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MonTowers ~Legend of Summoners~ Guide: Tips & Tricks

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 by

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MonTowers is a fun little iOS game featuring monster collection and lots of slick anime artwork. The art is very much central to the game, depicting scantily clad beasties that become (and I’m using their words here) “cuter” as they gain in power. It’s not a terribly deep game, but there are a few good tips we can share to help you on your way. Learn more about monster abilities, how to get free tokens, and other helpful hints with our all-inclusive MonTowers Guide.

This guide is split into two parts – Beginners and Advanced. If you’re familiar with the game and you’re just looking for some nifty tricks, then feel free to skip over the beginner’s guide and go straight to the good stuff.



tianaThis is Tiana, your cheerleaderesque assistant. She performs a multitude of tasks, including helping you to learn the ropes, mixing monster recipes, and imparting side quests for you to complete. Her belief in you is unwavering, her outfits are notably skimpy, and if you go to her room from the Inventory button up top, you can change her into clothing more suitable to your tastes, provided you have the outfits.


The Field is where you go to collect gems, which are necessary for summoning and upgrading monsters. There are five varieties of gems: Fire, Air, Soul, Earth, and Water. Collecting gems requires energy, which will naturally restore itself as time passes. You can use tokens to recharge your energy, but honestly, there are much better ways to spend your precious tokens. Save them for the Gachamon instead!


The standard way to get new creature coins is to simply defeat them in battle. Each victory will net you a chance to get that creature’s coin, which will in turn allow you to summon it. Common creatures whose names appear in blue are the easiest to attain. Uncommon creatures are harder to acquire, but still relatively easy. Rare creatures, Legendary creatures, and Unique creatures are much tougher to earn, with legendary and unique creatures being particularly stubborn about dropping their coins.

The best way to get rare, legendary, and unique creatures is to take your chance with the Gachamon. It will cost you 5 tokens per try, and you might get something you already have, but it’s still the easiest way to acquire the rarest and most powerful monsters. That’s why you should try your very best to use tokens exclusively for the Gachamon. Yay for gambling!

You can also get monster coins as rewards for completing certain side quests. Collecting all of each tower’s common and uncommon monsters will yield you a nice, shiny monster coin every time. Try to catch them all!



To summon a monster, just pick an available spot in your lab and tap the summon button. Choose the monster you want to bring forth into this world then tap the summon button once more. If you don’t have the required gems, then move to the Field and gather them first.

You’ll have to wait for your monster to generate; for weaker monsters, the wait time is small. Tougher and more advanced creatures will take longer to materialize. You could always use tokens to speed up the process, but at a cost of 1 token per half hour of summon time, it’s not usually worth it.


If you have a recipe, then you can combine two creatures into a new one. First, make sure you have the two monster the recipe is asking for, then mix them together into an empty slot in the lab. You will have to wait for the monster to materialize, but once the creature arrives you will gain its coin, allowing you to summon it without having to mix it again.

Monster recipes are randomly awarded prizes from the Gachamon. Yet another reason the Gachamon is the best place to use your tokens.


Each creature has three stats, two of which are modified based on how high your level is.

Atk: Simply put, it affects the amount of damage your monster deals with each strike. Each monster gains a bonus to attack that is proportionate to your level.
HP: How much damage your monster can take before dying. Death is permanent, so keep a close eye on your monsters’ health. Your monsters receive a bonus to HP based on your level.
Time: How much time it takes to summon the creature. Better monsters require longer summoning times.



Each creature can be improved twice through upgrading. Tap a monster to bring up its stats, and tap the upgrade button to begin the process of evolution. Normal monsters can be upgraded to Elder monsters, and Elder monsters can be upgraded to Master status. Each is more powerful than the one before it, respectively, and in addition to improving stats, a monster can also learn new abilities through upgrading. They’ll also change in appearance, often losing some clothing in the process (the price of greatness, apparently). Upgrades will costs you gems or tokens. Always pay with gems if possible. Of course, you will have to wait a little for the upgrade to go through, but generally it won’t take nearly as long as it did to summon.


Potions are great for keeping your creatures alive and well – use them in battle when a monster is in danger of dying, and they will restore roughly half of a monster’s maximum HP.

Tokens serve as MonTowers’ alternate currency, and can be used for a variety of purposes. They can quicken summoning or upgrade times, refill your field energy, and can be exchanged for potions. You can also use tokens in place of gems when upgrading. You can purchase new slots in your lab with tokens and expand the amount of monsters you can have summoned at a time.

Most importantly, though, you can exchange five tokens via the Gachamon for a chance at acquiring an ultra-rare monster, monster recipe, or a new outfit for Tiana. While you might be able to earn the monsters the natural way, through combat, the Gachamon is the only place you can acquire recipes or clothes for Tiana.


montowers battleBattle is a pretty simple affair in MonTowers. Once you’ve picked up to three creatures to take into battle and engage a monster, simply tap the screen when the sliding disc is inside the red zone in the center. Doing so will give you a preemptive strike, where each of your monsters take turns striking the enemy before he has a chance to retaliate. Failure to hit the red zone will cause the enemy to attack first and give them a bonus to evasion for the turn.

You’ll have a chance to use potions in between rounds – if one of your creatures is close to kicking the bucket, then it may be prudent to give it a potion to reduce its risk of dying.

When you defeat a monster, there’s a chance you may earn its coin. Earning a monster’s coin will allow you to summon that monster in your lab. You may also win a potion or token, though it’s rare.

Keep climbing each tower to get to the boss fight. If you defeat the boss, then you will conquer the tower and open up the next one. Each tower has tougher battles and better monsters for you to catch!


As you climb the towers, you’ll gain experience each time you win a battle. You’ll also get a small amount of EXP each time you successfully summon or upgrade a creature. Earn enough experience to fill your EXP meter, and you’ll gain a level.

Level gain affects your monsters stats and also how many slots you can have in your lab. In addition, you’ll get a few bonus tokens and potions each time you level up, too. You can fight the same monster over and over to gain EXP, but you’ll never get as much EXP as you did the first time you fought it.


Each time you gain a level, you’ll enter into a thirty-minute grace period known as Fever Time. During Fever Time, your monsters will deal 10% more damage and your field energy will regenerate twice as fast. Sometimes Fever Time can provide just the boost you need to finally put down a monster that’s been holding you up.


Most monsters have special skills that give them a certain edge in combat. Here’s a description of all the available special abilities:

Accel: Monster has a chance of attacking twice.
Critical: Monster has a doubled chance of dealing critical damage.
Dodge: +20% bonus to evasion.
Fury: Monster deals double damage when its HP fall below half.
Iron Skin: Monster is protected against critical hits.
Regen: Gains a small portion of HP back at the end of every turn.
Super Regen: Gains a decent portion of HP back at the end of every turn.
Soul 20%: Monster’s attack has a chance of reducing enemy’s HP by 20%.
Soul 30%: Monster’s attack has a chance of reducing enemy’s HP by 30%.
Mass Attack: Enemy skill only – monster has a chance of hitting all of your creatures at once.
S. Mass Attack: Enemy skill only – monster has a chance of critically hitting all of your creatures at once.
Mass Defense: Enemy skill only – If you fail your preemptive strike, enemy receives less damage.
S. Mass Defense: Enemy skill only – If you fail your preemptive strike, enemy receives less damage. Strong version.
G. Mass Defense: Enemy skill only – If you fail your preemptive strike, enemy receives less damage. Strongest version.

Thanks to davionboy for clarifying Mass Defense abilities!



When you go to battle, make sure to put your creatures with the Soul 20% or Soul 30% ability up front, since those abilities drain a percentage of the enemy’s current HP. You’ll get more bang for your buck by giving Soul skills a chance to pop at the beginning of every turn, when the enemy’s HP are highest.


Enemies with the Fury skill can be a real pain in the butt. Once they’ve been reduced to half of their total life, they start hitting you for twice the damage. If you know that you’re about to push your enemy into fury mode this turn, then go ahead and intentionally miss your preemptive strike. Sure, the enemy gets to hit you first, but the tradeoff is usually worth it as you’ll be pushing off fury damage for an entire turn.


Potions are precious in this game – they keep your critters from dying in a heated fight. But you don’t necessarily need to use them if you’re willing to wait a bit. When one or more of your critters is in danger, simply leave the app for a few minutes. All of your creatures will gain HP while you wait as if they weren’t in battle at all. When you return, your creatures will be healed up in proportion to how long a break you took. Don’t be alarmed when it looks like nothing has changed! The life totals don’t refresh until after you take the next swipe.


It’s easy to bite off more than you can chew in MonTowers – if you’ve wandered into a battle where the enemy regenerates faster than you can deal damage, then just close the app to escape. When you boot it back up, you’ll be safe in the laboratory once again.


If the going gets tough and you find yourself burning through potions too fast for comfort, then you may need to slow down a bit and summon some better creatures before continuing on. If you’ve managed to nab any of the uncommon or rare ones for your current tower, then those would be the best candidates, but the common creatures aren’t too shabby either.

Each progressive tower pumps out better creatures than the ones from the previous tower. A common critter from the third tower is likely to be better than a rare one from the very first tower. Keep this in mind if you’ve been holding on to old favorites for too long.


Six slots is plenty for your creatures – you won’t want to keep old ones around anyway since they can quickly become obsolete. Once you have six or so monster slots, you should stop using tokens to get new ones and spend them on the Gachamon instead; it’s the only way to get new recipes and is your best shot at getting some of the rarest creatures.


You can raise cheap creatures like Zombies and Fairies to master status, then unsummon them to get a potion or (if you’re lucky) a token. Aside from fighting battles and gaining levels, this is the best way to accumulate potions and tokens without forking over actual cash.


By manually setting the time ahead on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can essentially break the game by cheating the timers. Imagine being able to summon a monster that normally takes 8 hours in an instant, or immediately refill your gem gathering energy just like that. It’s easy as sin; just open up your Date/Time feature, set it as far ahead as needed, then go back into the app. Tada! It’s so simple you’ll feel be feeling bad about it.

Looking for a MonTowers Monster List, complete with pictures? We’ve got that.

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  1. Japan keitei denwa game super oppai fun time number 1!

  2. davionboy says:

    Mass Defense: When failure to do Preemptive strike, monster will get reduced damage (S & G version = higher damage reduction)

    Super regen: Heals max HP x 9% every turn
    regen: heals Max hp x 5% every turn

    I have managed to acquire pegasus and angelic soldier, do you need the picture/details?

    • Thanks for clarifying on Mass Defense! I appreciate it. I’d be happy to take those images/details from you – you can share in the comments and I’ll update and credit you. For the images, it’d be easiest if you upload them to imgur or something and share the URL.

      Thanks again, man!

  3. Taylorw says:

    Is it even possible to catch legendary monsters through battle? Or is it a wasted effort? I don’t really mind if it’s hard, as long as it’s possible

    • Yeah – I’ve won a couple legendary critters through battle, It’s hard as nails, though, but totally possible.

      Unique ones, though? I’m not convinced. I’ve only ever pulled one from the gacha.

      • Taylorw says:

        Okay thank you so much for all of the information. I just don’t want to keep trying something that isn’t possible. I’m very determined though. Thanks again

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