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Pixel People Job Combination Guide

Monday, February 4th, 2013 by


So, you want to build Utopia? You’re going to need some help unlocking all 255 professions in Pixel People. Check out the handy, dandy table below to get splicing.

It’s fun to mix and match!

Get Free Utopium

There’s only a few sources of free Utopium in the game, but they are worth looking into obtaining.

Utopium Mine

Check the Utopium Mine each day for one or two Utopium. The mine resets at midnight each day according to your time zone. It is not dependent upon number of workers in the Utopium Mine.


Trees randomly dispense the following rewards: 100 coins, 1000 coins, 1 Utopium, or 3 Utopium.

Each tree in town costs 1 Utopium, takes up 1 space of land, and appears to have the same odds of dispensing Utopium as the others. You can only obtain 25 Utopium a day this way. Like the Utopium Mine, trees reset each day at midnight. This is your best route to Utopium, but you then have less space to place your houses, decorations, and businesses. However, 25 Utopium a day would buy you 3 plots of land with Church donations or take you most of the way to an expansion loophole via the Law Firm.

Heart Gauge Surprise!

Occasionally, you will receive either 1 or 2 Utopium when you fill your Surprise Gauge. It isn’t particularly reliable, as you can also receive animals and boring coin prizes this way, but it is possible.


Achievements can be viewed by clicking on either the Sheriff’s Office or the Museum. Each achievement comes with a small amount of Utopium that can be collected. It’s a pittance compared to what you need, but make sure you collect it any time you get the “Breaking News” achievement prompt.


Once you have the TV Station placed in your settlement, you can get a couple of Utopium by watching App advertisements (appvertisements?) for other Chillingo games. It doesn’t take long, so you may as well do it. It’s not like you have anything better to do, jerky.

How to Unlock the Romantic Gene

Version 1.10, the Valentine’s Day update, introduced the Romantic Gene. This opens up a new property and five new jobs. The Romantic Gene unlocks the first time you open up a “Surprise” after the update. Unfortunately, a large number of users are unable to get the Romantic Gene to trigger properly.

Version 1.20 was released on February 22, 2013 and fixes a number of bugs, such as the disappearing News Agency and Romantic gene, in addition to smoothing out the level curve. In addition, current players will receive five free spaces upon starting the app.

Version 1.30 was released on March 26, 2013 and adds 55 new jobs, 13 new buildings, and the ability to temporarily move people into the hotel for 1 Utopium. The vacation change will allow you to move new clones while their workplace is under construction or to delete their old houses.

Version 1.40 was released on April 10, 2013. Check the “Secret Jobs” list for the majority of the update information. Additionally, the version description states that the Easter Bunny mission is only available until April 30th. Act fast, or you could lose out on the Conspiracy Theorist and access to 14 secret jobs.

Job Table

Current progress: 218 out of 236

#ProfessionJob Combination
003EngineerMayor + Mechanic
004SheriffMayor + Mayor
005ArchitectMayor + Engineer
006LandscaperAssistant + Mayor
007DeputyAssistant + Sheriff
008GardenerLandscaper + Deputy
009Mechanical EngineerMechanic + Engineer
010BotanistFarmer + Farmer
011Park RangerSheriff + Landscaper
012FirefighterMechanic + Police Officer
013FarmerEngineer + Gardener
014DoctorEngineer + Nurse
015NurseHomemaker + Gardener
016Police OfficerSheriff + Sheriff
017VetPark Ranger + Doctor
018HomemakerFarmer + Gardener
019ZoologistBotanist + Vet
020PlumberEngineer + Assistant
021FishmongerFarmer + Plumber
022Animal TrainerSheriff + Vet
023MilkmongerFarmer + Animal Trainer
024ArtistArchitect + Dreamer
025PhotographerMechanic + Artist
026DentistDoctor + Artist
027RadiologistDoctor + Photographer
028CookHomemaker + Fishmonger
029ChefArtist + Cook
030ZookeeperAnimal Trainer + Park Ranger
031Construction WorkerMechanical Engineer + Deputy
032Car DesignerMechanical Engineer + Artist
033AthleteConstruction Worker + Farmer
034GreengrocerFarmer + Salesman
035Interior DesignerArchitect + Artist
036Olympic SwimmerAthlete + Fishmonger
037PainterArtist + Construction Worker
038Hotel ManagerHomemaker + Salesman
039ValetCar Designer + Hotel Manager
040PilotValet + Mechanic
041Flight AttendantPilot + Waiter
042Aerospace EngineerMechanical Engineer + Pilot
043Art DealerArtist + Salesman
044IndustrialistSalesman + Salesman
045JockeyAnimal Trainer + Valet
046Marine BiologistVet + Olympic Swimmer
047Real Estate AgentArchitect + Salesman
048SoldierPolice Officer + Explorer
049WaiterCook + Assistant
050PhilosopherDreamer + Dreamer
051DetectivePolice Officer + Philosopher
052LawyerSheriff + Salesman
053MarineSoldier + Olympic Swimmer
054JudgeLawyer + Sheriff
055SecretaryMayor + Deputy
056WriterSecretary + Dreamer
057PoetWriter + Dreamer
058ParamedicPolice Officer + Doctor
059LifeguardOlympic Swimmer + Paramedic
060ModelPhotographer + Lifeguard
061Swimsuit ModelModel + Olympic Swimmer
062ReporterDetective + Writer
063Ballet DancerAthlete + Artist
064Martial ArtistBallet Dancer + Soldier
065Sushi ChefChef + Martial Artist
066Food CriticCook + Reporter
067GeneralMarine + Soldier
068ActorDirector + Model
069Flight ControllerArchitect + Pilot
070CalligrapherWriter + Artist
071CameramanPhotographer + Mechanic
072CheerleaderAthlete + Ballet Dancer
073CoachAthlete + Athlete
074CourierMailman + Salesman
075DirectorCameraman + Cameraman
076FloristFarmer + Botanist
077Grave DiggerFarmer + Soldier
078MailmanReporter + Valet
079MinerGrave Digger + Explorer
080Cattle RustlerJockey + Animal Trainer
081Postmaster GeneralMailman + General
082Stunt DoubleActor + Martial Artist
083ProgrammerMathematician + Engineer
084Game DesignerProgrammer + Artist
085MathematicianPhilosopher + Scientist
086ScientistPhilosopher + Engineer
087PhysicistScientist + Mathematician
088AstronomerPhysicist + Dreamer
089AstronautPilot + Astronomer
090GeneticistScientist + Doctor
091CryptozoologistZookeeper + Detective
092AccountantSecretary + Mathematician
093EditorWriter + Writer
094LibrarianWriter + Poet
095HistorianPhilosopher + Librarian
096ArchaeologistHistorian + Explorer
097Super HeroSoldier + Geneticist
098Atomic HeroRadiologist + General
099Ancient HeroPreacher + Weather Reporter
100ChoreographerBallet Dancer + Director
101PharmacistDoctor + Salesman
102CSIDetective + Photographer
103Forensic ScientistDetective + Scientist
104PhysiotherapistAthlete + Doctor
105CoronerGrave Digger + Doctor
106Anti HeroGrave Digger + Super Hero
107WrestlerAthlete + Actor
108ClownComic + Painter
109PaleontologistArchaeologist + Cryptozoologist
110GeologistMiner + Scientist
111Break DancerBallet Dancer + Rapper
112CaptainFishmonger + Sheriff
113Weather ReporterReporter + Geologist
114ComicActor + Poet
115Disc JockeyJockey + Choreographer
116First MateCaptain + Deputy
117BuccaneerCaptain + Explorer
118PreacherPhilosopher + Dreamer
119RapperPoet + Disc Jockey
120ReceptionistSecretary + Model
121SongwriterPoet + Poet
122TaxidermistVet + Coroner
123VocalistSongwriter + Actor
124AssistantMechanic + Mechanic
125FootballerAthlete + Cheerleader
126ShepherdAnimal Trainer + Milkmonger
127WinemakerFarmer + Dreamer
128BakerCook + Homemaker
129CarpenterShepherd + Homemaker
130JanitorPlumber + Construction Worker
131NinjaMartial Artist + Soldier
132RefereeCoach + Judge
133Secret AgentNinja + Detective
134SenseiMartial Artist + Philosopher
135Deep Sea DiverMarine Biologist + Explorer
136WatchmakerHistorian + Mechanic
137Time TravellerWatchmaker + Explorer
138TailorModel + Artist
139RingmasterAnimal Trainer + Clown
140OraclePhilosopher + Preacher
141MatadorAnimal Trainer + Wrestler
142MagicianAccountant + Accountant
143BartenderWinemaker + Salesman
144BaristaBartender + Waiter
145WizardMagician + Scientist
146ApprenticeWizard + Assistant
147System AdminProgrammer + Programmer
148GenieMagician + Magician
149Wedding PlannerWinemaker + Baker
150CentaurMutant + Jockey
151Wedding SingerRomantic + Vocalist
152JewellerRomantic + Miner
153ChocolatierRomantic + Baker
154MatchmakerRomantic + Engineer
155Dating AdvisorJeweller + Chocolatier
156PoliticianBureaucrat + General
157Civil ServantBureaucrat + Secretary
158OfficerCivil Servant + Assistant
159Insurance AgentSalesman + Bureaucrat
160Federal AgentSecret Agent + Politician
161ConductorMusician + Sheriff
162DrummerMusician + Watchmaker
163BassistGuitarist + Deputy
164GuitaristMusician + Songwriter
165PianistMusician + Programmer
166ViolinistGuitarist + Bassist
167GamerProgrammer + Sports Star
168BasketballerSports Star + Greengrocer
169BaseballerSports Star + Carpenter
170Soccer StarSports Star + Actor
171Tennis PlayerSports Star + Sports Star
172GolferSports Star + Bartender
173CaddieGolfer + Philosopher
174Racecar DriverSports Star + Valet
175MascotCaddie + Cheerleader
176Figure SkaterJack Frost + Ballet Dancer
177SkierFigure Skater + Mountain Climber
178Mountain ClimberJack Frost + Miner
179Ice FisherFishmonger + Figure Skater
180Pizza GuyFoodie + Courier
181SommelierFoodie + Winemaker
182Ice Cream SellerFoodie + Jack Frost
183Celebrity ChefSommelier + Chef
184ButlerSommelier + Valet
185Cosmetic SurgeonSocialite + Doctor
186CardiologistCosmetic Surgeon + Romantic
187BouncerSocialite + Bodybuilder
188Party AnimalSocialite + Animal Trainer
189GamblerParty Animal + Mathematician
190CroupierGambler + Valet
191InvestorGambler + Industrialist
192BodybuilderStrongman + Model
193Gym InstructorBodybuilder + Guru
194Sumo WrestlerBodybuilder + Sushi Chef
195SamuraiSumo Wrestler + Soldier
196GymnastGym Instructor + Athlete
197BoxerGym Instructor + Martial Artist
198AcrobatGymnast + Ringmaster
199ProfessorGuru + Scientist
200Talkshow HostGuru + Actor
201News AnchorTalkshow Host + Reporter
202EntrepreneurGuru + Programmer
203Travel AgentTour Guide + Pilot
204Tour GuideHitch Hiker + Salesman
205CyclistHitch Hiker + Courier
206SkateboardCyclist + Skier
207Tree HuggerHitch Hiker + Guru
208Star CommanderTravel Agent + Astronaut
209Mounted PoliceCyclist + Sheriff
210TouristTour Guide + Travel Agent
211Conspiracy TheoristEaster Bunny + Cryptozoologist
214BikerCyclist + Strongman
217Hair StylistModel + Gardener
228ElectricianMechanic + Assistant
229Telephone OperatorReceptionist + Electrician
230CashierSalesman + Assistant
234Security GuardPolice Officer + Assistant
235MinotaurMatador + Mutant


Missions are the newest addition to Pixel People. Once you build the Utopia HQ, you’ll be able to check for missions with various rewards. This is the only way to get 8 of the newest genes, such as Socialite or Jack Frost. Many of the missions ask for a job formula, which you can find above.

You don’t need to make another clone, you simply have to input the formula. It’s tedious, but it’s better than paying 100 Utopium to skip it.

You can find the rewards listed at the top of the mission pop-up page. Additionally, you can skip a mission every hour. If you get stuck, you may as well skip it and come back later. This is especially important for the top two “Gene” slots. Since there are only eight missions to cycle through, skipping one and coming back to it later shouldn’t be that difficult.

The missions in the bottom right corner reward buildings or decorations that are definitely not worth what you’re paying (though, admittedly, I’ve yet to finish “Petting Zoo”, so could be worth it).  As far as I can tell, these items are also available via Casino spins. I’ve gotten a Gold Plaza and Manor of Speaking from it thus far.

Secret Jobs

Version 1.40 added the Easter Eggs mission to the Utopia HQ. You’ll need to find nine Easter Eggs hidden in different places throughout the map. Three are hidden on the first job page, three are hidden on the Sheriff’s Office’s Most Wanted list, and the other three come from the Fire Department, Museum, and Gym (I may be wrong on the last one, though it is something related to exercise.)

Once complete, you’ll unlock the Easter Bunny gene. This then opens up the Conspiracy Theorist’s Secret Hideout. Click on it to find the Secret Jobs. These hidden jobs do not light up on the list. Additionally, to access jobs 5-9 and jobs 10-14, you’ll need to complete two separate missions. It’s a lot of work for a few more properties, but some people will surely love the Lumberjack’s Lumber Mill. It allows players to collect 50 Utopium for the day rather than the usual 25.

Version 1.50 added 5 new Secret Jobs to the game.

#Hidden JobJob Combination
01CatcherBaseballer + Police Officer
02StatisticianMathematician + Reporter
03VentriloquistCarpenter + Actor
04MasseusePhysiotherapist + Strongman
05ChemistScientist + Bartender
06HazmatChemist + Stunt Double
07Investment BankerSalesman + Gambler
08MimeActor + Librarian
09OptometristAstronomer + Doctor
10SurferSkateboarder + Olympic Swimmer
11ButcherCattle Rustler + Cook
12Hockey PlayerWrestler + Figure Skater
13Sports FanAthlete + Statistician
14LumberjackCarpenter + Strongman

Building Unlocks

Professions are tied to building unlocks. I can’t say for certain that only one job unlocks a building, I’m only stating what job opened the building for me.

Also, I started compiling this list rather late, so many early buildings are missing.

Bank -> Secretary
Bunker -> Soldier
Casino -> Gambler
Church -> Preacher
Circus -> Magician
City Square -> Plumber
Clinic -> Nurse
Courthouse -> Judge
Dentist’s Office -> Dentist
Disco -> Party Animal
Farmer’s Market -> Greengrocer
Film Studio -> Director
Flower Shop -> Florist
Fortune Teller -> Oracle
Funeral Parlor -> Grave Digger
Gene Pool -> Geneticist
Greenhouse -> Botanist
Hospital -> Radiologist
Hotel Utopia -> Hotel Manager
Lakehouse -> Captain
News Agency -> Food Critic
Pharmacy -> Pharmacist
Radio Station -> Songwriter
Stable -> Shepherd
Tavern -> Bartender
University -> Philosopher
Utopia HQ -> Politician
Weddings R Us -> Wedding Planner

Useful Buildings

Many buildings also come with bonus effects that may make them more desirable than others. Here are some of the most useful that I’ve come across thus far.

The Arcade allows you to spend 10,000,000 coins for a chance to win Utopium, animals, trees, decor, and houses. You get one free spin everyday. Bear in mind, the Astroglass houses and decorations take up no space in your town, so you may want to use your coins here.

The Bank is, perhaps, the most useful overall. Once the Bank is placed, any fully occupied building produces twice as many coins as before.

The Casino is fixed in your favor. A regular spin costs 2 million coins, but always nets you at least 1 million more in return. You can also spend some cash to buy Utopium for VIP spins. Regular spins can only be taken once every four hours. They’ll gladly take your real world cash, though.

The Church is the basis of a no-leveling strategy that is floating around out there. For 8 Utopium, you can buy yourself one more piece of land. Why do this when you could get ten plots of land via the Law Firm’s Legal Loophole for 40 Utopium? Well, a lot of things scale based upon your level. So, if you don’t level at all, you’ll continue to have cheap costs throughout the game. This is supposedly super effective when used with the Casino and Animal Shelter properties and makes Utopium far more common than before. It’d be worth testing out, honestly, if you’ve grown bored with the game, want to try something new, or just feel like playing a game a way that it wasn’t really intended to be played.  got nerfed.

The Enterprise building is a very useful one that allows you to permanently double all your buildings’ production time. However, it requires a 99 cent in-app purchase. It’s not necessary, but it is highly recommended if you anticipate playing this game for a while.

Tech Support will allow you to extend a building’s work hours by its base time for 3 Utopium. You won’t use it much, but it will be useful for a handful of buildings like the Town Square with high coin per second (CPS) rates, but low production times or to extend a few buildings with long working times but low coins to keep a constant stream of coins flowing while you sleep. You can upgrade a property up to four times.

Utopia HQ is required to unlock missions and, in turn, new special genes. These missions aren’t all that useful, but it’s another source of utopium if you have extra animals.

The Utopium Mine is your only 100% chance at free Utopium in the game. Don’t forget to check it daily for a Utopium or two.

The Business Center shows your current CPS rate versus your maximum CPS when fully operational. This is useful to track when you have a building down or to check if you just missed a building when tapping through your town.


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