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Final Fantasy: All The Bravest Regular and Premium Character List

Saturday, January 19th, 2013 by

all the bravest character list

Because we’ve got nothing better to do than chronicle this kind of stuff, here’s the list of characters you can get in Square’s most recent grab for your cash, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest! Yes, that includes the premium ones.

Premium Characters

firionNo. 1
Firion (FFII)
Ability: Glow Attack
This youth has little love for the Empire, and even less for the Lamia Queen.

cecilNo. 2
Cecil (FFIV)
Ability: Souleater
This captain of the Red Wings has some issues with the King of Baron’s authority.

kainNo. 3
Kain (FFIV)
Ability: Blaze Jump
Cecil cares for this commander of the Baron Dragoons, despite his many deceits.

rydiaNo. 4
Rydia (FFIV)
Ability: Mist Breath
This young summoner from Mist has a good, sweet heart, but hates cowardly adults.

bartzNo. 5
Bartz (FFV)
Ability: Master Mime
On the advice of his late father, this piano-playing youth now wanders the world.

krileNo. 6
Krile (FFV)
Ability:  Summoner’s Dualcast
This mooglespeaking animal lover is following in the footsteps of her grandfather.

terraNo. 7
Terra (FFVI)
Ability: Riot Blade
This half-esper and half-human girl likes nothing more than cuddling fluffy moogles.

lockeNo. 8
Locke (FFVI)
Ability: Mirage Dive
Most consider this globe-trotting treasure hunter to be no more than a common thief.

celesNo. 9
Celes (FFVI)
Ability: Spinning Edge
This former Magitek Knight of Gestahl is a dead ringer for the opera star Maria.

setzerNo. 10
Setzer (FFVI)
Ability: Dive Bomb
This gambling rogue soars the skies, facing danger to visit the tombs of friends.

cloudNo. 11
Cloud (FFVII)
Ability: Meteorain
This self-styled SOLDIER member packs a huge sword and sports a chocobo hairdo.

tifaNo. 12
Tifa (FFVII)
Ability: Beat Rush & Somersault
This AVALANCHE heroine really wishes people would stop getting into her drawers.

aerisNo. 13
Aerith (FFVII)
Ability: Healing Wind
The last of the magical Cetra was born in the icy north and raised in the slums

red xiiiNo. 14
Ability: Blood Fang
This long-lived canine warrior and guardian is happy to sit, stay, and fetch.

squallNo. 15
Squall (FFVIII)
Ability: Blasting Zone
This mercenary of Balamb Garden’s SeeD loses his usual cool when playing cards.

rinoaNo. 16
Rinoa (FFVIII)
Ability: Angelo Cannon
This vibrant young member of the Forest Owls is extremely moody after waking up.

seiferNo. 17
Seifer (FFVIII)
Ability: No Mercy
This reckless Balamb Garden disciplinarian really has a knack for failing exams.

zidaneNo. 18
Zidane (FFIX)
Ability: Thievery
This Tantalus Theatre Troupe member really knows how to touch–er, treat a lady.

steinerNo. 19
Steiner (FFIX)
Ability: Thunder Slash
As leader of Alexandria’s Knights of Pluto, this man of honor lives to protect.

eikoNo. 20
Eiko (FFX)
Ability: Terra Homing
Not every girl is descended from legendary summoners and has a moogle for a friend.

tidusNo. 21
Tidus (FFX)
Ability: Energy Rain
Teary reunions and hard-core blitzball run in the family of this Zanarkand Abes star.

yunaNo. 22
Yuna (FFX)
Ability: Energy Ray
Beyond having a father who saved the world, this girl also blows a mean whistle.

auronNo. 23
Auron (FFX)
Ability: Dragon Fang
This unsent monk is a decade dead, but still chugs nog as a weapon, not a vice.

shantottoNo. 24
Shantotto (FFXI)
Ability: Tornado
When speaking to this wee lady of Windurst, the topic of age is no doubt worst.

vaanNo. 25
Vaan (FFXII)
Ability: White Whorl
This youth from the Lowtown slums longs for unbound freedom in the skies.

asheNo. 26
Ashe (FFXII)
Ability: Northswain’s Glow
This Dalmascan princess is working overtime in the Resistance to retake her kingdom.

balthierNo. 27
Balthier (FFXII)
Ability: Fires of War
This fast-flying sky pirate is often seen with what appears to be a giant bunny.

lightningNo. 28
Lightning (FFXIII)
Ability: Lightning Strike
This lady of the Bodhum Security Regiment is a true pro, and far from a yes-woman.

snowNo. 29
Ability: Ice Ramp
This leader of NORA tries to come off as cool and capable, but often falls short.

sahzNo. 30
Ability: Pyroburst
The afro of this former airship pilot has taken on a distinctively chocobo stink of late.

chocoboNo. 31
Chocobo (FFV)
Ability: Chocobo Kick
These large yellow birds are loved worlds over for their charm, yet loathed for their stench.

moogleNo. 32
Moogle (FFVI)
Ability: Stardust Jitterbug
These weird creatures are best known for saying “kupo” a lot, and not much else, really.

pigNo. 33
Pig (FFIV)
Ability: Flirt
This is a man ensorcelled into a pig. But not in an altogether bad way, actually.

impNo. 34
Imp (FFVI)
Ability: Whirlpool Strike
Admirers of these slimy green monsters have even create [sic] robots modeled in their image.

magitek armor
No. 35
Magitek Armor (FFVI)
Ability: Thunder Beam
The two you’re looking for aren’t piloting this fusion of magic and machine.


Regular Characters

Warrior (FFI)
Ability: Attack
This novice swordsman, for whom all roads lead to war, is a fighter, not a lover.

Knight (FFI)
Ability: Critical
The massive sword of this seasoned warrior proves that size does indeed matter.

mystic knightNo.3
Mystic Knight (FFV)
Ability: Firaga Sword
A cape, turban, and spell-imbued blade are the telltale signs of this swordmage.

monkNo. 4
Monk (FFI)
Ability: Iron Fist
These ascetic pugilists seek no more in life than to pound their enemies to bloody pulps.

thiefNo. 5
Thief (FFI)
Ability: Back Attack
Great speed is good not only for dispatching foes, but also for stealing the hearts of the ladies.

white mageNo.6
White Mage (FFV)
Ability: Diaja
Weary of healing, this champion of divinity has forsaken cures, and here knows only to strike.

Devout (FFIII)
Ability: Holy
Only those most learned in the ways of white magic dare don the cat-eared robe.

black mageNo.8
Black Mage (FFV)
Ability: Thundaga
Black magic is destructive power in its purest form. Some mages just want to watch the world burn.

Magus (FFIII)
Ability: Flare
These mages reveal little of themselves as possible to maintain their dark, brooding image.

Sage (FFIII)
Ability: Meteor
Even these grandmasters of all magic are spent after casting their beloved Meteor spell.

red mageNo.11
Red Mage (FFV)
Ability: Dualcast
When red mages chainspell opposing elements, enemies have a tough time staying alive.

blue mageNo.12
Blue Mage (FFV)
Ability: Missile
Casting Bad Breath causes prolonged nausea, but such is the blue mage’s dedication.

time mageNo.13
Time Mage (FFV)
Ability: Comet
These mages manipulate the flow of time to maintain their youthful good looks and exuberance.

Geomancer (FFV)
Ability: Branch Spear
The geomancer can summon the powers of nature, but not always control them.

Summoner (FFV)
Ability: Megaflare
Bonding with otherworldly creatures requires both ample magic and an open heart.

Berserker (FFV)
Ability: Rage
Oddly, this maniacal axe-wielding force of nature enjoys cosplaying as a wolf.

Viking (FFIII)
Ability: Thwack
Vikings who happen to find themselves in the Underworld are oft mistaken for dwarves.

Samurai (FFV)
Ability: Iainuki
Though very proud of their tradition, samurai nowadays tend to drop the thees and thous.

Ninja (FFI)
Ability: Shuriken
These masters of stealth and shadow tend to throw pointy things whenever fighting starts.

Dragoon (FFIII)
Ability: Jump
Many feel that these knights posing as dragons should simply be dubbed lunatics.

Ranger (FFIII)
Ability: Sharpshot
Sadly, this lone hunter and bowman has many animal companions, but very few actual friends.

Beastmaster (FFV)
Ability: Bomb
What surer path to victory than to send a bomb to go blow itself up in the vicinity of an enemy?

Bard (FFIII)
Ability: Requiem
Listen carefully to the lyrics. Despite their lovely voices, bards often sing quite hateful things.

Dancer (FFV)
Ability: Blade Dance
These wild and free souls are ever seeking limber partners with whom to dance and gyrate.

onion knightNo.25
Onion Knight (FFIII)
Ability: Attack
This legendary amateur knight certainly looks the part, but lacks the skills.

Looking for further tips and tricks, complete with a full bestiary? We have a guide for that.

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    This half-esper and half-human girl likes nothing more than cuddling with fluffy moogles.

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