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Video Game Music To Die To

Monday, March 11th, 2013 by

worst game music

The respectable folks at Cheezeburger have compiled a list of the worst video game music of all time. Not wanting you to suffer more brain damage than necessary, we culled the list down so that only the absolute worst (best?) are represented. Are we really doing you any favors, though? Probably not. Wear headphones at your own peril.

Double Dribble Arcade – National Anthem

Not as bad as shitting on the American Flag and setting it on fire, but almost.

Silent Hill 2 – Dog Ending

Listening to this, I’m taken back to those wanton days of my adolescent youth, when me and my buddy had dreams of rockin’ the entire world from our garage with nothing more than our boyish innocence and cheap Casio keyboard. The dog barks were second only to the cat meows.

The Adventures of Rad Gravity – Title Screen

Who else giggled to the rhythmic toggling of START and CONTINUE? This obnoxious ditty definitely belongs in this list.

San Francisco Rush – What’s Your Name?

CGZHIJKLMNOP? What the fuck kind of name is that? What the fuck kind of song is this?

Animal Crossing: Wild World – Resetti’s Theme

Let’s test your fortitude! If you can make it even halfway through this video, then congratulations! You’re godlike.

King’s Quest V – Town Music

This ten hour loop of King’s Quest music was originally stitched together as a humane replacement to waterboarding. It was never employed, however, immediately denounced by the international community as “one of the worst forms of torture ever blown in our earholes”. True story.

Resident Evil: Director’s Cut – Mansion Basement

Nepotism at its worst. Clearly, someone promised their toddler that he’d put their music into that game daddy was making. Sorry kid, but “The Floor is Made of Lava!” has got to be one of the shittiest songs I’ve ever heard.

WWF No Mercy – Menu Screen

What What whattity what whattity the fuck? Pelvic thrust, y’all!

The Worst Video Game Music of All Time [cheezburger]

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  1. These are great. My favorite — the one that made me laugh the most — is the WWF track.

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