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Syrian Wednesdays: Get Your Bootleg On (Week 4)

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 by

syrian wednesdays week 4

If you punch syriangames.com into your web browser, you’ll now be redirected to Syrian Game’s Facebook page, which, while not nearly as fun as their original website, is better than nothing. Still, you won’t find gems like these in their Facebook feed. Here’s five picks for this fine Wednesday:

Alone In The Dark

syrian games alone in the dark

If you’ve got a dictionary handy, Mr. Syrian Games photoshop guy, it might be prudent to look up the words “Alone” and “Dark”.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

syrian games buffy the vampire slayer

Among Vampire Slayers, the snazzy purple armor is standard issue. Little known fact: Buffy’s been known to slay some troublesome meth addicts during the off season.

Final Fantasy VI

syrian games final fantasy vi

I know the phrase “seems legit” gets thrown around a lot, but goddamn if this doesn’t seem soooooooooo legit. Not just legit, but canon,too. For legal reasons, Zack’s springtime adventures are technically known as “Final VI Fantasy”.

Grand Theft Auto: Hussein Al Jasmi

syrian games grand theft auto hussein al jasmi

A quick wikipedia search turns up the following: “Hussain Al Jassmi is a popular Arabic-language singer from the United Arab Emirates. He rose to prominence after the release of his first single Bawada’ak, which was a success.” What the wikipedia page fails to chronicle, however, are Hussein’s subsequent adventures in the seedy, criminal underbelly of Arabia. That’s where this game comes in.

Star Trek Invasion

syrian games star trek invasion

“You’re a wizard, Harry!” – Obi-Wan Kenobi


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  1. It’s always hard to pick a favorite, but that “Star Trek” one is too great. I can just imagine hardcore nerds on either side of the Trek/Wars fence getting up in arms.

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