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Pocket Clothier: Tips and Tricks Guide for the Trendy

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 by

Kairosoft’s latest iOS release, Pocket Clothier, leaves you in charge of a fashion store for sixteen game years. So, it’s time to channel your inner Tim Gunn and get to work.

Please be patient, as this is very much a work-in-progress. The guide will be updated while I’m playing through, but after I figure out some of the systems in play here. Right now, it’s very much just a placeholder until I get a better grasp for all that’s going on here.

Controlling Your Inventory

If you skipped the tutorial (or more likely, SINCE you skipped the tutorial), you probably didn’t read about ordering inventory. I played a few years into the game before realizing the err of my ways.

Swipe right to switch to your inventory ordering page. Here, you’ll see every item placed in your store, what floor they are on, how much stock you have on shelves, and how many items you have stockpiled.

You can manually order items by pressing “Additional Order” or simply set the game to automatically re-order a certain number of items if your inventory falls below a certain amount. Be careful when tinkering with the numbers, as it’s easy to go in the red for a month by setting these numbers too high.

If you’re looking to unlock all the awards in game, you’ll want to remain profitable every month.

Tax Evasion

If you have over $100,000 saved up, you may have to pay hefty taxes March (M3) of every year. However, if you’ve less than 100,00 dollars, then you’re safe. The easiest way to blow your cash without affecting your monthly profits is to upgrade your shelves all at once in February (M2). This will also increase your profit margin down the road, so it’s a win-win situation.

If you are all out of upgradable shelves (not likely, but possible), then you may want to consider turning off automatic re-stock around August (M8). You will likely need to manually re-order your most popular items, but it’s better than paying a very hefty sum every tax season. Additionally, you may want to consider using temporary Popularity boosts, like the Pamphlets, in conjunction with Celebrity Events and sale prices to get massive traffic in store.

Clothing Labels

There are eight brands that can be unlocked in Pocket Clothier:

Grade One Garments – Negotiation Price: none
Low-priced clothes, primarily men’s wear and unisex clothes
(Unlocked from the start, your first clothing option)
Level 5: “Bench” fixture unlocked

Ladies Apparel, Inc.
Low-priced ladies’ wear that appeals to younger crowds

T.G. Trousers Group
Medium-priced mixture of men’s and ladies’ fashion, specializes in pants
Level 4: No Reward

Fine Shirts Co.
Medium-priced men’s shirts

Merry Madam Trading
Medium-priced women’s clothes that appeals to an older crowd

Best Men’s Tailoring
Premium men’s wear with a few unisex options

Apparel Internat’l
Luxury clothes, mixture of jackets and costumes
Level 3: “T-Shirt Printer” Tenant Unlocked

Kairo Clothing – Negotiation Price: $100,000
Top-shelf items for all sorts of people, mostly costumes
(unlocks after attaining No. 1 worldwide)
Level 1 Mastery: No reward

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Gold Medals

There are many ways to get Gold Medals. Early on, you’ll need fixtures like the Poster or Capsule Machine to get a few medals. Later, your characters will assist customers with the “Service Pro” and “Hemming Way” skills for a few Gold Medals. Random events also award 10 Gold Medals.

The best way to earn Gold Medals, though, is through running Celebrity Events found under the “Plans” menu. To unlock and run them, you’ll need to build a “Stage” floor and raise one character’s “Celeb Network” skill. These each bring increased traffic to your store and somewhere between 25-75 Gold Medals, depending on the level of the event and the popularity of your store.

Celebrity Events:

Level 1: Idol Meet-and-Greet
Level 2: Super Idol Performance
Level 3: Idol Radio Show
Level 4: Comic Performance
Level 5: Famous Radio Show
Level 6: Local TV Broadcast

For whatever reason, level 3 and level 4 appear in a different order in the game’s list.

 Visitor Job List and Unlock Requirements

Visitors to your store can find new jobs while changing clothes in the “Fitting Room” fixture. Better jobs means your customers will have more money to spend.

Many of these jobs have a clothing requirement that may or may not be tied to a particular visitor coming to your store. Some jobs can be unlocked early via outfit coordination events found in the “Plans” menu.

Student: Basic Skills only
Part-Timer: Basic Skills only
Businessman: Basic Skills only
Retiree: Basic Skills only
Schoolgirl: Basic Skills only
Office Clerk: Basic Skills only
Housewife: Basic Skills only
Neighbor Rep: Basic Skills only
Class Leader: Basic Skills only
Class Rep: Basic Skills only
Comedian: Stage Outfit
Pastry Chef: Dress Shirt
Cher: Flared Pants
Designer: Team Jacket
Programmer: Check Shirt
Spy: Hawaiian Shirt or Happi Coat
Pro Golfer: Polo Shirt or Corduroys
Soccer Player: Soccer Kit or Soccer Pants
Cameraman: Printed T-Shirt
Sumo Wrestler: Men’s Kimono
Explorer: Raincoat or Corduroys
Doctor: Lab Coat
Ninja: Ninja Garb
Pilot: Luxury Suit
Baseball Player: Baseball Kit
Car Racer: Racing Gear or Spacesuit Pants
Manager: Business Suit or Slacks
Dancer: Preppy Shirt or Cargo Pants
Musician: Hotelier Suit
Consultant: Business Suit
Fisherman: Fishing Vest or Corduroys
Conductor: Tailcoat or Slacks
CEO: Tailcoat
Comic: Men’s Kimono
Politician: Tailcoat or Tight Pants
Class Diva: Basic Skills only
Postcard Writer: Basic Skills only
Reader Model: Tunic
Manga Artist: Red Jersey
TV Celebrity: Party Gown
Lady Golfer: Polo Shirt
Hair Stylist: Frilly Camisole
Voice Actor: Apron Dress
Artist: Frilly Camisole
Hair Dresser: Tank Top
News Anchor: Office Wear
Nursery Teacher: Red Jersey
Makeup Artist: Office Wear
Cosmetics Rep: Office Wear
Pattern Maker: Floral Dress
Stylist: Check Dress
Beautician: Cardigan
Nurse: Collar Blouse
Teacher: Kimono


Expanding Your Store

You can get up to eight floors total in Pocket Clothier. That’s the Basement Floor and 7 other floors. Each of these unlock throughout the game, though the final floor (7F) unlocks only once your store becomes the top store in the world.

This will be updated on my second playthrough, as I’m not quite sure what triggers the rest of the floors.

Additionally, you can create “passageways” on the second and fourth floors of your store. These are just entrances that will get shoppers in the right place sooner.

Later you’ll also be able to install an elevator for the sake of customer convenience.

Miscellaneous Information

Unlock the Showcase

I wasted far more time than I like to admit trying to craft the showcase.

If you’ve been trying to craft a Showcase in the Idea Room, you’re doing it wrong. Raise one character’s “Taste” stat above 300. The Showcase will then unlock.

Skill – Headhunter

Only one character needs to raise the “Headhunter” skill. Doing so often unlocks highly-skilled workers that you can hire. If you’re stuck with an open slot, try putting some Gold Medals into this skill.

Skill – Celeb Network

Don’t put any points into this skill unless you have a “Stage” floor somewhere. This will allow you to throw “Idol” events. These events are great ways to get a quick boost in Gold Medals.

Kairo – “Bear Suit”

The Bear Suit is unlocked and ready for sale after your store sells 50,000 items. It will not cost you any Gold Medals.


Again, more to come, but there’s so much to cover and so little time right now.


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