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Review: eBoy FixPix (iOS)

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 by

eboy fixpix
eBoy FixPix seems like a gimmicky idea: tilt until all elements of the picture line up. Is it actually engaging? Does it feel repetitive? Will you look like a tool as you hold your device flat and peer into it with furrowed brow?

eBoy FixPix drops you immediately into gameplay; no title screen, just the first messed-up level. Tilting reveals that some kind of image has been sliced up, and you intuit that you must find just the right position of your device until you’ve restored order. It may sound lame, but it grows on you very quickly.

eboy fixpix

The game stays fresh due to a strange sense of artistic humor. Images are oddly enjoyable, keeping you curious about the next level. Sometimes the art itself is strange, and sometimes the choice of slicing makes an otherwise straightforward picture look like something completely incoherent, weird, or just plain funny. The art is even presented from different perspectives, helping to keep things fresh. As a bonus, most levels will have extra content viewable via extreme tilting, content that won’t even be part of the restored image. All of this leads to a feeling somewhere between WarioWare and Where’s Waldo?.

The game comes with 175 levels, which is a great value, although you may have trouble putting it down and not blowing through the whole game in a few hours.

eboy fixpix

eBoy FixPix is a simple concept that holds your attention due to its quirky visuals. Unless you’re turned off by bizarreness, I’d definitely recommend snagging this title.

Oh, and yes, you will look like a tool, but it’s worth it.

4 star

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