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Top 30 Castlevania Music

Saturday, January 19th, 2013 by

castlevania best music
[click image for full-size version with cool timeline]

I defy anyone that’s even a moderate fan of Castlevania and has working ears to deny that the series has some of the best music in gaming. Whether you’re looking for dance, rock, or soul-stirring themes, Castlevania hooks you up. Over countless incarnations of Dracula’s Castle, let’s journey through the best in Castlevania music.

#30: SotN: Prayer

#29: SotN: Dance of Gold

#28: SotN: Lost Painting

#27: SotN: Marble Gallery

#26: SotN: Final Tocatta

#25: SotN: The Tragic Prince

#24: SotN: Rainbow Cemetery

#23: LoI: House of Sacred Remains

#22: SCV4: Treasury

#21: DX: Bloodlines

#20: CV3: Riddle

#19: CotM: Awake

#18: SCV4: Room of Close Associates

#17: SotN: Wood Carving Partitia

#16: AoS: Heart of Fire

#15: SCV4: Chandeliers

#14: CV3: Mad Forest

#13: LoI: Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab

#12: SCV4: Rotating Room

#11: SCV4: Spinning Tale

#10: CV3: Aquarius

#9: CV2: A Requiem

#8: SotN: Requiem for The Gods

#7: SotN: Dracula’s Castle

#6: DoS: Pitch-Black Intrusion

#5: CV2: Bloody Tears

#4: CV3: Beginning

#3: CV3: Deja Vu (Vampire Killer)

#2: CV1: Wicked Child

#1: LoI: Lament of Innocence

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10 Responses to “Top 30 Castlevania Music”

  1. IkeCube says:

    Damn…really solid list. I agree with the ordering almost 100%

  2. It’s been years since I touched the original Castlevania and forgot about Wicked Child. That is some MIDI awesomeness right there.

  3. Man, Castlevania has so much ass-kicking music. It really is one of the series’ centerpieces.

  4. Laki Blitzgreek says:

    Musicians, or people who KNOW about music, will agree, that Super Castlevania 4 has the absolutely best music. Even better than SotN.
    Why? Sotn has an (some instruments in midi) orchestrated soundtrack and (VERY) nice melodies. But CV4 has an (midi-) orchestra ORGY. Not much Melodies. Classic sounds and some Jazz influences,

    Organ, Piano, Trombones of hell, even a Contrabass (name me a game who has a contrabass in its soundtrack)!!! The arrangments in CV4 were so perfectly done, that every-single-song gives you a push to the right situation.
    The Intro song for example, so dark, so creepy, so dismal, gives you a feeling beeing alone against Dracula and his forces (you ARE alone), so that you are forced to THINK TWICE about it, to begin the game.
    And then the song comes again, if you defeat Death and you are about to face Dracula. Goosebumps.

    I Hope, someone understands me!

    • Laki, your knowledge and appreciation of music is notable. I don’t know the technical details behind music like you do, but I agree that CV4 has an outstanding soundtrack.

      That CV4 intro track definitely creeped me out when I was younger. The first time I watched the intro and lightning struck open the tombstone, I almost fell out of my chair. It was the perfect complement to a perfectly created arrangement.

      Thanks for the feedback, Laki.

      • Laki Blitzgreek says:

        Hey Mark!

        Nice to hear from you. I am not a really good musician, but I have an ear for it :-)

        The most people like the sound of SotN more than CV4. Its easy to explain: Lovely arranged soundtrack, romantic, Classic music never heard before on a videogame. Like you were in an opera! U can even take those mp3 and listen them at night. Without a doubt one of the 3 best soundtracks ever made for a single video game. Personaly, I use “Dance of Pales” as alarm clock, to wake up. Beautiful, light music to stand up in the morning.
        CV4… Imagine: S.Nes, 1991, one of the first games ever made for it. Those MIDI arrangements are not real! how did they bring such awesomenes from a midi sound chip?! And they were perfectly done for the situation you were in:
        First stage, Simons Music. PUMP!
        Second Stage: mid tempo, rock bass guitar, drums, creapy keybord (is it a keyboard, or a wind Instrument??), then organ. Just beautiful.
        Stage 3: a Harp!!! Just perfect for a cave stage! And then Jazz music, as you get off the cave.
        Stage 4: Uptempo. You are now nearing the Castle and the difficulty rises.
        Stage 5: The trombones of HELL! The percussions of suspence. The end-time Flute. The violins of terror. How many time I stand still and listened to this orgy, and forgot about the time running out…
        Stage 6:Both songs: Opera! The Phantom of the Opera would change places and come to THIS Stage. Both songs need an OSCAR for best arrangements. Every Classic orchester would love to play those. Ludwig van, Bach, Mozart, would cover those songs!

        …and so goes on!
        And not forget: The fight on last stage with the 3 bosses. What an adrenalin feed! Uptempo, Uptempo, UPTEMPO! The best Violins I ever heard, very creapy organ, and the piano… Its all or nothing!
        I could write for all stages, but…I dont want to write a whole book^^
        Greetings :-)

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