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Dungelot Strategy Guide: Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 by

dungelot guide ios

Welcome to our guide for Dungelot, the tile-flipping Rogue-like game. Dungelot can be quite addictive, but as with most Roguey games, it’s also pretty damn brutal. Read on for tips to help you survive the ever-increasing difficulty of the dungeon.

Note that this is a work in progress.


2013-01-31: General Tips and The Paladin

2013-01-29: Initial version


  • You’ve probably already read the tutorial by the time you get to this guide, but if not, they’ll give you 150 coins for completing it. Don’t go spending them before reading further, though.
  • Unlike most mobile games, Dungelot will not save your progress if you close it mid-game. Be sure to always leave the app running except between games.
  • When you get to a new floor, the first thing to do is tap all available tiles. In fact, after every turn, hit all newly available tiles.
  • Never fight a monster before considering all your options. If you’ve just turned over a bunch of tiles, exercise any non-battle options first, such as barrels, chests, special doors, etc. Remember that monsters won’t bother you except when you bother them.
  • When you need to or choose to fight, generally pick the enemy with the smallest attack power. Keep in mind that they usually get to hit you before you hit them. After attack power, consider which monster you can kill in the fewest attacks. Use items if necessary.
  • If you find a Goblin King, stop flipping tiles. If any other enemies are visible, slay them first. These powerful patriarchs will boost the attack power of all other discovered monsters on every turn, so you’re setting yourself up for a world of hurt if you don’t approach them with the right strategy.
  • Decide whether or not to open a Greedy Door by what kind of payment it wants. If it only wants a little of your health and you have plenty, go for it. However, it usually asks for too much money when it wants your coins.
  • You can sell the items and spells you pick up for money or health, but I wouldn’t recommend it unless your inventory is starting to get full. Those items will really save your bacon. Remember that you can always get rid of stuff when needed, so don’t get all sell-happy. The one caveat to this is that if death is inevitable, sell everything you can to get coins.
  • If your inventory is full and you try to pick up something that would need a new slot, you won’t lose the new item; the game will simply tell you your inventory is full, so you can still pick up that item at another time before leaving the level.
  • Turning over every tile on a floor is great for finding more treasures, but remember that you don’t get experience from fighting monsters. If you’ve already found the key to the next level and completing the floor means taking significant damage, screw it. The bonus you get for 100-percenting a floor isn’t worth it.
  • You may find a shop while exploring, which will let you pay to upgrade your weapon or restore health. Your coins are pervasive between all games you play, but those store-bought upgrades only last for the length of one game. You’re better off saving your coins to spend on permanent upgrades between games. However, if you’re in a pinch with attack power, feel free to get a few weapon upgrades, especially if you’re lucky enough to find the shop within the first few levels, when the prices are lowest. Just don’t overdo it.
  • If you find an arena, make sure you don’t flip over any more tiles before entering, otherwise you might hit a trap and reduce your health. Also make sure you have plenty of items/spells. That or a deathwish.


dungelot paladin

This holy knight comes with these abilities:

  • Holy Strike: The Paladin does 25% extra damage against Undead. Keep this in mind when choosing which monsters to fight.
  • Crusader Strike: After the Paladin kills an undead monster, he has a 12.5% chance of adding 12.5% damage to his next attack.
  • Resurrection: The first time the Paladin dies, he’ll come back to life with 10% of his initial health. That is, the amount of health with which he starts the first level of the dungeon.
  • Paladin Manual: Provides a bonus to HP, Attack, Initiative, and Critical Hit Chance.

You’ll probably need some help getting down to dungeon level 15 to unlock the Vampire, so save up your coins for the Paladin Manual upgrades.

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  1. Guest says:

    #72 is Skull Eater (FFV) I am currently trying to get the weapon

  2. Sam Hilland says:

    I disagree about greedy doors. Ones that want health are NEVER worth it. Ones that want money are usually worth it. Remember you die from not enough health. You can have zero money and live. Besides, health is capped at 999. I’ve been at max and died a few floors later because of crappy monsters.

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