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Ghostbusters: I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Guide

Monday, January 28th, 2013 by

ghostbusters_guideGhostbusters, the latest from Beeline Interactive, is a pretty damn good game that can be tough in spots. We’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve to share with you.

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, you can call on the DA Crew to get you through.

Destructor Events

A new addition in Ghostbusters Version 1.1 is the Destructor Events. It just popped in there!

I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood.

I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood.

You may see a “Destructor” countdown timer. It indicates when the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will appear. Once the event begins, you’ll have 24 hours to fight him ten times. However, he’ll disappear for an hour each time you beat him, making this an all-day thing. You can use 2 power cores to have him re-appear instantly.

The fights are pretty easy, at least if your Ghostbusters are all Level 10. I don’t know if this fight scales to your level. It’s basically you versus the timer, here. The first eight fights are filler that give high cash rewards, but nothing more. The ninth fight pays out 3 Power Cores. That tenth fight gives out loot.

The Destructor UI at the bottom of the screen can be expanded to show the event rewards. This week’s reward was the GB Utility Knife, which raises attack power by 10, and is functionally identical to the Tomb of Lost Souls. So, it’ll be bummer blueberries for some of you.

According to the Version 1.1 release notes, this will be a weekly event. Hopefully, later events will reward you with Spectral Goggles, but that seems awfully generous. Regardless, free loot!

Boss Battle Walkthrough

Floor 4 (90 Slime to Unlock)

This is the first difficulty spike, as you are capped at level 5 and have to contend with an onslaught of monsters. To get through this battle, you’re going to need a specific skill set for your Ghostbusters.

Head back to your Headquarters and touch any of your Ghostbusters to bring up the equipment and ability menu. You must have all your characters at level 5 and the following set-up to make it through the battle:

Michael Prince (Wrangler): Weaken, Taunt
Tara Fitzpatrick (Scientist): Recuperate, Silent Treatment
Michelle Ying (Blaster): Get Angry, Intimidate

The level 5 skills are absolutely vital to survival. You stand absolutely no chance without it. Even with them, you’re going to have to play particularly well to get through the battle. I would also suggest equipping all three characters with an Ecto-Resistant Vest for a little extra defense.

Once put into containment units, these ghosts can be researched for new shop items.

This is what you’ll be dealing with on Floor 4. It’s tough, but good luck.

Now, go into the fight like normal. Focus all three Ghostbusters on the first wave. Once a ghost is trapped, another wave will spawn. Have your Scientist begin healing your Wrangler. If she starts to take damage, immediately use her level 5 skill, Silent Treatment, to get ghosts off of her. She has the lowest armor and cannot soak damage well. Be prepared to move her away as well, but keep her away from the sides of the screen.

Continue to focus your Blaster and Wrangler on damage. Move them towards the middle where ghosts will surround them. Once surrounded, have the Blaster use her Intimidate skill to lower the attack power of all the ghosts around her. Then use the Wrangler’s Level 5 “Taunt” skill to have all the ghosts attack him instead of the other Ghostbusters.

Keep an eye on their life gauges. If you cannot make them out well, look for colors. Green is good. Red is bad. Be prepared to use the Scientist’s “Recuperate” ability to regenerate health for six seconds.

If all goes well, you’ll be able to move onto Floor 5 and pick up a few new tech blueprints. If not, well, try again. It took me more than one try to get through the fight. Most of that was learning how to use my abilities properly.

Floor 5

While the previous floors were enemy wave battles, this is a boss battle. Sparky, the ESP Experiment boss, spawns from the start and should be the entirety of your focus. Keep your Ghostbusters away from the plane parallel to him, as he discharges an electric pulse that goes across the screen and can stun your characters while inflicting a large amount of damage. Use your abilities pretty much the same as you did on Floor 4, but focus only on the boss. Ignore every other enemy and focus on killing that jerk. Don’t be afraid to pop your Scientist’s Group Healing ability if you’re in trouble.

Unlike previous floors where you had to survive all enemy waves, this battle is finished when the boss is out of hit points.

After clearing Floor 5, you can hire another Ghostbuster. Joel Holowinsky, another Blaster, can be purchased for $20,000. Be sure to equip him in Ghostbusters HQ.

Floor 6

Before taking on the sixth floor, make sure you purchase Joel Holowinsky unless you already purchased an original Ghostbuster to fill that spot. Level that Ghostbuster up to level 5 (or higher if you picked up Peter Venkman) before fighting the boss. For the purpose of the guide, we’ll assume you went the free route and bought Joel.

Set Joel’s level 5 ability to “Lockdown”. It stuns an enemy and saps energy like a poison effect. Try to nail difficult or troublesome ghosts that can attack more than one character, such as the Football Player or Jabberwocky, with this ability to lock them down and buy some time.

This fight is surprisingly easy considering how difficult the previous two floors were, but it’s also the first difficult fight featuring a full team. The next floor isn’t quite as easy.

You’ll unlock a couple of blueprints and the Senior Wrangler Manual for your troubles.

Floor 7 (1,000??? slimes to unlock)

It will probably take you a while to gather the 1,000 slimes necessary to unlock this Floor 7. On the plus side, this should be more than enough time to level up your Wrangler to level 10. Before entering the battle, make sure you have your Wrangler’s level 10 ability set. Both of Michael Prince’s abilities are passive. Personally, I prefer the Proton Armor to Hunker Down. Increased strength against melee attacks seems more important than a measly 7 defense bonus.

Focus on Football Players, Jabberwockies, or Class 5 Repeaters.

Focus on Football Players, Jabberwockies, and Class 5 Repeaters on Floor 7.

This fight isn’t that difficult if you focus on one enemy at a time. Start off with all four of your characters targeting the first ghost, but move Tara into healing afterwards. Keep an eye on your health and manage the battle the same way as you did Floor 4. By now, you pretty much know how to handle things. Remember to blast any troublesome critters with Joel’s “Lockdown” ability and weaken mobs with Michelle’s “Intimidate” ability.

If a character dies, try not to panic. I had both of my Blasters die fairly early to Class 5 Repeaters, but I was able to survive with just Michael Prince and Tara Fitzpatrick on my first try.

Beating Floor 7 unlocks two more blueprints (Medium Armor Level 3 and Slime Blower Level 4) and the Senior Scientist Manual.

Floor 8 (1,800??? Slime to unlock)

Only one tip for this floor: Deal with the Bat Blobs quickly. They have a high attack rating, but only average health.

By now, you know how to fight each battle. I had no troubles beating Floor 8. Manage the hordes as best as you can, keep them away from your Scientist, gain aggro to your Wrangler, and deal damage with your Blasters. Buy some time with Joel’s “Lockdown” if you get in trouble.

Either I’m much better at this game or the battles are only difficult in the beginning. I’m thinking it’s the latter.

Floor 8 Monsters: Amoeba x3, Jabberwocky x2, Bat Blob x3, Evil Rat x3, Football Player x1, Gargoyle x4, Fat Puker x1, Class 5 Repeater x4

Librarian Mini-Boss

After beating Floor 8, you’ll get another Blue Ectoplasm quest. You’ll have to fight through the Library 8 times, each increasing in difficulty, before you reach “The Librarian” mini-boss battle. This appears to be the first ghost from the Ghostbusters movie. You remember Ray’s brilliant “Get her!” ghost trapping plan, right?

This fight is slightly more difficult than the Floor 8 battle, but it’s still pretty easy. If you find yourself having trouble, you may want to consider switching Tara’s Level 10 ability from “Booster Juice” to “Join Hands” or leveling up your Blasters to Level 10, though I didn’t go that route. The hardest part of the fight is staying alive when the Possessed Books start attacking. Lockdown the Librarian with Joel’s ability as soon as she shows up, and you’ll have an easier go of things.

Floor 9 (2,900??? slime to unlock)

Floor 9 is another rather simple boss battle. It introduces Miss Squiggles, a teleporting ghost. From here on out, I won’t offer up any tips unless I have any difficulty getting through a battle. Keep the same strategy as before, and make sure you have your Level 10 Blaster abilities selected.

Floor 9 Monsters: Jabberwocky x3, Bat Blob x3, Squiggles x1, Class 5 Repeater x5, Evil Rat x2, Gargoyle x2, Fat Puker x1

Sorry, no Veteran Manuals for you, just a couple of blueprints.

Floor 10 (4,200??? slime + 8 blue slime to unlock)

Remember the ESP guy from the Floor 5 battle? Sparky returns and spawns with two Squiggles in tow. He now has another area attack that stuns your characters.

The good news is that he’s not that difficult to defeat, again, if you focus on him early. Have Joel use “Lockdown” from the start, and be ready to use it again later.

The bad news? I’ve beaten it eight times, and each time the game freezes up. There appears to be a bug that is preventing progress, meaning the entire week of grinding out battles for 4,200 slimes was for naught. It may be an isolated issue, as my first time through ended with the storyline progress but one Evil Rat did not run away when Sparky was defeated.

Regardless, until this issue is resolved, I won’t be able to make any progress. My apologies, as these were obviously unforeseen circumstances.

Ghostbusters Version 1.1 released and appears to have fixed the glitchy Sparky fights.

Beating Sparky here will open up a new area of the map with more difficult fights, new enemies, and higher rewards. You’ll also pick up the Blueprints for Level 4 Medium Armor.

It’s kind of a let down after all that work.

Floor 11 (4,700 ??? slime to unlock)

Floor 11 is a bit of a joke. Employ the same strategy, keeping as many enemies on Wrangler as possible, while keeping them away from your Blasters and Scientist. You’ll fight 4 Spiders, 5 Mental Patients, and 2 Bunny ghosts here. Bunnies aren’t difficult, as they have relatively low armor compared to their high attack rate.

You’ll get a pair of Blueprints for your troubles that won’t really help that much.

I could really use the Veteran Manuals to make me feel like I’m not just wasting my time, Beeline.

Floor 12 (720 slime to unlock)

Finally, we get a floor that presents a bit of a challenge. You’ll face a whopping twenty enemies in this fight, including Old Mom, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed or lose track of your characters.

Enemies: Mental Patient x4, Green Alien x6, Bunny x4, Spider x3, Old Mom x3

Focus on taking out the Green Aliens and Spiders as soon as possible. Joel should Lockdown the first Green Alien or Spider you can’t center an attack on. This will give your skill time to cooldown for a second or third use. Michael, as always, should attack powerful hitters, like the Bunny or Mental Patients, as soon as they spawn.

This fight will take a couple of minutes, so don’t be afraid to use your skills early and often.

As of Version 1.2, you’ll now receive the Level 5 M.E.D. Wand blueprints for your troubles.

Floor 13 (800 Slime)

I’ll get more details later, but this floor is really easy. It also introduces the “Werewolf” enemy. The Werewolf can buff surrounding enemies to increase their attack power, but he’s not much of a threat otherwise.

The big news, though, is all the loot behind that door. Finally, we get a Veteran Manual for the Wranglers, plus Level 5 Heavy Armor and Level 5 Proton Pack blueprints.

Also, the Hospital appear on the map. While it’s optional, we’re going to go there next to gather the Blue Slime.

Boogie Man Mini-Boss

The sixth time you fight at the Hospital, you’ll face off against the Boogie Man. He has high defense and a special poison ability that is very dangerous. You may need to move around more than usual to avoid getting killed.

Keep an eye on all your buster’s health, especially Tara or Egon.

Floor 14 (1200 Slime)

Wow, we’re already facing off against the third new enemy in the Disgusting Blog. Something tells me that’s yet another typo from Beeline, as he appears to be a blob, but I’ve seen a few disgusting blogs in my time. Some of them are bookmarked.

Not much here worth mentioning. You’ll face off against your standard enemies. I actually forgot to take a picture, so I cannot give you specifics. However, be prepared for the Disgusting Blogs (they throw annoying, exploding bugs of some sort at you), Old Mom, Spiders, and the like.

Here, you pick up the Veteran Scientist Manual and Level 5 Medium Armor blueprints for your troubles. Bring on the next floor!

Floor 15 (2500 Slime + 8 Blue Slime)

So, Sparky’s name is finally revealed to be Scott Dickinson from the original Ghostbusters movie.

This fight is simple. It’s just your squad versus Scott. No distractions, no other enemies, nothing.

Congratulations. You’ve hit the wall, again. I hope you enjoy waiting around for content as much as I don’t.

Floor 16 (??? Slime)

To be continued…

Where are the Manuals?

Tired of seeing the “Manual needed for lvl 6″ message? Tough. These manuals are found after clearing floors. Each floor basically works as a boss battle, even if there is no boss ghost to be fought.

Egon and, basically, girl Egon are totally leveling up.

Egon and, basically, girl Egon are totally leveling up.

The Senior manuals allow Ghostbusters to level from 6-10. The Veteran Manuals will allow your Ghostbusters to level from 11-15, Expert Manuals will allow levels 16-20, and one last manual will allow levels 21-25. It is unknown at this time if the levels are capped at level 25.

Senior Wrangler Manual – Beat Floor 6
Senior Scientist Manual – Beat Floor 7
Senior Blaster Manual – Beat Floor 8
Veteran Wrangler Manual – Beat Floor 13
Veteran Scientist Manual – Beat Floor 14
Veteran Blaster Manual – Beat Floor ???
Expert Wrangler Manual – Beat Floor ???
Expert Scientist Manual – Beat Floor ???
Expert Blaster Manual – Beat Floor ???

Ghost Research Lab

Any spirits that you contain can be researched to make new items show up in the shop. Most items have three effectiveness tiers. The first tier unlocks when you capture a ghost for the first time and takes 30 minutes to complete, while tier two and tier three items take 12 and 24 hours, respectively.

Be careful not to accidentally use your Power Cores to complete this research, as I accidentally touched the “Finish Now” button and squandered 12 Power Cores. I’ve no real use for Power Cores, but it would be a traumatic mistake for anyone who’s saving up for their favorite original character.

Ghosts marked with an asterisk (*) are mini-bosses that have only one item tier to research. It takes 24 hours to complete. The Boogie Man research is currently bugged and takes just 30 minutes to complete.

Ghost NameEquipment NameItem Description
Lab RatAmulet of St. Martin+1/+2/+3 bonus damage to enemies
Clinic VolunteerBoots of Expedited Exitmovement speed up 10%/15%/20%
Football PlayerEcto-Resistant Vest+5/+10/+15 defense
CheerleaderProton ScopeExtends weapon range
FrogWells' HourglassSlows down target 5%/10%/15%
Fat PukerPistol BeltRaises critical strike % rate
Evil RatAmulet of St. Natra+3/+5/+7 damage
JabberwockyWhite Rabbit's WatchShortens time between special attacks
Dr. Jacobs *Obscure SchematicChance to reset ability cooldown time
PirateTreasure MapAdds $100/$200/$300 to each bust
SquigglesSquiggles' Pin CushionRegenerates a buster's health
Librarian *Tome of Lost Souls+10 damage
GargoyleAmulet of St. RomanusIncreases M.E.D. Wand healing power
AmeobaTome of ChirurgeryRegenerates a small amount of buster's health
Bat BlobPKE Absorption CellSteals health from ghosts
Class 5 RepeaterCrystal Shield LensReflects damage back to melee attackers
Mental PatientLucky CoinRaises critical strike % rate
Old MomHaunted PhotoIncreases Defense +16/+19/+?
BunnyCreepy EggIncreases attack power +5/+7/+9
SpiderDream WebIncrease M.E.D. Wand power
Green AlienAlien Probe StickRegenerates a buster's health
WerewolfDog TagsReflects damage back to melee attackers.
Boogie Man *Puzzle CubeSteals health from ghosts, stronger than PKE Cell
Disgusting BlogBlob RingSlows down target 15%/20%/??%

Miscellaneous Notes

M.E.D. Wand Upgrade Quest

You may have noticed the quest to upgrade the M.E.D. Wand to Level 3 is bugged. It does complete, however, when you upgrade the Blaster’s Proton Pack to Level 3. In other words, don’t freak out. It’s a typo.

Blue Zombie Taxi

While out in the NYC map area, you’ll occasionally hear a sinister laugh. This is your cue to look for the Blue Zombie Taxi. If you find and tap the Blue Taxi before it reverts to yellow (within twenty seconds or so), you’ll get a one slime reward.

The zombie taxi can show up anywhere on the map, not just mission areas.

The ghost taxi can show up anywhere on the map, not just mission areas.

This works out to be far more trouble than it’s worth, but it’s a cool, little Ghostbusters Easter Egg. I believe this is a reference to the zombie taxi driver from the first movie.

Coming Soon: Character Classes and Abilities

About the Author

Fade to Slack is a founding member of Delta Attack, an American expatriate in South Korea, and a true believer in the legitimacy of mobile gaming. Keep up with him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Fade2Slack so he can justify having a Twitter account.

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55 Responses to “Ghostbusters: I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Guide”

  1. peter mueller says:

    thanks for the guide, it helped me over a rough patch there. I am just grinding to level 9, will let you know my mileage when I get to 10th floor

    • Glad to hear it, Peter.

      Grinding out for Floor 10 was kind of a bore, as the “Hard” fights were too easy, but it becomes more difficult on Floor 11. Keep fighting the good fight, sir.

  2. mike8017 says:

    Does the PKE Absorption Cell work for anyone? It doesn’t seem to have any affect.

    • I haven’t tested it out. I’ll work it out tonight. I admittedly never tested it, so it may have a different effect than the way it is worded. There’s no real consistency to the item descriptions, which makes me think two or three people are writing them instead of just one.

    • I just tested it. It definitely does work, though it’s not very strong even at Tier 3.

      I had it equipped on Michelle Ying while she was attacking 3 Mental Patients, which have high attack, and she was still losing health but staying alive. I’d say it’s useful for her and her alone.

      • mike8017 says:

        it seems like the Tome of Chirurgery is the better choice.

        • I haven’t used it, but I have tried out Squiggles’ Pin Cushion which supercedes the Tome of Chirurgery. I think the PKE Absorption Cell works at least as well for Michelle, but the constant regeneration may be better overall.

          None of them make a Ghostbuster bulletproof, but they definitely help more than straight stat boosting items.

        • Tested it. Michelle gets hit far more than Michael does for me now that she has the multi-attack ability. The PKE Absorption Cell is a much better choice for her as it regenerates more health than both the Tome of Chirurgery and Squiggles’ Pin Cushion.

  3. Your hints were a big help! Thanks so much. I am also in the process of slime-gathering for level 9.
    I’ve found that using ‘join hands’ and placing busters carefully will make things go smoothly in all but the most concentrated melee attacks. I place Tara top center, Michelle in the middle (to maximize Intimidate), and then shoot Joel with the MedWand and chain them together. As long as you protect Tara or use her Silent Treatment to shed attackers, you shouldn’t ever really get any busters slimed.
    I also use Michael’s Inspire ability as soon as I see multiple attackers.

    • I don’t really like Join Hands, as it appeared to heal less to the primary target, but I may try it again now that I have the Dream Web to further increase Tara’s healing power.

      I go slightly different, with Michael in the middle to Taunt all the attackers. Then, once bunched together, I debuff them with Michelle’s Intimidate. Most of the time, though, I just focus on one and let Michelle’s multi-attack whittle down weaker targets while she soaks damage.

      There are tons of ways to play, but the main theme is “don’t let Tara die.”

      • fattsmann says:

        Have you tried Michael with Taunt and PKE Absorption Cell? I don’t have the Cell yet but since he attracts all the ghosts with Taunt, mind as well steal health from them as well.

        • I seldom have trouble keeping Michael at or near full health, so I haven’t tried it. My reasoning for this, though I have yet to test it, is that Michelle has a higher attack and hits more targets, meaning she’ll steal significantly more health. If she gets in trouble, then I use Taunt to draw attackers away while she steals their health.

          I have no trouble keeping characters healed with Tara. Her attack power is too low to really contribute anything, and her defense is too low to soak damage. So, I switch her back and forth between Joel and Michael most of the time and pop Recuperate if there’s any sort of trouble.

  4. mike8017 says:

    Just beat floor nine. Can’t believe the slime amount they want for the next floor. They should have called the game Grindbusters.

    • In fairness, it seems like they’ve only got 12 floors developed thus far. They have 70 planned, but I don’t think I’ll get past 20 before boring of the game. As you said, it is a grind.

      How many slimes do you need, by the way? I think they may have re-balanced the number of fights, so my numbers might be off, now.

  5. Tohir says:

    Regarding squiggles bug, it turns out it’s a typo. It’s actually “Research Green Alien”. Green Aliens appear after beating Floor 10.

  6. Chris Duffey says:

    Seems the Destructor event is level based.Even at a group of 3 at the level 5 cap, the fights were simple. Some corrections: Tier 3 of Amulet of St Martin is +4 damage &Tier 3 of Boots of Expedited Exit is 20% movement speed. But what is the actual difference between the tiers of the proton scope?

    • I hadn’t researched either of those, but I should have put the question marks for St. Martin. Thanks for the information.

      As for the Proton Scope, I haven’t tested it at all. I’d imagine it extends the distance a little more for each tier. I can’t see it being particularly useful, though it might be great for Wranglers.

      • Chris Duffey says:

        4 Days after the first Destructor event, I got it again . Just curious if it is a set time for all,or just appears randomly for each person? First time was was Febuary 9th, with the second time on the 13th. Got a countdown timer 24 hours prior to the 2nd time. All event related timers started at 9 am EST. The rewards are the same. So With the way I play (by grinding until I get all the research done before starting the next floor), I’ll have enough utility knives for my whole team if needed before getting any of the lvl 6-10 manuals.
        Still Nice to know we can farm for cores.

        • I also received the event. I don’t know how often it will occur. Some release notes mentioned weekends, but I may have misread them.

          I’d expect them to continue, considering how Smurfs Village actually did allow you to save up to buy premium items, so people can get their favorite original Ghostbuster.

  7. fattsmann says:

    FYI, to supplement the knowledge on this page


  8. peter mueller says:

    Methinks I am going to stop after tower 11 and wait for beeline to issue an update based on your experience.

    Do bunnies only show up at tower lvl 11 and after you’ve beaten it?

    Is your treasure map bugged? Mine is at lvl 3 and I am only getting $200 per bust from it

    • The bunnies, in fact, do only show up after you beat Floor 11. There’s no sense in not going through Floor 12, though, as the slime rate per mission increases even though the fights stay the same.

      As for my treasure map, I’ve never tested it as money’s not an issue. However, the item description states “Increase cash from busts by 300.” I’m going by that.

      I’ll test it out later, as it may be bugged.

      • peter mueller says:

        You didn’t mention any blueprints for lvl 12 which is why I was going to hold off. no reason to beat it other than radioactive cores?

        Is the alien probe stick better than the pin cushion at health regen?

        I am curious about the creepy egg, too. when you can already buy or win an item with +10 ATK for some time why bother introducing an item that at best gives you +9 ATK?

        • I really can’t tell the difference between the Alien Probe Stick and the Pin Cushion, to be honest. It’s kind of hard to gauge.

          As for the Creepy Egg, I’m hoping they fix that in the future. I was sorely disappointed to find it that low. If the Librarian mini-boss was optional, it would make sense.

          What I’ve noticed is that there is a LOT of sloppy programming going on. The game’s fun, but it’s as if Beeline isn’t even trying after nailing the fight mechanics.

          • SO true regarding the programming. The busters’ AI is so bad. There are ghosts right beside them attacking and they sit there half the time. They need better descriptions of items and more variety. Otherwise I wasted my income on redundant equipment. So far nothing beats the utility knife.

        • FYI, Beeline finally updated the game.

          • peter mueller says:

            since you beat 12 before the update, did you just magically get access to the MED Wand upgrade? Or did you lose out? not that it’s that great an update.

            Even though it sucks waiting for an update, I think Beeline did a good job for a freemium game. The fact you put the effort into the guide and beating the levels when the slime caps were still so high and are still willing to provide feedback shows me you do too.

            Who is in your active team currently and what equipment do they have?

  9. Justin Walker says:

    Seems like its the same reward for the stay puffed man every time. I have 3 of the utility knives now, I think my power is better spent gathering slime from now on.

  10. mike8017 says:

    New update out and the amount of slime has been drastically reduced. I was grinding for 5400 and now I only need 720!!

    • It’s about time.

      Now all they need to do is crank out some content, because I’ve already blasted through Floors 13 and 14. If it wasn’t for Real Racing 3, I’d already have all the slimes I needed saved up to be finished.

      Thanks for the head’s up, by the way. I’ve made my first change, though I’ve no way to test how many are needed for previous floors, now.

  11. Alan says:

    Has anyone else had a problem with “self-treatment” on your check-list? It says you need to get your scientist to heal themselves 2 time. I have done this several times and it will not give me credit for it. I am guessing it is a bug?

  12. Thanks for the guide.

    There used to be 9 missions/busts before the last update. 3 easy,3 med 3 hard.

    But after the update there is only 1 hard one?

    And if you are planning to update this guide, could you make a “map” with tips where to find a specific ghost? For the research grinding. :)

    Im missing 30 normal rats, i go to the medium level, right fromthe HQ. And if im lucky, every 10th mission spawns ONE LABRAT!!!

    Any idea is there another level to find normal evil rats?

    • Are you looking for Lab Rats or Evil Rats?

      Lab Rats show up in the 1st block on easy and medium missions in the grid to the left of Ghostbuster HQ. They’re more common in the Easy missions.

      Evil Rats, well, I don’t know off the top of my head. I’d imagine they’re in the 2nd grid to the right of Ghostbusters HQ, but I’d have to research it. Unfortunately, I have not been playing the past week or so, seeing as Beeline trickles out updates.

  13. Thx for the guide! Is there any idea whether the shield lens reflects ALL or some melee atks? I beat floor 11 or 12 and the Hard busts in south district were IMPOSSIBLE got beaten senseless by mental patients and bunnies in the final wave. only got around it by going 1-2 tower levels higher for manuals, then grinding. By doing those tower levels the Hard busts got diff ghosts. And got easier. HOW’D U GUYS BEAT THOSE HOARDS? But my biggest Q is: can u give more help for the Boogie Man? He magically knocks each one out and shadow rapes them from across the room. Me tapping them doesn’t wake em up and lockdown doesn’t last very long. All I know is to keep em out of that ritual circle of his.

    • Sorry I missed this comment before.

      I had no troubles with the Boogie Man and, as a mini-boss, you only get to fight him once. I don’t know how much you move your characters around when playing, but keep Tara (or Egon) out of harm’s way and use the regeneration skill at the first sign of trouble to give it a chance to cooldown.

      As for the hard busts, it’s all about managing the hoards. As soon as something spawns, move your Wrangler in to slime it. Unlike MMORPGs, aggro doesn’t build. Once a ghost is hit with slime, it almost always remains focused on your Wrangler.

      • Yeah it was dead on here for a while. :(
        I got thru the boogie man after grinding on the side a bit. Freakin ridiculous! Moving didnt help a hell of a lot but I willed a win out of it.
        Disappointing that they didn’t even finish making the story. I’m stuck only doing hard busts in the south. Losing 1/5 times when the moms and mental patients get stupid, but I got over 1700 slimes and almost enough cores to hire a ghostbuster. And beat all the side missions in the East.

    • Also, the Shield Lens only reflects a fraction of the damage that a monster deals. The only character who should consistently take damage is your Wrangler. However, with that high defense lessening damage, it doesn’t seem to do much of anything.

      I’d suggest a regenerative item instead.

  14. mike8017 says:

    Has anyone paid for the original ghostbusters? With the destructor events, and no thanks to a quick double tap on a research item, I finally have enough power cores to buy one. Are any of them worth getting?

    • If you buy any of them, go with Peter Venkman or Egon Spengler. They can both be leveled up to 15.

      They’re all slightly better statistically than the free Ghostbusters, and their abilities are much better overall.

    • Uuugh. I hate that 2x tap scam. And that stupid slow loading of Equipment page has made me buy 6 of that useless blue cross powerup. I wish I could get some furniture items for just cash. I’ve been saving up BIG TIME since the next update will require PRICEY research and even pricier item purchases.

  15. peter mueller says:

    looks like 1.3 is released. no new tower floors, all my equipment deleted, and an increased focus on making us spend real money to get anything done. uninstall.

    • Wow. …..I mean, …wow. Those ignorant pricks. I can understand making it more helpful to pay real money, but I was grinding almost nonstop in the Hard busts with the giant blogs for 3 months. Had enough slime to get thru >=4 upcoming tower levels without leaving unless there was new color slime. All that destructor work got me Egon and now everyone’s ability trees are gone!??!
      All my slime, purchased equipment, permanent chained attacking and healing is gone!? WITHOUT ANY STOCK VALUE REFUNDED INTO MY CASH OR POWER CORE TOTAL!!

      I don’t care HOW they dress it up with special effects; how did they think older players would want to continue playing?

    • Also, if you do any busts, at the high level that my busters have, the ghosts are done and ready to be trapped in a fraction of a second. Plus, what’s with the Stars value now? Way to F up a decent game, Beeline. Not only getting rid of this game, but I also won’t be playing any Beeline stuff moving forward.

  16. mike8017 says:

    1.3 out. Kiss all your hard work goodbye.

  17. Tammy says:

    Anyone still playing this? I can’t beat the elephant in the museum bust (20/20).

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