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Syrian Games: A Bottomless Pit Of Amazing Knockoffs

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 by

syrian games robocop

Not much is known about Syrian Games, other than they’re a pirate-game publisher with a bewildering selection of crazy knockoffs. Their “About Us” page has only a single, ominous word: “Soon”. Their online catalog, on the other hand, is gigantic by comparison. And boy, is it ever amazing.

They first came to my attention when I read an article detailing Joe Keiser‘s adventures in Nairobi’s Diamond Plaza, a discombobulated shopping center with the most ridiculous game hacks in the world on sale. The amount of stuff on tap is staggering – we’re talking over 800 titles from their “PlayStation 2″ library alone, not to mention all the other PS1, Wii, and Xbox crap available.

And it’s crazy crap, my friends, ranging from bizarre Grand Theft Auto mashups to absurd Guitar Hero games, and everything in between. Hell, there is so much ridiculous material here, so many beautifully awkward games in their online shop, that we’ve decided to start up a new tradition here at Delta Attack. We’re calling it “Syrian Wednesdays”. Every Wednesday, five ridiculous game covers for you to laugh and laugh and laugh at.

And today’s picks are:

Tony Hawk’s Underground 2
tony hawk's underground 2

Blood Rayane 2
blood rayane 2

Miami Vice
miami vice

Avatar – The Last Airbender: Into The Inferno
avatar last airbender into the inferno

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
guitar hero aerosmith

If you can’t wait until next week’s picks, or just want to kill an entire evening, then feel free to browse the entire catalog on your own. Bon Voyage!

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The Art Of Syrian Games [gamelogical]

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6 Responses to “Syrian Games: A Bottomless Pit Of Amazing Knockoffs”

  1. There’s so much going on here that it’s hard to decide on favorites, but I’d have to go with the KISS makeup on Guitar Hero Aerosmith, followed closely by Rayane/Rayne having “a weakness to sunlight” but being out in the middle of a sunny-ass day on the cover art.

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