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The Walking Dead: Assault Strategy Guide: Tips and Tricks

Monday, December 3rd, 2012 by

the walking dead assault guide

Welcome to our walkthrough guide for The Walking Dead: Assault. The zombie apocalypse is a gritty hell, but stick with Delta Attack and you just might make it.

Note that this is a work in progress.


2012-12-23: The Camp

2012-12-23: The Forest

2012-12-22: Gun Shop Alley

2012-12-22: Industrial Area

2012-12-16: The Warehouse

2012-12-12: The Helipad

2012-12-09: The Car Park

2012-12-08: The Tank and General Tips

2012-12-05: The Crossroads

2012-12-04: Main St.

2012-12-03: Initial version

General Tips

  • If you’re playing on an iPod Touch 4G or earlier, close all other apps for best performance.
  • The game doesn’t save mid-level progress, so try to leave the app open if you need to stop.
  • Drag a finger to move the camera and use two fingers to rotate and zoom.
  • Single-tap to select different characters.
  • Double-tap to give the selected character a destination.
  • Use faster characters, like Glenn, to collect supplies without moving your entire party. This will help you maintain formation.
  • Your survivors can’t move through each other. They may experience path-finding failure if you direct them to a spot on the direct opposite site of an obstacle.
  • Hold a spot to have the entire team move there.
  • Characters attack automatically when walkers are in range.
  • If you run out of ammo or get low, tap the weapon icon in the top-right to switch to your melee.
  • Ammo boxes only benefit the survivor that picks them up. Keep an eye on everyone’s remaining shots.
  • Hunters (hostile humans) will turn into super zombies when killed. After putting down the super zombies, they’ll drop small ammo boxes that will actually have the same ammo as large boxes.
  • Every character has a special ability with a cooldown timer. When you get pinched, don’t hesitate!
  • If you get stuck on a level, replay prior levels to get more supplies so you can buy more upgrades.
  • Walkers are the most common and are pretty weak. Roamers are more rare and stronger. Lurkers chill until triggered, then move very quickly. Despite these different types, “Walkers” is still a generic term for all zombies in the game.
  • This game can have high tension. If you get stressed, turn the volume down or off. Everything pops visually, so you’ll be fine without sound.

Episode 1: Days Gone By

The Hospital

  • Double-tap the visible supplies to grab them. Repeat for the next two sets of supplies.
  • Grab the ammo.
  • A walker will come out. Rick will fire automatically. Move away from it if it comes too close.
  • Grab supplies.
  • Kill another walker.
  • Pinch to zoom out.
  • Grab supplies and walk outside.
  • Two walkers are outside and will close in quickly. Double-tap back inside the hospital to kite them and avoid damage.
  • You’re now in a large area. Zoom all the way out so you don’t get surprised.
  • Rotate the camera so that if you walked straight out the hospital exit you’d be facing northeast. Don’t rotate again for the rest of the level.
  • Walk east from the hospital exit to fight a walker and get supplies.
  • Use the car to distract four walkers. Move in to take them out.
  • Pinch to zoom back out.
  • Go east to get two supplies and take out a walker. Note that the car may block your line of sight, so get back from the car until you have a clear shot.
  • Go east to take out walkers and get supplies.
  • Go southwest to get more supplies and fight a few walkers.
  • Head south to distract with the corpse. Try out Rick’s special ability if you like.
  • Go west to get supplies.
  • Go north to get supplies.
  • Go north and enter the small parking area. Trip the car alarm to distract. Grab the remaining supplies BEFORE killing the final zombies.

Main St.

  • Put Shane in your party. Hit the checkmark in the upper right.
  • Purchase some upgrades with the supplies gathered from the last level. Tap on the yellow circles on the right to see what each one does. We recommend focusing on damage and ammo capacity to start. Ignore explosive flares. Hit the checkmark when done.
  • Zoom out ~halfway.
  • Switch Rick and Shane over to melee by holding on the weapon icon. Go up and grab the supplies behind the barricades. A walker will come out of the building, but they’ll smash the shit out of it.
  • Switch back to your guns. Note that Shane’s shotgun has a much shorter range than Rick’s revolver, so you might want to keep him a little more out front.
  • Head up to the intersection to kill a few walkers, then grab supplies.
  • Rotate 90 degrees clockwise (move your fingers clockwise).
  • Move up between the four cars. Walkers will run out of the buildings; move back to the intersection until they’re dead.
  • Go up and get the supplies. More walkers will blitz you.
  • Go up further to get more supplies. Hit the distraction, move in close, and wipe out the tards. Don’t forget about your special abilities.
  • Go up to get additional supplies.
  • Go up-left for supplies.
  • Head left, watching for one that jumps out from the building.
  • Head further left to clear out a group of 5 or 6 and get supplies. Head back to the right.
  • Rotate 180 degrees and go back to the intersection.
  • Move up to get supplies and fight two deadheads.
  • Head back to the intersection and rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Trip the fire hydrant and move up to engage.
  • Grab supplies.
  • Note that Rick has probably run out of ammo and automatically switched to melee. Beware of his drastically decreased range.
  • Move up to kill a few more. Shane will likely also run out of ammo.
  • Zoom in.
  • Move up. You’ll be shown a survivor in trouble; get to them ASAP. Use special abilities if needed. If you’re using melee, you’ll need to get really close, but the zombies seem to be enraged by the trapped survivor and will just wail on the barricades.
  • If you’re feeling saucy, try to grab the three supplies in the area; two are in the area with the survivor, and one is outside. Note, however, that the level will end very shortly after touching the survivor.

The Crossroads

  • Recruit Glenn and put him in your team.
  • Purchase more upgrades if able.
  • Note the bonus objective of beating the level in four minutes or less.
  • Zoom out a moderate amount.
  • Move down and trip the fire hydrant. Kill.
  • Rotate 90 counterclockwise (CCW).
  • Move right and grab supplies.
  • Move up into the alleyway. You’ll get ~8 zombies blitzing, so you’ll probably want Shane in front.
  • Return to the street. Rotate 180.
  • Go up and get supplies from the mouth of the alley. Head into it once they’re dead-dead.
  • Hit the end of the alley for supplies, then go back to the street.
  • Rotate 90 CW.
  • Move up to fight walkers. Don’t trigger the hydrant.
  • Snatch the supplies.
  • Move to the middle of the intersection, then set off the hydrant and move towards it.
  • After you’re done fighting, move up to grab supplies and kill a few more.
  • Go left from the intersection to get supplies and fight some groups.
  • Go down into the fenced-in area to fight a moderate group and get three supplies. Keep an eye on that noise meter.
  • Head back to the intersection.
  • Move right for supplies. Trigger the car, then move in close for slaughter.
  • Go right to get supplies behind the barricade and fight more. Don’t forget those special abilities.

The Tank

  • Unlock Andrea and put her in your team. Note her awesome ability.
  • Buy upgrades if you can.
  • Note the bonus objectives of collecting all supplies and of finishing the level without using any distractions or abilities.
  • Zoom out somewhat.
  • Rotate 45 CCW.
  • Formation: Shane on point, Glenn and Rick side-by-side, Andrea in the back.
  • Move into the intersection and take out a bunch of walkers.
  • Rotate 90 CCW.
  • Restore formation.
  • Move up. Use Glenn to collect two supplies and return to formation, baiting a few rotbags back to the group.
  • Go up to get supplies and right a few more.
  • Return to the intersection.
  • Rotate 90 CW.
  • Get back in formation.
  • Go up and fight. Grab supplies.
  • Move up to the barricade. A few walkers will trigger, but they can’t be shot until they come around the edge of the barrier.
  • Move further up. Fight. Get two supplies.
  • Go back to the intersection.
  • Rotate 90 CW.
  • Fix your formation.
  • Make sure your noise meter is empty.
  • Move up past the tank.
  • Grab supplies.
  • You’ll be notified of hostile survivors. They’re can’t be shot until you move past the barricades. Zoom back out and waste the fuckers.
  • Once they’re dead, they’ll return as super zombies with a ton of health. You’ll use a lot of ammo and make a lot of noise in taking them out. Make more room for fighting by moving back closer to the tank.
  • After they’re really dead, go past the barricades for more battle.
  • Snag the supplies.
  • Walk to the intersection to slay some more.
  • Rotate 90 CCW.
  • Get back in formation.
  • Move up past the supplies to fight. Send Glenn back to grab them.
  • Go to the end of the street for some fragging and two supplies.
  • Return to the intersection.
  • Rotate 90 CW.
  • Restore formation.
  • Move up for fighting.
  • You’re almost out of zombies now; remember that you need the last supplies before killing the last zombie.
  • Move to the end of the street and then run left past the walkers to get the final supplies.

The Car Park

  • Forgo Carol at this point. Now that you have a full four-person team, focus on upgrades before unlocking more survivors.
  • Upgrades to ammo and damage are probably starting to get expensive, so throw in a few health upgrades.
  • When you start the level, note the bonus objective of rescuing two survivors.
  • Zoom all the way out.
  • Formation: Everyone in a tight cluster. You’ll be fighting large groups in this level.
  • Move down to fight a mob of ~15 walkers. Use a special ability to help avoid taking damage.
  • Move further down to fight another mob and get supplies.
  • Keep an eye on that noise meter.
  • Move all the way to the bottom border of the level.
  • Head left for two supplies.
  • Go up-left to find two distractions. Get moderately close to them on the right side and then trigger the corpse.
  • The mob above will head down. Take them out with your guns. When they’re almost gone, another mob will run up from the bottom-left. Have everyone switch to melee by holding down the weapon icon so that you don’t trigger a heard with all the noise. If people start to take a lot of damage, use Andrea’s shroud ability, then ghost amongst the clueless walkers at will.
  • Move up-left to get supplies.
  • Move down to fight.
  • Go further for supplies.
  • Run up-left for additional supplies.
  • A group of ~10 will run at you from the left. Hit the distraction.
  • Head down-left for supplies.
  • Walk up by the barricades and you’ll see one of the bonus-objective guys Scott. He’ll bust through and follow you once it’s safe.
  • Get the supplies near the barricades and do some fighting.
  • Head right to get supplies.
  • Walk up to the right of the fire extinguisher and then trigger it.
  • You’ll see walkers attacking the barricades of the other bonus-objective guy, Ted. Go put them down so he’ll join you.
  • Go left for supplies and then get the ones in side the barricades.
  • Head right for supplies.
  • Head further right for more supplies and a mob. You’re almost done, so use those abilities.
  • As you’re fighting, have Glenn run to the right to snag the final supplies.

The Helipad

  • Get health upgrades. You’re going to need them.
  • This level has hunters; that is, hostile survivors. Note the bonus objectives about not harming the hunters yourself and of having the walkers take out the hunters. Sounds like justice to me.
  • Switch everyone to melee so you don’t accidentally hit a hunter.
  • Zoom out fully and rotate 45 CW.
  • Ignore the graveyard below you. It’s not accessible.
  • Using only Glenn, move up until you’re just below the two cars.
  • Run to the right, going between a small barricade below and a series of barricades above. You may take some damage from the hunters below, but that’s fine. Keep going until you find a large group of zombies, get their attention, and then immediately go back to the left.
  • The mob will switch to attacking the two hunters below once they open fire on them. Rejoin the main group and switch back to guns.
  • After the hunter scum are dead, trip the car alarm near the five hunters above. They’ll be stupid enough to open fire, ensuring their quick demise.
  • As soon as the walkers start attacking the hunters, move the entire group to the right and engage the ones that should be busy attacking barriers. This will thin out the large group so you’re not fighting all of them at once. Use abilities and watch that noise meter.
  • Leave the hunters-turned-super-zombies above you for now. Switch to melee so your noise can go back down, but keep moving.
  • Walk to the right to fight the leftovers.
  • Head up to get supplies.
  • Let that noise meter zero-out.
  • Switch back to guns and go left. You’ll run into the super zombies; don’t forget those abilities, and remember that you can kite away from them if they get too close, since they’re slower than shit.
  • Good work surviving this far. This level is no joke. Grab all the supplies and ammo laying around, then go to the cars near the start of the level.
  • Head upward until you see a helicopter. There should be four super-zombies where another group of hunters used to be. At least, that’s what happened when I played; I’m guessing some of the prior action spilled over to those bastards. If anyone plays using the strategy above and has a different outcome, please put the details in the comments section.
  • Use guns and abilities to take out the supers.
  • Grab the items and head right for some battle.
  • Go all the way right, then trigger the distraction and pick off walkers as they’re derpin.
  • Go up-left to get supplies and fight some more.
  • Head up to fight.
  • Go left for supplies and zombies. That should be all… well done!

The Warehouse

  • Note the bonus objective of rescuing a survivor within 4:30. What it should say is “rescue the survivor and beat the level in 4:30.” That’ll be a bit tight, so you might need to replay the level a few times.
  • Formation: Tight cluster.
  • Rotate 45 CW.
  • Zoom out fully.
  • Move down and then right for supplies.
  • Go right to put ~8 down.
  • Go right to get supplies and kill a shitload of zombies. Use the distraction to the right, plus abilities. Watch the noise meter; it should get pretty high, but not call the herd.
  • Go right for supplies and ammo.
  • Head back to the left and then up. Grab supplies. When you do, the survivor Abigail will run around the huge crates and follow you.
  • Note: Abigail follows whichever character you currently have selected.
  • Go up to fight walkers, including some strong ones. Note that if you kite away, Abigail might be a dumbass and continue melee battle. Unfortunately, you can’t give her direct orders, so just beware of her behavior.
  • Walk up for ammo and supplies.
  • Head right to fight one super zombie. Go further to get supplies.
  • Head left. On your way, snag the supplies behind the crates.
  • Go up for fighting. Trigger the car distraction and use your abilities.
  • Use Glenn to run down the alley and get two supplies. While he’s gone, use someone else to get the supplies to the left.
  • Go up. Get supplies and ammo.
  • Get up near the distraction, then trigger it and use your abilities.
  • Head left for supplies.
  • Go to the right to fight a large mob. This is the final one, so get those supplies.

Industrial Area

  • Note the simple bonus objectives in this level: don’t use any abilities or distractions, and collect all supplies. These are low-hanging fruit compared to other levels, so definitely go for it.
  • Note: By this point you should be experienced enough that I don’t need to mention individual walkers or small groups. I’ll only warn you about large mobs and strong walkers. Just remember that your survivors can’t move and attack at the same time.
  • Formation: Tight cluster.
  • Zoom out all the way.
  • Head down-right for supplies.
  • Head up-right for supplies.
  • Head up for yet more supplies.
  • Go down-right for supplies.
  • Walk up-right. Yup, supplies.
  • Head up the alley for super zombies and supplies. The end is blocked, so go back down.
  • Go down-right for supplies. Beware of the super zombie.
  • Head right for supplies and a mob. You may need to kite away.
  • Move down-right for supplies.
  • Head up and then up-left for supplies. Gettin fuckin paid in this level!
  • Go up to engage three hunters. You should be able to kill one and let it munch another, plus slay the third while the others are fighting. Remember that slain hunters turn into super zombies, and do not use any abilities in this level.
  • Grab the supplies and the large ammo boxes, then go up for a fourth hunter. After it dies, it should move up and kill a fifth hunter.
  • Head up along the right side of the crates to kill the two super zombies, then up-left to engage a sixth hunter.
  • Move up until you are stopped by a building, then left. Watch for a fire by the side of a building; when you get near it, walkers will pour out of that building.
  • Just past the blocked alley you’ll trigger a large mob. Kite away if necessary.
  • Send Glenn in to lure another large mob back to the group.
  • Go left past the barricade and down for supplies. Return to the blocked alleyway.
  • Move up to get supplies and fight a super zombie.
  • Head up then left for supplies.
  • Move Glenn left for more luring.
  • You’re getting close to the end. Remember to make supplies a priority for that bonus objective.
  • Go right to fight a super and some normies.
  • Head up for the final supplies and the last few walkers.

Gun Shop Alley

  • Note the objective of completing the level in less than 5 minutes.
  • Formation: Tight cluster.
  • Zoom out moderately.
  • Go up for a HUGE mob. Trigger the car and special abilities. Your noise meter will get close to full, but shouldn’t trip it. If necessary, kite away and trigger the fire hydrant.
  • Go up to the intersection. You’ll fight large mobs both left and right. You may need to switch to melee weapons to avoid summoning the herd. Be sure to use those distractions and your abilities. If things get really dicey, head down and use the fire hydrant.
  • Head right for hunters and walkers. Get the ammo and supplies, then fight the super zombies.
  • If you switched to melee previously, go back to standard weapons.
  • Go back to the intersection.
  • Go up for more of the same: large mob, distractions, supplies. Hit the end of the street to make sure you got everything.
  • Return to the intersection.
  • Head left for some building-spawned walkers. Get the huge ammo box and supplies. Don’t miss the supplies on the downward side of the street. This is the end, so don’t miss anything supplies.
  • That 5-minute time limit is a bit tight. If you missed it and really want the bonus objective, play the level again.

The Forest

  • Bonus Objectives: Rescue the survivor. Collect all supplies.
  • Formation: Tight cluster.
  • Zoom all the way out.
  • The survivor Jim will join you straight away. As long as you keep him alive until the level’s over, you’ll get that bonus objective.
  • Move up and get supplies. A steady stream of walkers will start attacking you. Use Rick’s ability. When it runs out, use Shane’s. That stream will keep coming, and your noise meter will trip the herd if you let it, so switch to melee when it’s ~90%. After doing that, you’ll probably need to use Andrea’s ability to avoid taking too much damage. Once it’s finally done, you’ll have killed about 1/3 of the undead in the entire level.
  • Switch back to long-range.
  • If you stay put, they’ll keep trickling in, though not as strongly as at first and not constantly.
  • Go right for supplies. Keep heading right for two more stashes.
  • Move up-right for ammo and supplies.
  • It appears that you’ve just got a huge BUFFET sign floating above you, because those damn walkers just home in on you no matter where you go.
  • Head back to the start of the level.
  • Go left. You’ll trigger a large group; use abilities.
  • You’ll start to have serious ammo issues. Switch to melee for a while, but keep Andrea’s ability in mind.
  • Continue left for supplies. Then more. Then more and ammo. Since Andrea has the longest range, give her the ammo and let her shoot, but keep everyone else on melee.
  • Formation: Andrea in back, everyone else in a line in front of her.
  • Return to the start of the level.
  • Go up then left for ammo and supplies. If you want to switch someone else back to shooting, pick Rick.
  • Move left for supplies, a mob, and more supplies. Then even more supplies.
  • Head back to the intersection. You’re getting low on walkers now, so be sure to prioritize supplies.
  • Go right for supplies and a mob.
  • Make sure Glenn is on melee, then use him to run right, grab the final supplies, and lure the last zombies back to the rest of the group.

The Camp

  • Bonus Objective: All teammates must survive.
  • Formation: Tight cluster.
  • Zoom all the way out.
  • Move Glenn up for the visible supplies, then back to the group.
  • Move left for supplies. Continue on to fight a large mob. Use abilities.
  • Head down-right for a moderate mob.
  • Continue down for supplies. Head right for more supplies.
  • Move up. Snag supplies. Fight. You know the drill.
  • Head further up for supplies. Move up-right for more.
  • Ignore the road going up-right; it’s a dead-end.
  • Follow the up-left road. You’ll fight a large and fast mob. You’ll need abilities and kiting.
  • Continue on for ammo. Give it to Andrea. Glenn will probably still have enough ammo, but switch Rick and Glenn to melee.
  • Formation: Rick and Shane up front. Glenn behind. Andrea a little further behind.
  • Go further up-left. You’ll find a four-stash of supplies and a ton of walkers. Use abilities and kite. These might be the final zombies, so be sure to get all the supplies. If there are any zombies left, they’ll only be a few, and the game should pop up icons at the edge of the screen to show their location.

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