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Beastie Bay: Tips & Tricks Guide

Monday, December 17th, 2012 by


There are a lot of things to contend with when playing Beastie Bay and not a lot of resources to do it. We’re here to help you catch ‘em all.

Including the Boss Monsters (you’ll need to purchase an expensive permit before you can even attempt baiting them), there are 91 beasts to tame in Beastie Bay. While not as deep or exhaustive as Pokemon in that regard, there are a lot of other things to consider as you’re building your island into a tourist attraction full of monsters.

Basic Combat, Elemental Weaknesses, and Capturing

Fights are pretty simple in Beastie Bay, though there are moments where you may need to grind out some levels to progress early on. However, like most roleplaying games, there are elemental weaknesses to consider. It’s pretty straightforward.


This is cyclical in nature. Just in case I messed that up, I’ll spell it out:

Wind beats Ground. Ground beats lightning. Lightning beats Water. Water beats Fire. Fire beats Wind.

This can come in very handy in boss fights when you need to deal massive damage to multiple creatures of the same type. Additionally, attacks with the same element as the monster type result in halved damage.

Some bait types, such as Hard Bait, work better on certain creature types. However, Meager and Yummy Bait appear to work on all creatures. You may need to try more than once, though.

Some monsters can only be caught at certain times of day. These monsters are typically stronger than those found in the same area, so be careful when traveling during dusk and dawn.

While they are often a pain to fight, they aren't always as powerful once caught.

While they are often a pain to fight, they aren’t always as powerful once caught.

Once you have captured a monster, a life bar will appear under monsters of the same type in subsequent fights. So, if you can’t see a life gauge, whittle down their life until you get the “has been weakened” dialog. Then, break out your bait of choice.

Gathering resources and an introduction to remodeling

There are a few factors in play that will help your villagers hunt and gather on your island. While residents will go out to work on construction anywhere on the map, they will only gather food and wood in the eight tiles surrounding their homes. Monsters unable to gather or harvest are also unable to heal. Nothing, and I mean nothing, says good recovery like manual labor, huh?

Placement is key to gathering. A space with grass, plains, earth, or sand is pretty much a waste. While it’s surely tempting to keep things together or looking like a real town, it’s probably a good idea to space things out. Each surrounding item affects the others. Everything has either a nature or civilization rating. Power facilities also add an “energy” rating. The effects diminish as you move outward.

A number of buildings can be upgraded for different effects. For instance, an Ally’s Home with a Nature Rating of 30 can be upgraded to a Pasture. If that Nature Rating goes up to 45, it’ll become an Ally’s Hut. However, if there’s a solar panel nearby that feeds 2 or more energy AND that house has a Civ Rating of 10, it will become a Zoo instead.

Tips to Earn Precious Medals

Medals, the precious secondary currency in Beastie Bay, can be gathered many different ways.

Playtime: You’ll earn one gold medal for every seven minutes of play time. This does not factor time spent in battle or sifting through menus, as the time pauses. You can collect a maximum of 10 Medals at one time, so remember to re-start the game every now and again so you don’t hit that cap and waste time.

The Mine: The mine facility has a random chance of dropping Gold Medals. You typically only earn one in a playthrough, but you can also build one through remodeling. Place Wairo Inc and Pumpkin Products together. Then, place a “Hole” touching an adjacent square. You’ll now have access to a second Mine.

Treasure: Though it’s a rare occurrence, you can find Gold Medals as dungeon treasure. I do not know if these are tied to any specific dungeons or if it’s just a random drop.

5-Star Nature: Alpine Plants, Waterfalls, Springs, Gravel, and the Legendary Tree all have a chance of dropping Gold Medals. You can buy many of these through the Pumpkin Store, though you may need to invest in other islands before they are available for purchase.

The general rule is to surround all monsters and villagers with five-star nature facilities after year six. Buy “Fast Speed” from Wairo Inc for 5,000G and increase the speed. Equip all your monsters with Headbands (53G each) to increase their Work rate. Then, make sure you have nothing in research or anything else going that would need a tap to continue and just let the game play itself while you sleep or are away for whatever reason.

If all goes according to plan, you’ll wake up with hundreds of gold medals and plenty of gold to buy those precious Slot Scrolls. Then, save, exit, and re-launch the game for ten more gold medals.

Research Lab

Hey, who am I to question the talking monkey? Still better than Wilson...

Hey, who am I to question the talking monkey? You’re better than Wilson.

The research lab is the key to all your town building skills. You’ll often find blueprints after finishing a new area. You’ll need to invest some wood to help Chimpan out. Some plans can be researched further while others can be researched infinitely. Afterwards, you’ll gain access to a new facility.

By the way, if you’re wondering how to move buildings around in Beastie Bay, that comes much later via research. You’ll need to find the “Construction” blueprint before you can research it. You’ll then be able to move terrain and facilities at the cost of 20 pieces of wood.

Shameless Plug: Like Kairosoft games? Delta Attack has you covered.

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Magic Words for the School

If you built a school and then had no idea what to do when trying to assign an instructor, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are a lot of gibberish codes floating around in the wild already to help.

Magic Word List (more to come)

Gillan Lv. 58 Average  ->   CEDMAWyXAIvMAWTKCuBCUjJVaA==

Ally homes placed around the school will gain experience up to the level of the instructor teaching. The experience gained from an instructor is based upon the instructor’s level, intellect, personality type, and elemental compatibility with the instructor.

The School is a great place to level up newly-captured monsters. Less Grinding = More Fun

The School is a great place to level up new monsters. Less Grinding = More Fun

Your island can have up to six schools placed which, considering the 45 monster limit, should be more than enough. When you dismiss a monster, it will give you the option to make the monster an instructor. This, in turn, allows you to share Magic Words with your friends.

If you have Magic Words you’d like to share, please drop them in the comment section.


(If you’re looking for Beastie Bay’s 91 creature list, please go to the Monster List page.)

The game sets an initial monster level cap at 25. Once a creature reaches the cap, Young Chimpan Z will want to research how to raise that level cap. The “Bestiary” survival item unlocks. Like the other survival items, you can increase the item level using medals. Each upgrade will require wood and gold medals to level up.

Bestiary Level 2:  Level 25->Level 35 – 20 Medals
Bestiary Level 3:  Level 35->Level 55 – 50 Medals
Bestiary Level 4:  Level 55->Level 70 – 100 Medals
Bestiary Level 5:  Level 70->Level 99 – 200 Medals

You’ll probably need more than one playthrough to upgrade them to level 5, unless you’re willing to make some hefty in-app purchases or willing to let the game set idle in the method detailed above.

Lucky Draw (DON’T DO IT!)

You could always back up your save file to cheat, but that's more work, too...

You could back up your save file before playing, but that’s too much work, too.

Have you ever seen “Let’s Make a Deal”? If you have, just bear in mind you’re most likely going to get zonked no matter which door you pick here. If you haven’t, just know that it’s too great a risk for such little reward.

Gold Medals are just too hard to come by (unless you’re buying them via in-app purchase or already finished your first playthrough) and the rewards are too random. At best, you get a useful creature. At worst, you get a piece of loot. Either way, there’s a good chance they’ll become obsolete in little to no time regardless.

Does Monster Rank Really Matter?

Each beast has a ranking between one and five stars. The better the ranking, the better the monster’s stats will be as it levels up. It won’t make early monsters worthwhile, mind you, but it’s a big deal for strong monsters.

You know what, let’s save a thousand words. Check out this picture.

Stats grow exponentially as you level up, but it's still easy to see here.

Stats grow exponentially as you level up, but it’s still easy to see here.

The difference between the Sally Prin on the left and the Sally Prin on the right is plain to see. The gap will continue to widen as you level up. That’s not to say that a 3-Star Sally Prin is worthless, but it is a stopgap solution for players.

Of course, it is much harder to capture a 5-Star creature than it is to capture a 3-Star creature. Be prepared to lose a massive amount of bait in the process. It’s not fun, but it’s most certainly rewarding.

Hidden Caves:

Every once in a while, you’ll find caves hidden within dungeons. You’ll need a Level 4 Hammer to find each entrance. These alternate routes give you access to a number of hard-to-find beasts. Each hidden cave has one scripted boss battle guarding a specific skill Tome. There are six hidden caves in all.

You can also capture Kairobot in Hidden Cave A, Hidden Cave B, and Hidden Cave C or Sally Prin in Hidden Cave D, Hidden Cave E, and Hidden Cave F if you have a level 5 hammer.

Hidden Cave A is located on Carre Isle once Hot Spring Hills reaches Level 22.
Boss Battle: Freezon Devil x3
Loot: Tidal Tome

Hidden Cave B is located on Metro Isle once Wide Plateau reaches Level 26.
Boss Battle: Drazilla x3
Loot: Storm Tome

Hidden Cave C is located on Desert Isle once Blistering Hills reaches level 29.
Boss Battle: Firaj x3
Loot: Gale Tome

Hidden Cave D is located on Chilly Isle once Frozen Mountain reaches Level 27.
Boss Battle: Tripplo x3
Loot: Glacier Tome

Hidden Cave E is located on Volcanic Isle once you level Active Volcano up to Level 28.
Boss Battle: Kerfuffel, Scout, and Dabbler (The three starter monsters)
Loot: Inferno Tome

Hidden Cave F is located on Enigma Isle once you level Secret Base up to Level 32. Unlike the others, I needed a level 5 Axe to open up the entrance.
Boss Battle: Metablob x3
Loot: Meteor Tome

(Please note, this is a VERY early guide-in-progress. A few things that I plan on implementing are below. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading.)

Things to come:

Building Combination (Remodeling) Guide
Monster Statistic Explanation
Survival Gear
Titan Jr. in the Secret Base (massive xp)

About the Author

Fade to Slack is a founding member of Delta Attack, an American expatriate in South Korea, and a true believer in the legitimacy of mobile gaming. Keep up with him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Fade2Slack so he can justify having a Twitter account.

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25 Responses to “Beastie Bay: Tips & Tricks Guide”

  1. Nate Mullins says:

    Would just like to say that I was very glad to find this. For such a great game, there is very little information to be found online and I felt very enlightened by what little you have shared.

    • Thanks. I would share more, but I accidentally deleted my save file when downgrading my firmware and had to start the game over.

      If you have questions, feel free to ask. I’ll try to help out, though I’m still missing a lot of things about the game.

      • Stargirl says:

        CEDMAWIEra/MAWTKCuBcYkp1ag is a magic word I found on internet it is for a 99 lvl Instructor!!!!!!!!! Yes I’m a girl so what!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  2. Helen Reyes says:

    How do you get past level 25?

    • You’re going to need to upgrade your Bestiary under Survival Equipment. That will raise the level cap, but you will need to gather 20 Gold Medals.

      Check the “Bestiary” portion of this guide to read a bit more about it.

  3. Alex Rainbow says:

    This is a great game! After getting the Boss Taming Permit the game got even better. I beat the game not too long ago and noticed that the assistant tells you that Enigma Island might not be the last island and if you look at the map theres an open space in the top right corner. Does anyone know if there are anymore islands? I would love it if you guys name the amount of islands you all have! Thanks!

    • Joi says:

      There is a mystery ship! and after you complete all other islands a new fortress called “Colosseum Isle” appears, but you have to use 2 gold medals every time you visit.

  4. Stargirl says:

    CEDMAWIEra/MAWTKCuBcYkp1ag is Magic word I foun on another website!!!!!!! By the way it gets you a 99lvl Instructor!!!!!!!!! Your Welcome!!!!!!!:-)

  5. Stargirl says:

    Website with 99 lvl instructor magic words androdifact.com/beastie-bay-magic-words/

  6. Maryanna Guillet says:

    Hi, this is seriously useful, thanks! Do you remember when you unlocked the ability to move stuff around by any chance?

    Thanks again!

  7. Eve Jones says:

    i have 2 codes, both for lvl 99 instructor


  8. Eve Jones says:

    in the damp cave i found a beast called UFO. if i manage to tame it i will tell its type and stuff.

  9. tayastear says:

    how do you build a school?

  10. littleredman says:

    Anybody here can help me please? I tried to capture a second kairobot in secret cave A, and It has been weakened in battle. But this little robot just reject EVERY type of baits I throw out. It’s not the usual notice says” it maybe not enough”, but ” It seems he didn’t like it”. I’ve already tried ALL the baits in the game but …..and this also happens on other beasts in the cave. So I’m wandering if there is a limit like for you can only capture one beast of a type? Or maybe it’s something about the levels?

    • You can capture two or more, as my party used to consist of two Princess Prins and a Kairobot. I know the pain you speak of, though.

      When you are about to throw out your bait, take a look at how many stars it is rated. Four and Five Star Kairobots are a real pain to capture, but the difference between the two is massive.

      I’m inserting a comparison between two Level 35 Princess Prin’s into the guide. Even at that low a level, it’s easy to see why they make you work so hard for it.

      Good luck. It’s a lot of trouble, but once you capture it, it’s smooth sailing in battle.

      • Michael Elliot says:

        So do you have to throw the same bait over and over despite the monster rejecting it over and over? Lets say King Wairo bot who is Electricity should I just keep throwing shocking bait?

        • Unfortunately, yes. You can whittle down a monster to 1 HP and it will still kick it away.

          It’s annoying, but there’s a huge difference between a 3-star and 5-star monster. It’s a pain, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

          You may need to manipulate your save files, though, to save yourself some money. Take a bunch of appropriate bait, save in the dungeon, and then reset if you cannot capture the monster with that much bait.

          Also, just like Pokemon, all bait will work. You could try generic baits as well, if you don’t want to reset often.

  11. Ur Mom says:

    are u ever going to finish the guide?

  12. Ur Mom says:

    or did u go inactive or something?

    • I lost my save file when I rooted my Nexus 7. While I have it on my phone, I lost around 30 hours of gaming that just kind of killed my interest.

      Sorry, but there’s a good chance this is as far as it ever gets, Mom.

  13. chihuahueno1 says:

    Hey,guys this is the best game i have played and with the boss taming permite ohh improves the game in 100 to 250,but i have a question how do u unlock the ship i have all isles in 100℅ and i have the coliseum isle but the ship nothing please tell me how to unlock it
    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
    Beastie bay @thebestgame

  14. Enriquo says:

    If you want get the 5 rank star just play in enigma isle, i forgot the place but i remember the boss is before drazilla, if you already in you must fastly save the game. And enjoy choosing the monster. but i recomended always restarting 5 times, And now I have fira’j (But sometime i choose Zaus on my 2nd slot)

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