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Is Sony Officially Teasing The Next PlayStation?

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 by

Sony just pushed out this flashy teaser trailer – an announcement of an announcement, if you will. The video has its own page, with the date February 20th 2013, 6PM EST plastered all over it.

Will this date mark the official announcement of the PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis? For those chomping at the bit for any details on the next console in the Sony line, February 20th can’t come soon enough.

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6 Responses to “Is Sony Officially Teasing The Next PlayStation?”

  1. If it’s backwards compatible AND affordable, I’m in. I need me that Studio Ghibli…

    • Early rumors held that the Orbis or whatever will be download-only. If that ends up being true, I could get behind it, but only if the pricing is right. For a non-collector like me, $60 is a damn hard sell for most games.

      • You know, the one thing that always threw me off about that report was that Sony has a vested interest in Blu-ray. Why would they remove a Blu-ray drive from a system?

        No backwards compatibility will be a deal breaker for me, even though I don’t have any PS3 games. Just having access to two libraries makes the purchase worthwhile. If PS3 would have kept the Emotion Engine in later models, I’d already have one, seeing as I’ve 25 or so PS2 games that I could have had sent here.

        • Good point about Blu-ray. Since Sony shocked the world by actually winning a format war, they’re not likely to shit on it by not having it in the PS4.

          Sony’s lack of backwards-compatibility is highly lame. Seems to be common, though; even with the 360, Microsoft had to do patch-emulation for individual original Xbox games. If anything, I would have thought backwards-compatibility would be easiest of all on the 360, but that provides evidence that it’s probably more difficult than we’re assuming.

          Still, lame. Imagine if the PS4 could play games from all prior PlayStation consoles…

      • I can’t imagine Orbis will be download-only – that would blow my mind to little pieces. But I do recall there would be some kind of strict mechanisms in place to block people’s ability to resale games.

    • Here’s to hoping. I don’t want to have rebuy a PS3 if mine dies during the PS4 era. I’m sitting on too many games to just let them collect dust and be forgotten.

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