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Epic Astro Story Strategy Guide: Tips and Tricks

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012 by

epic astro story

Welcome to our guide for Epic Astro Story! Within these digital walls you will find the info you need to build a successful colony on a new planet. If you have info to add or inquiries to make, feel free to hit up the comments at the bottom of the page.

Note that this is a work in progress!


*** UPDATES ***

2012-11-03: Initial version of guide



This is the gist of the info under Menu > System > How to Play.

  • Overview: This is a planetary development simulation game. The point is to find new residents and fight enemies while expanding your territory and attracting tourists from around the galaxy.
  • Game Flow: Have your residents make products, then export them or sell them to tourists to make money. Send out Away Teams to explore new territory and find new products to make.
  • Getting New Residents: You find new residents when exploring caves and other planets. Each resident needs their own house.
  • Resident Actions: If a resident’s house is connected by a path to a Field or Factory, they will go there to work. The products they create will be stored in the facility’s inventory.
  • Resident Range: You can see a resident’s range by tapping on them; the purple squares represent their range. Note that residents can travel any distance when being used in an Away Team.
  • Resident Stats:
    • Health: Reduced by enemy attacks in battle.
    • Work: The speed at which the resident moves and works.
    • Exploration: How quickly the resident explores.
    • Ability: Increases effectiveness of equipped weapons, boosting Attack.
    • Skill: A specific skill that is used automatically during battle.
    • Attack: Increases damage done by attacks.
    • Defense: Reduces damage taken from enemies.
  • Leveling Up Residents: You can spend money to boost your residents’ stats and unlock new abilities. Each resident levels up differently. Note that leveling up any given resident costs more each time.
  • Sources of Income: The basic means of earning money is Fields. Residents will automatically go to work in nearby Fields, growing and harvesting food. Tourists will buy food directly from Fields, and you can build Exporters to export your products to other planets. In addition, Factories will let you process your food into other products to increase its price.
  • Special Products: Expensive products often require special materials. Processing Plants allow you to create new materials from food or ore.
  • Exploration: Sending an Away Team to an unexplored area on the map or to a new cave allows you to get new territory. Building a Space Center will let you explore other planets as well, which is useful for finding new residents and improving relations with other species, causing an increase in tourism.
  • Technology: As you play, you will learn new technologies, such as making food and weapons. Spend Research Points to increase the level of any given technology, which will unlock the ability to create new items in that category.
  • Research Points: You can earn them through exploration and when tourists visit your planet. They are used to develop new products and equipment, as detailed above, and also to unlock new building types.
  • Combat: You will inevitably encounter enemies while exploring. Your units will get loot if victorious. See BATTLE below for more tips.
  • During Combat: The units in the first row will attack the enemy with melee weapons. The second row can also attack if they are using ranged weapons. Put units with high health in the front!
  • Hints for Combat: Place units with special skills, such as healing or boosting ally attack power, in locations where they are adjacent to multiple allies.
  • Tourists: Alien visitors from will come to check out your planet via a Space Port. After staying at a Resort Hotel, they will buy items from Fields or Factories.
  • Friendship: The higher a Resort Hotel’s Attraction rating, the better your relations will be with the home planet of your tourists, increasing the number of tourists from that planet.
  • Increasing Attraction: Build Flower Beds or Flower Gardens near a Resort Hotel to increase its Attraction. You will also unlock unique structures that can be used to improve Attraction.
  • Important Facilities: As mentioned above, unique structures will be unlocked as you play. You can only build them in limited quantities, but they can be demolished and rebuilt if necessary.
  • Remodeling Houses: When a resident reaches a certain level, they will automatically remodel their House. Residents with remodeled Houses can work longer in Fields and Factories.
  • Special Terrain: There is a variety of special terrains, like snow-covered Fields or hills where Fields cannot be built. These terrains often yield special minerals.
  • Ending: The game will “end” in March of the 16th year. You will then be able to register your high score based on your funds and Clear Points. You can continue to play as long as you like, or you can start a new game. If you start a new game, one resident can be carried over to the new data file, but their level will be reset.


epic astro story

  • Hold it Like a Gangsta: Though the title screen can only be viewed properly when your device is vertical, you can turn it horizontally while playing and everything will shift appropriately. Try it to see which way you prefer!
  • Wait Just a Damn Minute! Bringing up the menu pauses the game, so no need to worry about the action getting too frantic.
  • Zoom In and Out: Having trouble tapping the intended target? Need to get a better view of your colony? Use the standard pinch gestures to make it happen.
  • This Magellan Shit Ain’t Cheap: Exploration will cost more than just the initial price shown. Every 60 seconds (can anyone confirm the actual time?) it takes to explore a location will result in your Away Team requesting additional funds. Be sure to have a lot of money on hand before starting a trip, or your team will have to come back later to finish the job.
  • Send the Right People for the Job: Exploration costs money and will inevitably lead to battle. I recommend having a specific group of residents that you always send as your Away Team. See BATTLE below for more tips.
  • No Vacancy: Wait to build more Houses until you have new residents without homes. Empty Houses just take up space and needlessly increase your monthly maintenance costs.

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epic astro story

  • It’s Automagical: You don’t have direct control over battle once it starts; even your teams’ skills are used automatically. Just sit back and watch some fools get owned. Hopefully not your fools.
  • Dedicated Badasses: Have a specific group of residents that you always send as your Away Team.
  • Make them Faster. Stronger. You have the technology! Be sure to level them up after every few trips and purchase weapons and armor for them when available.
  • The Power of the Triforce: Each row in battle has room for three residents, so start with 3 for an Away Team, then increase to 6 as the game progresses and exploration becomes more difficult. You can have 12 max in battle, so always use a multiple of 3.
  • Don’t be Ashamed of Hand-me-downs: Your front row in battle will have your melee attackers, so they need the best defense. Always have the most expensive armor equipped on them. When you do upgrade their armor, though, don’t do the same for your second-row characters; instead, equip them with the armor that you just took off of your front line. If you have more than two rows of combatants, just continue on down the line.


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