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Everything You Wanted To Know About Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik And More

Thursday, January 31st, 2013 by

mike krahulik gabe

So Mike Krahulik, the Gabe half of Penny Arcade, recently took the time to answer fans’ questions in his very own reddit AmA. Intimate secrets are revealed inside; regrets, hopes, fears, and favorites. Here are some of the highlights:

Do you regret working with HotHeadGames? They’ve removed all Penny Arcade content from their site and any mention that they’ve ever worked with you. They also stopped supporting the Rain-Slick games within a year of releasing them.

MIKE: “Yeah I do. That was a mistake but it was the sort of mistake we learn from.”

What is the plan for Penny Arcade if something happens to you? To Jerry? Do you envision it continuing when you’ve retired or passed on?

If I die the strip becomes a memorial for me. If Jerry dies we get a team of writers to fill in.

Do you have a favorite strip you’ve ever written for PA? How about a favorite member of the supporting cast?

megaman effect

“My favorite strip is the Megaman Effect. The one where G&T play games and turn into little kids. I think it’s just a perfect comic. I think The Fruit Fucker is my fav side character.”

What was the biggest fight you’ve ever had with Jerry? What was it about? How was it resolved?

“We actually had a fight last year that was filmed but we didn’t end up using the footage. I was being a jerk to Jerry in what I thought was a funny way but it really was just me being a jerk. He got pissed at me and stormed out. It happens. It was resolved when he came back in a few minutes later and we finished writing the comic. This sort of thing happens in creative relationships. It’s not common for us but it does happen.”

If you could only play one videogame and one tabletop game for the rest of your life, which do you pick, and why?

“Videogame- Minecraft- because I can dig and build forever. Tabletop- D&D – That would always be new.”

After the dickwolves fiasco do you get gun-shy about similar things? I was honestly expecting some blow-back from the “girls gone fae-wild” shirt

“To be honest yes we did. I’d say for quite a while we were really paranoid about making the strip. We kept writing jokes and then saying “will someone find this offensive?” or “Could you interpret this some other way?” it really sucked. I think we got over it though. We are going to offend people. We are going to piss them off. We can’t second guess ourselves all the time it’s just not conducive to making comics.”

rain slick

How awesome is Ni no Kuni?

“It is the best. I think it takes the spot of my favorite game of all time away from Kingdom Hearts 2.”

How do you feel about possibly making more videogames based around your characters?
this is coming from someone who has all 3 rain-slick games, and wants more.

“I am not a fan of making video games. I worked on episode 1 and 2 and I hated the experience. From my point of view I worked super hard producing concept art for years that in the end no one ever got to see. Sure other artists took my work and converted it into a game but I don’t actually like that. If I draw a comic it goes up the next day and you can all see it. If you like it great. If you don’t like it well maybe you will like the one tomorrow.”

Sadly, the question “Would you rather fight 100 fruit-fucker sized horses or 1 horse sized fruit-fucker?” was left unanswered.

I am Mike Krahulik, I draw Penny Arcade [reddit]

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  1. I wonder why they didn’t release a Rain Slick Precipice art book. Seems like there would be an audience for it, and he’d have that satisfaction of having the art assets out there for others to ogle.

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