Iron, 1x Pearl of LightWS
LED10x Glowing Mushroom, 1 Pearl of Light, 10x IronWS
Printed Circuit5x Iron, 1x Wood Plank, 1x Green DyeWS
Skateboard1x Wood Plank, 1x Blue Dye, 2x GlueWS
Apple Juice5x AppleCamp
Cider1x Apple Juice, 1x Golden TulipCamp
Love Potion1x Mushroom, 2x ToadstoolCamp
Mushroom Soup10x Mushroom, 4x ToadstoolCamp
Mushroom Grog6x ToadstoolCamp
Baked Salmon5x Mushroom, 1x SalmonCamp
Fish Soup3x Trout, 2x Carp, 1x SalmonCamp
Snake Potion2x Bat Tooth, 10x Red Tulip, 10x Blue TulipCamp
Energy Drink10x Glowing Mushroom, 1x WaterCamp
Birthday Cake10x Apple, 2x Golden TulipCamp
Blue Dye3x Blue Tulip, 1x WaterCamp
White Dye3x Edelweiss, 1x WaterCamp
Red Dye3x Red Tulip, 1x WaterCamp
Orange Dye1x Yellow Dye, 1x Red DyeCamp
Yellow Dye3x Golden Tulip, 1x WaterCamp
Green Dye1x Blue Dye, 1x Yellow DyeCamp
Purple Dye1x Blue Dye, 1x Red DyeCamp
Black Dye1x Blue Dye, 1x Red Dye, 1x Yellow DyeCamp
Cut Stone25x RockST
Stone Anvil4x Cut StoneST
Brick Oven100x Wood Log, 3x Cut Stone, 1x Wood PlankST
Hammer2x Wood Plank, 1x Rope, 1x Cut StoneST
Dragon Idol10x Bat Tooth, 1x Cut Moonstone, 1x GlueST
Iron Bar15x IronST
I-Beam60x IronST
Gear20x Iron, 1x Iron Bar, 4x Bat ToothST
Iron Oven1x Brick Oven, 1x Iron BarST
Mega Wood100x Wood LogLab
Mega Stone100x RockLab
Mega Iron100x IronLab

Tailor Clothing List

Happy Street updated to Version 1.5, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, and added the Tailor crafting station. The Tailor is located under the “Special” tab and is available after you reach Level 11.

To use the clothes, touch the villager you want to wear the clothes and select “Dress Up”.

Clothing ItemMaterialsTime
Unicorn Hat10x Flooz15 min
Octopus Hat5x Wool, 1x Purple Dye2 Hr
Sea Star Hat10x Wool, 1x Yellow Dye2 Hr
Dragon Shoes1x Wool, 1x Wood Plank, 1x Green Dye5 min
Sheepy Beanie25x Wool15 min
Sheepy Jacket50x Wool2 Hr
Dragon Head10x Flooz30 min
Dragon Body20x Wool, 4x Wood Plank, 1x Green Dye1 Hr
Devil Hair10x Flooz15 min
Devil Wings10x Wool, 1 Green Dye15 min
Angel Hair10x Flooz2 Hr
Angel Wings10x Wool, 1x Green Dye15 min
Stichy Beanie1x Blue Dye, 10x Wood10 min
Punky Hair2x Rope, 1x Blue Dye2 Hr
Celtic Shirt15x Wool, 1x Green Dye30 min
Poopy50x Bird Poop5 min
Celtic TShirt10x Wool, 1x Green Dye15 min
Afro5x Wool, 5x Rope5 min

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1,028 Responses to “Happy Street: Tips & Tricks for the Flooz Free”

  1. Markham Asylum says:

    Nice work. Humorous and very informative.

    Man, Dahlia needs some glasses.

  2. Artisia says:

    Does anyone know how to build the watermill?

  3. chvybrbie says:

    im still stuck on one of the very first quests, doing a 1x combo by placing the flower cart, spin game and fruit stand :/

    anyhelp?! thanks.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Buy them and place them next to each other in your village. You should already have the lucky spin slots.

  4. Nate R says:

    So, I love this game and for some reason obsessed with it. Bugs my friends out all the time.. haha.
    Thanks for the perfect guide!
    And like every game this game kills me with the flooz, because I just want to expand my street. I wanna make it like interstate 90 haha.
    Soo I think I requested ya and for anyone else that loves flooz as much as myself, my game center screenname is Nigel114. Happy gaming! :p

  5. Rita says:

    How do I get the red dye?

  6. Jm999 says:

    How do you get orange flowers?? I need to make green dye for pepin

    • Fade to Slack says:

      They grow in the forest. If you are not seeing them, then you may have overpopulated your forest with trees. Sell some of the trees off so the flowers and mushrooms have room to grow.

  7. Karen156 says:

    I would love some friends who play this game. It really got me obsessed with playing. How do you play the pinball and can you purchase it’sms from the markets?

  8. misskaylee111 says:

    im addicted to this game. FLOOOZZZZ. thx for adding meh, now i can get more flooz! LAWL.

  9. ninatimida says:

    im stuck on the lets cook something, how do i use the mushroom soup…i already did the cooking part

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Click on the menu, then go to the bag. Find your mushroom soup in your inventory. Click on it, and then hit the “Use” button on the right.

      • Flower says:

        I have the same problem. I made the mushroom soup (there is a green ck mark next to request from Nyok) but it does not show up in the inventory of my bag.

        Awesome game, I’m addicted!

        • Anonymous says:

          I have the same problem. Cant find the use button at all

          • Fade to Slack says:

            You’ll need to click on the Mushroom Soup icon. Once there, the “Use” button should appear on the bottom right. The menu should show up as “Gift/Sell/Use” or something like that.

            • JJTPR says:

              I have the same problem with all my bag items, there is no use button. I have apples, cider, soup, salmon dinner etc with no way of using them. Any ideas?!

    • Kenzie says:

      Jow do you cook mushroom soup?

  10. weko says:

    My lucky spin slots machine only let me spin once when I first built it. I have not been able to spin it “once a day” because the coin never replenishes. Any idea if this is intended?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      If this still isn’t working, I suggest clicking on your Lucky Spin Slots property. There is a timer that tells you when your next free token is ready. Make sure it’s ticking down. I haven’t heard about this bug before, though. If the problem continues, you may want to contact Godzilab’s customer service or Twitter line.

      • gita says:

        it happen to me too… i don’t have enough flooz :'(

        • wink says:

          That happened to me when I fast forwarded time as a “cheat” for Tiny Tower and it indirectly effected my Happy Street game. I learned that if you fast forward hours/days your game, it completes building/crafting instantaneously but when you set the time back to normal on your device (I use my Droid phone) the next time lucky spin/fishing/trees/etc are scheduled to come back is the furthest time that you fast forwarded to. Dunno if that helps, maybe it’s just a bug :(

          • dee says:

            I did the samething. I advanced ny time every now and then till i finished all my buildings and raised ny flooz to 70. But when i reset my phone to the actual time i wasn’t able to harvest fish rocks trees mushrooms and flowers also my workshop is unusable. I need to wait for a certain time to be ablw to use them again. What i did was i sell my workshop, trees, and the fish and started to rebuilt it again. After completing the constuctions its back to normal. I cannot harvest flowers and mushrooms and rocks though. I tried to use my flooz to be able to use the craft in the forest and in the mountain still no rocks and flowers appear. I need to craft fertilizer to ba able to harvest flowers. Anyone can help?

  11. mafermora08 says:

    Hi there! Thanks for this guide is pretty complete! I’ll wait the updates!
    I think is very funny when Poopy the Bird poops over the little villagers or when they slip hahahaha….. I LOVE this game!!!
    this is mi GC id: mafermora08 if anyone wants to add me

  12. Peeth says:

    Hey this probably sounds really dumb, but I don’t know how to catch fish. I guess I accidentally missed the explanation and now I have no clue how it’s done! Please help?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I didn’t have it in the guide, but I added it just for you. I’ll save you the trouble of looking for it:

      As for fishing, tap anywhere on the water and you will see a fishing bobber pop into the water. You should see a fish silhouette. Tilt your device until it’s in front of the water. When a hand icon shows up, swipe up on the screen.

  13. Nicole says:

    Just started playing and really like this game. Thanks for the guide it has really helped!
    If you want to add me my game centre is 46snickers

  14. Devin says:

    Add me, too! I’m Mr Jeya.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just started playing; Already addicted. This guide is actually pretty well laid out, considering that it’s a IOS/Android. :) Thanks for taking time to create this handy guide. :)

    I went and added everyone’s GC that I saw. If I missed you, I’m Niwoodworth :) I’ll accept all friend requests.


    • Fade to Slack says:

      You’re welcome. Thank you for stopping by.

      Love the hashtag, though. That should be the official one used on Twitter.

  16. Nicole W says:

    What a great guide! I love how you accompany pictures in your explanations. Most guides I read are just walls of text.

    I added everyone I saw on GC, but if I missed you, i’m NiWoodworth!

  17. Josh says:

    Great guide, only realised that I had too many trees stopping other stuff growing from here!

    My GC is illjc if anyone is looking for chums

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Thanks. Glad I could help. I made the same mistake and was stuck on the Mushroom Soup quest before I figured it out. I kept thinking of the game as though it was 3D, rather than taking place on a 2D plane.

      “There’s room for mushrooms and flowers. I can see it.”

  18. Nicole W says:

    Hey, Fade To Slack,

    I got a little tip/addition for the guide.

    After adding and visiting 5 people on my friends list, I hit a wall where I stopped getting Flooz. I got 300 coins instead. Don’t know if this is the same for other people, but it happened to me, so it might be worth something to look into. :)

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I noticed the same. It’s actually already in the guide, though I thought it was after I helped three people, not 5.

      • BucRob says:

        Same here, after getting 3 flooz, I am not getting 300 coins. Do you get flooz everyday for visiting friends?

        • Fade to Slack says:

          Yes. The timer resets after 24 hours. There will be a Flooz icon on a friend’s picture when that timer is up.

  19. sv2j says:

    Great Guide!

    Everyone is welcome to add me on gamecenter, I am Sv2j

  20. Marz says:

    Add me: Marzanii

    I’m lv 19 and have all 3 of the collectable houses.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I’m jealous. Did you buy Flooz or did you get lucky on the Lucky Spin Slots?

      I’ve been eyeballing the Taxi Stop like crazy, even though I’ve yet to feel like I needed coins.

  21. Annazilla says:

    By far the best guide I’ve come across! Does anybody else think that the cute animal voices sound like the ones from animal crossing?

    GC: Annazilla (if anyone needs a neighbour)

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Thanks, but my work here isn’t done. As for the voices, I do agree. I wrote the same in my review that’s going up today. I really do love the game, though it’s very different from Animal Crossing and closer to Tiny Tower.

  22. Vickii says:

    How do I stock up lucky spin because my villagers home are near them but they are not stocked. Help my villagers please thanked.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Lucky Spin Slots re-stocks like every other property. When it is sold out, the icon should appear on it. Click on your Slots to make sure that they do not have things to sell, still.

  23. Soooomanyowls says:

    so i sent you a friend request and im looking for other people to be friends with me too to get these floos and figure out whats up with the friends hotel. I have blue crystals! haha

    my name is ccsong3 on gamecenter! ADD ME ANYONE

  24. Rachel says:

    Where do you find coconut trees???

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Coconut Palm trees can be purchased after you reach level 6. They are found in the shop under “decorations” tab.

  25. Lauren C says:

    I added everybody, mine is Justxlauren :) Feel Free to add me!!

  26. Leo says:

    I just wanna know how o where do I sell tree.
    Gret guide, btw!

    • Fade to Slack says:


      Cut the tree down and then click on the tree stump. On the bottom right corner, there’s a trash can. When you try to delete it, it will ask you if you want to sell it. Say yes, and you’ll get 75 coins and 1 log out of it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    How do you get the flower bouquet?

  28. Catherine D. says:

    I am craftercat on GC. I would love some Happy Street friends. :)
    A few of the folks above have accepted my requests, including Fade, and have given help in my world,but I don’t have their streets available in my friends tab. Does it take time for them to show up on the globe? Or how do I add GC friends? Thx!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Re-start your app. I don’t know how long you wait on the globe after clicking friends, but it takes about five seconds for my GameCenter friends to load up on the map.

      Your GameCenter friends will automatically load if they have played Happy Street before.

  29. SweetsweetPela says:

    Hi! I’ve added you all! For newbie please add my GC : SweetsweetPela.
    Lets play this addictive game together! Teehee’ ^^

  30. Catherine D. says:

    Not having any luck with this. I have 7 friends on GC playing Happy Street, but no one showing up on friends tab, even several hours later. I am playing on an iPad, but that shouldn’t matter, right? Is there a step I am missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thx.

    • BucRob says:

      Press your big round button on the left or right two times quickly. All of your apps that are running will apear below. Hold your figure on one of them, they should start shaking and have – by them. Click the minus to shutdown the app. Then click on it, your new friends should be added. This is what I had to do. Closing all of your apps that you are not currently using save your battery.

  31. BucRob says:

    Great guide Fade to Slack! If anyone wants to add me, i’m BucRob.

    • BucRob says:

      I added everyone’s GC account that was on here. I am now building a Friends Hotel so see what benefits I get from that.

  32. vendelazoe says:

    Lets enjoy games together!! Add me in GC: vendelazoe
    See you then- I will accept all friend request :)

  33. Aqua says:

    What do you do about the lamp above the animals head

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Your animals live too far away from accessory shops. They don’t like walking that much, so you’ll need to put a shop close to them.

  34. Aqua says:

    What do you do about the bat and ball above the head

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Same as before, but this time with entertainment shops. You’ll have to move things around to make them happy again.

  35. Donelle says:

    I get people to visit me(even the friend who sent me the villager in the hotel) but my hotel is still at lv1 I’m confused

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Visitors aren’t the same as animals staying in your hotel. If you click on the hotel, it will tell you how many more villagers need to stay at your hotel before you can upgrade it.

  36. chvybrbie says:

    feel free to add me guys :)
    GC: chvybrbie

    im lvl 11

  37. Kayla says:

    Hey guys, recently, Pepin said he wants to have 1 glue…. But the thing is, I’m not sure how to get the glue. Any ideas/tips for me? Thank you. (:

    *add me in game center: kayla72
    accepting all friend requests ^

  38. Evan says:

    How do you get a spin on lucky spin each day??? It never lets me spin since I have no tokens? How do you get a spin each day? Do you make or buy your tokens?? It takes 12 hours to make a token and there are so many other things that I need to make.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      There was a bug that was affecting the free spin timer if Happy Street crashed. It has since been fixed. You’ll need to re-boot your iOS device completely, but it works, now.

      • Evan says:

        I rebooted and it still won’t give me a daily spin. ???

        • Fade to Slack says:

          Check your Lucky Spin Slots. It has a timer, as well. You’ll have to wait for it to expire, first.

          • Evan says:

            There is no timer. The area where it should be is blank. ??

            • Fade to Slack says:

              I just found this over on their forums:

              “You need to make sure you are connected to our servers, which means you should be connected to internet and have a Game Center account. To verify you are connected to Game Center, when starting the game you should see the Game Center notification (ex:”Welcome back, you alias”).

              If everything is good and you see the timer “Free lucky token in…” , this could be due to the game crashing on startup due to running low in memory. Please turn your device off and on, this should help. We submitted a new update (1.0.4) which reduces the memory usage and should help with this issue.”

              So, I was wrong. The update hasn’t happened, yet. But they are aware of the bug and have an update on the way. You’re just going to have to wait, I guess. Sorry.

  39. Unsnap says:

    Add my. I’d: jnsnwp

  40. Fluffy.McNutter says:

    I think another tip could be not to upgrade the Wheel of Fortune or put it next to anything that generates a bonus. Since we get to spin every time we restock it, we should try to restock it as often as possible. At least it seems that way. Mine is at level 2 (I have no intention of taking it to level 3), and with no bonus, it restocks every 489 coins. Upgrading it to level 3 would mean a restock only when I had sold 1224. So, since I check the game fairly often, I don’t want to have to wait that long to get to spin for the chance at a free Flooz.

    Also, note that putting anything you are trying to upgrade next to something that creates a bonus simply delays the process. If upgrading buildings or leveling up are goals, it’s unnecessary (and potentially prohibitive) to use anything that generates a bonus while you’re playing or if you’ll only be gone for a short time. It seems to me that the bonuses are mostly beneficial if you can only check in occasionally or rarely.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I believe, though I’m not certain, that the slower spins are tied to a higher level Fortune Wheel.

      However, this is a tip that’s worth trying out.

  41. Soooomanyowls says:

    how exactly do you lvl up the friend hotel? What does it mean by visits?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Click on the add button. Anyone who stays in the hotel is a visitor that will count towards that number.

      The upgrades are then handles like normal, though they’ll require all three crystal colors to upgrade.

      • Soooomanyowls says:

        I have one visitor in the hotel, and it says that it needs 1 more visit for an upgrade and the add button is no longer there. so what now?

        • Fade to Slack says:

          Wait until tomorrow. It’s designed like that.

          The visitor will leave. That opens up a new space in the hotel. Then you should be able to upgrade.

          • nyoolif says:

            how i get the red crystal and blue crystal? in my forest only get yellow crystal

            • Fade to Slack says:

              You’ll need to ask friends to send them to you. You can send crystal requests when it is time to upgrade your hotel.

              Your friends will get one of your crystals in return.

            • Schingo89 says:

              Nyoolif i would LOVE to trade crystals with you. My forest ONLY GROWS RED CRYSTALS.

              Anyone who wants to trade their yellow and blue crystals for my red.

              ADD ME on game center.

  42. Josien79 says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for adding me as Happy Street friend and many thanks to Fade to Slack for the great guide. I have but one question:
    I have just unlocked the mountains and managed to gather 3 rocks and 1 wool.
    The wool grows on the sheep (naturally) but the rocks; how do I get more of them?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      They grow naturally as well. You may need to expand your land for a better chance. I’d say spend 6 flooz to expand twice when you get the chance.

      The wool will actually return every visit, so you can just keep going back and forth if you want to stock up.

  43. BucRob says:

    Does anyone know how to change their Facebook account inside of Happy Street? When I first started, I used my wife’s Facebook account because I didn’t have one. Is there a way to change it to my newly created Facebook account?

    • BucRob says:

      I emailed Godzilab support and they told me how to do it. I had to uninstall Happy Street and then reinstall. I then had download data from their servers to recover my village. Everything worked, it was a little scary though because I didn’t want to start over from the beginning. Now when I send request it will have my name on it instead of my wife’s. A big thanks to Jerome from Godzilab support.

  44. Elena says:

    Hi everyone, first of all thank you for your guide it’s quite amazing and with very good details, I liked it..
    But I still don’t understand the hotels dynamic … I’m still in level one and it says that I need 1 more visit to upgrade… But who needs to visit me? The owner of the tourist pet that is in my hotel? Or can be other friend?

    Oh my game centre is: elenahx

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You need to click on the add button and invite people. If the add button isn’t there, then that means your hotel is currently full. Once it is vacant again (after 24 hours), then you can invite more friends to send villagers.

  45. Kristina says:

    So I’m not sure what happened, but right now, my Wheel of Fortune isn’t working. It’s all out of stock, but it won’t let me restock, and there’s this blue bar in front of the wheel, like the ones you see when you’re crafting something, except it’s not filling up. When you tap the Wheel of Fortune, it doesn’t show a time, either. Help!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Never seen or heard of this bug, Kristina. Sorry, I cannot help.

      I’d suggest taking a picture of it (“Home Button + Power” takes screen grabs) and contacting Godzilab directly.

  46. BucRob says:

    I overlooked Fade to Slack’s tip about clicking on your friend’s Fortune Wheel and construction sites. From now on, I will start doing it. It did see a contruction car while I was at a friend’s village and I click on it, the contruction guy went to the contruction site and went to work. So I guess you could do this with the flying craft guy or the big spender also.

  47. HannahK0927 says:

    Im so glad other people enjoy this game as much as I do! Please add me on game center: hannahk0927. :) Thanks for the great review!!

  48. Elsgared says:

    I still dont understand about the friends hotel, i still am lv1 and say 1 visit, I have 1 person who joined, who send someone, so how do I upgrade it?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You may be hit by a bug. Check your other houses to see if there are villagers that are not your own in there. Godzilab’s aware of the bug.

      If not, just keep inviting friends. If it says 1 more visit, then you’ll have to wait until you can invite another villager.

      • TA says:

        I am also having this issue. I can’t get past the first level of my hotel, and I’ve had a visitor there for over 24 hours, and another living in one of my normal houses. Hoping it gets fixed soon :)

        • Fade to Slack says:

          The “visits” counter doesn’t go down until the visitor leaves, something I didn’t realize until this morning.

          So, if you’ve been just 1 away or something, all you need to do is wait for those villagers to leave.

  49. Desi says:

    Hey there trying to get a friend with blue crystals. If you have blue crystal add me in game center – My name is DesiChan89. – Thanks

    • *monisol* says:

      I have blue cristals. I will be glad to add everyone who needs friends. My nick is: *monisol*
      I’m adding you :-)

  50. kp says:

    I have a few friends but when I click on their names to visit them the app immediately closes/shuts down. Any thoughts on why or how I can fix this glitch? Thank you. I love this walk thru, by the way. Adding everyone as friends as well!!!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      What kind of device are you playing on?

      That sounds like a memory issue. If you’re playing on an iOS device, double-click your home button to bring up all your apps that are running in the background. Close out any unused apps and Happy Street while you’re at it. Re-boot Happy Street and try again.

      If that doesn’t work, try to completely reboot your device. Sometimes it’ll do the trick.

      Thanks for the compliment and good luck. Let me know if that works for you.

  51. Catherine D. says:

    Thanks for the recipe list above! It is very helpful. Would it be possible to add a column with the cooking/crafting time? The game does not alliw that info to be seen while a recipe is in progress. This would be helpful in planning the time sensitive quests. Thanks!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      It is possible, but it messes up our site template. I had it in there originally, along with what level the recipe unlocks, but it was simply too wide.

      I’ll try to think of something, though, because I thought the times were important as well. Maybe I can abbreviate the tulip colors and craft locations in a future update.

  52. Kaylag says:

    Something else I noticed is if you put your bus stop next to the thing that you want most action at, your Fortune Wheel for example, all the people getting off the bus will go there, since they don’t ever walk very far.

    =) Looking for more friends! –[spivian]–

    • Kaylag says:

      Actually, it seems like right after I posted that they refused to go to my Fortune Wheel and walked farther then I’ve ever seen before.

      • Catherine D. says:

        I agree. My visitors seem to refuse to shop at the Surf Shop, regardless of where I position it or which vehicles I stop. It seems like the game intentionally prevents you from restocking a specific business. I wonder if everyone is experiencing this with a certain shop. It only happens on my street with the Surf Shop–the VIPs and bus riders walk right by every time!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Okay so I cheated a lil by setting the time fwd and set it back so I waited for the time to elapse and then I only had one or 2 things to do and it’s been like 2 months and I still haven’t had a single thing to do from anyone but pepin:( help meeee!!!! Idk what to do and I lee ally want to play..

          • You actually may be out of quests already. Once you complete all the storyline quests, the only thing available is Pepin quests. However, I’d highly suggest not tinkering with the clock as it can mess up timers and such.

        • j says:

          I thought I was just nuts, but I’m glad someone else noticed this, too! When buses full of people ALL pass by the first store, the surf shop, there’s gotta be something fishy.

  53. BucRob says:

    Does clicking on the Lucky Spin speed up the wait times for it when visiting friend villages. After clicking on the Funtune Wheel and construction sites, I have been clicking on them. Just curious if anyone knows.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      It does not affect the timer. Sorry. The reason it works for the Fortune Wheel is that it is tied to sales. The Lucky Spin Slots free spin is not related to sales.

      • BucRob says:

        I always click on the Furtune Wheel and any construction sites, but I guess after that I will just click on the shops. That is why I try to have something building where my friends can help me out. If there is any other tips please let us know.

  54. BucRob says:

    Another thing I found out. If you accidentally use flooz, you can try to go into more and download data from the Godzilab server to recover your village. I actually got my 4 flooz back that I used by mistake. That is the one thing I hate about this game is it is so easy to accidentally waste flooz by mistake. Other then that I love this game. Thanks to everyone for your help. I have 43 friends now and I justed started adding friends a couple of days ago.

  55. TA says:

    Hey all—

    Thanks for everyone who accepted my friend invites so far. My boyfriend and I have been playing nonstop since it launched and we’re almost to level 18. We finished the regular quests a few levels back, but still get Peppin’s dailies.

    Anyway, one thing I noticed is that if you’re into incessantly tapping Poopy, BE CAREFUL of the characters that drive in on cars, the craftsman, and the construction workers. IF you happen to hit one of them, or they slip, they more often then not will leave without helping/spending money. Had this happen a few times with the craftsman :(

    Also, we found a bug with the fishing that I’m sure they may correct, but it has aided us immensely in getting pearls. So, you get three chances to fish, right? If the pearl fish does not come up in your three tries, exit the Forest before fishing for that third fish. When you go back in the forest, it resets your three tries and gives you a new set of three fish. We got SO MANY pearls of light doing this. Again, they may fix this in the next update, but its worth a shot.

    Here’s my gamecenter name. Feel free to add me; I’m a loyal neighbor!: Tar627

    • mafermora08 says:

      Wow thanks! thats very helpful! I’ll add you :)

    • Soooomanyowls says:

      Is there a certain way to get that to work? Because I fished two fish, left the forest, and then when I came back and fished another it said “Fishing season over!” SO whats up with that!

      • TA says:

        Hmmm, they may have fixed it. We did it over and over and over the other day. We discovered it after fishing two, x’ing the app out, then reopening….but then discovered it worked to just leave the Forest and go back in too.

        • mafermora08 says:

          yeah you have to fish two fishes, then close de app (but completely because still running) and then open it again and go to the forest to fish again, and again…. it’s kind of annoying but it works!!! (sorry for my bad english)

  56. BucRob says:

    Has anyone hit a big on the Lucky Spin, the most I have gotten is like 2 flooz?

  57. mafermora08 says:

    I found out that if you poke the bus before it arrive to the bus stop, you’ll get a heart point…

  58. Trina says:

    Great guide! I find myself getting distracted and playing the game rather than doing other things I should do! I do need friends though! It’s TrinerWeiner if you want to add me! :)

  59. Lizzy says:

    heyy so im addicted to happy street!! ive been told by the game i can open the mountain but i cant find it to open it =(

  60. Lizzy says:

    also can people please add me lilprincess89
    thank you =)

  61. ShariBa says:

    Great info! Please add me as a friend Shariba

  62. BucRob says:

    Has anyone actually bought flooz. I haven’t yet but I was thinking about it. It is a great game and I wanted to support it. In a way though I wanted to build without buying any, it is more of a challenge that way. I would love to have that haunted mansion!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I bought a dollar’s worth of Flooz and a dollar’s worth of Lucky Spin tokens to support Godzilab. I figure this app’s worth, bare minimum, two bucks. Maybe I’ll give more later, but I’ve got to move onto other apps due to the site. I’ll be checking in on Happy Street regularly, though. I need my 1001 Nights housing.

  63. Mia says:

    for some reason i can’t play at the lucky spin! i don’t get any free tokens too! why is that happening?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      It’s a bug that’s related to the random crashes. It will be fixed in version 1.0.4, but you could re-boot the app to get it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

      • Tiffany says:

        This was happening to me too! All i did was sign in with my Game Center account on the Game Center Application and then when i went back to Halpy Street, my Lucky Spin could replenish tokens already :)

  64. ChrissyB says:


    Thanks for the guide! It’s really well done and I found the answer I needed quickly! I just started and I’m really enjoying the game, it reminds me a little of Animal Crossing, not exactly but I’ve been dying for something like AC on iOS so this is helping.

    I tried to add a few people as friends but if anyone is looking they can add me: omgwhy111 on GC

  65. Athena says:

    I have a friend on game center, but every time I go to friends, my friend doesn’t show up….any advice?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Does your friend play Happy Street? If it was a recent addition, you need to bring up your running apps (double-click the home button, then press and hold any icon, hit the red “-” above the Happy Street icon), close Happy Street, and re-start.

      This should refresh your friend list and fix your problem. Make sure you allow the list to fully load. You’ll also see the “fake” friend on your list, then, Krouki.

  66. ManiQueen1D says:

    I’ve been playing Happy Street for a while now and am completely hooked! I added most of you on Gamecenter who put up your username. Feel free to add me also :) Username: 1DLover458

  67. donnas24 says:

    Love this game!!!! I am on it as much as I can add me GC = donnas24

  68. Nic says:

    Game id: noogie0320 yellow crystals!

  69. Emad says:

    How to make a rock in a game

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Do the “Unlock the Mountain” quests. Buy the “Mountain Gate” for 1 coin. Go to the mountain. Rocks are there.

  70. Serenjyn says:

    I am curious. When you send villagers to your friends’ hotels does that short your street, meaning are there less villagers to spend money at home?

  71. jenavien says:

    Love the game and appreciate all the tips and tricks (:
    Looking for friends~ GC id: jenavien

  72. Eli says:

    Since I’ve started the game, not once have I seen Poopy the bird fly by. Does he appear at a certain level or is something wrong here?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Stay in the village area. He flies over every few minutes. You’ll just need to be more patient.

      • Eli says:

        Hmm, I’ve played the game several times for more than a few minutes & nothing. I’m starting to think I have some sort of bug because not only have I never seen the bird but since I’ve started the game, Billy’s house is nowhere in the shop. The game never once asked me about building it & I’m already on level 10. Oh also the “cat” character doesn’t exist…any ideas on what could be going on or what I should do??

        • *monisol* says:

          I had the same problem. Just contact Godzilab and Jerome will fix it.
          Can anybody tell me how to have a hammer?

  73. Athena says:

    How long until sheep grow their wool out again?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      No time limit. Go back to the mountain and the sheep has wool again. Also, you can only get one sheep as of now.

  74. Athena says:

    Can you get more sheep or are you stuck with only one?

    • Tiffany says:

      Exit the mountain and then go back, your sheep will have wool again. You can just keep doing this and get as much wool as you want! :)

  75. Sandra says:

    Great guide! I learned how to make unhappy villagers happy again! Thanks! And thanks for accepting my GC request! \o/

    Feel free to add me at GC: sregia

  76. forever says:

    My gamecenter id is: Sapphyres

    My facebook is: http://www.facebook.com/Foreversampling

  77. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t gotten any quests recently? Anyone else short on quests?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      What level are you? You may have run out of quests and will have to wait for the update. Someone else here mentioned that they did everything and now only get Pepin’s fetch quests.

  78. Izzy says:

    thanks for making this awesome guide! When I was looking for how to make the black lotus thing for the quest, and read your thing to probably craft it b4, I litter ally slapped myself on the head. So now I’m trying to make everything b4 I get the quest.

    And by the way, since it takes time to craft things, should I upgrade things b4 completing quests? Or are the quests pretty important? Thanks!

    Add me, my username is jaysper!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Most of the quests aren’t particularly important. The Mountain quests are really the only one I highlighted. Later, you’ll be asked to do these quests a second time by “Agent Boon”, who will then fly into your village on a jetpack to buy things. He often spends around 750-1000 coins.

      Other than that, the quests are just another way to get Flooz. Since you need Flooz to make your village bigger, the quests are probably better to complete.

      If you check your village often, then don’t worry about building upgrades until you’re happy with your street. You’ll actually gain experience points slower, then, anyhow. Prioritize your house upgrades, though, and make sure you have a friend hotel. It will do wonders for your coin situation, and it is very cheap to upgrade.

  79. Jessica says:

    I’m a big fan of HS but i’ve never seen poppy thé Bird or any other réf bird. I’m on level 11 and i’m playing during a long time each time i an connected. Is there a bug? My husband, WHO is playing with Apple has the same problem. We can’t solve some quests.
    Please help us. What can we do?
    Thank you, Jessica

    • Eli says:

      I’m having the same issue & haven’t been able to figure it out :(

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I’d suggest sending a report over to Godzilab. It now looks like a recurring bug. However, a lot of problems seem to be fixed simply by closing the app and re-starting it.

      • Jessica says:

        My husband closed thé app and now it works but not for me so i start the game from the beginning again… Too bad but it works now…

  80. Maggie says:

    How can I send à request to à friend?? I like to trade things but I don’t know how !

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You need to have the game ask you for an item before you can send a request. Even then, it doesn’t really allow direct trading. You can’t, for instance, offer to give someone a “Glue” if they give you a “Rope.” All friends get for sending things to you are crystals, which are used to upgrade your friend hotel.

  81. snoopy says:

    hey, what is the best layout for shops? i can’t find a guide to that anywhere!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I didn’t cover the layout because there are a few opinions out there.

      Some believe the bonuses and such are actually bad for you. It makes sense, too, because having to spend more to get experience or effects does seem counter-intuitive. However, if you don’t play much, then you’ll want that higher income. Later, you may also want it for achievements.

      The only thing I’d mention for layout is to make sure that villagers have a decor shop, food shop, and entertainment venue within walking distance. Otherwise, they’ll be unhappy and mopey.

      Sorry I can’t be more helpful, though.

  82. Maggie says:

    Please add me maggie1802

  83. Kayla says:

    Ummmmmm how do I find the rainbow fish ?????

  84. Joombug says:

    If anyone needs a friend that can help you by gifting items to you please let add me! GC: Joombug

    I’m looking for yellow crystals and moon rocks. I can gift just about anything else!

    Great guide! Very informative!!!

  85. Dave says:

    Thanks for the help, it was very helpful.

  86. Izzy says:

    Hi again. So here’s a tip that you should always consider. Poopy the bird was over my village and the craftsmen was coming down on her flying machine to lower my rope’s craftsmanship by an hour. Well I was trying to hit billy when he came out of his house with the poop,and it landed on the ground instead. The craftsmen slipped on the poop and went away without decreasing my crafts time. :( same with the construction worker when I tried it. Just something to consider!! Hope this helps!

  87. BucRob says:

    Happy Street is a great game but it is a little disappointing when getting to the higher levels. They are no more quest after level 17 that i can see. Pepin still wants items but he rarely gives you flooz. I have started to ignore him and just make blue tokens for the Lucky Spin game. Why use 8 to 12 hours crafting a cut moonstone or a black belt for him if he isn’t giving you any flooz for it. Hopefully they will come up with an update to have more quests. Has anyone else notice this?

  88. Gail says:

    Hi! I really like this game but see, I play on the iphone and I want to connect with someone who plays on a samsung galaxy. And the problem is I don’t have facebook and he doesn’t have gamecenter. Any advice on what to do?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      GameCenter is an iOS-specific feature. Your friend will never be able to get it on an Android phone. You can create a Facebook account, though.

      That’s the only way you two can play together, I’m afraid.

  89. Gail says:

    Also, please add me! GC: glskyy
    I need friends!

  90. BucRob says:

    Did everyone get free flooz today for visiting friends. I only got 300 coins, no flooz. Usually I get 2 or 3.

  91. Serenjyn says:

    OK, a couple of things.

    First, I decided Godzi Labs had earned some of my money so I wanted to spend $5. The choice was 50 Flooz or 33 Lucky Spin tokens. I went with the tokens and ended up winning 61 Flooz so, at least this time, tokens proved the greater value. Have others had a similar experience?

    I’ve been at level 19 for awhile now and, judging from my Game Center friends, that seems to be the cap for the moment (although the experience counter keeps going). Yesterday I was adding houses to my street and suddenly got the message that I couldn’t build any more houses until I reached level 21 (except for houses that require Flooz to purchase). Say what?

    I never built the small cottage but did build two wood cottages. I have all the other houses, including the 1001 Nights Palace, so I’m wondering if the cap comes once you’ve built x number of houses, equal to having built one of each. If that’s the case then if I sell one of my wood cottages I should be able to build the small cottage but I would hate to sell it and find the small cottage is still locked.

    Any one else experience this?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I just checked their Twitter. You’re not alone. There is currently a level cap in place.

      Godzilab says the update’s on the way.

      Not sure about the housing situation, though, and I wouldn’t risk it myself.

      As for the tokens, I picked up the 99 cent option and would up with 10 Flooz, which was 1 more than what I would’ve gotten with the “Handful of Flooz” option. However, I’m better there are just as many people who ended up with just 6 Flooz out of the deal.

      • Serenjyn says:

        My suspicion was confirmed on TouchArcade so I deleted one of my wood cottages and was able to build the small cottage. Basically you’re limited to one of each house type or a combination that does not exceed 10 houses, excluding the Friends Hotel and Flooz-purchased houses.

        • Serenjyn says:

          That count also excludes Billy’s house.

          • BucRob says:

            I am getting the level 21 on all of the houses also. Hopefully they will add more levels soon so we can get to it.

            • BucRob says:

              I have one of every house except the small cottage but I have 2 wood cottages, 10 total. I am not going to remove a wood cottage because my people are at a high level, so I will have to wait for a new update with more levels to get to level 21.

  92. Alex says:

    add me pls , my GC: slishka

  93. BucRob says:

    Anyone who has installed the new update that came out today, let us know how it went. I don’t want to update until getting some feedback. Thanks

    • BucRob says:

      They kind of force you to do it, you can’t go to friend’s villages without updating. I went ahead and updated, everything seems ok except I lost my extra hotel visitors that were staying forever. That was a given with the update though. The flooz popup is a great addition, I won’t have to worry about losing flooz accidentally now. Playing the dungeon game with 8 moves gives you a free flooz, it does work too. I will start clicking on this when visiting friends villages.

  94. happy_wuhoo says:

    I love this game, my little brother and i play whenever we can. So addicting!

    But anyways, recently a random palm tree appeared in my village, to the right of Billy’s house and in front of our flower cart and lucky spin. It doesn’t do anything except sit there but does anyone know the meaning of this mysterious appearance or if it signifys anything?

    If anyone needs a new friend or more friends add us: happy_wuhoo
    (: happy gaming to you all

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Is that the coconut palm tree? Touch the palm tree and it should give you some sort of information.

      • Izzy says:

        Nope, not a coconut tree. I became your friend and looked at your village. The palm tree you are seeing is part of the combo you make with the tiki pole, surf shop, and sunglasses stand. It’s not next to your combo place because the mountain gate’s sign looks like its in the way. ;) hope this helps!

  95. Likeakristin says:

    Are there any actions that trigger, or is there any pattern or way to predict the craftsman showing up?

    Add me in game center: keewo

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Nope. Random occurrence. I’ve had times where one didn’t show up for an hour and I’ve had times where I’ve had them show up back-to-back.

  96. Serenjyn says:

    This morning, while visiting friends, I only earned 1 Flooz. I wonder if this is part of the update (reducing from 3 to 1) or just a fluke.

  97. BucRob says:

    I am getting ready to upgrade my Dungeon to level 3. My question is if I do does that give you less chances to win a free flooz with 8 consecutive moves? I mean will it take longer to get to play it.

  98. J says:

    Can someone please explain how to make the fertilizer…. I have the supplies but I dont have use button?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You have to make it in the workshop first. It takes 2 hours.

      Once complete, go to the forest, click on your Bag, and scroll down to the Fertilizer. Tap it and a menu will pop up in the right sidebar. Use should be there.

  99. *monisol* says:

    Feel free to add me if you need friends. I am a good neighbor and have blue cristals.
    My nick at GC: *monisol*
    This is a really usefull guide :-)

  100. Ladylopez90 says:

    I need friends on happy street!! I only have two friends, and both of them have the same color crystals I have :( I need red and yellow crystals, I’ll trade you blue ones! Add me!!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You should definitely leave your GameCenter ID if you’re an Apple user. If you’re using Android, you’ll need to find friends via Facebook.

  101. becmarie says:

    Deffinitely add me hey becmarie

  102. elle says:

    How do I build the mountain gate ? Nothing shows up in my workshop. The quest says to build the mountain gate.

  103. likeakristin says:

    What are you supposed to do when the “Accept help from [insert friend’s name here]” blue bubble with the friend’s photo on-top pops up? I try to click it, but it just keeps scrolling back and forth until it eventually disappears. Does anyone know what the deal is when this happens?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      They are purchasing from your shops. Only the first person to each shop will work, everyone else after that doesn’t spend money.

      You’ll need to exit and reload the app if you want to get them to make purchases, again.

  104. Kayla says:

    Ok.. So if I use the percentage bonus decorations next to my stands, it will actually slow down my leveling because my stores will take longer to sell out?

  105. Soulmatey says:

    Hello, Happy Street citizens!

    My gamecenter id is: 5oulmatey

    • Limeygal20 says:

      How does one get more stars to upgrade at the Mountain?
      Also, does anyone else think that the excavation is ( for want of a better word) cheesy.
      I mean six wood logs or six stones for wearing my finger out tapping away!
      At least make it worth our while or don’t bother at all, until you can come up with something original.
      Also, while I am on my soapbox, I think it is too expensive flooz wise to upgrade the forest and the village.
      Okay, I am finished complaining, I love this game, just a couple of things I wanted to whine about!!!

      • For the record, I’ve gotten three Lucky Spin Tokens so far from the Excavation Site. Yes, most of the things you’ll find is garbage consumables, but I’m pretty happy whenever I get those or pieces of iron, since I don’t want to waste Flooz on expanding the cave just yet.

  106. Soulmatey says:

    Oh, forgot to ask! Is there a way to cancel a craft if queued by mistake?

  107. kam says:

    Did someone get a quest saying something about a mistery gate? i did those 4 quests and i don’t know what is about.

  108. Limeygal20 says:

    I have just gotten my first guest at my hotel, but it will not accept any more guests, saying the hotel is full.
    What can I do to correct this.?
    Feel free to add me as a friend.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      It’s right. You can only have 1 guest in your hotel at level 1. That number increases after every level. You’ll have to wait until that guest leaves before you can invite another. Afterwards, you should be able to upgrade your hotel to level two.

  109. Izzy says:

    Does anyone have any yellow crystals? My GC username is jaysper.
    I have blue, and you can just send me a gift request so in return you give me the yellow crystal.

    Thanks, byee.

  110. Izzy says:

    Does anyone have any yellow crystals? My GC name is jaysper.
    I have blue, and you can just send me a gift request so in return you give me the yellow crystal.

    Thanks, byee.

    • BucRob says:

      I was thinking about doing this floozy deal that they are offering. Do the special houses upgrade just like the regular ones? If so do you have to use more flooz to upgrade or other things? Any info from people who have them would be helpful . Thanks

      • Fade to Slack says:

        Missed this comment. Sorry.

        The special houses are actually VERY special. They don’t take flooz to upgrade. Upgrading my Chipmunk Hut to level three took just 1 minute and 45 seconds. It cost me just 8,000 coins and 2 Wood Planks.

  111. I’m almost the last in the GC. How to get high with the points? What should I do, I am constantly at 1000 points?

  112. The first 24 runners all have over 100,000 points, how does that work? I am level 19, have 10 taxi and two 1001 palace and so on…!?

  113. Rachel says:

    Please add me on GC: kraycho :) thanks!!!

  114. Serenjyn says:

    Since the upgrade to the dungeon game which guarantees a Flooz about every 5 minutes based on my foot traffic, I’ve actually sold my fortune wheel because it wasn’t worth the real estate it was occupying and it was too random and frustrating. I also took advantage of Floozy coming to town, doubling whatever you buy, and picked up 66 tokens for $4.99. Ended up with 190 Flooz (hit the 50 once) so once again, getting tokens has proved a much better value than buying Flooz directly.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I ran a handful of tokens to test out and hit the 15 Flooz fish, which instantly made it better to buy than 18 flooz. In total, I ended up 32 Flooz.

    • BucRob says:

      I broke even, i bought a bag of tokens and got 100 flooz. So it was the same thing as getting a bag of flooz. The most i got was 5 at one time. I was so close to 3 billys several times. I wanted to show my support for the devs though for doing such a great job.

  115. Karen156 says:

    What are the benefits of expanding the forest and the mountain? I have expanded them a few times but I do not see the benefit in expanding those areas. Maybe I am missing the benefits of expanding. Can anyone enlighten me?

    • Soooomanyowls says:

      you dont really need to expand any more than like 2 or 3 times, it is just waste of floos after that

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Expanding the area just means you have more room for trees, flowers, mushrooms, toadstools, and rocks to show up. In the guide, I’ve stated to expand no more than 2 times, but I’m going to change the guide to state “expand your forest no more than three times and the mountain no more than four.”

      Since you can’t control where the rocks grow, it can be difficult to save rocks up. Later properties ask for lots of them.

      • Karen156 says:

        Thanks for answering. I have another uestion – how do you play the dungeon game? When I try I get either the restock option. How/when do you play?

        • Fade to Slack says:

          You are able to play every time you need to restock it, just like the Hammer Game and Fortune Wheel. Watch the pattern and repeat it. Each turn, it adds a move. Get eight moves in a row correct and you get 80 coins and 1 Flooz. It’s definitely the best free way to get Flooz around.

          • Karen156 says:

            Do you tap the colors when it stops? Like if it shines red, green, yellow, blue do I tap red, green, yellow then blue? Or do I wait and when it shines red, I tap red?
            Sorry for being so dumb about about this?

            Thanks for your help,

            • Fade to Slack says:

              No worries. It took me a while to figure out, too. Then I realized it was a lot like the “Simon” game that I grew up with and it clicked in my head.

              Let the game finish the colors. Then repeat what it finished. So, the 1st turn is just one color. Hit that color. The 2nd turn is the 1st color and then another color. Tap the same pattern.

              Wait for the game to complete its pattern, then copy the pattern. After you get eight patterns correct, you can pretty much stop playing it. The coins aren’t really worth all the trouble you have to go through.

              • Karen156 says:

                Got it! Thank you. I was trying to do the whole pattern right away, not just one then waiting and doubt one and two. Much appreate your time. Thanks again.

  116. Samantha says:

    HELP, when I click on my backpack and it opens and shows all that I have collected it shows my “Bird poop” which I have 52 of but it won’t let me make fertilezer , there’s no check marks, what or how do u use all the things in ur back pack? Or do you have to wait till there is a green check mark? Also please add me , my game center name is ” MoodySammy ” thank you

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Fertilizer can only be made in the Workshop. Go to your Workshop property (Found under the “Special” properties tab in your shop if you haven’t built one, yet), and then scroll down to the fertilizer. It takes two hours to make.

  117. *monisol* says:

    Ho everybody!
    When I have an invitation to join one of my friends hotel and press ‘Send’ it says ‘no body found to send to the hotel’. What does this mean?

  118. Limeygal20 says:

    Hi I need three blue crystals to upgrade my hotel, I have yellow crystals to give in return.
    Thanks so much. My gc name is limeygal20.

    • Izzy says:

      Hi, I can’t add you for some reason!? Is your username correct? Are you on game center. My username is jaysper and I have blue crystals and really need yellow crystals to upgrade my hotel.

      • Limeygal20 says:

        My username is limeygal20 and I need blue crystals. I will try to send you some.

      • Joseph says:

        Hi! I’d love to be friends with both of you guys! LOL. I have red gems to give and I need blue and yellow! Gonna send you both friend requests on game center :D

        my gc name is genesis1982

        • Izzy says:

          Hi you guys. I added you genesis1982 but I still couldn’t add you Limeygal20! ;) just send a request to me… My user name is jaysper. Hope you can get me yellow crystals and blue crystals to you!

  119. Limeygal20 says:

    I just opened up my page and there was a message that said accept help from Katherine S , I pressed on it and it disappeared into nowhere, any ideas where the message went?
    I checked gc and could not find it.

    • Limeygal20 says:

      Limeygal20 sorry it is spelt with a cap L at the beginning.

      • Izzy says:

        Hi again. That message that your seeing is when your friend is coming to your village and does that three action thingy to earn a free flooze or earn 300 coins. They are buying stuff from your store basically, but I think only the first friend you go to that day gets the money from your vist, soI try to vist everyone ;) I still can’t add you! o-O

  120. ima says:

    I see that when I upgrade a shop/house the construction worker works faster when there is another construction work next to it. But when I checked the timer, it didn’t get any faster. So, is it necessary to move construction work next to each other? will this affect the time needed to complete an upgrade? btw, my GC is miss_ima, feel free to add. Thx

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I don’t believe having two construction sites near each other will help. However, if a construction worker drives into your town, he will reduce one of your construction sites by an hour’s time.

      Otherwise, each timer is set based upon the kind of property it is, with many upgrades needing a full 24 hours before they are completed.

  121. Mary says:

    I found a quick way to level up. To level you need to build and restock shops. I placed 8 bus stops next to 3 level 1 shops…the cheapest ones – 1 glasses and 2 fruit. They sell out very quickly (only about 104 in stock) and you get a level star for building as well as stocking. Every time they asked to be upgraded, I would sell (you didn’t have to, but I didn’t want to accidentally click on it and start the upgrade) and rebuild….again getting another star to level up. I continued with other forms of stocking and fiestas, etc, but once I discovered this this method I quickly leveled from 13-17 where I am now.

    This is a great guide, thank you. I am very addicted to the game. I really like the night cricket noises in the forest! Very peaceful.

    I took alot of names and will be befriending :)

    I also think visiting other people’s villages is not only for the free flooz, but to check out the different fun ways people build their village :)

    Would love a guide of the different buildings and houses and what they do and is it worth building them. I keep looking at the Wanted Poster stand, and the rocking horse and wonder if they are worth bothering. Like I love the look of the mushroom and flower stand upgraded to level 3…..very cool buildings. But level 3 of the fruit is so boring (but it is cheap). The Arcade Bong…..with flooz….is that worth building? The tavern…dull and expensive. I wonder what kinds of creatures live in the small house.

    Thanks again :)

    • Fade to Slack says:

      If you look at the Arcade Bong (and other similar items), you’ll see that they have high values or bonuses. I bought the Squirrel House for my village. Not only does it bring unique villagers to my village, it also is another house that fits in only one space.

      The Arcade Bong has a high amount of stock which I wouldn’t help your leveling, but that shouldn’t matter if you’re already level 17. There are, at this time, only 19 levels anyhow. It’s a great purchase for people who don’t check in often or people who want the high store value for achievements. Otherwise, it’s just your typical free-to-play bragging item.

      Flooz is better spent expanding your village for the most part. That said, I really want that Monster House.

  122. demonhawk3000 says:

    Add me if you want. :3 I’ll send what I can.


  123. Getch says:

    Love this game but need more friends for Flooz… Gamecenter username is GreAsyG

  124. Marco says:

    Hi my gamecenter id is marcorojas616 im in the top 5% learderboards il help with what i can and also i need blue and red crystals il be happy to give out yellow crystals.

  125. Boston Hammer says:

    Looking for friends on Happy Street. I have red gems and I’m willing to help my friends with other items. My GC id is Boston Hammer.

  126. D says:

    Great Guide! I’m having a lot of fun playing this game. Feel free to add me: kinicke666

  127. Limeygal20 says:

    Hi there, I have been stuck at level nineteen for a few hours now, any ideas how to get things moving
    again? The fiesta points are working as normal, but the level count is stuck at 1977 both sides.
    I have tried shutting down any running apps and am now just flummoxed!!
    Any help would be welcome.
    Thanks .

  128. Limeygal20 says:

    Please ignore my previous post, I should have guessed Fade to Slack would have already answered my question
    somewhere in this fabulous guide to Happy Street (he is always one or maybe two steps ahead of me).
    So, the next time I have a question, I will retread this guide very carefully before I post.
    I am still accepting friends, I have yellow crystals and will help out when I can. Limeygal20 in in gc.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Thanks for the praise, but it’s my fault. I have a picture sitting in my Camera Roll just waiting to be resized, uploaded, and thrown into this post to illustrate it.

      I’ve just been kind of lazy with it as I’ve been playing a couple of other games.

  129. D says:

    Any hints about the moonrock? I feel like it’s hardly ever a full moon. Is it on some sort of schedule? Thanks!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Nope. Not really. It is a bit random, but it does regenerate. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow. Staying in the app for extended periods of time does seem to help, but that may just be the law of averages at play.

  130. Ellie says:

    add me! I have blue :) ellie14xoxo

  131. Likeakristin says:

    Is there any advantage to upgrading the dungeon? Right now I’m getting flood so often from it that I’m afraid to upgrade, but haven’t seen any guidance on here not to like there is for the fortune wheel. I’m at level 1 now. Does anyone remember how long it take to upgrade to level 2?

    • Likeakristin says:

      *flooz, not flood. Thanks autocorrect.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      There’s really no reason to upgrade your Dungeon unless you don’t visit your street regularly. I have mine at level 2, but there’s no way I’m upgrading to level 3. I may even sell my Dungeon and re-build it. A Level 1 Dungeon would surely help rake in the Flooz. I really want that Monster House.

  132. Sara says:

    Add me saraaacarpenter

  133. Anonymous says:

    Another way to earn coins easily is to harvest all available ammenities (bird poop, coconuts, apples, flowers, ETC). After collecting a fair amount, sell them to accumulate about 5,000 gold coins. Similarly, you may try gathering more items and holding them in your bag. By the time Pepin gives you a new quest, you will find it faster and easier to complete the goals and therefore earning gold coins.

  134. ima says:

    I wonder how many flooz can you actually get from a dungeon? my record is ..well, um.. one! :p can anybody here share how many flooz at most can you get? and how to do so other than to really really pay attention to the screen.. thanks! :)

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I haven’t done so, but it really wouldn’t be hard to get a pen and paper when playing the Dungeon. Each new turn, you just add an arrow to your paper showing the direction. You could also just use a first letter system, too, like Y=Yellow, B=Blue, G=Green, R=Red.

      I haven’t even attempted to get more than 1 Flooz out of the Dungeon. Now I wonder if 16 moves get you a 2nd Flooz. Worth trying.

    • Likeakristin says:

      I’ve done the paper and pen thing and gotten up to 22 or 23 moves, and have gotten no additional flooz after the one you get at 8 moves. You do get a higher amount of coins each time you get a longer string, but in my opinion it’s not worth the effort and time unless at some point it gives extra flooz.

  135. Alyssa2258 says:

    Add me at Alyssa2258

  136. BucRob says:

    Question to all of the people that our leveled out. Are you saving your flooz or are you buying the special houses with it? With the dungeon game flooz are more easily to get now. I have heard if you have more then one of the same kind of special house, it has the same villagers, they looked the same. So I can’t see a reason to buy more then one of them. Hopefully the new update will be out soon because this game is getting a little boring now since there are no more new things to get or do.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Agreed. I’ve been playing The World Ends with You and Final Fantasy Dimensions to kill time between sessions in town.

      If you already have one of each special house, why not also get the special properties? It’ll give you something to work towards.

      Have you already upgraded your 1001 Nights Palace to level 3?

      Completely decorated your street? Mine’s still mostly grass and unpaved road…

      But, yeah, there’s not a lot to do once you’ve hit level 19 and have all the coin properties.

      • BucRob says:

        Yes I already upgraded the 1001 nights palace to level 3 and have all of the special properties except the wind mill which only helps in not having to reload your shops as much. I am thinking about just building up my flooz and waiting for the next update. Hopefully they will add more special houses and properties.

  137. Lling says:

    Can i know where to find rock? I dint c any rocks in the rock mountain…

    • Fade to Slack says:

      They’re there. If you get nothing but Edelweiss flowers, remove them and come back later. Also, if you haven’t expanded your Mountain area, I’d suggest doing so a couple of times. Three or four expansions should be all the more you’ll ever need.

  138. Hi :) says:

    Hi I’m just wondering… This is probably a really silly question.. But where do I get stone on the mountain? Is there anything I need to do/make? Thankyou!
    Ps. Great guide thankyou
    Pps. GC: ilovefredandgeorge

  139. Hi :) says:

    It’s all good I found the rocks :D
    But I am still wondering:
    1. What are the train tracks for?
    2. How could I get more sheep?

  140. Marco says:

    Quick question to anybody who wants to answer. Do you get one flooz eveyday for every luckyspin machine you have or just one a day?

  141. Deanna3d says:

    Great guide! Best I’ve seen.

    I’m really curious about the differing opinions on how to lay out your village to get the best payout. I bought the small house before I realized how much I was actually spending (didn’t see that extra 0), and have been trying to catch up on gold ever since. I added a few cheaper bonus items, and that is helping, but is it a really better to buy another house to have more villagers with money to spend? Would you buy/upgrade houses or shops first?

    Also, is it worth it to add a second bus stop? Or not worth the real estate?

    • Marco says:

      Its better to make lots of combos (example: fish market, pirate mast and bazar) they make your villagers give you more coins. In my opinion its better to have at least 5 bus stops or even more.

  142. L0v3 says:

    Hey, just wondering when do the objectives finish, and whats the point of the game when you reach max level?

    • Fade to Slack says:

      None, really. This is your standard town-builder. Updates will be coming, but they’re not coming soon enough for a lot of players.

  143. Wendy says:

    Hi there!!! Been playing this game thanks to my sister and have become a tad addicted!! Getting fed up at mo tho as not enough flooz to keep expanding!!! Please feel free to add me on GC my id is wendy_35!! Thanks xxx

    • Wendy says:

      Hi there xx When visiting people why are some coins but some are flooz? Sorry to be a nuisance xx

      • Hi :) says:

        After a while, (I think after three people) you get 300 coins instead of flooz until a time limit and then you get more flooz :/ sorry if that didn’t make any sense :P

  144. BucRob says:

    I am upgrading my Friends Hotel to level 5. You need 30 of each color crystal to upgrade.

    • BucRob says:

      I just wanted to post this in case anybody was wondering how many crystals it took to upgrade to Level 5.

      • Fade to Slack says:

        Thanks. I was around two or three days from getting there, but I’ll put that up. Good to know, too, because I’ve been sitting on crystals and declining crystal requests because I was worried I would need a lot for level 5.

  145. Teresamcgoo says:

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows what the flower symbol with arrows and number next to it means under decorations. For example, under the apple tree, there is a flower with arrows and a number 2 next to it. Thanks for your help!

  146. De says:

    What’s the Dungeon you referenced? I’m not seeing anything like that, and I’m not sure what I’m missing! I’m a level 8 right now (almost 9). Does the Dungeon show up later?

  147. Clayton says:

    Hi, great review!
    I am trying to add my one friend via Facebook, i have android, she has iphone, but it is not working.

    She plays the game regularly, and she accepted the invite, but my only friend on the little globe is the default guy.

    Any ideas? It’s been 3 days since we tried, so both of us have restarted out phones and refreshed the app and such. Cheers!

    • Fade to Slack says:

      This may be silly to ask, but has your friend tried to send you a Facebook invitation as well?

      If not, have her try. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how it works with cross-platform streets, and I’ve yet to add anyone via Facebook. I have co-workers who use Android, though, so I’ll see if they can help me out if that doesn’t work.

  148. HeartCandi says:

    Love the guide!
    I’ve been playing for a few months now and I’ve learned a lot of things already but thanks for the tips!
    GC: HeartCandi

  149. BucRob says:

    The new update has been submitted to Apple per Moleki who is one of the devs.

    Update 1.1.0 has been submitted


    ✔ The maximum level was raised from 19 to 33
    ✔ Doubled the number of quests
    ✔ New environment and new characters
    ✔ New series of houses, shops, decorations and a mysterious new type of villager
    ✔ Workshop and Nyok’s house can be upgraded to reduce crafting time
    ✔ Optimized loading time
    ✔ Added FAQ
    ✔ Added confirmation button before buying a building
    ✔ A lot of bug fixes

  150. Osito Pegao says:

    Add me on Facebook to the game! So we can help each other, i’ve been playing for a week and this game is awsome!

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    Just joined, can’t find game center to add friends.

    Good game so far, look me up (please and thanks!)


  152. D says:

    Just an FYI to anyone thinking of buying a taxi stand – I don’t think it’s worth the flooz. I thought they’d spend more than they do.

    Here’s a fun tip for the dungeon – only if you’re on the app a lot – put a bunch of bus stops near your dungeon. A lot of the visiting villagers will stop there and you’ll be able to play the simon game more often.

    Right now, I’m saving up for that haunted house :-D

    Looking forward to the upgrades – especially the decrease in crafting time. I wish you could get more than one workshop!

    Oh, and I got my first 3 flooz in the Lucky spin! Exciting!

  153. Deanna3d says:

    I went through and added as many of you that I could. Thanks for friending me!

    My kids noticed something I didn’t notice right away. The color of the people match their houses. (I know, right? Takes me a while.) So, if you want some blue people, you could buy and sell the house until you get the color you want. I wish I would have known that sooner, I might have not taken the first color house that they gave me. Does anyone know the cost of selling vs. the cost of buying? I’m thinking I sold my dungeon for the same price that the new one cost, so I was just out the rocks. But I’m not sure I’m remembering that correctly.

    I love all the great tips! My new level 1 dungeon gives me many more chances for floo. I would still love to see someone do a spreadsheet on the most effective arrangement of your businesses to get the most cash … Someone with better math skills than mine. :)

  154. catherine says:

    How do you get a user name for game center? What website do u go to?im in need of friends on the game.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      Are you an iOS user, or Android?

      GameCenter is an exclusive feature of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

      If you are an Android user, you’ll be forced to use Facebook, instead.

  155. schizorz says:

    anyone know how to refresh facebook friendlist?my friend playing this game too but i cant find him on my friend list..should i add him via gamecenter?
    btw..add me GC: Al_fonski

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    Thank you

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    Where to get a coconut tree?! I just can’t make a rope and I’m lvl10… In game center my id is jacinto98! Thanks..

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    How the heck do you make a hammer for Pepin?

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    My Love Dahlia

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    BIG TIP!!! If you set your time forward your item will be crafted sooner (make sure you collect it). This applies to the cooking and studio crafting too. WARNING when you set your time back to normal the item will still be crafting and any time limit you had on pepin’s quest will be cut short however many hours you set forward. The plus side is you will have collected the item and it will be in your bag.

    • Fade to Slack says:

      I decided not to put that in, as one misstep and you’ll also mess up your crafting times. It also screws up the free “Lucky Token” timer.

      It can be a bit of a hassle, but people willing to tinker with their clocks can do it. I figure a lot of people would mess it up and end up with a 1d 5m Wood Plank timer after setting their clocks back and realizing their mistake.

  163. Anonymous says:

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    I’ll come by and help out daily! :)

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    I’m Terribelle85 on gamecenter and I have lots of yellow crystals.

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    my GC ID is glarec and my friend’s GC ID is weseleyalpha. See you in the game!

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  168. Alison says:

    Very informative! One thing to add that I find to be very important… Mushroom soups! These are so helpful in leveling up, as The added fiestas they bring lead to more/quicker restocks. When I don’t have anything else cooking in the forest, I always have one of these brewing. Then, whenever I see a “high roller” strolling through my village, I quickly go to my bag and use the soup to launch a fiesta and maximize their visit! Also, thanks for the tip on NOT upgrading the dungeon!!

  169. giingiiee says:

    How do I get rocks? I can’t find them anywhere

    • Fade to Slack says:

      You need to build the Mountain Gate first. If you’ve already completed the quests, you will find the Mountain Gate in your shop.

      Click on the “Special” tab. It costs just 1 coin.

      Rocks, Edelweiss flowers, and Wool are found on the Mountain.

  170. Mj.999 says:

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    Thanks! :)

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    Hi guys!

    I need friends! I have yellow crystals/gems to trade! Pleas add me on gamecenter: “Francisca_paz”


  172. BUFFY says:

    How do I use the fertilizer?

    • Go to the Forest. Cut down all the trees and collect all the flowers, mushrooms, and toadstools. Tap the menu, and go to your bag. Find the fertilizer in your item list. Tap it, and a command list shows up on the right sidebar. Hit the “Use” button.

  173. Caroline says:

    Have you reached the end of the story? I wonder what would be the ultimate outcome?

  174. Carrie S says:

    Please add me! I’m carses21 on game center and I have blue gems. Thanks!

  175. help says:

    How do i get the magical crystel ?

  176. Izzy says:

    HELP! I got that pop up add when I opened the game but accidentally got of of the
    Game by pressing that circle button on my iPad. Now when I go back in, it freezes and I can’t get into my game. I can see everything moving in the background but can’t “x-out” of the pop up add! It’s frozen! I can’t play. I have waited about half an hour and nothing happened! HELP!

  177. Alifirdaus says:

    hi guys… i have a problem with my mountain….i’d just built my mountain and when i tried to use the studio, it says that i have to wait for 19days…. i dont have enough prepaid nowadays to play online. is it cause by i’m playing it offline? or i have to complete another quest tu use the studio. by the way…it’s on my samsung galaxy s2…. :(

    • Have you recently changed your phone’s date backwards? It may be due to offline play, but I’m not sure how Happy Street works. I actually didn’t know you could play it offline, honestly.

      Try to set your phone’s date forward a day and seeing if that lessens the timer.

  178. Honey says:

    Hi I’m at lvl 11 and I’m done with the quests but no mountain gates. I’m stuck not being able to access the mountains :( pls help!!
    Btw, very good guide us have done. Thumbs up!

    • Alifirdaus says:

      Thanks, will try that later.. By any chance, do you know where can i download happy street 1.1 besides downloading it at google play? My country carrier does not support the update.. Or if u know where can i download .apk files for this game? Tq :)

  179. D says:

    Downloaded the new update and I like it so far except…the cave guy is repeating his mission. It’s fine since I’m getting extra flooz for doing the mission twice…

    On another note, the workshop takes 50 flooz(!) to upgrade and it only reduces crafting time by 25 per cent. I wonder if the 2nd upgrade will take 100 flooz! Anyway, I think it’ll probably be worth it. 8 hour crafting times will reduce to 6 hrs. etc.

    • BucRob says:

      It takes 150 flooz to upgrade to the workstop to Level 3. It bit high, don’t you think?

      • D says:

        Yes – it’s way too much! But then again…it might be worth it to cut down crafting time…

        I have 44 right now. I think I’ll update it when I get to 50 but then save my flooz to get other things for a while before I even think about upgrading to level 3.

  180. Ecstatic Avenue says:

    It is worth it to build bus stops and low stock cheap shops in an attempt to level up fast due to restocking?

    • Ecstatic Avenue says:

      Oh Yes is it worth it to go more than 8 patterns for the dungeon for 1 flooz or there isn’t any more flooz so I should simply give up once I get a flooz?

      • Most of the visitors will ignore low-priced shops. I, for instance, have a level 1 cheese market next to three bus stops. Every animal runs past the market every single time and go to my higher-priced stops.

        You can only get 1 Flooz from your dungeon, so it’s better to re-stock and get back to taking care of other properties after 8 turns.

  181. hunibea 66 says:

    hey, great site it has helped me out a lot

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  184. Anonymous says:

    anyone figure out how to get free flooz? In the store it says free flooz but whenever i click on it nothing happens T_T

  185. Doom says:

    Should I ever sell my beginning level houses/shops/decorations ever. if yes/no why?

    • Houses: No, unless you built more than one of the same kind. Otherwise, you’re fine. Moreover, you’ll lose all residents of those houses and have to start from scratch on character levels.

      Shops: This depends on what you want, really. If you’re trying to raise your town’s income, you can sell off low-value properties. However, low-value shops also give the same experience as high-value shops. I’d actually go the other way and suggest adding additional low-income shops if you have the space. Most of them take up just one space, and you’ll level up quicker that way.

      Decorations: These only affect property values (Payout Rates), so I’d say that’s entirely up to you. If you like some of the Combo Bonus features (Windmill, Shining Mountain, decorative Palm Tree), then you’ll want to keep your decorations intact. Up to you, of course.

  186. bree says:

    So if you can only get free Tokens for Lucky Spin by using Game Center, does that mean Android users don’t get a free daily spin? No fair!

  187. GRIMonIPOD says:

    Hey need some flooz
    GC: |RYAN|

    Those lines are not i’s
    If on IOS press 123 then #+= and its 3rd across middle line

  188. Tania says:

    Add me! Im Arsenico on GC or Tania Minguet Checa on FB!

  189. Lady_Ianthe says:


    I love your blog..there’s so many tips & info’s about the game. I’m already addicted to it. There are so many comments to read. But I couldn’t find the info i need so far. I currently have a quest of cooking white dye..unfortunately i don’t have any edelweiss flowers. According to the tip I could collect them in the forest but so far I haven’t seen any of it. It’s also one of the ingredient for the rainbow fish that i wasn’t able to complete because i thought i could catch it by fishing :)

    • You should have did an “Edelweiss” search of the text. It’s in the guide.

      Edelweiss flowers grow on the mountain. If you don’t have the mountain, yet, you’ll need to complete the quests to unlock it.

  190. ima says:

    sometimes during my visit to friends’ village, peppin shows up. Cant really read what he said for it covered by the ‘you have 3 actions left’ dialogue box, but he mentioned something about changing my device time. well, i do nothing about my device time, how come he showed up like that. does anyone here have the same experience?

  191. m says:

    Please me me, i don’t understand ” place 3 market floor”

    how to finish this quest

  192. Maggie says:

    I have the Same experience als Ima and i also Didi not cheat with the time.

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    HELP PLS! Initially I added my personal facebook account to Happy Street so i can add friends…but then I realised I should rather create a new “Happy Street Facebook Account” so i did. But now i cant change the fb account to the newly created one. Does anyone know how i to do it? Thanks in advance

    • BucRob says:

      I actually had to do this. The only way is to delete Happy Street app and then reinstall, then you go to “more” and download data which downloads your village from the Godzilab’s server. You might want to send a email to Godzilab to make sure they have your village on their servers before doing this.

  198. Gianpa says:

    I found out that if you are in the forest and you go back to the village and back again in the forest. the fish in the river will change and since the pearl of light is visually different from the others, you can go back and forth until you eventually get one.

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    Please tell me about “create 1 x combo ” T-T

    • You’ll need to put three items touching each other that can create the combo.

      The first combo you can make is the Fruit Stand, Flower Cart, and Lucky Slots combo. Place the three buildings together, and you’ll complete the mission. You’ll also see a windmill appear in the background.

  202. AprilHowell says:

    Add me AprilHowell

  203. Janine says:

    Howcome I cannot get a free daily play on lucky spin anymore

    • Have you changed your internal clock at some point to speed up timers? That messes a lot of people’s towns up.

      Otherwise, close the app and reboot it. This often fixes the problem.

      Click on the Lucky Spin slots. Do you have a cooldown timer?

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    Were is the white flowers how do you get them

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    I am on Level 15 and still dont have the moutain entrance. Pleeeease heeeeelp

    • It’s okay, Cinnamon. I can help. We have a section devoted to just that.

      If you have already completed the missions, then it’s easy. Open the menu, click on the “Special” tab, and you’ll see the Mountain Gate there for 1 coin.

      If you have not completed the mission, check out the “Unlocking the Mountain” section of the guide above.

      If you have finished them, but still cannot get the mountain, then you may have to contact GodziLab for help. I have not heard of a glitch, but they may be able to help you if that’s the problem.

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    Oh, something I noticed about Lucky Spin and it not allowing the free spin- if you leave Happy Street app running and it crashes when you load next time, it takes away your free spin. iOS6 seems to have helped unless the was a recent HS update. If it still happens to you, try to completely close app before returning to play.

  214. Shella O says:

    How to play lucky spin and reward floozs?

  215. D says:

    Anyone else not able to upgrade their mountain Studio?

    I upgraded my workshop and the camp one is at least saying I can upgrade, although I haven’t yet.

    But there’s no upgrade button for my mountain studio, even though when I open it, it says I’m on level 1.

  216. BeautifulMonster says:

    Helpp pls! Where can get the bat tooth? Im stuck on a mission.:'( Thank you!

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    My name on game center is (sorry for the goofy name and spelling)

    I look forward to have some more friends. More friends= More flooz

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    Hello, playing Happy Street on Android and wondered if there is anyway to canc something I have crafting. I’m running into issues when I have something crafting for eight hours for coins then someone offers me Flooz for a timed deal and I end up missing out on the Flooz deal.

    • dreamdevil says:

      I dont know if you can, but what I do is I try not click on the (wolf?) He is the one who asks me for stuff and I have a limited time to get it for him. I only click on him when I have my crafting and cooking shop free. Once I am working on him I start other projects =) Works out well for me.
      If your looking for a friend add me on fb plz =)

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    • D says:

      The 1001 Nights Palace is….pretty, especially once you’ve upgraded completely – but otherwise it’s just like any other house.

      I personally don’t think the taxi was worth the 40 flooz. It only drops one person off at the same amount of time that the bus drops off a bunch of people. Technically, they buy more – but I still don’t think it was worth spending all that flooz.

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    So what if I got a new phone, do i have to restart happy street all over again?? please anyone help?!

  236. Steph41492 says:

    Add me :) I need friends Steph41492

  237. rebecca says:

    how do you do a “3 market floor”??

  238. Codyy says:

    Need more GameCenter friends for crystals mostly !
    I have tonnes of the yellow crystals to gift if you need them and would love some red or blue ones ! :D
    GameCenter: Pipman59

  239. alysha says:

    my name is alysha xxxxx

  240. Likeakristin says:

    Anyone notice patterns with what you get from the excavation site? It seems like it’s often the last thing I collected (I.e. wood, stone, iron, feather) immediately before excavating. This worked a few times after I crafted a blue token, so I’m going to try to time the excavation site and making blue tokens to see if it’s fool proof.

  241. a7xqueen says:

    Hey , i have completed the excavation site but the cave doesnt show up. Any suggestions?

  242. Anonymous says:

    Hello guys! My game center ID is Crystaltql. Feel free to add me!

  243. DennisGS says:

    I’m at level 30. When I got the upgrade to go to Level 33, the Lucky Spin no longer gives you a free spin each day. Also I have never been able to upgrade the mountain crafting area, its on first level. Twice, when starting the game the last couple of days it gave me a choice to upgrade my land for 2 Flooz. Well, I acepted it once and it took 67 Flooz instead!! The Hammer game occasionally disapears also.

  244. Anonymous says:

    game center ID is AGB70 add me plz

  245. haylejh says:

    Add me Game Center ID is haylejh
    Plays daily
    Level 13 (newbie)
    Will Trade Crystals
    Will gift items
    Earn more Flooz/Coins now :)


  246. ripolioj says:

    I’m not sure if anyone has already asked this yet because there were just too many replies to read…

    However, i love love love this game. I have it connected to my facebook and can add friends from there. But have no option to add friends from gamecenter. Please help! I’ve made it pretty far with only one friend and the lucky spin to receive free flooz but I’d really like some more friends and neighbors! I have blue crystals and would like some red and yellow.

    Feel free to add me, maybe a request will show up since my add + sign isn’t showing up on the friends screen.

    Sn# ripolioj

  247. Elikan says:

    Add me on GC! Elikanizzle

  248. monsterrific42 says:

    Have been playing this for awhile.. You can add me!
    Gamecenter ID: monsterrific42


  249. Dungeonplay says:

    I can’t repeat the Patterns at the Dungeon four times. I tried so many times and I repeat every Pattern the finger says to me. I am very desperate please help me!

    • You surely must be doing something wrong.

      Let it play the pattern, then hit it afterwards. You take turns. The game does a pattern, you repeat it. The game then adds one more step, you repeat it again. It’s very simple and similar to “Simon” that kids from the 80s grew up playing. However, I made the same mistake for at least a couple of days before figuring it out, as I was trying to touch it at the same time as the game was playing the pattern.

  250. Hunkiedorie says:

    Your blog, worksheets and info have made sooooo much difference to my enjoyment of Happy Street. Many thanks. What is that strange action by the robot …sort of break dance !

    • Thank you very much. I’ve actually been meaning to add more information, but I have focused on other blog-related things.

      I think that animation you’re talking about happens when the robots run out of energy and need to go back home. It looks like they almost fall down and then flail around to stay on their feet. I don’t know who thought of it, but it’s awfully cute.

  251. Sarahmia says:

    Hi, my game center id is pandamia and I need yellow and blue crystals, I have lots of red crystals to trade :)

    • katarzynabe says:

      i have lots of blue crystals to trade (katarzynabe) and my friend has lots of yellow crystals to trade (maciej b)

  252. flowfire says:

    please add me!I have nothing friend!! ID:flowfire

  253. chernoblog says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize the game center friends thing was a possibilty so I totally discounted using any of the friends features all this time! Thanks for the info! This guide was incredibly helpful, wish I had found it weeks ago.

    If anyone is interested, my ID is chernoblog. I don’t have a lot of friends, but I do have blue crystals! ( I don’t. Know how to trade them though…)

  254. JJTPR says:

    A brilliant guide and best I’ve found so far so huge thanks, I’ve been playing for a while and still learned from your guide. Just a suggestion but in addition to your fab list of recipes it would be really useful if you could list the time needed to cook/craft each item…not an easy ask I admit!
    Thanks and keep up the hard work :-)

    • I have covered this above. Our site doesn’t play well with extended tables. If I did it, I’d have to do it in a second table. That seemed like more trouble than it was worth to me, sorry.

  255. Melisa says:

    Add me! Username: trashandluxury

    I have blue gems to trade! :)

  256. Twitch says:

    So addicted to this game. I want to expand but I’m out of flooz! Please add me: twitchhhhh

  257. Shaya says:

    Add me!
    username: dreamdevil
    level 15, and i play daily! =)
    blue crystals, and yes I trade =)

  258. aerophin says:

    Add me! Username is aerophin. I have yellow crystals to trade.

  259. Sol says:

    Thank you very much. Very helpful tips, great guide! Please add me I want to have more friends on happy street! Or anyone! I will accept all friendship request GC ensaladadecol.

  260. Sol says:

    Hello I have found this forum to be quite helpful. But I haven’t found anywhere how to make the “candyman- 3/10″ quest from Billy. In which I’am asked to “Craft 1 Origami” that looks like a green frog. Completely lost on this one. Does anyone know how to complete it?.

    Thank you very much.

    And I’m also looking for friends in Happy Street so Anyone interested can add me. Mi game center user is ensaladadecol.

  261. Maggie says:

    I Have to build a scarecrow for my request list Halloween
    How can I do that i search everywhere Please help !!

  262. Diane says:

    I saw the new building-Museum when i am upgrade to LV13, but can’t find it in the shop.
    Does Museum exist????

  263. nconghuyen says:

    hey there!

    Awesome review!!!

    Ive been doing good so far with my happy street but really inneed of RED GEMS!!! I have blue one and will trade you!! so please add me nconghuyen is my username. THANKS!!!

    ps. lately the bat that give you bat tooth have been flying crazy at my street… not sure if it flight faster as you level up? or its just randomize the movement everytime and i just happen to have a crazy hyper bat. lol it was hard to catch him sometimes xD

  264. Jennnifer says:

    My moon is permanently sad so i cannot get any moonstone to make cut moonstones anymore. Any ideas?

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you sure it is always sad? When a new moon rises, it is supposed to be full. If you flip over to the forest or mountain, it will make it go sad (even if you haven’t harvested the moonstone, so check for that first). If it is still happening, not sure… :( Sorry.

    • KeithConnor says:

      You’ll have to wait.
      Every day you can get only one Moonstone.

      • Mel says:

        That is not true, I have been able to get more than one moonstone a day. Don’t close out of the game, keep the app running and you should be fine. What anonymous said about going to the forest or the mountain when the moon is full will change the moon’s shape. Hope that helps.

  265. sell house says:

    Thanks a lot bro

  266. chernoblog says:

    I just completed the cave quest chain, but I don’t have access to the cave. The excavation site is built and played with, but still no access. Help!

    • Geo says:

      Try with the map from the lateral toolbar ;). Also everybody i need some friends in Happy street since i have none, my game center id: Geothoven

  267. KeithConnor says:

    If you want, you can Add me in the GameCenter : KeithConnor
    ^Will accept any invites!

  268. Limeygal20 says:

    Does anyone know why, after the new update, the dungeon is no longer giving out flooz for eight matches?

    • D says:

      I don’t know but I’m pretty pissed about this. It was the easiest way to get flooz.

    • It’s now on a timer and has something based upon the level of your Dungeon. They nerfed it, but you can now get lucky spin tokens at level two. I think they’re trying to encourage people to level up their Dungeon.

      Moreover, it was possible to just play with the Dungeon and amass a fortune coins before by selling stock, playing until you got the flooz, and then selling the dungeon’s stock again for gold coins again with that 1 flooz. You could easily loop this when in need of coins. I don’t know how many people did, but it was easy to exploit.

      I’ll see if I can dig up the update notes, as I forgot to take a screenshot before updating the app. The Fortune Wheel now gives 2 flooz for a win at level three. It may be worth prioritizing, again.

      • Fionn says:

        No, you still got flooz after 8 matches, but the next time you play you have to get 9 matches in order to get the flooz and on the next try you have to get 10 matches. it increases but it resets to 8 matches every 24 hrs.

        • D says:

          Fionn, not always. One time I got one after 9 & continued on and also got one after 10. It just doesn’t seem consistent.

          But – Fade to Slack – I took your advice and upgraded to level 2 – and just got a token – which I spun for 5 flooz! That’s the most I’ve ever gotten.

          I wonder what happens if you update to level 3?

          • The guide’s been upgraded to the latest information, including how the rewards pay out.

            You get 1 flooz at level 1, 1 token at level 2, and 2 flooz at level three.

            Additionally, the Dungeon resets every 24 hours, but the number of moves needed to win increases by one move each time. So, that number keeps going up until the next day when it drops back down to 8.

  269. Anonymous says:

    Add Me: Xperia

  270. RANBOOx says:

    Hey , i’ve got blue gems and trading for others . Please add me ^^ GC : RANBOOx

  271. Kimmie says:

    Ok to those who like to fish, I have a glitch type thing for you. You can get as many fish you like. To do this follow the following steps:
    1. Make sure you have a ” fisherman cabin”
    2. Also make sure it’s time to fish so there no time limit to wait.
    3. Ok so go and fish only 2 fishes( dont get the third one!)
    4. Then on your iPhone, press the home button to exit the game.
    5. Then press the home twice in a row and a screen near the bottom pops up.
    6. Find happy street and hold it till a – (minus sign) shows at the top.
    7. Then click the minus sign and then go back to the app.
    8. Then go to forest and fish 2 fish again until you don’t want to so like repeat steps 3-8
    Yes when you click the minus sign you will still keep your fishes but I have an iPhone 4 s.
    Hope this helps anyone! Credit to my bro:)

  272. Minkybio says:

    Add me!

    ID: minkybio

    Level 15, tons of yellow crystal to trade. Play daily!

  273. Maggie says:

    Kimmie very Good!!!
    Works on my i pad too !!!!

  274. Kimmie says:

    Haha thanks Maggie! And now I know it works on iPad also!

  275. Anonymous says:

    is there any way that i can get free flooz whenever i want them

  276. Malorey says:

    How do you use the fertilizer? I’ve gotten the make it part but this girl tells me to use it but I don’t know how to. Do you use it on the grass or something? Do you use it in the forest? It’s too hard!

  277. Nikkiiboii says:

    Well, great guide! But I think you should change it as from 1.2 (I think) you get Lucky Tokens from Wheel and Dungeon and that’s more worth than flooz as you atleast get 1 flooz for each token but often more, and if you manage to win 200 you’ve made up that flooz that you would’ve lost due to that it requiers more time to restock. And you get more xp for restocking too :)

  278. mel says:

    really need blue and red crystals I only have yellow and when I need to upgrade I can’t feel free to add me jammal476

  279. DennisGS says:

    Add me to the friends list. I got 357 yellow crystals. Game center name KATLIN58. Its my wife’s name. I bought her a new Ipad and got her old one!

  280. DennisGS says:

    Oh, by the way I’m 1600 restocks from the end of level 33. When is the next update scheduled for release?

  281. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! This was certainly very helpful. :) might I suggest you also include how long each item takes to craft in the recipes table?

    • Due to our site’s template, I am unable to add another cell. The table in place actually kind of messed our design up as is.

      Sorry. The only way I could do that is to add another table, which I have considered since they added property upgrades. However, that would look kind of garish.

  282. coco_powder says:

    Add me Game Center name – coco_powder!
    I play everyday and will send gifts & gems ! :)

  283. CoolCoco says:

    Im Level 17, finished the excavation Site and the Quest but i cant find the Cave. Its Not in the Map, theres only Mountains, town and forrest. Can anybody help?

  284. Wren says:

    I’m really addicted to this game. It is reminiscent of two of my favorite games, Animal Crossing and Tiny Tower. Feel free to add me. I’m always looking for new friends. My Game Centre ID is Wren64.

  285. ktpinkrules says:

    I need some friends. Please find me or leave your username and I’ll find you. My username is “ktpinkrules”

  286. laypai23 says:

    please add my on game center
    LayPai23 is mine and calichic61005 is on my ipad which my daughter plays.

  287. Sandra says:

    Need a friend? Add Aramispa :)

  288. Arly512 says:

    I have blue crystals. Add me Game Center ID: Arly512

  289. Deniselingz says:

    Hi! Do the rocks on the mountain regenerate often?

    (On a side note, I’m in need of yellow/red gems, and if you need blue ones, I’ll be glad to send ‘em out. Please add my GC: Deniselingz)

    • Unlike the trees, there’s no set time for them to pop up. Sometimes a few will pop up within a couple of minutes, but it normally takes about 20 minutes for them (and Edelweiss flowers) to return.

      For the record, the sheep’s wool respawns instantly.

  290. Stefi says:

    a) Thank you so much for this wonderful guide! I discovered this app yesterday, am already addicted, and now I know that I have even more to look forward to as I’m only level 6. Yay! xD
    b) If anyone’s looking for free Flooz, sign up for Tapjoy.com. It shows you offers where all you have to do is download various free apps, run them once, and you get anywhere from 1 to 10+ Flooz! And then you can just delete the unwanted apps (or possibly keep them if they caught your interest), and bam! I got like 80+ Flooz yesterday, it was awesome! xD However, I’m not sure if Tapjoy works for Android users, but it’s worth looking into! =]
    c) I’m seeking neighbors! I added everyone on here that I could. If you’re looking to add more, my GC is: stehfee

    Thank you!

  291. Nicolska says:

    Add me as a friend, gamecenter: nicolska

  292. kitty says:

    any one knows if android has a gamecenter? I cant seem to add any friends unless I add yall thru facebook.. there is a “add a friend” button on the game itself which I tried adding people thru it but it doesnt show in my friends list and they say they never recieved my friend request.. anyone knows whats going on?!

  293. Witty says:

    Friends have sent me gifts without my asking. How is that done? I would like to send gifts to some friends who have been helpful to me. I love this game. Add me…wittyo through game center. (Yellow crystals)

    • Go to your Bag. Touch the item you want to send to a friend. The sidebar menu will pop up a “Send” button. Click it and wait for your friend list to load. Select your friend and you’re done.

  294. JJTPR says:

    Is anybody else having trouble with seeing friends on the globe?
    I’m connected to game centre but none of my friends are showing up for two days now, which means I can’t make my visits to friends streets to earn flooz! Really frustrating!
    Any tips?
    Also have loads of blue crystals and seeking yellow if anyone can help. GC name is JJTPR

    • How many friends do you have? When playing over 3G, I’ve noticed it can take me upwards of thirty seconds to load the 500 or so friends I have.

      Are you still having problems or has this worked itself out? If not, you may want to try contacting GodziLab for help via their Support Link. Click on “More” and you’ll find it there.

  295. King Crab says:

    Android user here, add King-Crab17

  296. Darek says:

    for new friend – invite id: Fuentes :)

  297. retro_18337 says:

    how do we add u on GC Fade to Slack? what’s your user name? =)

    • I took it out of the guide and this page because I was getting, at one point, twenty requests a day. Add a few people from these comments though and you’ll likely find me under “Suggested Friends.” You’ll know it when you see it, I assure you.

  298. funkfreed says:

    i,m at lvl 23 but cant build the excavation site, plz help me.
    ive got the cave though…

  299. LL says:

    Hi, great guide! I’ve read all the comments.

    One Question:
    Who is Krouki, and what benefits are there for visiting his street?
    Also, when I visit friends’ streets and hang out there for awhile, I find that I can stop cars, help animals find jumping animals, and take a chunk out of the moon!! Does this benefit them or me? What else can you do on someone else’s street?? Thanks

    • LL says:

      P.S. Is there benefit for taking pictures of animals?

      • Krouki is the default “example” street for people to visit. This is a common social gaming element.

        When on other people’s street, you receive no benefits for any interactions. If you tap on a bat, for instance, no one receives a bat tooth. Asides from the three actions you can do daily, there’s no reason to stick around after you receive your Flooz or Coins.

        The animal pictures are just Twitter fodder. You can also Tweet any line of dialog you feel particularly fond of. The benefit, really, is only if you like sifting through the #HappyStreet hashtag to find other players. Otherwise, it’s free advertising for GodziLab.

  300. Anonymous says:

    Invite me as friend: marcotjuhhhh

  301. Sarah says:

    please add me on face book for happy street shh.im.a.star@googlemail.com x

  302. Gav says:

    I need friends. I have blue crystals. Game centre:

  303. Tongta says:

    add me : Tongta

  304. Jazmin says:

    What is a 3 market floor?
    Plz help

  305. Altrigo says:

    I could use more friends to trade crystals with (mine are blue). Feel free to add me no matter what color your crystals are. :) My Game Center ID is Altrigo.

  306. Apple says:

    Add me on the Game please :).. i need your help and also can help you

  307. denisesp says:

    add dcarpanez

  308. LaniLani26 says:

    NEed friends? I do! I have Yellow Gems (whatever that means, sry less than a week playing :P)
    GC: lanilani26

  309. Melangeray says:

    Hi looking for friends to help me and my villagers. I have red crystals and looking for yellow and blue crystals. Add me melangeray thanks – looking forward making new friends!

  310. Geo says:

    Game center ID: Geothoven
    Level 21 lots of blue gems to gift if you help me, play or at least check my village once per day and we can help each other, you tap on my constructions and i gift you my gems or help you on your constructions or both :D i started to add friends yesterday, i only have 2 so far :P
    You can also add my face: Geo Rodpon to any android fellow out there :)
    Hope you’re all having fun see you in happy street!

  311. KT says:

    I have a question, I’m level 18 with the excavation site, but I don’t see the cave on the map, wtf?

    Please add me as a friend, ID = stealahappymeal