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MonTowers Monster List & Picture Gallery

Thursday, March 14th, 2013 by

montowers monster list

MonTowers ~Legend of Summoners~ isn’t just a game about catching and collecting monsters, it’s also a showcase of fun anime artwork. Some of it’s gratuitous, some of it’s cute, and all of it is pretty snazzy. Here’s your illustrated guide to the creatures of Alsperia, starting with the beasts you encounter in the game’s very first challenge: the Novice Tower.

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All special abilities listed are for MASTER status monsters.



ATK: 21 | HP: 60 | Time: 10s | Critical — Regen

What zombies lack in glamour they make up for in fetid rottenness. Not sure how much of a plus that is for Mr. Zombie here, but hey, at least he’s got a decent pair of feet! Oh wait. Whatever, he doesn’t have any feelings anyway, he’s dead! Now hop back to the cellar before you stink the whole place up!

Cat Woman

Cat Woman

ATK: 30 | HP: 78 | Time: 20s | Dodge — Fury

Upon summoning your first Cat Woman, the central theme of MonTowers becomes apparent: Expect your creatures to become progressively more naked with each metamorphosis. You can also expect certain parts of their anatomy to grow. Stuff like, you know, their hair.



ATK: 34 | HP: 110 | Time: 30s | Accel

Little. Blue. Annoying. These words are often used to describe the diminutive creatures known as Kobolts. Summoners often conjure them up solely to feed their bigger and better monsters. Word is that they are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.



ATK: 38 | HP: 143 | Time: 1m | Soul 20% – Dodge

The fae of Alsperia have the ability to maintain a smile at all times, even when delivering a deathblow to your unfortunate opponents. Their apparent incapacity for anger can be disturbing at times, but also makes them fiercely loyal to even the lousiest of masters.

Fire Elemental

fire elemental

ATK: 48 | HP: 150 | Time: 1m 30s | Regen – Fury

Keeping Fire Elementals is no easy feat – their tendency towards arson, however unintentional, make them difficult pets to keep. For masters willing to put up with their stuff going up in flames all the time, however, Fire Elementals can prove invaluable for their skills in pyromancy.



ATK: 49 | HP: 201 | Time: 3m | Fury – Iron Skin

Half dragon, half man, all bad-ass. Dragonutes aren’t particularly clever, but they are capable of understanding some basic commands like “smash” and “bash”. What they lack in brains, they make up for with smash and bash.



ATK: 52 | HP: 230 | Time: 3m | Critical — Super Regen

The Minimen of Alsperia are quick and nimble, able to fit into places where larger monsters dare not tread. Whatever you do, don’t call them “small”. It really hurts their feelings. If you must call them little, try something less blunt, like “diminutive” or “infinitesimal”, or something.



ATK: 63 | HP: 236 | Time: 3m | Accel

Watch out boy, she’ll steal your heart! Thieves can be a nuisance to keep around; don’t be surprised when various objects in your lab start disappearing, never to be seen again. Regardless, they make fine combatants and, for what it’s worth, they’ll probably use your pilfered possessions against the enemy.



ATK: 66 | HP: 287 | Time: 5m | Iron Skin – RegenCritical

Wind them up and watch them go! These automatons were once harmless toys, modified for combat by the addition of various sharp and deadly parts. Keep out of reach of children!

Green Slime

green slime

ATK: 65 | HP: 343 | Time: 5m | Dodge

Not much is known about these gelatinous blobs, except that their touch is caustic and leaves a nasty rash. They are capable of small shape-shifting feats, but cannot maintain any shape for more than a few seconds. Make sure to keep them properly contained! They’re pretty indiscriminant about what, or who, they eat.

Giant Bat

giant bat

ATK: 87 | HP: 330 | Time: 10m | Regen – Critical

Originally bred to a gigantic size as a more efficient means to amass valuable bat guano (stuff is like gold ’round these parts, no lie), these genetic miscreants are surprisingly good at bashing heads. Strap on a sword and shield and turn them loose for a good time!



ATK: 90 | HP: 373 | Time: 10m | Accel

While only marginally less annoying than kobolts, goblins are leagues better than their blue cousins at fighting. Master goblins can make brilliant tacticians, and their ability to breed quickly and in large numbers makes them a real menace.

Mountain Dwarf

mountain dwarf

ATK: 92 | HP: 420 | Time: 10m | Critical – Regen

Mountain Dwarves maintain that they are the only “true” dwarves – their rivalry with their virtually identical cousins, the “Dwarts”, is a thing of legend. As you may have guessed, they prefer to live in mountainous caves, shunning the outside world and isolating themselves within their stony corridors.



ATK: 102 | HP: 431 | Time: 10m | Soul 20% – Dodge

Death is rarely permanent in Alsperia – there’s always some meddling necromancer screwing around with the dead for whatever reason. The very first thing a necromancer learns to do in Dark Arts 101 is animate skeletons. While you’d never catch a more accomplished necromancer messing around with such simple beasts, that doesn’t make them any less of a threat.

Living Doll

living doll

ATK: 103| HP: 480 | Time: 10m | Iron Skin – Accel

It was the ancient wizardress Calbrena who first unlocked the secret to infusing dolls with life. While she probably did it just so she’d have some help around the house, later practitioners of her craft exploited their dolls’ potential for mayhem, going so far as to give them spiky nipples for maximum damage.

Carrion Crawler

carrion crawler

ATK: 118 | HP: 552 | Time: 20m | Iron Skin — Regen

In the deepest caverns of Alsperia, where dead things accumulate and become forgotten, you’ll find the carrion crawler. Its hunger for decay is so strong that sometimes, when the going gets tough, they’ve been known to burrow their way up into cemeteries and feast on the fresh ones.



ATK: 140 | HP: 517 | Time: 20m | Dodge — Soul 30%

In the heirarchy of lycanthropes, Werebats are close to the bottom, nestled somewhere between “Weremole” and “Werepossum”. Woe to the unfortunate guy who gets bitten by one of these nasty vermin. At least they’re good in a scrap. Fun fact: The eyes are accessory; werebats can’t see a damn thing.



ATK: 136 | HP: 593 | Time: 20m | Soul 20% — DodgeSuper Regen

Dubbed “the best maids on the planet”, brownies excel at sweeping the floor with brooms and with your enemies. Don’t let their diminutive appearance fool you – these little wonders know right where to kick to bring an enemy crumpling to its knees.

Water Elemental

water elemental

ATK: 148 | HP: 700 | Time: 30m | Fury – Regen

Water elementals are valuable allies, but impossible to boss around. As they say, “free flowing water will always find its way.” If you’re willing to put up with their insubordinate and petulant behavior, they’ll impress you with their ability to drown out the opposition.



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