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Final Fantasy: All the Bravest Tips, Tricks, and Bestiary

Saturday, January 19th, 2013 by


We’ll be honest; Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is pretty mindless. It’s also a fun, little nostalgic romp through a celebrated gaming series in a 16-bit aesthetic.

We’ve noticed a few things that we think people might miss. Or maybe you just want to find a certain monster or item and don’t know where to look.

So, here are some basic tips for those who fight further.

Basic Tips

The best thing to know, honestly, is that you don’t have to tap to activate characters. Swiping across them works. All the Bravest senses more than one input, so we’ve been using three fingers to activate the entire battlefield at the start of a fight. Honestly, you don’t even have to watch the fights using this technique, but what fun is that?

There are definitely points where you’re going to get stuck. Most of the time, it’s boss battles. If you get stuck and don’t feel like waiting around, touch the “Map” button on the menu and exit the battle. Early on, it’s more time-efficient to simply grind out some levels to unlock more Party Slots.

While you’re at it, keep track of what you may be missing with the Catalog feature. If you’re missing some loot or monsters, you may want to try finding them. Down below, you’ll find the Monster Bestiary. Use that for a little guidance. Some monsters, such as Kactuar, are especially rare to encounter.

Keep in mind, these rare encounters are rare for a number of reasons. First and foremost, some of these monsters, such as Shinryu, are more difficult than the boss you’ll fight in the same area. Also, like many of those difficult fights of yore, these beasts protect high-grade loot that is worth a little extra trouble.

Finally, don’t forget to spam your Facebook or Twitter feed every 24 hours for an additional party slot. You can only get eight slots this way, but you’ll never get the maximum of 40 fighters without these posts. Feel free to delete the shared photo directly after posting.


Let’s not beat around the bush. If there’s a loophole to be found, you may as well exploit the hell out of it.

Change the Clock to Save Time

First of all, if you’re early in the game, stop what you are doing and delete the game. If you have a save on iCloud, delete it as well.

Now, go to your device settings, change your date to at least eight days in the past, and then re-install the game. You’ll have to play through the Tutorial and Cornelia’s Tract before you can access the menu, but that takes just a few minutes. Doing this will save you tons of time, as most early battles were not balanced with a high party number in mind.

As soon as you have the ability to make a SNS post for an extra party slot, do it. Go fight until you hit that inevitable wall, such as a boss fight or any of the level-scaling DLC areas, hit the home button to minimize, and the close the app out (double tap the home button to bring up the task manager, hold an icon until the minus sign comes up, tap the minus sign on FF:ATB to close it). Then, head back into your settings, push your clock ahead one day, and enter the game once more. You’ll re-enter with a full party (which takes just two hours maximum), a FEVER to use, and the ability to post another SNS post.

Using this technique, you’ll be able to push through some of the most difficult parts of the game without using Golden Hourglasses, slay bosses ahead of schedule, and get all eight SNS posts out of the way in just an hour or two.

Be careful when doing this, though. While you can get your healing back on track if you decide to push the calendar ahead, Fever Mode is tied to the date rather than time. Push the clock too far ahead, and you will no longer get Fever Mode until 3 hours after the time and date of your last Fever Mode.

Characters Always at the Ready

The ATB gauges, much like the character regeneration timer, refill when the game is minimized. This takes some practice and is cheap as all hell, but it works.

Attack with all your characters and turn the game off for a few seconds with the Home button or Power button. Go back to the game a few seconds later and your ATB gauges will be full. Launch your party and repeat. You’re still going to lose characters, but you’ll have a better chance at evading attacks this way. For enemies like Omega, that do row or column attacks, you can save yourself a lot of headaches this way.

This works particularly well when you’ve only a handful of characters left to take down a boss.

Using this technique may make you feel like a dirty cheater, but Square Enix started it first with all the in-app purchases.

DLC Maps

Players interested in more monsters may want to unlock the DLC content from Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and Final Fantasy XIII. Each areas has ten new enemies from the game, one of which is a rare encounter, with their own respective loot to pick up. The Premium Monster and Loot list can be found below.

Each area scales to your party’s current level. However, the areas are undeniably easier to get through early on if you unlocked all eight additional slots already. Additionally, the experience does not scale very well, meaning that all time spent there is kind of a waste aside from loot hunting. Honestly, due to balancing issues and far too many palette swaps, these areas are kind of a letdown.

However, if you want the full experience or simply love picking up GameCenter achievements, then you’re going to want to pick them up for twelve bucks.

Speaking of DLC, head over to our Final Fantasy: All the Bravest Character List for more information on all the DLC characters you can get.

Aerith is the only DLC character you’ll ever need.

Who's got a sword through her abdomen and is ridiculously overpowered? This gal.

Who’s got a sword through her abdomen and is ridiculously overpowered? This gal.

I cannot state this one highly enough. If you have Aerith and are playing the game the right way, she is an absolute gamebreaker. Her “Healing Wind” ability is the only way to replenish your troops other than golden hourglasses and just plain waiting around.

Due to the way the battles play out, with monsters attacking only if they’ve been attacked, Aerith can take a fight that’s getting derailed and right it once more. Use only Aerith to restore your entire party or as much as you think you’ll need to finish the enemies. It’ll save you tons of time and many headaches.

Even if you know you’ll need all 40 characters to finish off a battle, you may want to check in early to see if Aerith has spawned. It sure as hell beats waiting two hours for every character to return.

Monster Bestiary

#MonsterLocationGear Drops
1Goblin (FFIV)Cornelia's TractMythril Knife
2Nut Eater (FFV)Cornelia's TractHealing Staff
3Cockatrice (FFIV)Cornelia's TractMythril Rod
4Silver Lobo (FFVI)Cornelia's TractMythril Claws
5Triffid (FFV)Cornelia's TractMage's Staff
6Gold Bear (FFVI)Cornelia's TractPoison Knuckles
7Kactuar (FFVII)Cornelia's TractDiamond Bell
8Garland (FFI)Cornelia's TractEnhancer
9Chaos (FFI)Cornelia's TractBastard Sword
10Flan (FFVI)Bridge of MooreRapier
11Gaelicat (FFV)Bridge of MooreElven Bow
12Bomb (FFV)Bridge of MooreHigh Mage Staff
13Sucker (FFV)Bridge of MooreMain Gauche
14Objet d'Art (FFV)Bridge of MooreMythril Sword
15Jackanapes (FFV)Bridge of MooreMage Masher
16Magic Jar (FFV)Bridge of MooreLamia Harp
17Gilgamesh (FFV)Bridge of MooreExcalipoor
18Exdeath (FFV)Bridge of MooreRune Staff
19Leap Frog (FFVI)Palamecia DesertSerpent Rod
20Crazy Horse (FFIII)Palamecia DesertClaymore
21Floating Eye (FFIV)Palamecia DesertAir Knife
22Sahagin (FFIV)Palamecia DesertJavelin
23Adamantoise (FFV)Palamecia DesertCoral Sword
24Gigas (FFV)Palamecia DesertSurviver
25Tonberry (FFV)Palamecia DesertIchigeki
26Black Knight (FFII)Palamecia DesertBlood Lance
27Emperor (FFII)Palamecia DesertGolden Spear
28Crew Dust (FFV)Fabul WaterwayThief's Knife
29Grenade (FFV)Fabul WaterwayDancing Dagger
30Bloody Eye (FFIV)Fabul WaterwayWightslayer
31Iron Claw (FFV)Fabul WaterwayKiller Bow
32Basilisk (FFIV)Fabul WaterwayOrganyx
33Black Knight (FFIV)Fabul WaterwayDiamond Sword
34Iron Giant (FFV)Fabul WaterwayDefender
35Flan Princess (FFIV)Fabul WaterwaySave the Queen
36Cactuar (FFVI)Fabul WaterwayKotetsu
37Scarmiglione (FFIV)Fabul WaterwayPoison Rod
38Cagnazzo (FFIV)Fabul WaterwayFrost Rod
39Barbariccia (FFIV)Fabul WaterwayThunder Rod
40Rubicante (FFIV)Fabul WaterwayFlame Rod
41Golbez (FFIV)Fabul WaterwayRune Blade
42Crawler (FFVI)South Figaro SeaBeast Killer
43Coeurl (FFIV)South Figaro SeaCat Claws
44Ahriman (FFIV)South Figaro SeaSun Blade
45Enchanted Fan (FFVI)South Figaro SeaAevis Killer
46Magna Roader (FFVI)South Figaro SeaCrystal Sword
47Magitek Armor (FFVI)South Figaro SeaQuicksilver
48Great Malboro (FFVI)South Figaro SeaYoshiyuki
49PrototypeSouth Figaro SeaAncient Sword
50Mover (FFV)South Figaro SeaStardust Rod
51Ultros (FFVI)South Figaro SeaLilith Rod
52Typhon (FFVI)South Figaro SeaZwill Crossblade
53Kefka (FFVI)South Figaro SeaShining Staff
54Killer Mantis (FFVI)Eureka ForestBlood Sword
55Frostbeast (FFIV)Eureka ForestIce Brand
56Kum Kum (FFIII)Eureka ForestKagenui
57Dhorme Chimera (FFV)Eureka ForestTiger Fangs
58Sand Worm (FFIV)Eureka ForestKiku-ichimonji
59Malboro (FFVI)Eureka ForestPartisan
60Behemoth King (FFVI)Eureka ForestDuel Claws
61Adamantoise (FFV)Eureka ForestImpartisan
62Siegfried (FFVI)Eureka ForestRagnarok
63Hein (FFIII)Eureka ForestArtemis Bow
64Cloud of Darkness (FFIII)Eureka ForestDeathbringer
65Elm Gigas (FFV)Narshe PlainsApollo's Harp
66Flamehound (FFIV)Narshe PlainsFlametongue
67Ninja (FFVI)Narshe PlainsHomura
68Behemoth (FFVI)Narshe PlainsDragon Claws
69Armor Construct (FFIV)Narshe PlainsLight Axe
70Gigantos (FFVI)Narshe PlainsGreat Axe
71Omega (FFV)Narshe PlainsUlysses
72???Narshe Plains???
73Deathgaze (FFVI)Narshe PlainsVenom Claws
74Ultima Weapon (FFVI)Narshe PlainsUltima Weapon
75Lord Kefka (FFVI)Narshe PlainsLohengrin, Murakumo
76Zu (FFV)Troia RangeTrident
77Sandcrawler (FFV)Troia RangeHoly Lance
78Tyrannosaurus (FFV)Troia RangeFire Lash
79Deathmask (FFIV)Troia RangeBismarck
80Armored Fiend (FFIV)Troia RangeRune Axe
81Thanatos (FFIII)Troia RangeYoichi's Bow
82Shinryu (FFV)Troia RangeLightbringer
83Master Tonberry (FFVI)Troia RangeAssassin's Dagger
84Intangir (FFVI)Troia RangeTinklebell
85Demon Wall (FFIV)Troia RangeGorgon Blade
86Zeromus (FFIV)Troia RangeTreaty-Blade, Mace of Zeus
87Lich (FFI)Interdimensional RiftRadiant Lance
88Marilith (FFI)Interdimensional RiftButterfly Sword
89Kraken (FFI)Interdimensional RiftNanatsusayanotachi
90Tiamat (FFI)Interdimensional RiftWyvern Lance
91Neo Exdeath (FFV)Interdimensional RiftExcalibur

Premium Monster Bestiary

#MonsterLocationGear Drop
1Sweeper (FFVII)Outskirts of MidgarWizer Staff
2SOLDIER 3rd Class (FFVII)Outskirts of MidgarHardedge
3Death Machine (FFVII)Outskirts of MidgarPrincess Guard
4Sword Dance (FFVII)Outskirts of MidgarPremium Heart
5SOLDIER 2nd Class (FFVII)Outskirts of MidgarButterfly Edge
6Corvette (FFVII)Outskirts of MidgarNail Bat
7Master TonberryOutskirts of MidgarPremium No. 30
8SOLDIER 1st Class (FFVII)Outskirts of MidgarApocalypse
9Ultimate Weapon (FFVII)Outskirts of MidgarUltima Weapon
10Safer Sephiroth (FFVII)Outskirts of MidgarDeath Penalty
11Garuda (FFX)Zanarkand RuinsBrotherhood
12Mushussu (FFX)Zanarkand RuinsArc Sword
13Floating Death (FFX)Zanarkand RuinsWind Spear
14YAT-99 (FFX)Zanarkand RuinsMurasame
15Nidhogg (FFX)Zanarkand RuinsBurning Fists
16Dark Flan (FFX)Zanarkand RuinsJudicer's Staff
17Gold Element (FFX)Zanarkand RuinsHerding Staff
18YAT-97 (FFX)Zanarkand RuinsMasamune
19Anima (FFX)Zanarkand RuinsNirvana
20Braska's Final AeonZanarkand RuinsCaladbolg
21Ghast (FFXIII)Archlyte SteppeKaiser Knuckles
22Flan (FFXIII)Archlyte SteppeMagus Rod
23Microchu (FFXIII)Archlyte SteppeGladius
24Taxim (FFXIII)Archlyte SteppeGigant Axe
25Beta Behomoth (FFXIII)Archlyte SteppeBlazefire Saber
26Behemoth King (FFXIII)Archlyte SteppeGluttony Sword
27Flowering Cactuar (FFXIII)Archlyte SteppeSave the Queen
28Nanochu (FFXIII)Archlyte SteppeTotal Eclipses
29Ochu (FFXIII)Archlyte SteppeDragon Whisker
30Fal'Cie Orphan (FFXIII)Archlyte SteppeOmega Weapon

Rare and Ultra Rare Monsters

You may need to fight in the listed area hundreds of times before you run into certain monster spawns. The following monsters are very rare encounters:

  • Kactuar
  • Magic Jar
  • Tonberry
  • Cactuar
  • Prototype
  • Siegfried
  • No. 72
  • Deathgaze
  • Master Tonberry
  • Intangir
  • Master Tonberry (FFVII)
  • Gold Element
  • Flowering Cactuar

Siegfried and Deathgaze can also spawn in the Interdimensional Rift.

Cactuar also spawns in Zanarkand Ruins in a three Cactuar group as a rare spawn.

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  1. Darek Daszynski says:

    #72 is Skull Eater (FFV) I am currently trying to get the weapon

  2. Darek Daszynski says:

    The weapon for skull eater is Valiant Knife

  3. chibi-hime says:

    Premium no. 30 is limited moon. I got it as a drop from non-premium master tonberry that appeared in the interdimensional rift.

  4. Marc says:

    #61 is “Gil Turtle” and he drop the “Impartisan”. I encountered it in the Rift. I also defeated #82 Shinryu in Troia and he dropped “Ragnarok” and not the Lightbringer. I haven’t found #62 Siegfried yet, and I assume he might be the one dropping “Lightbringer”.

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