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Episode 008 – Sequels We Don’t Want to See: Death to IP!

Sunday, October 21st, 2012 by

Today’s podcast is brought to you by the letters D and A and the number 8.

Sucky game!
Everything’s… kind of lame.
Why’d I pay to play this stu-pid thing?
Can you tell me why did I…
Why did I buy a sequelized game?

We’ve all bought sequels to the games we loved in the past. It’s understandable. But over time and multiple iterations, the things we loved about original game get lost in the name of progress. Sometimes a creative change is to blame. Other times, well, it’s the times that are a-changin’.

The key to a successful franchise? Make a game that people love, then make a sequel that does slightly more of what they love. Then, ditch all the people who made those games great and give the next team a list of things to throw into the next installment with no idea of how to implement them. Maybe draw a picture or something. Money follows!

Join Mark A. Brooks, Markham Asylum, and Fade to Slack as Delta Attack chats about games and what we’re just sick of seeing. Great franchises don’t die, they just get worse and worse because the built-in-audience will pay for them regardless. How does Ed Boon still have a job…?

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Fade to Slack is a founding member of Delta Attack, an American expatriate in South Korea, and a true believer in the legitimacy of mobile gaming. Keep up with him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Fade2Slack so he can justify having a Twitter account.

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5 Responses to “Episode 008 – Sequels We Don’t Want to See: Death to IP!”

  1. Markham Asylum says:

    Nice work altering the Sesame Street lyrics.

    • I have a laundry list of things I have to reference each podcast. I covered Transformers and Jackson Pollock, but I just didn’t get around to Big Bird.

      I wish that was true. I guess I could make that happen.

      • Markham Asylum says:

        You wish what was true?

        • That I actually made a list to hit of pop culture that I wanted to reference in a podcast.

          Like, okay, I’m going to wedge “The Usual Suspects”, “Love Shack” by the B-52’s, and Bugs Bunny in this week’s episode. Oh, also, the “Meow” game.

          It’d be too much work and forced, though. However, it’d also be a bit fun if I could do it with some form of subtlety.

          • Markham Asylum says:

            I like it; it’s a fun goal. If you see natural openings for dropping your references, pounce on them. You’re right, though — don’t force it.

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