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MonTowers Monsters List (Dark Tower)

Monday, March 18th, 2013 by

dark tower monsters

Herein lies a complete bestiary of all the monsters you’ll encounter in the Dark Tower; the second tower in MonTowers. We’ve included pictures because we know that’s what you came for. Also included for your enjoyment is a brief description of each critter, along with stats and special abilities.

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All special abilities listed are for MASTER status monsters.



ATK: 150 | HP: 550 | Time: 10m | Dodge

Archers are renowned for their ability to sink arrows into very painful places from far away. Master archers are equipped with enchanted bows that boost their accuracy beyond 100%. Don’t ask me how that works.



ATK: 137 | HP: 661 | Time: 10m | FuryDodge

If it looks like a wang and moves like a wang, then it might be a pungus. Thanks to their recent abundance, mothers have resorted to covering their children’s eyes when traversing certain parts of the forest. You can easily identify a fully mature pungus by observing how many peni are protruding from its cap.



ATK: 149 | HP: 660 | Time: 10m | Dodge Soul 20%Regen

Werewolves are the most common of Alsperia’s lycanthropes. When the moon is full in the sky, bands of werewolves take to the night, raiding and pillaging whatever settlements are unfortunate enough to be nearby.



ATK: 147 | HP: 780 | Time: 10m | Soul 20%DodgeRegen

Dryads are a curious mix of flora and fauna, given life by their Earth Elemental masters. In general, they loathe combat and will do whatever they can to avoid conflict. Some Dryads, however, have an unnatural thirst for blood and will go out of their way to smash some heads.



ATK: 152 | HP: 675 | Time: 10m | Soul 30%Iron Skin

Dubbed “the most annoying creature in all the world”, the imp is the very incarnation of insufferable irritation. Many a summoner has been driven to the brink of madness by their maddening laughter and immature fart jokes.

Wood Elf

wood elf

ATK: 170 | HP: 797 | Time: 20m | Soul 30%Regen

Wood Elves are sworn defenders of the forest, exacting justice on all who meander through their domain without exhibiting proper respect. Theirs is a strict law – “One bone broken for every twig snapped underfoot.” Wait – that might have been from a different game.



ATK: 160 | HP: 937 | Time: 20m | Critical

Wights are the residual essence of the fallen – a corporeal echo of a once living being. Existing only partially in the prime material plane, they make no sound and can pass through solid objects with ease. Their touch can disrupt the life force of any living creature they come in contact with.

Wood Golem

wood elemental

ATK: 170 | HP: 1000 | Time: 20m | Iron SkinCritical

Though typically ridiculed by practitioners of golemcraft, the wood golem is a stout ally that can dish out as much damage as it can take. Even in death, they’re pretty useful – they make for fine weenie-roasting bonfires.



ATK: 201 | HP: 907 | Time: 20m | RegenSoul 20%

Prized for its delicious eggs, the cockatrice is often kept on farmsteads throughout Alsperia, despite its tendency to petrify anything it strikes with its beak. Some farmers prefer the genetically manipulated variety – cockatrices that have been bred without wings or beaks and are fed intravenously through a tube.



ATK: 185 | HP: 1006 | Time: 20m | Critical Regen

Mermaids have long been a favorite pet of the Alsperian aristocracy, kept captive in elaborate aquariums spanning many gilded chambers. Not as popular are their close biological cousins, the maidfish, which have a giant fish head protruding from a pair of sultry human legs.



ATK: 209 | HP: 1125 | Time: 30m | Soul 20%Iron SkinRegen

Nymphs are perhaps the most manipulative of all the fae, using their female charms to persuade lonely humans to entertain their every whim. The tables can be turned, though, if a particular summoner exhibits immunity to their seductions. They quickly become infatuated and subservient to those who can ignore their wiles.

Earth Elemental

earth elemental

ATK: 200 | HP: 1282 | Time: 30m | Accel Dodge

Formed from the very ground itself, the earth elemental is strong and unwavering. Immune to all forms of fear and able to withstand every manner of attack, you’d be hard pressed to find a better ally in battle.



ATK: 256 | HP: 1072 | Time: 30m | Fury Dodge

Overgrown reptiles capable of breathing fire, drakes are much deadlier than your average lizard. Still, they are mockingly referred to as ‘dragonlings’ due to their lack of wings and magical prowess.



ATK: 279 | HP: 1076 | Time: 30m | Dodge Accel

Assassins are highly trained murderers who care little for playing fair, and would just as soon slit your throat in your sleep as they would dump a little poison extract in your tea. Don’t let your exploits become too renowned – you never know when you’ll be marked for death by other, more ambitious tower climbers.

Clockwork Soilder

clockwork soilder

ATK: 242 | HP: 1312 | Time: 30m | Iron SkinFury

That is no misspelling – the clockwork soilder is somewhat different from a typical soldier. At least, that’s what the manufacturer claims. To be honest, we’ve noticed no observable difference between soilders and soldiers. We think too many went into production with the word ‘soilder’ stamped on them. Nice try, Clockwork Inc.



ATK: 264 | HP: 1540 | Time: 45m | Dodge Soul 20%

Hey, foxy lady! The werefox is arguably the most attractive of all lycanthropes, seemingly created to cater almost exclusively to furries and furry type individuals. Hey, whatever floats your boat, man. We don’t judge.



ATK: 317 | HP: 1350 | Time: 45m | Regen Fury

An elitist band of hobgoblins, seeking to distance and differentiate themselves from their uncouth cousins, added the letter ‘e’ to their namesake. It’s pronounced “hob-gob-leen” and their taste in accouterments is simply exquisite.

Wind Elemental

wind elemental

ATK: 306 | HP: 1527 | Time: 45m | Iron SkinFury

Wind elementals are comprised of wind, so its natural that they’re difficult to see. They move so quickly that most of their victims never get the chance to observe what killed them.



ATK: 293 | HP: 1960 | Time: 1h | Super RegenSoul 20%

A common misconception about ogres is that they’re big, dumb brutes. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. While it’s true that they’re hulking in stature, they are by no means stupid, and can often be found engaging each other in philosophical debate and existential quandaries.

Fallen Angel


Looking for other monsters? Jump to a different page:
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  1. Man, this game is just rife with sexual innuendo. The Pungus may as well be called the penis monster.

  2. Thanks to the Assassin’s upgraded forms, I now know that more flesh and less black clothing is crucial to stealth.

  3. The most hilarious ones are the Imp and Wind Elemental, which seem to upgrade mainly via larger breasts.

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